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Joker Review
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  • عرفان نیک انجام

    Please do arrow videos too. It is its final season. Arrow deserves your videos❤

  • Jake Binns
    Jake Binns 8 minutes ago

    Never really got in to the flash but seeing how they're introducing alot of new cool ppl who I've read comics about might actually sit down an give it a watch , is it worth it ??

  • Abinash Panigrahi
    Abinash Panigrahi 11 minutes ago

    Loving the Killer Frost character. So Sunburn. 😂😂😂😂

  • HM HM
    HM HM 11 minutes ago

    Cisco will be vibe again

  • Ian Mac
    Ian Mac 12 minutes ago

    Just make deadpool part of the DVD commentaries...

  • Naku Shikamada
    Naku Shikamada 16 minutes ago

    Theory: Barty realizes that there is little to no time and scouwers the speed force with no avail, so then the monitor gives him the idea to search the multiverse for great heros if old at the same time as Oliver is. This brings them the spectre and KCSuperman. So anti monitor comes and starts destroying the multiverse with bits and pieces remaining. The only way to defeat the anti monitor is to trap him in the source wall so the spectre pushes the anti monitor as close as possible. Then the supermen and Barry run him up against it, with Barry temporarily being powered with the ultra violent force to get him fast enough, killing him in the process. The final blow is dealt with Oliver fuzing with the monitor and the spectre to fuze the anti monitor to the source wall. This sacrifices Oliver and revives everyone with a reforming of the multiverse.

    CHASEMARC 18 minutes ago

    Beta ray bill was hinted at in Thor Ragnarok, as a big statue next to the other faces

  • Jacqueline
    Jacqueline 19 minutes ago

    Yeah, looks like 🕶Vibe🖐🕳 is coming back😁

  • TheOriginalGrownB
    TheOriginalGrownB 24 minutes ago

    Barry's top speed. Seems rather l oui w based on the last 2 seasons

  • sander2.0dutch
    sander2.0dutch 24 minutes ago

    Hopefully they have just a solid story with crisis and not just fan service

  • Tuka
    Tuka 26 minutes ago

    I can't believe Flash is 80x slower than the speed of light. Cw really screwed up there.

  • Liam Strain
    Liam Strain 27 minutes ago

    by god i'm actually getting bored of your videos it's rehashes of shit you have already spoke about before!

  • Khensane Sebetlela
    Khensane Sebetlela 27 minutes ago

    So is Cisco Ramon going to get his powers back since he's wearing the vibe suit when he gets hit by the antimatter?

  • Oscar Finn
    Oscar Finn 29 minutes ago

    I'd like to see a Disney+ Deadpool/Avengers sit-com and they do random mundane things like the House party in Age of Ultron or Thor's roommate from the Ragnarok publicity. Each episode could be a different character or groups not normally seen together in the movies on their days off when not saving the universe

  • m I o . o I m
    m I o . o I m 31 minute ago

    With the news of Feige now being the CCO of Marvel we can get daredevil as well. *TEAM RED COMIN AT YA!!*

  • iceshadow01
    iceshadow01 32 minutes ago

    Man after both of tonights episodes i'm so pumped for the crossover

  • Dávid Solt
    Dávid Solt 32 minutes ago

    Wally will coming back in the second half? Well comic book readers knows what's that means. 😉

  • Gabe C
    Gabe C 35 minutes ago

    Dude if the is a Spider-Man and Deadpool movies I will shit my self

  • Neo Luthuli
    Neo Luthuli 38 minutes ago

    I fucking like Homelander

  • Joseph Gonsalves
    Joseph Gonsalves 38 minutes ago

    a flash time remnant will die in crisis

  • Peter Edeh
    Peter Edeh 39 minutes ago

    Beta Ray bill should have been introduced in Avengers End game. He should have being the one to Lift Thor hammer instead of Captain American , but I guess bad writing /ending got the Writers

  • Ambrus Raul
    Ambrus Raul 39 minutes ago

    Why do they insist associating kara s powers which depend on a yellow sun, with speed force dark matter? Iris says thinking of a way to dampen anti matter using Kara

  • constipated in sin city
    constipated in sin city 44 minutes ago

    What about Linda Carter's Wonder Woman?

  • Emerson Herndon
    Emerson Herndon 44 minutes ago

    Lady Thor sucks. They can do what they want with their movies but I’m not here for it

  • Ayushh Kuumar
    Ayushh Kuumar 46 minutes ago

    Bro! Titans videos please!

  • Lessbutnotleast
    Lessbutnotleast 46 minutes ago

    It could be cool to make Deadpool do all kinds of 'Stan Lee' cameos. People be looking out for him now and get wild when he shows up!

  • Raghu Seetharaman
    Raghu Seetharaman 48 minutes ago

    The tease of the Anti-Matter energy wave destroying Earth 1 looked really cool. Jay Garrick mapping out the Earths that are going to be effected the Anti-Matter energy wave was the best Easter egg.

  • Romeo Börjesson
    Romeo Börjesson 50 minutes ago

    Yooo, did you guys catch the wonder woman and Robin reference in Batwoman???

  • Robert Ricardo
    Robert Ricardo 51 minute ago

    Charlie. Is vibe back ?

  • William J. Montes
    William J. Montes 57 minutes ago

    I think Barry will die on 10 December. But will come back in January on episode 4 or 5.

  • Jason Watt
    Jason Watt Hour ago

    Bruh, this show still sucks. Why only report Arrow details in your Flash videos? Arrow dropped a hell of an episode tonight and it deserves more than a passing remark or two during a Flash trailer analysis. I miss your Arrow analyses, man.

    • Jason Watt
      Jason Watt 34 minutes ago

      @Emergency Awesome All right, my man. I understand :) Thanks for taking the time to respond.

    • Emergency Awesome
      Emergency Awesome 56 minutes ago

      Most of my subscribers don't watch it and it performs very poorly on my channel.

  • Andre Bannis
    Andre Bannis Hour ago

    Vibe gets his powers back for sure now

  • MontyVisuals
    MontyVisuals Hour ago

    So why could he travel to Nora's time which was 25 years in the future but not 2 months into the future

  • Joe Eckes
    Joe Eckes Hour ago

    Berry looked good with Jay helmet on it's was nice to see something different

  • José Rodríguez

    I have like a doubt, so I was watching arrow and if I remember correctly in flash season 2 when they are on earth 2, they said that Robert queen was the arrow and that now Oliver was on earth 2 on the episode Adrian was the hood so wtf🤷‍♂️ and that means that Jesse and Harry from earth 2 died from the antimonitor thing 🤷‍♂️

  • Lupin788
    Lupin788 Hour ago

    I don't think anti-matter converts matter into anti-matter. When there's a collision between the two, they destroy each other.

  • ROGUE harley quinn 1701-D

    only watching this crossover shit for kevin conroy.

  • ekpere omenuko
    ekpere omenuko Hour ago

    Calling it jay Garrick is gonna die

  • Biohacker 27
    Biohacker 27 Hour ago

    I wanna see Deadpool Vs Captain America.

  • the flash31
    the flash31 Hour ago

    This episode was really good and I'm really hype for the crossover!

  • Rasmus Rosendahl-kaa

    Maybe they inject Oliver with velocity 9 or something so he sacrifices instead of Barry.

  • The Purple Turnip

    It was good, but I think I got a bit overhyped about it, when I finished watching it it wasn’t like omg (like in infinity war for example) but it did make me think, which tbh most movies these days don’t, and it was marketed as a super violent movie, but I mean it wasn’t even as bad as John wick, all in all it was a good movie

  • True Detective
    True Detective Hour ago

    Maybe Oliver wants to take Barry’s place but it needs to be a speedster so he uses velocity 9

  • Mickey Johnson
    Mickey Johnson Hour ago

    Wow that's some job and title

  • Matthew Guilford

    So I have a feeling that Wally West is the flash that will die so Barry lives.

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous 16 minutes ago

      They already confirmed that Wally will return after the Crisis and is going to be the main lead for some time.

  • SemicolonBatSidewaysLaughChairYeet

    This is an opportunity to further devolve Wade's sanity making him a bit more comic accurate. Imagine seeing everyone you know around you be changed and forced into a different mold into themselves to appease the audience and YOU alone have not changed, you'd feel detached from everything else and maybe even develop a minor god complex. Take it a step further and break his sanity completely in a marvel "What If" show and maybe I don't know.... Kill the Marvel Universe? It'd be sweet

  • stoagy mahalo
    stoagy mahalo Hour ago

    4:49 those are kids from recess show

  • Iwillone
    Iwillone Hour ago

    So Supergirl has the nanotech suit while The Flash has Gideon as his in suit A.I. to balance out their Ironman but Barry goes Doctor Strange with the 1 in 14 million survival sight (-_^ )

    D3ATHROWGAM3R Hour ago

    fav moment WHHYY SOOOO SERIOUS!

  • Patrick Perkins
    Patrick Perkins Hour ago

    I think we'll see a kinda soft reboot and see all the Arrowverse shows shift to one world.

  • Aaron Perez
    Aaron Perez Hour ago

    I think Barry will die, but then somehow with the help of the speedforce will come back to life.

  • Leo udeh
    Leo udeh Hour ago

    Is there going to be another justice league movie

  • Phoenix 1998
    Phoenix 1998 Hour ago

    THE Arrow episode was better in my opinion. If earth 2 is destroyed then are jesse and harry dead?

  • True That Boxing

    Love the first scene when he walks out into the hall of the apartment building as joker for the first time!

  • Johan Hooi
    Johan Hooi Hour ago

    Isn't that a vague reference to the green lantern at 5:48?

  • SanFranFan30
    SanFranFan30 Hour ago

    The Alegra Garcia character has the same powers are her cousin

  • Axyial
    Axyial Hour ago

    I just realized they're both sons of Gods

  • SemicolonBatSidewaysLaughChairYeet

    I have a solution for the rated-R solo vs PG-13 team ups. Just make him mockingly say something about not wanting to soil Peters innocence and have Ryan Reynolds come up with ridiculously over the top replacement curse words. the mans hilarious, he would definitely make it work with deadpool as a character.

  • SandyC
    SandyC Hour ago

    What if they do actually kill off the flash and Oliver's deal with the monitor was to bring him back by sacrificing his own life? AKA Flash Rebirth. Maybe that's why Wally West is coming back to the show in the second half to be the flash until our flash returns from the speedforce. Or they could use the Reverse flash bringing him back as well!

  • Gary John
    Gary John Hour ago

    Can you make a video about Zoe Kravitz being cast as Catwman in The Batman movie

  • Winged Freak Terrorizes

    Batman '89 and Batman Returns '92 are not set in the '89 and '92 years, they take place in a dystopian Gotham City Burtonverse retro-futurism that's mixing past, present and future at once, they wear clothes from the '30s, drive cars from the '70s, Joker dances to Prince songs from the '80s and Batman has futuristic tech, at Shreck's masquerade ball they dance to Rick James and Siouxsie music from the '80s and '90s, the buildings are all gothic and art deco. Batman (1989) scriptwriter Sam Hamm explained, "Tim [Burton] and I decided that the neatest way to do it would be 'retro-futuristic', the same sort of thing you see in Brazil [(1985) by Terry Gilliam]."

  • Victor Palmas
    Victor Palmas Hour ago

    What if oliver dies and constantine goes to hell talk to Lucifer, makes a deal and oliver comes back to life

  • Toni N.
    Toni N. Hour ago

    I think Deadpool should be introduced like all the other mutants in the MCU and because he can break the fourth wall he can reference having memories of his Fox adventures

  • Kao Vang
    Kao Vang Hour ago

    I’d be surprised if they pull off a Green Arrow - Dark Knight ending. What if Oliver just fake his death at the end and just go live in a private island with felicity? Similar to how Batman faked his death at the end of TDKR.

  • Lund C
    Lund C Hour ago

    Technically a world without Barry Allen would call up Kid Flash and it wod be perfect timing for a comeback... 👌🏾

  • IceColdDevil
    IceColdDevil Hour ago

    I like how you used the 'Pleased to beat you" picture from the game Future Fight. I have it on a mug. :)

  • FBI
    FBI Hour ago

    The minute I heard Kevin Conroy speak I couldnt stop smiling.

  • Kao Vang
    Kao Vang Hour ago

    I havent watched Arrow ever since after season 4, but Arrow S8E1 was way better than Flash’s first 2 episodes of season 6. IMO

  • Damien rogers
    Damien rogers Hour ago

    You added the display of all the earth's with a description of each earth and the heros there. One said earth 2 would be the sight were the next anti mater would show up, and at the end of arrow earth to goes bye bye!!! What does this mean!!! No jessi quick, Harrison wells, gorilla city, iris and barry from earth two. 😥😭😵

  • mikeym8d
    mikeym8d Hour ago

    My theory is that at the end of Venom 2. Venom is separated from and Eddie and venom finds his way to Peter Parker. Peter gets his symbiotic suit for his 3rd film. In spider-man 3 kraven the hunter is the main villain and so it’s gonna be a Kraven last hunt story line. I just Kraven chasing him throughout New York.

  • Ryan Saldana
    Ryan Saldana Hour ago

    Cisco wearing the Vibe outfit in the future?

  • Harry Ho
    Harry Ho Hour ago

    Was wondering if you can do an arrow episode for Easter eggs cuz I thought this season was pretty solid with a lot of interesting things hinting towards crisis

  • spyder spyder
    spyder spyder Hour ago

    Does anyone feel like they're dropping to many people into this? I mean is it still only 5 episodes? Don't get me wrong I'm beyond excited, but I think ultimately all those names will be little more than 2 min cameos.

  • Trens Gemini
    Trens Gemini Hour ago

    Tell them the... TRUTH!

  • Tramaine Terrance

    I love the Arrowverse. They've done so many cool and epic things. This episode of The Flash is intense, full of drama and sets up Crisis. Can't wait to see that. TERRANCE OUT

  • Kanley West
    Kanley West Hour ago

    Not a big fan of this type of cross-over, I really want Disney to keep Deadpool, Deadpool. It makes more sense if they developed like a Marvel R Rated brand of movies and put some of the Marvel R rated characters some justice like Punisher or Blade that should be part of some MCU multiverse wise.

  • michael williams

    Honestly I think the best way she can do is have Barry die in a crisis and Wally take over after it would be great send off for Grant Gustin it just doesn’t make sense for the flash to set up the events of the newspaper and not come into fruition in the season if they’re going to do it they should pass the torch to Wally⚡️

  • Abdul Aziz
    Abdul Aziz Hour ago

    Genuine question, do people actually watch/like supergirl? I heard the ratings tanked after 1st season and imo it's too political now rather than something fun and interesting to watch

  • Rahul N
    Rahul N Hour ago

    Hi Charlie are you going to do video on arrow we have batman details

  • Saif Wasim
    Saif Wasim Hour ago

    Please do Arrow videos again. Watching season 8 episode 1 is awesome, brilliant and gave me so much goosebumps of season 1 arrow. Pretty Please.

  • Tap Alpha
    Tap Alpha 2 hours ago

    Already watched flash but just finished arrow, HOLY SHIT arrow had one of the best episodes I loved it

  • Groot
    Groot 2 hours ago

    I think Jay Garrick will be the flash to die

  • Susan Dolan
    Susan Dolan 2 hours ago

    The MCU needs to develop their own version of DARK KNIGHTS (which I think SONY owns) in order to give a home to their rated R characters...Venom, Carnage,The Punisher, Blade, Dracula, Ghost Rider, Man Thing, Morbius, Werewolf by Night, Man Wolf, Brother Voodoo, Michael Hellstrom (The Son of Satan) and his sib Satana, the Devil's Daughter.

  • Christian Porter
    Christian Porter 2 hours ago

    Can't wait until Barry gets his Super Thinking imagine him using their device to come up with a way to stop the Crisis

  • SuperN. KIDZ
    SuperN. KIDZ 2 hours ago

    Am i the only one that wants to see Rose and Thorn in The Flash Season 6 or Batwoman

    CRYPTIC NICK 2 hours ago

    Haha ye

  • Abdul Aziz
    Abdul Aziz 2 hours ago

    Trump trips on the nuke button by accident

  • Hector
    Hector 2 hours ago

    Are you not going to make videos for the last season of Arrow? 😑

  • Hazking95
    Hazking95 2 hours ago

    Joe’s speech was great

  • Rami Ibrahimi
    Rami Ibrahimi 2 hours ago

    Confirmed top speed of 8,370,000mph is his top speed

  • Dontae Woods
    Dontae Woods 2 hours ago

    Already looks stupid

  • Abed M
    Abed M 2 hours ago

    How come you don’t do arrow?

  • Chris Young
    Chris Young 2 hours ago

    I have three theories. Flash dies but Oliver's deal with the Monitor allows Barry to come back. Oliver's deal with the Monitor allows Oliver to take the damage Barry would take stopping crisis and Flash's death. Or Flash sacrifices himself but Oliver's deal is for the Monitor to bring back Berry afterwards in exchange for his own life.

  • MRV
    MRV 2 hours ago

    Why Marvel doesn’t understand DeadPool belongs in the MCU and deserves to do crossovers and team up with Spider-Man. We have to see Spider-Man and DeadPool together.

  • Buddhi Dev
    Buddhi Dev 2 hours ago

    Spider-Man V Deadpool is what I'm waiting for :) I also wish Deadpool will do a cameo in every MCU films.

  • Siddharth Ghosh
    Siddharth Ghosh 2 hours ago

    What was with Batman's mask with an arrow in the eyesocket on Lian Yu?

    • Siddharth Ghosh
      Siddharth Ghosh 10 minutes ago

      hexum7 So Oliver and Bruce Wayne were both marooned on Lian Yu? Because Oliver was rescued from that island at the beginning of the episode. Also, was Batman his mentor like Deathstroke and did this version of Bruce go bad because of Mirakuru forcing Oliver to stab him in the eye? Or Is Slade Wilson the Batman of that Earth?

    • hexum7
      hexum7 39 minutes ago

      Obviously, on that Earth, Bruce Wayne was shipwrecked on the island, instead of Oliver Queen. I don't think there's any heavier meaning, than a wink of the eye to the fact that Batman and Green Arrow were extremely similar when they first came out - Green Arrow even had an Arrowcave and an Arrowcar

  • Ngoai huong Huong
    Ngoai huong Huong 2 hours ago

    Tuyet cu meo hhhhhhhh......

  • Nana Afful
    Nana Afful 2 hours ago

    Is Tom welling playing His role as Superman?

  • David Rose
    David Rose 2 hours ago

    You need to do a ep on ep 6 of Titans. It was SO GOOD!!!!

  • SKO49
    SKO49 2 hours ago

    do an arrow video to explain about the future team arrow and how they changed through time travel and also if harry and jessie quick died with earth 2 too!