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  • Muhammad Hanif
    Muhammad Hanif Minute ago

    I can make the best coffee ever by buying coffee and milk from Asda

  • active life Blog
    active life Blog 6 minutes ago

    I need this in my life lol 😆 i got kicked out my apartment for burning my landlord carpet

  • Mark Coull
    Mark Coull 9 minutes ago

    ha Peter is so salty at the end.

  • active life Blog
    active life Blog 21 minute ago

    Sarah has self steem issues lol 😂

  • siyare Topman
    siyare Topman 21 minute ago

    Jenny invested finally!!! Yesssss

  • essenceofman
    essenceofman 28 minutes ago

    That "30%" comment by Peter was both unnecessary and just a little bit cunty. And he's a liar.

  • Jenny Gavin-Wear
    Jenny Gavin-Wear 29 minutes ago

    If you take a product designed for nails and put it on your skin it irritates. How bloody obvious! Meaden you're so thick sometimes.

    MARK HAWTHORNE 39 minutes ago

    Wow, this guy has just invented, how to look a dick head in less than 5 minutes. Well done 👍

  • That Guy
    That Guy 46 minutes ago

    I wondered why Tej came in at an awkward 17% but then when he dropped it without resistance to 15% it felt like he did it to give the inventor an easy open door to negotiate them down and give her ego a boost to boot. Top man if that was his plan.

  • Yolo 2.0
    Yolo 2.0 59 minutes ago

    5:08 "I do... and for that reason I'm out"

  • Mike Janson
    Mike Janson Hour ago

    I reckon Jenny would have invested in him.

  • Jenny Gavin-Wear

    The Dragons are a disgrace. There is no way you can behave like this in business. Far too aggressive they would be a nightmare to work with.

  • lamah morgan
    lamah morgan Hour ago

    why would you not know your numbers! write them down on your hand if you really have to but for heaven sake know your numbers!

  • komik olma
    komik olma Hour ago

    Jenny, You made me cry!! Thats why ım out

  • Mark Begbie
    Mark Begbie Hour ago

    Peter..... Good luck you got cusions you got a soft landing. Good pitch Peter lol

  • Dan Done
    Dan Done 2 hours ago

    “That’s a lovely red dress you’ve got on, and I’m saying that because I’m seeing red flags all over this business” ...what?

  • Bruno Danese
    Bruno Danese 2 hours ago

    Jenny: my poop is out so I'm out

  • lolhahah21
    lolhahah21 2 hours ago

    The thumbnail makes the woman look like Jackie from Roseanne.

  • Craig Burris
    Craig Burris 2 hours ago

    What a pleasant nice lady

  • lewis clout
    lewis clout 2 hours ago

    So that's how you get jenny to make an offer. Just cry.

  • Daniel Bowles
    Daniel Bowles 2 hours ago

    Ah that's brilliant we'll done guys

  • George Larmon
    George Larmon 2 hours ago

    Jenny "You made me cry, I'm out"

  • o o
    o o 2 hours ago

    Hi im Jenny.normally im out but today im on a break from me so im in.yayyyyyy😂😂😂

  • Darren John Calvert
    Darren John Calvert 2 hours ago

    Fed up of high and mighty kelly, how rude of her, money oriented

  • Josh ando
    Josh ando 3 hours ago

    Deborah is such a boss

  • conor j shammy
    conor j shammy 3 hours ago

    Nothing wrong with saying your better than me , Messi is better than me at soccer, that's a fact. But no one is better than another as a person, only God decides that . Jenny is a better business person than I could ever be but I'm a better tennis player than her, fact. So I've no problem saying someone is better than another at a particular thing

  • Karim Shah
    Karim Shah 3 hours ago

    Peter you so greedy mate.

  • Bobby Shek
    Bobby Shek 3 hours ago

    Wait, Jenny did WHAT?

  • 7LiquidSnake
    7LiquidSnake 4 hours ago

    Just looking at the title...Jenny has emotions? She's usually OUT of emotions.

  • gmy33
    gmy33 4 hours ago

    Business is business.. and people need to help people .. somwtimes these things intertwine

  • Lawrence Helliadis
    Lawrence Helliadis 4 hours ago

    Jenny: yes I’ll do 15% and for that reason I’m out!

  • random vids
    random vids 4 hours ago

    Isn't this market so crowded. It's such a big thing because of how simple the products are. It's gonna be very difficult to go global and heavily scale up the brand, and that's what this business needs

  • king of the swing.
    king of the swing. 4 hours ago

    If the company was making a million profit every week Jenny still wouldn't think it was worth investing in....😏

  • Gus Tamer
    Gus Tamer 4 hours ago

    There is no fantasy in what we do.

  • liddy paul
    liddy paul 4 hours ago

    Well at least he’s pitching to the right audience,,,,,,,,,,Cocks!

  • John Miller
    John Miller 4 hours ago

    Peter's comment at the end is truly pathetic. What the f*ck..

  • Peter Hall
    Peter Hall 5 hours ago

    Jenny has a heart after all

  • Deanna Korotkova
    Deanna Korotkova 5 hours ago

    So the one time Jenny invests she invests in emoji cushions? And for that reason i’m out.

  • Even.Ways Music
    Even.Ways Music 5 hours ago

    What a load of crap. I don't know about anyone else but I literally just pull some toilet paper off and put it on the seat. Boom, job done. No one needs this rubbish.

  • Ethan K
    Ethan K 6 hours ago

    I’m a northern girl

  • Maximus I
    Maximus I 6 hours ago

    13:14 lol Tej Lalvani was so happy to win Peter

  • Anuzo Kezo
    Anuzo Kezo 6 hours ago

    Peter Jones really dint want the deal 😂

  • Mak H
    Mak H 7 hours ago

    Jenny is quite logical. I would be offended too if the offer is ignored.

  • Spxx Fones
    Spxx Fones 7 hours ago

    Thats a woman of steele

  • Spxx Fones
    Spxx Fones 8 hours ago

    @2:28 Jenny im.better at everyone in saying im out no doubt about thati

  • Chris Thomson
    Chris Thomson 8 hours ago

    can't see going far as did so well at first cos big thing but these are fads nowadays everyone's sick of emoji products

  • Eric Corvinelli
    Eric Corvinelli 8 hours ago

    How did you not take tej at 15% holy do your homework onnyour dragons after all the hard work on your product. Good job though with product

  • M636
    M636 9 hours ago

    Jenny 👺

  • steel city domains
    steel city domains 9 hours ago

    i actually feel sorry for the lady with the blonde hair as honestly she had her head screwed on ... was a lot more approachable and yet wasnt allowed to say anything for that other gobshite... where are they now i wonder ? .. i will go find out as they are only a few miles next city down the M1..hope miss attitude is on her ass and the other lady made it big time 😊 Remember this when it was 1st aired years ago....glad it popped up too ... why not as many in the construction industry... erm.. cos they dont want to do it maybe? 😕😂

  • Callin Ace
    Callin Ace 9 hours ago

    I need to lay off the meds and booze I just hallucinated that Jenny invested

  • Mass Debater
    Mass Debater 9 hours ago

    Feck off ya edgit

  • The Silent Hero
    The Silent Hero 9 hours ago

    She looks like a cross of Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren

  • Robert Beveridge
    Robert Beveridge 9 hours ago

    When all the offers start coming in, it's like something out of a film

  • pav singh
    pav singh 9 hours ago


  • Jon Snow King Of The Comments

    now in liquidation

  • Ted Green
    Ted Green 10 hours ago

    Dragon’s Den is more civil than Shark Tank, they don’t rush the entrapenure to make a choice, and even allow them, to go to the wall, before excepting a final offer.

  • Paul and Ancila
    Paul and Ancila 10 hours ago

    My eyes deceiving me??? Jenny invested? Did you get the cash yet?

  • RogerRoo !
    RogerRoo ! 10 hours ago

    Her judgement is clouded by greed.

  • Phuck Geues
    Phuck Geues 10 hours ago

    Duncan is an anti semite 😡 does he not know they are JEWS??? How rude

  • Cat Man
    Cat Man 10 hours ago

    Either she was greedy or she just wanted free advertising.

  • Ethan Wright
    Ethan Wright 10 hours ago

    12:37 “They feared my dominance, I’m an evolved dragon 🐉.”

  • Fakhar
    Fakhar 11 hours ago

    WTF was that?! someone farted 5:01

  • Suck your Mum
    Suck your Mum 11 hours ago

    Truth of the story the invention never worked 😂

  • Digby Utton
    Digby Utton 11 hours ago

    Rude, patronising, arrogant, condescending, non commital... These are some of the nicer words I'd use to describe Jenny. Touker on the other hand looks like something from an original star wars film that didn't make the cut. Who puts their initials on their shirt cuffs? what a c**t.

  • David Connelly
    David Connelly 11 hours ago

    One of the best pitches ever. She was great.

  • Proman476
    Proman476 11 hours ago

    What's going on, There must be a glitch in the matrix

  • llever
    llever 11 hours ago

    2:24 a superhuman amount of blinks

  • char little
    char little 11 hours ago

    the only business she invests in and they have a neon plush poo emoji cushion ffs

  • David Connelly
    David Connelly 11 hours ago

    Jenny: "Tap water is expensive. I'm out."

  • Moinul Islam
    Moinul Islam 11 hours ago

    Peter Jones is way too arrogant with his offers.

  • Horizon Film
    Horizon Film 11 hours ago

    they schooled her on dont say better than me , then he goes im best dragon because .. er im better? lmao

  • Booby Manfanny
    Booby Manfanny 11 hours ago

    Hey, she’s now working in Greggs, Yeovil. Saw her last week, nice baps

  • 4 D w i n . c o m
    4 D w i n . c o m 11 hours ago

    "never say someone else is better than you" "i'm the best dragon" "I'm out" who's jenny from those quotes?

  • Kevin Munday
    Kevin Munday 11 hours ago

    i dont mean to be mean , but i found those two bloody irritating...do they expect these top of the pile business brains to keep going lower ?? its crazy .....!!

  • David Farmer
    David Farmer 12 hours ago

    Seen this before.

  • SR1Records
    SR1Records 12 hours ago

    Am i the only person to find it strange that being white automatically grants several benefits, yet white people purposely darken their skin to appear more attractive?.. Weird.

  • Speciman
    Speciman 12 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure this same episode has already been uploaded.

  • Vitalstatistix Stats
    Vitalstatistix Stats 12 hours ago

    *Jenny farted so she silently decide to invest just so she can avoid the attention*

  • pepmiman
    pepmiman 12 hours ago

    @ 3:41, Lol at that facial expression. The dragons looked really young back then! (2005) It's a good thing they did not invest in this SJW company. Get woke, Go Broke.

  • Ryan Bonner
    Ryan Bonner 12 hours ago

    he could've brought a barista with him, he sounds well-connected! lol

  • Asma Kebati
    Asma Kebati 12 hours ago

    What a shame.

  • Image Collections
    Image Collections 12 hours ago

    She needs new glasses.

  • Graham Barker
    Graham Barker 12 hours ago

    peter jones unnecessary comment at the end....made himself a bit of a wally....

  • L3ON
    L3ON 12 hours ago

    RIP. Her business sent into liquidation.

  • TechFanify
    TechFanify 12 hours ago

    Why does jenny look like she stoned?

  • Truth HasATongue
    Truth HasATongue 12 hours ago

    Deborah seemed more happy than Jenny

  • Edith Munoz
    Edith Munoz 13 hours ago

    Da fuq is wrong w this guy

  • Gelbs
    Gelbs 13 hours ago

    Bet Touker still has skidmarks! Bet he has a well massive sack as well! #Touker'sSack #Bulge

  • Ben Silva
    Ben Silva 13 hours ago

    Jenny was feeling sick that day. Nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Markus Bates
    Markus Bates 13 hours ago

    I hope this business has massive success. This lady has been to hell and back losing her child and deserves every success for her tenacity and courage and the product looks extremely well made too.

  • Renegade
    Renegade 13 hours ago

    Entrepreneur: "Yeah, so basically I've got these yellow, fluffy, puffy, cuddly, smiley pillow things that I'm trying to sell..." Jenny: "I'm in."

  • John Edwards
    John Edwards 13 hours ago

    I really loved Peters "glowing assessment of that corrupt EU`s loan!!"

  • Buzz Lightyear
    Buzz Lightyear 13 hours ago

    I bet since the emoji movies came out she made some decent money. That’s if she didn’t collapse before then

  • Shaun
    Shaun 13 hours ago

    Fun fact this guy was offered 90 million for his business but rejected it. He is now literally using his girlfriends car because he had to sell his house and own for money lok

  • Russeroo
    Russeroo 13 hours ago

    After the shoot Rory got all the money from all 5 dragons for 1% of his seaweed harvesting business....

  • Thomas Fortnum
    Thomas Fortnum 13 hours ago

    I’m Jenny Campbell and for that reason, I’m out Oh wait never mind

  • Pure Light
    Pure Light 13 hours ago

    "I think you're talking rubbish"🤣😂

  • Oli Cowley
    Oli Cowley 13 hours ago

    Deborah is so sweet. Aw bless

  • Adarex
    Adarex 14 hours ago

    Nice Debra.

  • Pure Light
    Pure Light 14 hours ago

    Jenny seems to be a quite lovable person. Good deal at the end with Tej L.