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  • Alexis Bor
    Alexis Bor 24 seconds ago

    Jonathan, this is the first video of yours that I have watched. Great job. My iPhone 11 Pro Max will be here in a few hours (on the 20th) and I am even more excited about it now. My move is from the iPhone XS Max and it is amazing how much great work the engineers at Apple did.

  • 404
    404 34 seconds ago

    apple was forced to do that weird camera set up just to differentiate themselves

  • Israel Ruelas
    Israel Ruelas 35 seconds ago

    Song in the beginning fucking sucks!

  • ricky v
    ricky v Minute ago

    That was absolutely phenomenal. Good work Jonathan. This was a long video but I was so impressed with the video work that I watched all the way thru. I am excited to see what else you come up with using the iPhone 11 models.

  • Aaron Berg
    Aaron Berg 2 minutes ago

    4:31 should have cut to idubbbz's Full Force documentary.

  • sub to Stuckgray04
    sub to Stuckgray04 2 minutes ago

    New Intro? Nice

  • Michelle Vu
    Michelle Vu 4 minutes ago

    This was such a wonderful video! 😍

  • Rich Allison
    Rich Allison 4 minutes ago

    Really wish they would let us have 5 icons in the dock on bigger phones so I don’t have to JB

  • Northern Life
    Northern Life 5 minutes ago

    I knew Apple was putting green in your pocket. Midnight green.

  • Keyshawn #IsSnatchedAsf

    I am impressed with the camera.

  • Vz L0nix
    Vz L0nix 9 minutes ago

    What is the song name in the intro ?

  • Yuvraj Chavan
    Yuvraj Chavan 9 minutes ago

    This is gonna be my first ever iPhone!!!😍😍 Super excited for it!

  • L Val
    L Val 9 minutes ago

    The voice of the girl in 15:10 is a ProMax

  • awkpanda
    awkpanda 9 minutes ago

    Where can I get that airpods shirt?

  • Manuel Fischer
    Manuel Fischer 9 minutes ago

    Epic intro!

  • István Mező
    István Mező 10 minutes ago

    PRO with 64 GB in 2019 :D HAHAHHAHAHA

  • hot pancakes
    hot pancakes 10 minutes ago

    Kevin Kenson????

  • Alejandro Glaub'n
    Alejandro Glaub'n 11 minutes ago

    TOOL - INVINCIBLE 10:35 You are not only one of the best tech reviewers in the platform, but also ur music taste is phenomenal!

  • Rich Dollars
    Rich Dollars 13 minutes ago

    That battery capacity definitely tells me that reverse wireless charging was a thing but got axed somewhere down the line

  • Nam Vo
    Nam Vo 13 minutes ago

    He keep mention how Apple is always later than every other company with new features.

  • Dapper Dop
    Dapper Dop 14 minutes ago

    If you stayed for the night mode segment, you da real MVP

  • Chris Qian
    Chris Qian 14 minutes ago

    can someone plz make that arnold schwarzenegger meme into a case...

  • Bryan Miranda
    Bryan Miranda 14 minutes ago

    “Welcome to bad lands chugs” 😂 😂

  • Broseph Raider
    Broseph Raider 14 minutes ago

    Making me glad that I pulled the trigger and pre-ordered the pro max 👌🏻 looking forward to tomorrow

  • Fehmi S
    Fehmi S 15 minutes ago

    3:36 Tim Apple !

  • Jay
    Jay 15 minutes ago

    I’m still team gold. I love the gold iPhones and always have

  • Tich Mungofa
    Tich Mungofa 17 minutes ago

    Bro that intro 😫😫🙌🏽🔥🔥

  • Mikey Guanipa
    Mikey Guanipa 18 minutes ago

    If I get an iPhone pro, can apple promise me not to fucking castrate my iPhone 11 after 2 years?

  • Brad Field
    Brad Field 19 minutes ago

    Oh my god that fucking singing. Can you please ask your friend WHY she insists on copying all the other mainstream girls who mangle their vowels like they’re non-native speakers? Seriously it’s such a cliché at this point and it never sounded good to begin with and that is a schlocky goddamn song. Nice video otherwise though. Looking forward to getting my Pro tomorrow.

  • russell matienzo
    russell matienzo 19 minutes ago

    Huhuhu i want it..i haven't use ios in my life ..can you send it to me...

  • Zohaib Saqi
    Zohaib Saqi 19 minutes ago

    Samsung note 10 : battery 4300, weight 196 g iPhone 11pro max : battery 3900, weight 225 g "INNOVATION"🖕🤫

  • Mohammad Sameer
    Mohammad Sameer 19 minutes ago

    killed it.

  • Kevin songs
    Kevin songs 20 minutes ago

    11.42 scared the shut out of me

  • Somanithel Kheang
    Somanithel Kheang 20 minutes ago

    Can't wait to take 4K XDR videos on my 720p iPhone 11 LCD screen.

  • Kido Chang
    Kido Chang 20 minutes ago

    Janathan, how dare you make me a nerd just by wanting usb type C!

  • Peter Hoang
    Peter Hoang 21 minute ago

    Lol bang 😉

  • Riqo Dca
    Riqo Dca 21 minute ago

    I've rewatched the girl singing at 15:00 like 6 times. her voice is amazing

  • Alex Fishman
    Alex Fishman 22 minutes ago

    Honestly it’s only you, MKBHD, and Linus that are killing the RUclip tech game. Just came from Jon Rettinger’s Note “review” and shits depressing man.

  • Ryan Xia
    Ryan Xia 22 minutes ago

    This has to be the best review video! Hands down!

  • Parva Gopani
    Parva Gopani 23 minutes ago

    Battery life 3969mAh ...nice😉

  • nick cruz
    nick cruz 23 minutes ago

    damn.. those arms 💪🏼 🥰, i mean i like the camera 😅

  • zurkram
    zurkram 23 minutes ago

    Excellent review sir!

  • Ezequiel Díaz
    Ezequiel Díaz 23 minutes ago

    Hey who is the girl that is singing on your video? 😱

  • Irwan Syah
    Irwan Syah 23 minutes ago

    4 or 6 gb of RAM?

  • Dapper Dop
    Dapper Dop 24 minutes ago

    U shoot videos?

  • Kevin Shields
    Kevin Shields 24 minutes ago

    Love the reviews. Your humor makes it really enjoyable, looks like you enjoy your work. Keep it up!

  • Zohaib Saqi
    Zohaib Saqi 24 minutes ago

    Smartphones cameras must be garbage for the man who uses 10,000$ camera 📷

  • kramshiron
    kramshiron 24 minutes ago

    Not pro enough...only 64gb base, no 90 hz screen, big ugly notch, only 18w charge, no split screen capability, no pen support, no reverse wireless charging, no usb c. Pro price features no.

  • Emory Quince
    Emory Quince 25 minutes ago

    That intro was 🔥

  • Photo Shooter
    Photo Shooter 25 minutes ago

    So when samsung introduced the auto triggering night mode it was dumb but now that apple has done it, its somehow smart??

  • Sajan Patel
    Sajan Patel 26 minutes ago

    Love your videos, as unlike most of most reviewer , you definitely show your love towards iPhones, whereas others just keep on using iPhones in back and changes views on whatever comes new

  • Anthony Avitia
    Anthony Avitia 26 minutes ago

    Bro you need to put that Loote video back up it was really good

  • Scott Sullivan
    Scott Sullivan 27 minutes ago

    A million times better than MKBHD's review.

  • largon 03
    largon 03 28 minutes ago

    Is the camera doing 16:9? or does it show the full screen and it still gives you the 4:3 ration? Thanks..

  • Mr JAG
    Mr JAG 28 minutes ago

    Great job. A very detailed review of the iPhone Pro Max. Really enjoyed it especially the intro.

  • Hadley Edwards
    Hadley Edwards 28 minutes ago

    not an apple fan but i will say this is an amazing device with features that kick the competition.Great Video Jon!

  • Tanner4pacers
    Tanner4pacers 28 minutes ago

    The quality of your videos has gotten INSANE Jonathan. Dropping 💣’s all the time!

  • Runningman21
    Runningman21 29 minutes ago

    Start :45 yawn

  • k7
    k7 31 minute ago

    the _SLOFIE_ thing in the intro ruined it for me.

    DEATHTELLER 31 minute ago

    Jonathan: midnight green is the best color Me : you forget JET BLACK ☣️☣️☣️☣️

  • Keyshawn #IsSnatchedAsf

    I like the shirt.

  • Mahmood AL-Haddabi
    Mahmood AL-Haddabi 33 minutes ago

    That intro is fire.

  • Denny Arista
    Denny Arista 33 minutes ago

    Really want to get the 11 Pro Max as my first Iphone, sadly it would cost upwards $1400 in my country. Sigh* Wish Apple would just open an Apple store here

  • Dharani Snigdha
    Dharani Snigdha 33 minutes ago

    Love you Mark🙆🏻‍♀️

  • Brady Snelgrove
    Brady Snelgrove 34 minutes ago

    9:00 idk if it's coincidence or not but UrAvgConsumer was watching Spiderman in his day in life video too! 🤷😂

  • TechnoMinute
    TechnoMinute 34 minutes ago

    Intro-amazing, content-jam packed with info, videography-crazy!!!

  • Sharath Chandra
    Sharath Chandra 35 minutes ago

    Where did you get the hello t shirt?

  • alcylon
    alcylon 35 minutes ago

    Iphone pro? You most be kidding...

  • Panha veng
    Panha veng 35 minutes ago

    The intro got Me scratched my head ... damn ! Wonderful review as always

  • Babu s
    Babu s 36 minutes ago

    Tim Apple is listening holly come on they need to add for that battery or else it feels dump. If they don't add it would be The slowest charging mobile on a market with top end specs and camera Still not a USB TYPE-C effing they're not listening to a single word !

    JS MANA CHANNEL 37 minutes ago

    The intro is kill everything 😎

  • Max Leong
    Max Leong 37 minutes ago

    lol to that pikachu at 12:56 hahaha

    KARAN DOSHI 38 minutes ago

    Best iphone 11 review 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jack Lim
    Jack Lim 38 minutes ago


  • Rounak Agarwal
    Rounak Agarwal 38 minutes ago

    Did you just say Megapickle ?? 😂

  • Pedro Delgado
    Pedro Delgado 39 minutes ago

    Those geek bench scores must be wrong. Why so low? When usually they’re over 4K and 10k

  • Ashish Kunnath
    Ashish Kunnath 39 minutes ago

    Was watching MKBHD review, Jonathan's Thumbnail said, "ALMOST PRO" Finished watching his review, till then the thumbnail became "SO CLOSE"

  • Brady Snelgrove
    Brady Snelgrove 39 minutes ago

    6:21 - Hey ummmm ur geekbench scores are way off 😅 single core should be 5,500ish and 12,000 multicore 🤷😂

  • Rogelio Gonzalez
    Rogelio Gonzalez 39 minutes ago

    Where is the link for the shirts?

  • Sarah Mae Sanchez
    Sarah Mae Sanchez 40 minutes ago

    I see u wearin' that tee from Apples' ad or smth

  • Harpreet Aulakh
    Harpreet Aulakh 40 minutes ago

    The best iPhone 11 pro review

  • Paweł Skupiński
    Paweł Skupiński 41 minute ago

    12 mega PICKLE sensor. 🥒🥒🥒

  • Rayed Azwer
    Rayed Azwer 41 minute ago

    Damn, that intro was hecking fresh!

  • Arun John
    Arun John 41 minute ago


  • Chris Neves
    Chris Neves 41 minute ago

    Mega pickles

    KOKO PUFFS 41 minute ago

    Every review talks about how great the camera is but what about the rest of the phone? Oh that's right, it's pretty much the same phone as the last 3 years with bigger camera lenses. Lame review

  • Dr Earbuds
    Dr Earbuds 43 minutes ago

    John I'm Sorry because I can only watch 23:40 of this video . I gave you all the time I have

  • Hsu Jordan
    Hsu Jordan 43 minutes ago

    That pikachu at the back is haunting me

  • W Dora
    W Dora 43 minutes ago

    Give me the max.. let me revive it... 😘... never felt iphone before 😂.. what is it like ?

  • Nicholas Bogan
    Nicholas Bogan 44 minutes ago

    I’m confused by your geek bench scores.

  • Jacques Noel
    Jacques Noel 45 minutes ago

    Until Apple feels it's right? Friend, dark mode on android devices have been fantastic; what on earth are you talking about? To say that somehow they (Apple) perfected night mode is clear bias, you don't even give insight as to why it's that much better.

  • TheWizKid 3205
    TheWizKid 3205 45 minutes ago

    i kept going back to the intro god its just so great!!!

  • David N.
    David N. 45 minutes ago

    Another isheep

  • JonGCruzNY
    JonGCruzNY 46 minutes ago

    And no one say anything about the Intel crappie modem. No Qualcomm yet.

    • JonGCruzNY
      JonGCruzNY 32 minutes ago

      Nick B Here is you 1% who does, because that will matter a lot With the reception issues.

    • Nick B
      Nick B 35 minutes ago

      JonGCruzNY because 99% of people don’t know about it or don’t care.

  • 8bit Flea
    8bit Flea 46 minutes ago

    No apple care on the iPhone x that cracked?

  • pasan pramod
    pasan pramod 46 minutes ago

    Do you think you are PRO? Nonsense... Act like a real human

  • luis endrayana
    luis endrayana 46 minutes ago

    Pikachu's face with triple lense iP 11 pro as a wallpaper 😲

  • Anthony D.
    Anthony D. 47 minutes ago

    Restrictive software, big notch, no headphone jack, no fingerprint scanner. Why do people like iPhone again?

    • A random Human being
      A random Human being 42 minutes ago

      Restrictive software that’s actually more productive, private and overall polished and premium than the “no restrictive” alternative. And by the way, what’s so “restrictive” about it again?. No headphones jack? Lmao, what phone includes a headphone jack nowadays? Big notch for a Face ID and a front facing camera capable of recording 4K 60fps... Totally worth the trade. People like iPhones because they’re such good smartphones. That’s it.

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 48 minutes ago

    Next: I edited this video on iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • Sandro Nguyễn
    Sandro Nguyễn 48 minutes ago

    Wow I've just realized that Kevin does look like Jared Leto 😂😂😂