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  • Teez Rasta
    Teez Rasta 2 hours ago

    SACK CITY for the 49ers!!!

  • The Trickstaz
    The Trickstaz 2 hours ago

    Russell Wilson the best leader I swear 😂

  • jr5607
    jr5607 2 hours ago

    Bad coaching lost this game for Carolina shouldda never burnt that time out on pi and they should've run a better play for the win plus kept letting that tackle get spanked 1 on 1

  • Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城

    pats only had the better coach and qb

  • Scott Siejkowski
    Scott Siejkowski 2 hours ago

    Wrong!! Pack wins

  • Dominic the gamer115

    US niners fans gotta have faith in Jimmy g with the way are d played last week against the bus I believe we will win no AJ green for the Bengals but they do have Boyd and Ross gonna be a struggle but since better back I know he had a ACL tear but remember Richard Sherman injury the niners took a chance I gotta say niners win 31 28 but Andy Daltons gonna look great

  • Cathy Leatherman
    Cathy Leatherman 2 hours ago

    How bout these Cowboys !

  • SGTSayz
    SGTSayz 2 hours ago

    No Ravens? really? smh

  • Ryan Pearce
    Ryan Pearce 2 hours ago

    Dumb run by Mcaffrey, ran in the opposite direction of his blockers

  • Eduardo Garza
    Eduardo Garza 2 hours ago

    30 Cowboys 17 redskins

  • DJ47
    DJ47 2 hours ago

    Are blowouts not allowed in the NFL anymore?

  • laserd FN
    laserd FN 2 hours ago

    You second most recent emoji is your reaction when your crush kisses you ❤

  • Ali3n_Madn3ss_
    Ali3n_Madn3ss_ 2 hours ago

    little did he know

  • Matt M
    Matt M 2 hours ago

    Perhaps Baldy knows football, and can write copy, but he's TERRIBLE to listen to/look at.

  • Scorpio Viking
    Scorpio Viking 2 hours ago

    Sometimes I sit here in silence appreciating bucky and daniel for relieving us from the likes of cynthia frelund and adam rank

  • Bruce Caldwell
    Bruce Caldwell 2 hours ago

    What a bs game ruined by overzealous referees

  • laserd FN
    laserd FN 2 hours ago

    This finna be in easy dub @Texans

  • KazDaillest
    KazDaillest 2 hours ago

    Week 2 lets gooooooo!

  • Leanna Hatfield
    Leanna Hatfield 2 hours ago

    To bts off one How old r u ? 7? Maybe u need to go get a job or something. This is too dumb for me goodbye😊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • JohnieBeGood12
    JohnieBeGood12 2 hours ago

    Cam Newton > Tom Brady

  • Botter
    Botter 2 hours ago

    8:40 Lamar trollin

  • Saucyy
    Saucyy 2 hours ago

    I watched this game at the airport when the plane found out the titans won they went crazy.

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Americas team won.🍾🏈

  • QuancelG
    QuancelG 2 hours ago

    Vick to Deshawn was so deadly

  • Doah and Duce podcast

    Anybody want to watch the game subscriber to our channel

  • QuancelG
    QuancelG 2 hours ago

    That Eagles team was lowkey disgusting 🔥

  • DaleEarnhardtFan 388

    GO PACK GO GO PACK GO 4x CHAMPIONS 😎 and the MN vickings🖕🏻F them 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Ethan Winfrey
    Ethan Winfrey 2 hours ago

    Bring back Elliot Harrison and the crew! They were much more entertaining.

  • Glade Malvern
    Glade Malvern 2 hours ago

    You're like RUclip Rewind 2018 but even RUclip Rewind 2018 didn't disrespect Stephen Hillenburg or something.

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian


  • Katie Sam
    Katie Sam 2 hours ago

    He was saying it's like taking candy from a baby 3.04

  • Jake Lee
    Jake Lee 2 hours ago

    For anyone who wanna watch todays games. I found out about this platform *nfl-streams(dot)org* . For my fams <3

  • Pondare
    Pondare 2 hours ago

    When I watch this I feel like im at an office meeting

  • Hodge Todd
    Hodge Todd 2 hours ago

    As always dissing the Titans

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    A lion roar☎️

  • Jon Fisher
    Jon Fisher 2 hours ago

    The worst part was how well these passes were defended. Surprised any of these were completed besides the wide open one. Mans got an arm!

  • Plant Gang Dead Meme Inc.

    the one time the Vikings didn't choke in the playoffs (oh wait, nevermind)

  • Brandon Riggle
    Brandon Riggle 2 hours ago

    Let's go cards!

  • tyler halbach
    tyler halbach 2 hours ago

    now know as the legion of gloom

  • hank zero
    hank zero 2 hours ago

    Keep an eye on Daryl Williams #60 Offensive Tackle on the Carolina Panthers. He's a much bigger problem than Cam Newton.

  • TEACHER Hunter
    TEACHER Hunter 2 hours ago

    Nba should do this 🖤

  • TwoKay_ tv
    TwoKay_ tv 2 hours ago

    Worst super bowl ever???????

  • Jairo Madoz Ontañón

    Where's mariota's TD pass and catch vs KC?

  • Vladimir Nemchinov
    Vladimir Nemchinov 2 hours ago

    Who crying watching because we don have them anymore

  • Mickeydyl 68
    Mickeydyl 68 2 hours ago

    Dolphins will be hexed for many years and they deserve it. Reminds me of the curse of the Bambino. The way they treated Shula, forcing him to retire because Jimmy Johnson wanted that team. The fans went right along with it. Incredibly classless when you take in what Shula delivered all those years.

  • Richard Kocksworthy
    Richard Kocksworthy 2 hours ago

    Question is who is the third quarterback for Miami?

  • A Abraham2615
    A Abraham2615 2 hours ago

    Fuc u From a Titans fan lol

  • Elijah Cantu
    Elijah Cantu 2 hours ago

    Cowboys fan here, man I hate to see Foles go down

  • Dennis Sofara
    Dennis Sofara 2 hours ago

    I’m so mad because I feel like Gatorade and y’all just sitting here wasting it🤣😣

  • Evil Dax
    Evil Dax 2 hours ago

    I would of went for it on fourth down after that missed call. I would of ran a few curl routes for the first down

  • Darius Taylor
    Darius Taylor 2 hours ago

    Raiders have only won 3 times since Andy Reid got to KC and the chiefs have only gotten better this is another L for raiders

  • Jennifer Rusie
    Jennifer Rusie 2 hours ago

    I wonder how many fantasy points he got

    TUPMAN AMOSMARS 2 hours ago


  • Evil Dax
    Evil Dax 2 hours ago

    Saints could of won this in overtime but Brees is no Brady🤒

  • Jth1219
    Jth1219 2 hours ago

    Is there a rule against throwing the ball in college? Lmao

  • The Yamburglar
    The Yamburglar 2 hours ago

    12:20 Kingsbury is like a little kid lmao

  • Martial Apologist
    Martial Apologist 2 hours ago

    Probably should have played Flutie. But thanks for not.

  • Isaac ABELL
    Isaac ABELL 2 hours ago

    This man is so wrong about the broncos this man is so stupid

  • Dameon Perrier
    Dameon Perrier 2 hours ago

    Who Dat they will bite their words is it will be different this time Payback is a b**** who dat

  • Linda Easley
    Linda Easley 2 hours ago

    I remember watching this game with my brother . At the time I was a Raiders fan and he was and still is a Cowboys fan . This was one of the most thrilling , edge of your seat NFL games of all time 👍

  • Matt Peña
    Matt Peña 2 hours ago

    I didn't know Jesse Ventura did these breakdowns.

  • Wayn Cross
    Wayn Cross 2 hours ago


  • samherb1
    samherb1 2 hours ago

    Elliot's grandma is white? Who knew?

  • nicolas Rotundo
    nicolas Rotundo 2 hours ago

    Patriots: am I a joke to you

  • Derek Mathews
    Derek Mathews 2 hours ago

    Cynthia doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Every game in the 20s! Like seriously?!! The Chiefs/Raiders game is the only game not in the 20s.

  • Hawkeye Mihawk
    Hawkeye Mihawk 2 hours ago

    “Dad Whose Michael Jackson” Son....... Let me tell a story about the king of pop

  • Juan Masday
    Juan Masday 2 hours ago

    Thats the real entertainer not all about money!

  • Kevin James
    Kevin James 2 hours ago

    2-0 Go Ravens

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson 2 hours ago

    Wow she’s annoying

  • Kyle Roldan
    Kyle Roldan 2 hours ago

    Gizz. I'm so inlove with her. 😍

  • dre
    dre 2 hours ago

    Follows the blocks on a emmit like level. With a little Clinton

  • exile overdrive
    exile overdrive 2 hours ago

    Why did Lamar thorw the ball?

  • Hawkeye Hair10
    Hawkeye Hair10 2 hours ago

    Why did this come in my recommended

  • Colton Kinnaman
    Colton Kinnaman 2 hours ago

    Cowboys will beat the dumbskins

  • Klapify
    Klapify 3 hours ago

    Why is this in my recommended in 2019 😂😂

  • Calvino Dablackalpacino

    That kicker go put gano outta bidnez and if not fck the Panthers

  • Lock Shock and Barrel

    Redskins- points Cowboys- points

  • Nate Ray
    Nate Ray 3 hours ago

    Okay so the titans regardless of penalties, nobody wins by such a marginal win of 30 points. We killed the browns

  • boldfacedPit 949
    boldfacedPit 949 3 hours ago

    Underthrew that ball at 6:07 if he put a bit more ball speed/ arm strength into it it would’ve been a td most likely

  • Drail
    Drail 3 hours ago

    Cowboys 28 Redskins 20

  • ASAP Pedal
    ASAP Pedal 3 hours ago

    Disagree not a must win for The Steelers

  • kyle malloy
    kyle malloy 3 hours ago

    Look, I’m not really a football analyst, this isn’t my job. But no one picked the damn patriots? Did they forget they got AB? What is wrong with these people.

  • Christopher Borders
    Christopher Borders 3 hours ago

    Let's go cowboys 💪💯💪💯

  • Omar Thomas
    Omar Thomas 3 hours ago

    Y’all need to stop hating on my girl Cynthia baby girl knows what she’s talking about

  • 100,000 subs with no vids ?

    Bill bellacheck gets hit the most

  • Team Jay
    Team Jay 3 hours ago

    Saquan finally has a line

  • John Adams
    John Adams 3 hours ago

    Gronkowski looked like he fell on purpose so the dolphins would win

  • matty6ross
    matty6ross 3 hours ago

    Man this makes me feel like a kid again with this on in the living room miss those days

  • matty6ross
    matty6ross 3 hours ago

    Man this makes me feel like a kid again with this on in the living room miss those days

  • Takuma Fujikawa
    Takuma Fujikawa 3 hours ago

    In the past 3 years, the Seahawks lost so many good players... Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Doug Baldwin, and Jimmy Graham...

  • Grant Anderson
    Grant Anderson 3 hours ago

    Cynthia should just stay in the kitchen

  • Just About
    Just About 3 hours ago

    So we really about to just skip the Texans game.... that’s the only reason I clicked on this video:(

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 3 hours ago

    Guys..... stop.... it's vs the dolphins lmfao

  • Stephen Osborne
    Stephen Osborne 3 hours ago


  • deshawn davison
    deshawn davison 3 hours ago

    16-27 Vikings

  • Gary Hooks
    Gary Hooks 3 hours ago

    I really really wish they would not include the stupidly loud music over the top. It's so difficult to hear and focus on what is being said, it's also unnecessary.

  • Marty Naranjo
    Marty Naranjo 3 hours ago

    Arizona 17 Baltimore 10

  • Evan S
    Evan S 3 hours ago

    Henry injured again time to bring back Antonio Gates

  • Lennon Roberts
    Lennon Roberts 3 hours ago

    I’m a panthers fan, but live in Idaho, I respect all teams tho #muchrespect

  • Fred Creach
    Fred Creach 3 hours ago

    Let's go KC!!!