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I Can't Be With Him Anymore
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Chinese Take-Out • MUKBANG
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nobody likes me, i'm done
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  • jodes cwtch
    jodes cwtch 7 seconds ago

    Not many people wanna see milk being farted out, im not prudish at all but i still would of smacked your computer over your head,

  • Cassie Leverson
    Cassie Leverson 2 minutes ago

    6:11 shut ur legs sssshhhame on you Nick you have me rolling on the floor in laughter with how crazy you are😂😂😂

  • Sophie Kouchoo
    Sophie Kouchoo 4 minutes ago

    *toilet plumber left the chat*

  • nonono
    nonono 6 minutes ago

    Just turn off airdrop completely 😂

  • Kristen Denney
    Kristen Denney 12 minutes ago

    Oh no 😔😔😔 Maybe just tell your parents that your computer was hacked? Best of luck, Nik ❤

  • Kim Porter
    Kim Porter 12 minutes ago

    Love Belove, great video

  • cheskiluv81
    cheskiluv81 12 minutes ago

    Too cute with the bird❤

  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastname 13 minutes ago

    U looked up at better when you were vegetarian. You fat as hell now lol

  • Case Knive
    Case Knive 15 minutes ago

    Oh man Zach is so cute 🤗

  • The Tootsiepop quash!
    The Tootsiepop quash! 16 minutes ago

    Lol its ok nick we all had a fair share of Embarrassing moments 🤦🤦😂😭

  • srg_ rxpidz
    srg_ rxpidz 17 minutes ago

    Wtf how is this ur breakfast

  • Ann Harwood
    Ann Harwood 18 minutes ago

    Oh Nik, yes I'm dying but oh how uncomfortable

  • Dilara OZGUR
    Dilara OZGUR 19 minutes ago

    how tf did this make u sad

  • Leslie Ibarra
    Leslie Ibarra 19 minutes ago

    Butter the cob lmao

  • Dilara OZGUR
    Dilara OZGUR 21 minute ago


  • Harumi Kagaya
    Harumi Kagaya 22 minutes ago

    😂😂😂hope zach not GAYS cuase nickalis cado cado is gays everyone knows that just be normal loves girls and girls loves boys stop lgbt guys they dont deserve nothing !!! Anyway loves you both thats it HEY GAYS OR LGBT IF YOUR READ THIS STFU AND FUCK YOU!!!!!!

  • MerabGhost 15
    MerabGhost 15 22 minutes ago

    Please sub to me I’m trying to get 100 subscribers before then end of the year

  • meloadas the next demon king

    Wtf is that at 20.09

  • Beach 234
    Beach 234 30 minutes ago

    “Rich 😳* eight figure that’s my type. Thats my type 😳* that’s my type!!!”

  • Vũ Hiệp Nguyễn
    Vũ Hiệp Nguyễn 32 minutes ago

    You are crazy man

  • Ferdi Gamerz
    Ferdi Gamerz 34 minutes ago

    Dont be gay please

  • Eats With CandyCane
    Eats With CandyCane 36 minutes ago


  • Meep!9
    Meep!9 36 minutes ago

    He sung that song like a soccer mom trying to be relatable in the pick up line at school

  • Jessica
    Jessica 43 minutes ago

    Love you Nick.

  • Jessica
    Jessica 43 minutes ago

    It's ok hun. Life goes on, time heals everything.

  • Edna Beltran
    Edna Beltran 45 minutes ago

    I literally died every time he would speak into the air vents 😂😂😂

  • CTKClan
    CTKClan 45 minutes ago


  • Erica Anne
    Erica Anne 45 minutes ago

    This is by far the BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!!! 💙💙💙At work right now trying to not laugh out loud!

  • Bianca C
    Bianca C 46 minutes ago

    I’m dead ! 💀💀😂😂😂😂

  • Eli Yana
    Eli Yana 46 minutes ago

    Urgghh freak...😒

  • Yagirl Vaeh
    Yagirl Vaeh 48 minutes ago

    Him trying to singing my type at 9:45 had me dying 🤣🤣

  • Nation Rose
    Nation Rose 51 minute ago

    Not for crotch goblins.

  • Meep!9
    Meep!9 51 minute ago

    Maybe seek help for sexual addiction? Or find coping mechanisms... It seems to be consuming your life and career.

  • Cynthia Lassiter
    Cynthia Lassiter 57 minutes ago

    The story is hilarious. I bet u have lost ur appetite!! NICHOLAS!!

  • Margiery Fontanoz
    Margiery Fontanoz 57 minutes ago

    guys dont judge the peaple that is gay!

  • _. Queen Kiana _.
    _. Queen Kiana _. 59 minutes ago

    THE FART THEN THE STAAAARREEEEEE😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀😭💀omg

  • Ohhstargazer
    Ohhstargazer 59 minutes ago

    I can’t remember the last time ive laughed this fucking hard watching something

  • hayley blackwood

    “Oh Jesus !” “Agghhh!!” 😂🤣 I’m so sorry this happened so embarrassing but they love you regardless !!! Talk to them!😂

  • Nekeda Dennis
    Nekeda Dennis Hour ago


  • NessaBee89
    NessaBee89 Hour ago

    OMG I love these videos!! I felt bad for laughing but I cant help it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Teddy Valiente
    Teddy Valiente Hour ago

    Dumb ass

  • Backwood Stuffedcrust

    nice video nick

  • deadbyspaghett
    deadbyspaghett Hour ago

    Nik you have reached the point where it is time to know your limits. Please hop back on some healthier food, its getting bad

  • _. Queen Kiana _.

    I literally love Nick like omg😭you are too funny!

  • Nxzxoni Bxnaxxy
    Nxzxoni Bxnaxxy Hour ago

    Dead😂😂 when he looks to the side and raises his voice about Rapunzel🤣😂🙄

  • Nekeda Dennis
    Nekeda Dennis Hour ago


  • Tina Miller
    Tina Miller Hour ago

    This dude here boy. Smmfh. But I am weak laughin at his parents 😅😂🤣😭

  • Lemon
    Lemon Hour ago

    me, an 11 y/o: okay, it's 2:30 in the morning, and this isn't for kids, who cares. other kids: *omg guys i watched it omgomgomomgogmogmogm*

  • unlivingsoul xx
    unlivingsoul xx Hour ago

    Actually it's smart to have more than one account 💁

  • Abby A
    Abby A Hour ago

    I need a cheeto 🤣😄😂

  • mspoetic247
    mspoetic247 Hour ago


  • Nekeda Dennis
    Nekeda Dennis Hour ago


  • Nekeda Dennis
    Nekeda Dennis Hour ago


  • Gabby Ochoa
    Gabby Ochoa Hour ago

    He said the pertaganis and the protagonist 😭😭😭 we love you nick

    JERIN ROY Hour ago

    Wait a sec......he has over a million subs?!!! That fine though let it go. But what r u doing this what you wanna show you kids. Stupidity. Do something worth with your life👎

  • Nekeda Dennis
    Nekeda Dennis Hour ago


  • wahaj jatoi
    wahaj jatoi Hour ago

    So many talk pakao

  • mermaid red
    mermaid red Hour ago

    orlin sees poor Nick struggling trying to open the crab leg (the one he gave to Orlin right after) and doesnt even offer to help him 9:55

  • wahaj jatoi
    wahaj jatoi Hour ago

    You eat so many wow

  • Football Freestyle

    Who the fuck watches this videos for entertainment . A very gay idiot unstable man chewing like a cow in front of the camera.

  • Vi Bi
    Vi Bi Hour ago

    when Nick takes long pauses between telling the story, that's me when I think about my life

  • Meme Moba
    Meme Moba Hour ago

    R.I.P that Noodle 😂

  • Vi Bi
    Vi Bi Hour ago

    when Nick takes long pauses between telling the story, that's me when I think about my life

  • Linda Scott
    Linda Scott Hour ago

    Lol lmao

  • IM BDW
    IM BDW Hour ago

    I'm sorry u lost ur appetite, I'm sorry for laughing but i totally can imagine that day. 😂😂😂

  • Barry Sample
    Barry Sample Hour ago


  • Tiffany Lynn
    Tiffany Lynn Hour ago

    Aww honey it will be ok

  • Maria Aziz
    Maria Aziz Hour ago


  • Can We Get 40,000 subs with 0 videos ?

    Shut up you pussy

  • Jayme Ann
    Jayme Ann Hour ago

    You should say excuse me when you fart, just saying. Manners takes you a bazillion miles. Just apologize to your parents and say it was sent by a sick friend. Apologize profusely and lie your ass off.

  • Rita M
    Rita M Hour ago

    "I'm gonna go to hell" o no it was an accident

  • Denise Leslie
    Denise Leslie Hour ago

    OMG! Laughing Laughing Laughing!!!!! OH JEEEESUS.......!!!

  • QueenFaceBeauty Emily

    Did he just said it’s 5am and he’s eating seafood?😳😬🤭 wow

  • BR4V3RY
    BR4V3RY Hour ago

    Nik's haters like Nik's lovers comment

  • Key LaRue
    Key LaRue Hour ago

    This story 🤭😮

  • Paloma Savaengcharoen

    ROFLMAO.... Niiiikolaaaaaas, oh my gawd! Now you really need to get out from your parent's basement, oh Lordy

  • Ace1n
    Ace1n Hour ago

    ? Why post this

  • No
    No Hour ago

    why shirtless tho-

  • Meaghan Samuels
    Meaghan Samuels Hour ago

    Sooooo we’re all just gonna pretend like he didn’t do a huge loud fart in the middle of the video 😂💀

  • Ime XD
    Ime XD Hour ago


  • daria plays roblox

    Ohh so meaty Oh that's what I said yesterday lmao

  • Ace1n
    Ace1n Hour ago


  • Jennifer Gary
    Jennifer Gary Hour ago

    What an idiot. Totally ruining a 200$ crab with 3$ jar cheese. What is wrong with him? I just can’t.

  • sean henderson
    sean henderson Hour ago

    32:32 I'm sorry... That's unfortunate...

  • Doyle Mcpoyle
    Doyle Mcpoyle 2 hours ago

    Thanks because I never even knew what air drop meant

    • Doyle Mcpoyle
      Doyle Mcpoyle Hour ago

      I’m laughing but yea I can imagine. My moms not cool like that either to have laughed about it.

  • Doyle Mcpoyle
    Doyle Mcpoyle 2 hours ago

    Omg I’m cracking the fck up out loud when you finally got to it. Omg ahahhahaha

  • 뿌니일상
    뿌니일상 2 hours ago

    your KIMCHI good ~~!! Fried Tofu Rice Balls tv Come visit me.

  • Princess Laina Alonchetti

    You look skinny FYI

  • Krista Fenton
    Krista Fenton 2 hours ago

    Take a shot every time he says, “Trisha loves” Drunk yet?

  • Jayme Ann
    Jayme Ann 2 hours ago

    Did you really googoo gahgah at 5yr olds? Do you know how much 5yr olds listen? A LOT

  • Michelle Murphy
    Michelle Murphy 2 hours ago

    Are you gay

  • Karla Varela
    Karla Varela 2 hours ago

    It was a bad idea to watch this at 12am now I’m really craving a king crab 😭

  • Belen Mercado
    Belen Mercado 2 hours ago

    Eating starts at 8:15 if anybody wanted to know

  • ge0rgie7872boSS
    ge0rgie7872boSS 2 hours ago

    Un subscribe

  • Chelsay Nicole
    Chelsay Nicole 2 hours ago

    Nick Getit together

  • Chelsay Nicole
    Chelsay Nicole 2 hours ago

    You’re a big fat pig

  • huni man
    huni man 2 hours ago


  • Clout_gang Blesivfanpage

    Lose wait please your fat

  • Billy Bob Benjamin
    Billy Bob Benjamin 2 hours ago

    16:03 SENT ME .

  • Sultan Sultangaliyev

    You lox Damon nudak