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  • R D
    R D Year ago

    This guy became a nitty.... sad

  • Craig massey
    Craig massey 2 years ago

    hey Benjamin - there is a perfect person i know who could promote you on social media - email me masseylondon@hotmail.com Craig City Island

  • Behlul Wbu
    Behlul Wbu 4 years ago

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Why are you on my road pls

  • tamisha cherubin
    tamisha cherubin 5 years ago

    ur gud fam naa sheeeez

  • tamisha cherubin
    tamisha cherubin 5 years ago

    i.. i.. lov...u

  • tamisha cherubin
    tamisha cherubin 5 years ago

    i did some treble things to you and i never nw how you feel i love and i dont now wat im going to do with out you

  • nlgboy jones
    nlgboy jones 5 years ago

    get it in fam!

  • Jude Gordons
    Jude Gordons 5 years ago

    he is very good looking and talented He would make it in Gods mighty name

  • Jude Gordons
    Jude Gordons 5 years ago

    This is Talented man, Real emotional song keep it up

  • shanniqua carter
    shanniqua carter 6 years ago

    About ugly... Darren is actually good-looking look at his fb photo's

  • Malik Prince
    Malik Prince 6 years ago

    My 6'6" nigga can rap now :) just need to stop spitting about road shit

  • Anna B
    Anna B 6 years ago

    I worked with D on a project a couple years back. Glad to see he's still goin in! I've been blessed to work with a lot of people in the industry who have made it & I can honestly say that he truly has a quality that is rare. Don't listen to the hate. Keep doing you D. You're writing really impressed me back then & you we're just 14. Work hard & stay focussed. Your talent is true. But drop the smoking out. You need them lungs to spit bruv! True story! Bigup 360Media for supporting young talent

  • Amir Hussain
    Amir Hussain 6 years ago

    Darren the ugly shit

  • KesorTheChiken
    KesorTheChiken 6 years ago

    nice ......Keep them bars coming

  • jolly ayemobola
    jolly ayemobola 6 years ago

    LOOOL Darren I Think Yu Need Some Vaseline!

  • Treasure
    Treasure 6 years ago

    Whats the instrumental?

  • deedee sobeh
    deedee sobeh 6 years ago

    ma nigga right there

  • Agbor Sobeh
    Agbor Sobeh 6 years ago

    my sister knows him

  • TrizzyBeatz
    TrizzyBeatz 6 years ago

    First proper video on the channel tbh...

  • MlleGriff
    MlleGriff 6 years ago

    And learn to spell! Please, dictionaries are not expensive!! someone needs to sponsor your unintelligent self!

  • MlleGriff
    MlleGriff 6 years ago

    Well I'm talking to you. And If you're got a problem with that then stop commenting.

  • PakOfficial
    PakOfficial 6 years ago

    Sponsor this child today, just a pound a week can give this child the garms and bars he needs.

  • shakira ROBINSON
    shakira ROBINSON 6 years ago

    No one was talking to u doe so lowe your dead paragraph

  • MlleGriff
    MlleGriff 6 years ago

    You need to get a life, your pathetic. Someone is actually trying to do something positive with their life through music, an aspect they believe is for them, and all you can do is provide negativity. If you have nothing relevant or intelligent to say other than 'clapped goat' and 'dogged mate' than you need to re-evaluate your life and maybe try and get yourself one along the way. Your insignificant and irrelevant so go get your life and quit disembarking others!

  • shakira ROBINSON
    shakira ROBINSON 6 years ago

    Your just some clapped goat. I don't understand why you beg to be bait all the time :s your dogged mate. & your videos shit

  • TrizzyBeatz
    TrizzyBeatz 6 years ago

    Lool he is the editor hes shit i know him personally

  • Riddler Post
    Riddler Post 6 years ago

    i think the track on my channels better

  • ufman123
    ufman123 6 years ago

    its unsynced the editor is shit

  • IGz Google
    IGz Google 6 years ago

    bang bang ma nigga O respect from north weeze

  • Into Money
    Into Money 6 years ago

    smiley always goes in u no dis & WATCH HIS NEW VIDEO WATCH @SmileyLocal

  • Giuseppe Marziano
    Giuseppe Marziano 6 years ago

    Araab Muzik - By Your Side (Instrumental)