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  • yellowchimp
    yellowchimp 2 hours ago

    Come on Lufu! Represent!!!! YAAAHHHSSS

  • Devin Zer0
    Devin Zer0 3 hours ago

    Anyone saw the WE KICK ASS IN HERE ???

  • Xoxo•WolfDemon•xoxo :3

    Lazar a pussy

  • Sky DemonDJ Gacha
    Sky DemonDJ Gacha 3 hours ago

    Xhas anybody notice the tall guy to the left is wearing an smg4 gold limited shirt could this be a shout out to smg4 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Finntheboss
    Finntheboss 3 hours ago

    How did lossor know muselk uses a phone in the shower did she peek

  • Mummy Pig
    Mummy Pig 3 hours ago

    damn it why didt she choose nz i couldve said hi :(

  • javier cepeda
    javier cepeda 4 hours ago

    What was that face Lannan made

  • Bigger playz
    Bigger playz 4 hours ago

    Lannan no dought

  • Legy Lol
    Legy Lol 4 hours ago

    You should of named muselks name in the description as Elon Musk

  • Jaime Cano
    Jaime Cano 4 hours ago

    QUESTION: Is Muselk dead? MUSELK: *_HIIII_*

  • Max Madjarian
    Max Madjarian 5 hours ago

    I'm from Canada

  • Kool Aid bro
    Kool Aid bro 5 hours ago

    0:36 I caught bazza staring

  • Cooldudeelectro 6
    Cooldudeelectro 6 5 hours ago

    Pause at 0:18

  • Pepe the Frog
    Pepe the Frog 5 hours ago

    All my favorites lost....

  • Evan Mostek
    Evan Mostek 5 hours ago

    They are actually dumb besides lannan

  • angel miguel sanchez

    Bazza is a mha fan

  • Ty Cotta
    Ty Cotta 5 hours ago

    wtf well now we have to find out what marcus’s first name is

  • Average Weeb
    Average Weeb 5 hours ago

    I thought Lannan would've won for the chin ups because meme beats sweat

  • Zander Naylor
    Zander Naylor 6 hours ago

    I did it for 10 minutes fight me fight me

  • Turab Hussain
    Turab Hussain 6 hours ago

    My friend killed muselk his name is GlidTheBean in his last skin s10

  • Ayden Checkley
    Ayden Checkley 6 hours ago

    Looks like cray and bazz aren't the only one breaking up.**everyone besides Lannon isla**

  • Piper Ancel
    Piper Ancel 6 hours ago

    cray’s little intro “i have asthma” KILLED ME😂😂😂

  • lil xae
    lil xae 6 hours ago

    Y y'all money look like Skittles

  • History Might Matter

    I love how Lannan is still socially awkward enough not to rap his arm around ilsa, not saying I can do better but interesting.

  • Jaxon Hall
    Jaxon Hall 7 hours ago

    You guys are fucking dick heads

  • clonecamo10
    clonecamo10 7 hours ago

    13:50 He forgot to add GUYS to the end of that sentence

  • Willichops
    Willichops 7 hours ago

    Can you guys do this challenge where one person crosses their arms over their chest and says hahaha while the other person presses on their arms. It’s supposed to expose the persons real laugh, but you could turn it into who laughs first loses.

  • SavageLlama Skateboardz

    This is the Australian group of Morgz Me: wtf I know Lazarbeam is in here and I’m confused

  • Jesse Morgan
    Jesse Morgan 8 hours ago

    who else planked while watching this

  • Gregory Bishara
    Gregory Bishara 8 hours ago

    Did you know Cray has a degree

  • Rochelle Marnie
    Rochelle Marnie 9 hours ago

    Listen to cray and bazz without lookint at screen

  • xforce kingmabo
    xforce kingmabo 9 hours ago

    they should have listened to lazarbeam

  • Xx_mike_virus_xX 190

    Look at muselk at 14:58 bro what happened

  • Ebbe Holmström
    Ebbe Holmström 9 hours ago

    why is lachy not in click

  • Kirkland lott
    Kirkland lott 9 hours ago

    Eliot you taste like salt

  • #75 jeremy btw
    #75 jeremy btw 10 hours ago

    3:59 it says 108 lbs

  • Tychaoscontrol
    Tychaoscontrol 10 hours ago

    Sindicit is that you at 0:17

  • Prince over lord
    Prince over lord 10 hours ago

    Loser fruit are u sis of last I have already sub

  • Charlie Hixon
    Charlie Hixon 10 hours ago

    This is deadass the biggest copy of the sidemen 😂 even lannan is wearing the same shoes as Harry 😂😤

  • Gethunted_ XD
    Gethunted_ XD 11 hours ago

    Lannon best team no cap

  • Ve lu Thebaud
    Ve lu Thebaud 11 hours ago

    Me: good Fresh: I play fortnite Lazarbeam: meme make me so camp in Bush will make me win

  • dinoyan bot
    dinoyan bot 11 hours ago

    Im a pepsi person

  • Unusual
    Unusual 11 hours ago

    Crayator be like: Counter stike go Me: ???

    SPECTRO SPY 11 hours ago

    Why does loser fruit overreact at everything?? I hate when she overreats at winning,losing etc literally everything. She acts like a psychopath.

  • Xx ZacharyxX
    Xx ZacharyxX 12 hours ago

    3:15 sounds so sexual

  • Savannah Charles
    Savannah Charles 12 hours ago

    4:58 mood for when I’m at school

  • Flame Ninja1205
    Flame Ninja1205 12 hours ago

    Is it just me or is this the first time I knew bazz watched my hero academia

  • Baekhyun Rolling His Eyes

    This is somewhat illegal.

  • Ethan Kalan
    Ethan Kalan 13 hours ago

    Elliott literally never wears any shoes, unless they out...

  • XxoliviaxX
    XxoliviaxX 13 hours ago

    PAUSE IT ON 0:39 💀💀💀

  • Unbuilt meme666
    Unbuilt meme666 13 hours ago

    I only watch click videos if it has lannan in it

  • Callum Briggs
    Callum Briggs 14 hours ago

    When tannars in a video I can no longer watch

  • Dylano Braam
    Dylano Braam 14 hours ago

    I live in netherland

  • Aaron 743thegamer
    Aaron 743thegamer 14 hours ago

    Did anyone saw the prize in the big vending machine??if you did press this | | V

  • This is William
    This is William 14 hours ago is William

  • This is William
    This is William 14 hours ago this is William

  • This is William
    This is William 14 hours ago

  • Conorpets
    Conorpets 14 hours ago

    Hope everyone reading this has a great day!Thank you for reading guys!❤

  • Code-One
    Code-One 14 hours ago

    They did the bridge for 2:30 I can only do for 60 seconds

  • Sean Wilner
    Sean Wilner 15 hours ago

    11:10 I think what you were looking for is: "When it comes to running, I am a leopard"

  • Liam Berhost
    Liam Berhost 15 hours ago

    wait wheres elliot and why is elong musk here

  • Pikachu Pokemaster
    Pikachu Pokemaster 15 hours ago

    What brother?

  • Pepe the Frog
    Pepe the Frog 16 hours ago

    Lannet thiiiiiicc

  • Riflex Gamer
    Riflex Gamer 16 hours ago

    Cray and bazz make bebe

  • AmericanLight
    AmericanLight 16 hours ago

    Kath looks so sad at the end

  • T Firth
    T Firth 17 hours ago

    Do lufu and Marcus sleep together

  • Jelly Jerry
    Jelly Jerry 17 hours ago

    The question is how does lufu know Elliot uses the phone in the shower?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sterdy Scizzors
    Sterdy Scizzors 17 hours ago

    When Lufu and bazz do the hat toss you say Cray and Lazar move on

  • Archie Plays games
    Archie Plays games 17 hours ago

    Where’s cray

  • Emma
    Emma 17 hours ago

    everyone’s sayin they watch for Lannan but i’m here for cray

  • Captain America
    Captain America 18 hours ago

    No one: Lannan: Gandhi, ma homie! *Misses bazz*

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 18 hours ago

    hahahahaha bazz oh dam

  • Twirlahhh
    Twirlahhh 18 hours ago


  • SmartDash 100
    SmartDash 100 18 hours ago

    How does it feel to know you’ll see me every Christmas forever-Lazarbeam/lannan

  • MiniSkidzz
    MiniSkidzz 19 hours ago

    "Hey, I Can't I Cant believe They Doubted That People Can Twist Their Testicals Look DM Me" "I'll Show You" In The Words Of Lannon.

    MAC CHEESE 19 hours ago

    I was going into my room logged onto my computer and then muselk screamed when i turned off my tv and said WHATS GOING ON GUYS

  • The Wagon
    The Wagon 19 hours ago

    People are soo nice in Newzealand too

  • The Wagon
    The Wagon 19 hours ago

    Rip i live in NewZealand Why not Newzealand :C..Thats a bit mean

    BLITZ 19 hours ago

    You know David dobrik is famous when everyone likes him

  • Fantasy Phoenix
    Fantasy Phoenix 20 hours ago

    Risk it for the biscuit

  • Kratos_ Estrella
    Kratos_ Estrella 20 hours ago

    Cray:what do you call a african american man who flies a plane Marcus:*Says nothing* Cray:a pilot you racist bastard

  • Scell_sniper
    Scell_sniper 21 hour ago


  • Sara Afashangi
    Sara Afashangi 21 hour ago

    Come on its been one week

  • steel 701
    steel 701 21 hour ago

    Lannan betraying Elliot top ten anime betrayels

  • WaTer
    WaTer 21 hour ago

    deadly twister

  • Mysterious Reaper
    Mysterious Reaper 22 hours ago

    * loser fruit * Alexa tell Elliott he sucks in 5 minutes * Alexa * OK * in 5 minutes * * Alexa * Elliott You Suck

  • William Clyne
    William Clyne 22 hours ago

    14:38 me when trying to speak a different language but have no experience

    XPL TOX1C 23 hours ago

    *Pickaxe only challenge fresh?*

  • Dommy plays
    Dommy plays 23 hours ago

    Go lannenete

  • Martin Cruz
    Martin Cruz 23 hours ago

    Muselk and lazarbeam where wearing Lachlan’s mearch

  • WhatIsVinny YT
    WhatIsVinny YT 23 hours ago

    lazer beams dad is right

  • Azriell Josiah Canonizado

    Muselk:diguise ourselves but cant not be work Cray:im gonaa disguise my self Muselk sees cray Cray was found Muselk:told ya it gonna work Realy..

  • MultipleGamer 632

    Meanwhile in Paris:ahhhhh

  • Jorge Forteza
    Jorge Forteza Day ago

    How times hAs lazer beam said nerd

  • Joaquim Fuertes

    Btw I live in aussie

  • R6 Sleeplesss
    R6 Sleeplesss Day ago

    3:55 when u bust a nut

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus Day ago

    muselk can hide as elon musk

  • Anders Larsen
    Anders Larsen Day ago

    Elliot i do not trust you anymore

  • jathan subdias

    Where the fuck is brock

  • ILaz
    ILaz Day ago

    2:10 “The numbers mason!” “David BOWMAN” Me: flashbacks