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Buddhist Song 大日如来Buddhist Song 大日如来
Buddhist Song 大日如来
10 лет назад
10 лет назад
10 лет назад
a true story...a true story...
a true story...
10 лет назад
The Great Compassion 大悲咒The Great Compassion 大悲咒
The Great Compassion 大悲咒
10 лет назад
Shirazongpo-Om Mani Padme HumShirazongpo-Om Mani Padme Hum
Shirazongpo-Om Mani Padme Hum
10 лет назад
face of Tibetface of Tibet
face of Tibet
10 лет назад
Myanmar-Chant of MettaMyanmar-Chant of Metta
Myanmar-Chant of Metta
10 лет назад
Compassion in ActionCompassion in Action
Compassion in Action
10 лет назад
Buddhist song 谢谢您Buddhist song 谢谢您
Buddhist song 谢谢您
10 лет назад
Buddhist Song 慈悲诵Buddhist Song 慈悲诵
Buddhist Song 慈悲诵
10 лет назад
Buddhist Song-Buddha's LoveBuddhist Song-Buddha's Love
Buddhist Song-Buddha's Love
10 лет назад
Buddhist song 极乐歌Buddhist song 极乐歌
Buddhist song 极乐歌
10 лет назад
The Heart Sutra Song 心经The Heart Sutra Song 心经
The Heart Sutra Song 心经
10 лет назад
Dhammacakkapavattana SuttaDhammacakkapavattana Sutta
Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta
10 лет назад
Buddhist Chanting 准提心咒Buddhist Chanting 准提心咒
Buddhist Chanting 准提心咒
10 лет назад
10 лет назад
10 лет назад
ZhongBa Rinpoche 莲师心咒ZhongBa Rinpoche 莲师心咒
ZhongBa Rinpoche 莲师心咒
10 лет назад
Prayer for all AuspiciousnessPrayer for all Auspiciousness
Prayer for all Auspiciousness
10 лет назад
Tiratana 三皈依Tiratana 三皈依
Tiratana 三皈依
10 лет назад

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  • Susan McNeely
    Susan McNeely 2 года назад

    Dear One,I am so blessed to have found your You Tube video: Medicine Buddha Mantra 药师琉璃光如来心咒 I would be honored if I were able to download Yao Shi Fo's mantra. I am learning this mantra and would like to teach others so that we may honor Yao Shi Fo. My email is:susanmcneelyDHH@gmail.comHao, Hao, HaoThank you, Thank you, Thank you

  • Mami is Cooking
    Mami is Cooking 6 лет назад

    Dear limchinchuan, I come to you to ask for permission to use your mantras music as a back ground of my videos (Mamiscooking). I know you mentioned "free dowanload MP3, Audio and Video," but I really want to have your contentment and accord. I also want to thank you for such a wonderful and peaceful mantras you are downloading and sharing with people. My respect, Mami

  • christine leisi
    christine leisi 6 лет назад


  • Tushar Kamble
    Tushar Kamble 7 лет назад

    i would like to hare you song. please send me ZIP file for all buddhist songs and mussic on my below mwntioned address tuka.kamb@gmail.com

  • Tushar Kamble
    Tushar Kamble 7 лет назад

    dear Sir, please provice me ZIP file for bddhist songs and vide at my email id..... tuka.kamb@gmail.com India

  • lakshmi narayanan
    lakshmi narayanan 7 лет назад

    Sir, i have listen to the "Maha jaya mangala sutta" its really pleasure to here the song.It would be great if you could provide the link to the complete post of the song and details of the song.Mail me to Lakshmi90@gmail.com

  • Janaka E
    Janaka E 7 лет назад

    Hi, I just came across this wonderful Maha Jayamangala Gatha music piece you had uploaded. I just wish to find out from where I can find the full version of this. Thank you and with meththa. Janaka (jaaan73@gmail.com)

  • glaubdir
    glaubdir 7 лет назад

    sunny greetings glaubdir ;-)

  • Kenneth F. Thornton II
    Kenneth F. Thornton II 7 лет назад

    May all Beings know Happiness

  • Bertakita
    Bertakita 7 лет назад

    Om Mani PadMe Hum on your channel is beautiful. Do you know the name of the artist, or how I could buy the CD?

  • dingoesatemycamera
    dingoesatemycamera 7 лет назад

    I love this channel. Thank you for posting!

  • Abel W
    Abel W 8 лет назад

    I wish I knew of a sangha where I live. I would go visit them. Peace.........

  • Mike2020able
    Mike2020able 8 лет назад

    HELLO . Watch : Why the Millitary knows Israel did 911......ON : RUclip .

  • Lise Morin
    Lise Morin 8 лет назад

    Merci pour ce site et la mission sociale que vous vous êtes donnée... Merci pour ce que vous êtes... Nous sommes "UN" dans La Source pour faire sourire la terre... Que la Paix, L'Amour et la Lumière nous inondent à chaque instant

  • the docter
    the docter 8 лет назад

    this chanting really makes u think. and makes me forget all the wrong in the world

  • puertolimoncostarica
    puertolimoncostarica 8 лет назад

    dear mr.limchinchuan.i neede hel us please send a email.to:ponchicholin2000@yahoo.es.i live in costa rica port limon. i see your web,in special the people,sik.sorry my inglish.tanks,manuel ellis solano

  • puertolimoncostarica
    puertolimoncostarica 8 лет назад

    from costa rica,¡en que puedo ayudar amigo,?my name is manuel a ellis s.i live in port limon. costa rica central america,i neede hel you and the people your contry sorry my ienglihs,,tanks,my email:ponchicholin2000@yahoo.es.please send a email .a neede hel your people,gracias amigo

  • T Cube
    T Cube 8 лет назад

    thank you very much for sharing the videos. After i listened it, i feel peaceful.

  • Philippe LeBeau
    Philippe LeBeau 8 лет назад

    Excellent channel! May Light, Love and Peace always guide your heart, thank you!

  • Joe Patrick
    Joe Patrick 8 лет назад

    HI! could you tell me, friend where i could find these song on mp3 version? thanks

  • foyin 佛因
    foyin 佛因 8 лет назад


    SHASHIL KAMBLE 9 лет назад

    hi micheal i'm from india ..i love your song collection ....... thank you ........

  • kymingyw
    kymingyw 9 лет назад

    thx for sharing... btw, do u have the lyrics for "Maha Jaya Mangala Gatha 吉祥偈". What a lovely chanting. tq

  • test
    test 10 лет назад

    Dear Michael, Thanks very much for your contribution to society. I have really enjoyed listening to the Jaya Mangala Gatha. Do you happen to have the full length of the Gatha? Thank You