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  • Jesper Falk
    Jesper Falk 3 hours ago

    I mean I am a dick 13 year old and I like lazar videos

  • Skeli Butt
    Skeli Butt 3 hours ago

    Jesus holy moly

  • Greyson Williams vlogs

    I’m 4’4 at 8 and my friends are 5’2

  • Maximum Mack
    Maximum Mack 3 hours ago

    Can we just agree that the people writing the your not funny comments are just mad cuz they don’t have a since of humor themselves

  • Flying Fishermen
    Flying Fishermen 3 hours ago

    4.50 actually I'm 11. I'm also almost as tall as cray

  • Maximum Mack
    Maximum Mack 3 hours ago

    Can we just agree that the people writing the your not funny comments are just mad cuz they don’t have a since of humor themselves

  • MelvinLopez
    MelvinLopez 3 hours ago

    Get your ugly ass feet out of my feed bro

  • Derick Mackensworth
    Derick Mackensworth 3 hours ago

    Muesli: what's goin on guys!!!!!!!!! My ears: *dead*

  • Messiah 662
    Messiah 662 3 hours ago

    Fuck all of u lazarbeam is the best

  • Luke V
    Luke V 3 hours ago

    I like you laserbeam and I’m thirteen. Next year

  • Mohammad Arafat
    Mohammad Arafat 3 hours ago

    did anyone notice all those RUcliprs faces thrown in the corner like garbage lmao no respect and i respect that

  • Preston Hamilton
    Preston Hamilton 3 hours ago

    5:00 How did you know?

  • Karim K.
    Karim K. 3 hours ago

    Lazar beam, I’d like to remind you that the yeet meme died at the same time your channel did

  • do you like lions
    do you like lions 3 hours ago

    I'm not kidding but Creator is pretty small

  • Lucariosklaw 8745
    Lucariosklaw 8745 3 hours ago

    Click is a bootleg sideman

  • Eric Ekkelboom
    Eric Ekkelboom 3 hours ago

    So is Elliot

  • Nugget loves all
    Nugget loves all 3 hours ago

    The same thing as sidemen

  • david killer12
    david killer12 3 hours ago

    I'm 15 about to turn 16 I still enjoy lazarbeams content

  • Aidan Mc Clean
    Aidan Mc Clean 3 hours ago

    I’m 13 and I like lannans content

  • Kimone Whitely
    Kimone Whitely 3 hours ago

    Porn on RUclip 😱😱😱😱👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻she give him heads 😱😱😱👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

  • 「Diana Wong ツ」

    wowwww...i guess they replaced marcus 💀😒

    NYGHT 3 hours ago

    Cray said hope u step on a lego with mully and josh

  • lilmil
    lilmil 3 hours ago

    I thought u guys were actually on Jimmy kimmel

  • Eric Ekkelboom
    Eric Ekkelboom 3 hours ago

    Lazar is wearing lachlans merch


    The fucked up thing is I’m 15 I love lazarbeam videos they fill my absolute life

  • scary boi h
    scary boi h 3 hours ago

    Im 10 and i like lazar beam

  • WaffleDrum
    WaffleDrum 3 hours ago

    Lazarbeam = thicc

  • Nickd_218 XD
    Nickd_218 XD 3 hours ago

    Muselk is the type of guy to get call Elon musk

  • Boys In Blue Men In Camo

    0:55 Me along with millions of others: I HAVE A SMAAL DICK!!

  • Phase Tanny
    Phase Tanny 3 hours ago

    Literally a copy of the sidemen video hahah

  • James Evans
    James Evans 3 hours ago

    Lazar is funny

  • Maria Kennedy
    Maria Kennedy 3 hours ago

    *lannan and ilsa win* Elliott: 😐 *dies*

  • Anchovie 121
    Anchovie 121 3 hours ago

    I’m 11 and I watch lazarbeam plz sub

  • TheTerminator546
    TheTerminator546 3 hours ago

    “It’s our stupidity that will defeat him.” Famous last words

  • Aquatic Weirdolover
    Aquatic Weirdolover 3 hours ago

    I like how everything against Lazarbeam is that only 12 year olds and no one past 13 year olds and I’m just here like I watch lazarbeam and I’m turning 15 in a few months

  • Corruption
    Corruption 3 hours ago

    Why does lazarbeam talking about how he used to be a construction worker remind me of Dax and how he always mentions how he's a janitor

  • Rainbow gamer
    Rainbow gamer 3 hours ago

    Crayator is groing sub but forget to groing is self

  • Robthegod !
    Robthegod ! 3 hours ago

    I bet whoever tried to roast lannan got embarrassed as soon as they saw this

  • SatansBiscute
    SatansBiscute 3 hours ago

    The greatest was the "Cray looks happy but he's really just lonely. A lonely little hobbit." that was hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Chris Fornaro
    Chris Fornaro 3 hours ago

    Wow there must be that many 5 year olds

  • DualVoltage
    DualVoltage 3 hours ago

    Fake ass sidemen

  • Kole Newton
    Kole Newton 3 hours ago

    If you have 20 PAIRS of shoes but you can only have 8 PAIRS you would get rid of 24 because. 20-8=12 x 2 = 24 And lannanette said 32

  • Will Sowers
    Will Sowers 3 hours ago

    Cray's so short that he can't reach 1 mil subs

  • FNSquidy
    FNSquidy 4 hours ago

    I'm 15 and I find Lazarbeam's videos absolutely hilarious. This man at 8:51 is saying that everyone over the age of 13 doesn't enjoy his videos?

  • XD_Seeker
    XD_Seeker 4 hours ago

    Realise how it's the same background as the Sidemen

  • Salty :p
    Salty :p 4 hours ago

    What happens to lufus boyfriend, litterally forgot his name.

  • GalaxyAce
    GalaxyAce 4 hours ago

    Sorry but bazza looks like mark zuckerburg the lizard man

  • noelle s
    noelle s 4 hours ago

    Marcus isn’t part of click again. Why?

  • Jesse Arista
    Jesse Arista 4 hours ago I am addicted to this new channel. They are just starting out it’s a great little family who sold all of their possessions to sail the world. It’s early on but I look forward to learning with them and experiencing the magic. They have finally taken the boat out on the water. Highly recommend checking these guys out and giving them a like and subscribe!

  • Salty :p
    Salty :p 4 hours ago

    Obviously muselk is eating the bag of chips. I still love muselk

  • Vito Conigliaro
    Vito Conigliaro 4 hours ago

    This is Steve Harvey Kevin hart tier comedy 😔

  • Lt.Canadian Gamer
    Lt.Canadian Gamer 4 hours ago

    "You're the Budget Australian AzzyLand" got me dying

  • Logan E
    Logan E 4 hours ago

    Who the fuck is that master splinter looking rat man

  • Random Universe
    Random Universe 4 hours ago

    (Toxic Buddy) Pfffft 😂

  • Benjamin Meyer
    Benjamin Meyer 4 hours ago

    Im 18 and I love lazar beams vidios

  • pissedoffhulk
    pissedoffhulk 4 hours ago

    where is marcus

  • Peter Wong
    Peter Wong 4 hours ago

    Turning into the sidemen more and more each day

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith 4 hours ago

    These guys are so cringe.

  • Daniyal Hasanie
    Daniyal Hasanie 4 hours ago

    I feel like all these tweets are true

  • Candace Moon
    Candace Moon 4 hours ago

    i love cray’s hosting more than the actual game

  • SmG Skidoo
    SmG Skidoo 4 hours ago

    9:15 I agree Lachlan does suck as a RUclip

  • Colin Ziehm
    Colin Ziehm 4 hours ago

    I’m 10 not five

  • Lucas Chelcea
    Lucas Chelcea 4 hours ago

    "each member of click" WHERE IS MARCUS?

  • Resimik Squad
    Resimik Squad 4 hours ago

    Baz and lufu didnt do the challanges correctly.

  • Simon Bruce
    Simon Bruce 4 hours ago

    Full stop? (I'm American)

  • Thomas Fieschi-Rose
    Thomas Fieschi-Rose 4 hours ago

    Lannan is actually really good at these games.

  • TRV_Omar
    TRV_Omar 4 hours ago

    I'm 16 and I still watch ur vids except for loser fruit and Marcus, not cuz I hate them it's just like Muselk and lazar the most but if people hate u why would u watch them nut keep up the great work

  • Dwayne Reigert
    Dwayne Reigert 4 hours ago

    i m 10

  • Gus Fisher
    Gus Fisher 4 hours ago

    Cray: go step on a lego or something

  • Ella Parker
    Ella Parker 4 hours ago

    I’m 11 not 5 and I like lannan

  • Bader Gamer
    Bader Gamer 4 hours ago

    You look like mario

  • Azick Khojiyev
    Azick Khojiyev 4 hours ago

    Салам алейкум всем кто меня слушает и не слушает для вас приготовил очередной Кавер на песню "Уммон - Сунги бор" оцените и пожалуйста поделитесь с друзьями

    JAXSON BOMBER 4 hours ago

    So I’m 10 but I like lazerbeam......

  • David Shick
    David Shick 4 hours ago

    I’m twelve so what am i stupid because I’m young?

  • Alpha Male Ainsley
    Alpha Male Ainsley 4 hours ago

    Btec sidemen

  • Rein
    Rein 4 hours ago

    What about marcus??

  • Lukar
    Lukar 4 hours ago

    Lannan: loves -Ilsa- memes

  • KJ4Y
    KJ4Y 4 hours ago

    Luser froot

  • 3van Bailey
    3van Bailey 4 hours ago

    I’m 15 and I think your funny

  • dion van dijk
    dion van dijk 4 hours ago

    I want more video’s

  • Rein
    Rein 4 hours ago

    What happened to marcus?

  • Pannavanna
    Pannavanna 4 hours ago

    Sooo i am 12 and i watch lazarbeam

  • Ray Marquez
    Ray Marquez 4 hours ago

    Who is this loserfruit woman? I have a new crush

  • Thorgar, Hunter of Incels and Destroyer of Buffets

    I feel like this is just Elliot and Lufu crying and Lannan and Cray roasting the roasters

  • Gaming Oryx
    Gaming Oryx 4 hours ago

    They are copping sidemen

  • Elliot Hancock
    Elliot Hancock 4 hours ago

    I’m only gonna try burn u since that’s the vid “lazarbeam is bad at games because his eye ligma doesn’t let him play enough” most of that was spelt wrong I’m sorry

  • B-Wolf 626
    B-Wolf 626 4 hours ago

    Bazz my name is brody too

  • Ebbrell
    Ebbrell 4 hours ago

    Btec sideman sn

  • Mason Miller
    Mason Miller 4 hours ago

    Hi, I'm Mason and I am at the age of 13. I think Lazar beams content is very funny and many people would agree with this statement. He tries to make content and yes, some of his content could not work out but in my opinion people make mistakes and that is okay. If you agree with my opinion like this comment.

  • gamer boy Minecraft
    gamer boy Minecraft 4 hours ago

    I'm 14 and I like lazer beem

  • vlogs& gaming
    vlogs& gaming 4 hours ago


  • Captain Jackmen
    Captain Jackmen 4 hours ago

    Sidemen copy cats

  • Xx Joe Willy xX
    Xx Joe Willy xX 4 hours ago

    Where is marcus?

  • King Flame1118
    King Flame1118 4 hours ago

    4:57 I’m 12 and I like his content FUCK

  • Just Memes
    Just Memes 4 hours ago

    Lol this vid is so funny!!!

  • CemiQuents
    CemiQuents 4 hours ago

    I think its rude to make fun of peoples height, its not they're fault. I'm very short aswell

  • The Crazy Geck05
    The Crazy Geck05 4 hours ago

    They say lazarbeam only gets 12 year olds. I'm 14. Fight me

  • Evil Evie Xox
    Evil Evie Xox 4 hours ago

    Roast for bazz: he's like an ironing board tall and skinny

  • TL. Lucario
    TL. Lucario 4 hours ago

    7:48 I mean the person who did the tweet isnt wrong, muselk is pretty meh recently

  • Luke Santos
    Luke Santos 4 hours ago

    Copying Sidemen?