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In My Room
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In My Room
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Thinkin Bout You
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Super Rich Kids
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Thinkin Bout You
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Thinkin Bout You
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Forrest Gump
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Pink Matter
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Bad Religion
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Thinkin Bout You
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Super Rich Kids
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Not Just Money
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Sweet Life
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Sierra Leone
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Crack Rock
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Pilot Jones
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Thinkin Bout You
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Crack Rock
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Thinkin Bout You
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Bad Religion
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Sierra Leone
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Super Rich Kids
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Pilot Jones
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Forrest Gump
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Pink Matter
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Sweet Life
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Not Just Money
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Thinkin Bout You
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Super Rich Kids
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Swim Good
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Novacane (Explicit)
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Swim Good
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Swim Good
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Super Rich Kids
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Swim Good
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Swim Good
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Thinkin Bout You
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Bad Religion
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Forrest Gump
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Not Just Money
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Pilot Jones
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Bad Religion
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Thinkin Bout You
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Crack Rock
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Sweet Life
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Sierra Leone
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Super Rich Kids
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Pink Matter
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Pink + White
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Be Yourself
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Solo (Reprise)
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Futura Free
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Skyline To
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Good Guy
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Facebook Story
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White Ferrari
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Pretty Sweet
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Close To You
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Self Control
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  • Latina K
    Latina K 4 hours ago

    This song is so sexy. Imagine a man describing like this...straight art.

  • IberoCream
    IberoCream 7 hours ago

    Rosalía se la canta a capela

  • Berzy Berzy
    Berzy Berzy 8 hours ago

    Accept me on gaybook. What a trashy album

  • Jacquees Baby mama
    Jacquees Baby mama 8 hours ago


  • Berzy Berzy
    Berzy Berzy 8 hours ago

    He don't do drugs. Just dicks

  • Paritosh Kumar
    Paritosh Kumar 13 hours ago

    People compared Khalid to Frank ocean which was so stupid. Frank Ocean is on another level compared to Khalid

  • Jose Lino
    Jose Lino 13 hours ago

    Long Live Trayvon!

  • DarthDystopia
    DarthDystopia 19 hours ago

    The little ai app Replika recommended this song to me. : o good job~

  • Nelly Chen
    Nelly Chen 20 hours ago


  • Lambda
    Lambda 22 hours ago

    I love how this song manages to sound 70s and 2012 simultaneously

  • ugh thiskid
    ugh thiskid Day ago

    we once had things in common now all we share is the refrigerator ice cold, baby, ice cold

  • yuri quaiatti
    yuri quaiatti Day ago

    This song ❤️

  • Manuel Otero
    Manuel Otero Day ago

    making the love with this song with the person you love, is another fucking level

  • Magenta Lux
    Magenta Lux Day ago

    When u say 'we're the shipping and receiving faceass' to your phone and mean it

  • matteo
    matteo Day ago

    top 3 de melhores músicas q já escutei

  • nusg
    nusg Day ago

    ela gosta de mim, me deixa pra baixo mas eu gosto disso é fato...

  • XDnesss
    XDnesss Day ago

    Lyrics You don't know how little you matter Until you're all alone In the middle of Arkansas With a little rock left in that glass dick Used to date a blonde You used to hit it raw Cause she was and you are madly involved Madly involved Hittin' stones in glass homes You're smokin' stones in abandoned homes You hit them stones and broke your home Crack rock crack rock Crack rock crack rock Hittin' stones in glass homes You're smokin' stones in abandoned homes You're hittin' stones and broke your home Crack rock crack rock Crack rock crack rock You're shuckin' and jivin' Stealin' and robbin' To get the fixing that you're itching for Your family stopped inviting you to things Won't let you hold their infant You used to get a little cut-up from time to time But the freaks…

  • Jahnua Fortescue

    Splendid song champs, however there are many, many songs 10+ minutes, worth your time. You need classic rock in your lives.

  • Amon Red
    Amon Red Day ago

    My favorite lyric is BEANS haha

  • Everett Iron Cloud
    Everett Iron Cloud 2 days ago

    Hope he plays this at chella 🥺

  • panzerkampfwagen
    panzerkampfwagen 2 days ago

    this isn't nickelodeon

  • Lil’ Fetus
    Lil’ Fetus 2 days ago

    The jhe Mitch Mitchell sample is amazing.

  • dan danny
    dan danny 2 days ago

    Love that I, love that I give That is not love that I get from you Uh, huh-huh Love that I, love that I give (uh-huh, uh-huh, huh) Look at them shakes, uh-huh (that is not love) Made up a dance (that I get) How come you shook? (From you) When I ain't took out my hands Beans, Starbucks, starstruck Bitch comin' soon, yeah, that's 'cause you suck, yeah (Suck me, suck me, suck me) That's comin' soon (Suck my dick, uh) Come on, I'm back, I want my babe Stayin' alert, I'm going steady 'Cause all my chains, diamonds keep callin' Findin' the key, put it in, Kawasaki Totin' that Amazon (Amazon) Shit like 6'5" (shit like 6'5") Take back, rewind, now I rewind Ooh, ooh, baby, be mine (baby, be mine) Ooh, ooh, baby, be mine Just got a pack, came from DHL, just got up with a pack Got out a pack, came from DHL, just got off like a bail Got out a pack, new ones in my jail Just got out, found a pack I got a pack (Been in jail, been in jail, yeah, yeah, yeah) Just got a pack, came from DHL We get the check, bail (like it long-term like the pill) I got a pack, came from DHL Just got up on a pill, I got a Niggas think it's new, it ain't new, boy Old files just turned two, yeah, it flew, yeah Still sound like it's comin' soon, comin' soon, yeah Still sound like it's comin' soon, tell the truth, yeah Boy-toy suck me like a Hoover, like a Hoover Boy-toy ride me like a Uber, like a Uber Smiley face, factory case, ain't bust it down, yeah I left it, I forgave their violations, ain't seen 'em around Yet to test it, wavy pool, sit behind the pool I'm tellin' the truth, bro Remind me of trade, brushin' his waves Shit look like ramen noodles Fuck, this shit sound like it's comin' soon, comin' soon, bro And it still sound like it's comin' soon, comin' soon New files sittin' on my drive, nothin' new, yeah New fobs and I can't get down, what to do, yeah New fobs, really can't get down to the pool, yeah New glist' sittin' on the cyst on my wrist, yeah New bitch ridin' on my dick like a kit, yeah All of them days when I paid for the studio rate, instead of the rent, yeah Now I can hang in this bitch every day, wait for some inspiration to hit me Look like I'm dressed for a hike but I really look like I'm in Paris and shit, yeah Look like I'm dressed for a camp 'cause I'm pitchin' a bag like I'm pitchin' a tent, yeah This ain't no fuckin' hopes and dreams, it's prophecy Hardly sleep, faith was in the coffee bean Roman numerals, niggas pourin' up Ivy Leagues, fours Double D's exposed, throw some beads Fuckin' these hoes, leave, now my fuckin' flow's stole Screw me slow, yes Ooh, he TX, XTC rollin' You seen my bag, it's swollen, Rimowa, I can't even fold it I drop you a pin like I'm bowling We moanin' 'til not even mornin' Breakfast and dinners is blendin', we spend all that time alone, alone Watchin' the clouds roll, woah Just got a pack, came from the DHL Just got up with a pack I got a pack, came from the DHL Just got up with a pack I got a pack, woah, a pack, yeah Just caught up with a pack I got a pack on DHL Just caught up with a pill There it is, woo Dhl, just got up with a pack I got a pack, came up on DHL Just came up with a pack I got a pack, came up on DHL Just caught up with a pack I got a pack, came up on DHL Just got off with the pack Independent jugg, sellin' records out the trunk I'm already rich as fuck so the product's in the front Got my partner in the front, been my BF for a month But we been fuckin' from the jump

  • Kai-Zen Kumasaka
    Kai-Zen Kumasaka 2 days ago

    sug me sug me sug me

  • Kyyy Babbi
    Kyyy Babbi 2 days ago

    Anybody just randomly came bck in 2020 ? 😆

  • Kitten Paws
    Kitten Paws 2 days ago

    This song makes me feel like I'm in space

    BASURA BOY 2 days ago

    I really enjoyed this little number

  • JermEdits
    JermEdits 3 days ago

    Next stop... *Blond*

  • Francisco Zamora
    Francisco Zamora 3 days ago

    Forrest Trump “I just felt like runnin.” 😂😂😂

  • Malik Harrington
    Malik Harrington 3 days ago

    How do you sell a beach house in Idaho IDAHO

  • Chance Roberts
    Chance Roberts 3 days ago

    Who keeps checking their notifications?😂

  • Jared Facio
    Jared Facio 3 days ago

    I wish I can go back to the first time I heard this

  • publicc_property
    publicc_property 3 days ago

    This is so sad, can we get 420 likes?

  • Fabian Garcia
    Fabian Garcia 3 days ago

    Just made love to this song, fucking awesome 🤘🏽🖤💕

  • Javier Perez
    Javier Perez 3 days ago

    two years and passing. You’ll be here and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to let go

  • sin _
    sin _ 3 days ago

    Close your eyes to what you can't imagine We are the Xanny-gnashing Caddy-smashing, bratty ass He mad, he snatched his daddy's Jag And used that shit for batting practice Adamant and he thrashing Purchasing crappy grams with half the hand of cash you handed Panic and patch me up Pappy done latch-keyed us Toying with Raggy Anns and Mammy done had enough Brash as fuck, breachin' all these aqueducts Don't believe us, treat us like we can't erupt, yup

  • Natalie Hitchens
    Natalie Hitchens 3 days ago

    I am

  • stainthegemini
    stainthegemini 3 days ago


  • Vezah
    Vezah 3 days ago


  • Princess Abry
    Princess Abry 3 days ago

    Thinking bout sum one who don’t gaf about me💔💔💔

  • Daisy Huang Vuelvas

    One of my fav 🔥💕

  • ZbrA Lucid
    ZbrA Lucid 3 days ago

    replay button for the godly intro 0:00

  • Shay Dabae
    Shay Dabae 3 days ago

    Here 2020

  • Anna Jessup
    Anna Jessup 4 days ago

    Uh huh. This songs still playing. Run tell 2020 that!

  • saschajunior
    saschajunior 4 days ago

    im tryna swim in the frank ocean

  • Zimboyo Manyikalala

    ooh she tx xtc

  • Mateus Ryder
    Mateus Ryder 4 days ago


  • Allen Medrano
    Allen Medrano 4 days ago


  • Chief Onahoe
    Chief Onahoe 4 days ago

    Who here is on crack?

  • A fish
    A fish 4 days ago

    If you relate to this song, give me your allowance

  • Kusuo Saiki
    Kusuo Saiki 4 days ago

    I use this song to test the bass when I buy new headphones 😂

  • T Money
    T Money 4 days ago

    0:36 sounds like Tyrese Gibson

  • Don Lo
    Don Lo 4 days ago

    This song gives me the Michael Jackson face 😂 makes me wanna moonwalk, spin around and stand on my toes 🔥.

  • Brant Holbein
    Brant Holbein 4 days ago

    Damn I love this song but the outro leaves me longing for more. I need a 7 min version

  • waylocker
    waylocker 4 days ago

    Imagine being here from big mouth

  • Frito Lay
    Frito Lay 4 days ago


  • Kusuo Saiki
    Kusuo Saiki 4 days ago

    U N D E R R A T E D

  • Kusuo Saiki
    Kusuo Saiki 4 days ago

    Such a vibe I love it

  • HardwareG33k
    HardwareG33k 5 days ago

    Cant stop listening to this. Help. But actually, don't. Fuck, I slept on Frank Ocean.

  • Nammah Sand
    Nammah Sand 5 days ago

    just accept her on fb what bullshit is that

  • Nathan
    Nathan 5 days ago

    honestly some of the best producing ive ever heard

  • João Guilherme Esteves

    [Verse 1] Bad luck to talk on these rides Mind on the road, your dilated eyes watch the clouds float White Ferrari, had a good time (Sweet 16, how was I supposed to know anything?) I let you out at Central I didn't care to state the plain Kept my mouth closed, we're both so familiar White Ferrari, good times [Verse 2] Stick by me, close by me You were fine, you were fine here That's just a slow body You left when I forgot to speak So I text the speech, lesser speeds, Texas speed, yes Basic takes its toll on me, 'ventually, 'ventually, yes Ahh, on me 'ventually, 'ventually, yes [Verse 3] I care for you still and I will forever That was my part of the deal, honest We got so familiar Spending each day of the year White Ferrari, good times In this life (life), in this life (life) One too many years Some tattooed eyelids on a facelift (Thought you might want to know now) Mind over matter is magic, I do magic If you think about it, it'll be over in no time And that's life [Verse 4] I'm sure we're taller in another dimension You say we're small and not worth the mention You’re tired of movin', your body's achin' We could vacay, there's places to go Clearly this isn't all that there is Can't take what's been given But we're so okay here, we're doing fine Primal and naked You dream of walls that hold us in prison It's just a skull, least that's what they call it And we're free to roam

  • Brenda Vieira
    Brenda Vieira 5 days ago

    Spendin' too much time alone (And I just ran outta Trojans) Horses gallop to her throne (We were behaving like teenagers) Yes, we're behaving like teenagers (Makin' less than minimum wage) Still inside our parents' homes No I don't live in Denver (I grew up in Sierra Leone) And her pink skies will keep me warm Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Tid bits of intuition that I be gettin' abandon admission Abandon mission, you must be kiddin', this shit feelin' different Shit feelin' too good to me Glistening, shimmerin' underneath the sunlight, the sunlight And a new day will bring about the dawn And a new day will bring another cryin' babe into the world (Girl now) Our daughter's reachin' for the nipple cause it's time for her to eat Tonight I'll lay her in the cradle if it's time for go to sleep I sing a Lennon lullaby, she can have a pretty dream Baby girl if you knew what I know, knew what I know Na, na na, na na, na Na, na na, na na, na

  • Luke
    Luke 5 days ago

    This one is so fucking good

  • vladhq
    vladhq 5 days ago

    Why does this song make me want to ball my eyes out... why did she have to do it?

  • Lawson Spolansky
    Lawson Spolansky 5 days ago

    I come from money and a very wealthy family and Frank Ocean is just jealous of our lifestyle, but he was right about our parents not being around. This song is not proper and very cheesy and unoriginal, he really is an antagonist. The suicide reference is NOT acceptable (3:05). It is my prerogative to disengage in this monstrosity. I will literally need to tell my therapist and daddy won't be happy.

    • Ember
      Ember 4 days ago

      bruh stfu

    RESTINPEACE 5 days ago

    I gotta use a vpn to listen to this since it's only available in America 😩. 10000% worth it tho

  • Jose Lino
    Jose Lino 5 days ago

    I just hope Frank sings Pyramids live at this year's Coachella. I've heard he was suppose to perform it at FYF but he didn't because he was late smh.

  • Remmy Gold
    Remmy Gold 5 days ago

    The way he delivers on this is on point 👌🏽🔥

  • MF RUiZ
    MF RUiZ 5 days ago

    The way this makes me feel is best

  • XxBloodRunnerxX
    XxBloodRunnerxX 5 days ago

    The fact that Frank sang both the chorus and the verse in two totally differently sounding voices is freaking insane.

  • hottiemarkable
    hottiemarkable 5 days ago


  • nazeseok _
    nazeseok _ 5 days ago

    a tomato?

  • Zoe Venet
    Zoe Venet 5 days ago

    Fav somg

  • Safiyah Turner
    Safiyah Turner 5 days ago

    Still listening in 2030!!!

  • nomentos
    nomentos 6 days ago

    This shouldn’t exist.

  • Johnny Tsano
    Johnny Tsano 6 days ago

    So it's old files on your drive I'm guessing.

  • Hentai Castle
    Hentai Castle 6 days ago

    Def in my top 10 frank songs. I slept on this song for too long.

  • Lady Pegasus
    Lady Pegasus 6 days ago

    New music frank?👀

  • Captain Cliff Unger


  • Anna DeFraties
    Anna DeFraties 6 days ago

    Oh how I love Mickey.

  • John Rodriguez
    John Rodriguez 6 days ago

    Why is nobody talking about how beautiful this piece is and how impactful it is regardless of whatever his mom is saying. Just the idea of him putting his mother over this beautiful figure that I believe frank is playing is so heavy and transparent. This doesn’t even come off as like an interlude or a skit to me it’s a full fledged song, or a new idea of what a song could be

  • Wayne Uk
    Wayne Uk 6 days ago

    Please 2020

  • kieran s
    kieran s 7 days ago

    2:24 Entire song is perfection.

  • nikunj arya
    nikunj arya 7 days ago

    Hope the album is not like this

  • Officially Briana B

    2020 anyone?

  • Christopher Norris
    Christopher Norris 7 days ago

    4:25 Clever transition. More Rap / Hip Hop artists should attempt these kind of musical suites.

  • passion pop
    passion pop 7 days ago

    Waves brought me here, thank you mr frank ocean ❤

  • Amin
    Amin 7 days ago

    love that I give that is not love that i get from

  • Reuben Rudison
    Reuben Rudison 7 days ago

    Lost in the world searching continuously for who i meant to be without you makes me continue the search feeling like it want end for some reason to just be pleasing you for the season and to be your last option no caution signs for my mind to vear off and crash into the stop sign that stops closed minds during yield and road signs people go thru i thought i knew you the true you addicted to your body and essences followed by your presence not noticing you were a curse And a lesson I dont know where my breathe is

  • Aln Rodrigues
    Aln Rodrigues 7 days ago

    This song remember me opening ps1

  • Skyler Srivastava
    Skyler Srivastava 7 days ago

    Amazing track 💕

  • Amaal Ali
    Amaal Ali 7 days ago

    my best friend and I rented a room and had drunk convos till the sun came up this came on and all we could do is dance. Pure nostalgia

  • Talita Lopes
    Talita Lopes 7 days ago


  • cb
    cb 7 days ago

    singing this song in the shower while thinkin bout my boyfriend is a mood

  • Nunya Bees
    Nunya Bees 7 days ago

    I dont like listening to this song bc that's my sisters name except without the c and I think it's weird but I rly like it

  • Nacholism
    Nacholism 7 days ago

    can i hear this in the club just once pls

  • MoronDude
    MoronDude 7 days ago

    My Replika brought me here.

  • Seannia
    Seannia 7 days ago

    *Channel ORANGE just hits different in 2020 now that my childhood is gone 😌*

  • Levin023 123
    Levin023 123 7 days ago