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Clash of Clans: The GoVaHo Strategy!Clash of Clans: The GoVaHo Strategy!
Clash of Clans: The GoVaHo Strategy!
5 месяцев назад
Clash of Clans: Come Back Builder!Clash of Clans: Come Back Builder!
Clash of Clans: Come Back Builder!
5 месяцев назад
Clash of Clans: Bye Bye Builder!Clash of Clans: Bye Bye Builder!
Clash of Clans: Bye Bye Builder!
6 месяцев назад
Clash of Clans: 5 Years of Destruction!Clash of Clans: 5 Years of Destruction!
Clash of Clans: 5 Years of Destruction!
6 месяцев назад
Clash of Clans: The GIBARCH Strategy!Clash of Clans: The GIBARCH Strategy!
Clash of Clans: The GIBARCH Strategy!
7 месяцев назад
Clash of Clans: The BoLaLoon Strategy!Clash of Clans: The BoLaLoon Strategy!
Clash of Clans: The BoLaLoon Strategy!
8 месяцев назад
Clash of Clans: Play with a GIANT SWORD!Clash of Clans: Play with a GIANT SWORD!
Clash of Clans: Play with a GIANT SWORD!
10 месяцев назад
Clash of Clans: The GoWiWi STRATEGY!Clash of Clans: The GoWiWi STRATEGY!
Clash of Clans: The GoWiWi STRATEGY!
11 месяцев назад

Комментарии • 80

  • Abdulowhab Aljanabi
    Abdulowhab Aljanabi 3 года назад

    how to daonlod clahs of clans on compouter

  • Eduardo Pacheco
    Eduardo Pacheco 3 года назад

    Please take out a longer version for windows mobile phone and I would like to thank you enough

  • Benjamin Evensen
    Benjamin Evensen 3 года назад

    make a mac version for clash of clans

  • EasyClashOClansplaya
    EasyClashOClansplaya 3 года назад

    this game is my favorite. its so famous, ps3 made a remix! who wouldn't want this game?

  • Matthew Hunerlach
    Matthew Hunerlach 3 года назад

    Giving this a Shot in the dark but beats global..which they could work on also...but Need active clan members loyal and fun to play with..clan name is Despicable.CREW thx and have a great day

  • William Graves
    William Graves 3 года назад

    hi supercell i made my clan wars video just search up 'clash of clans karoake contest' and youll see me with a black and white dog hope you like it and if you want any changes pls let me know but really all i want is a like from you guys because you guys are awesome

  • (MH)!!!!!
    (MH)!!!!! 3 года назад

    Watch my clip !! 0 views Clash Of Clans Clan Wars Karaoke Contest : (MH)!!!!! : DiSoBeY

  • Lisa Zimmer
    Lisa Zimmer 3 года назад

    Clash of clans should get a sand box mode like in the developers iPads

  • Trop Info
    Trop Info 3 года назад

    excuse me :will

  • Trop Info
    Trop Info 3 года назад

    you need to do for the next update: the Dieus. The god of the barbarian and the goddess of archere example? Or warriors barracks but if possible the gods of black barracks.I'm french

  • Kake0808
    Kake0808 3 года назад

    moii clash of clans is best

  • roro666 Roro666
    roro666 Roro666 3 года назад


  • Tomás Saint-Romain
    Tomás Saint-Romain 3 года назад

    por favor arreglen un fallo que hay en ios que desde la nueva actualizacion cuando entro en la aplicacion y voy a la parte de clan vs clan se me cierra el juego por favor arreglenlo pls.

  • Victor Yan
    Victor Yan 3 года назад

    Do videos of glitches

  • Ciaossu Jacker
    Ciaossu Jacker 3 года назад

    i want infinity gems

  • D4RK|M3T4L
    D4RK|M3T4L 3 года назад

    Please publish a mac version

  • Nicegamertag
    Nicegamertag 3 года назад

    Make a kindle fire HDX Verson Of Clash Of Clans

  • Nicegamertag
    Nicegamertag 3 года назад

    Make a kindle fire HDX version

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig 3 года назад

    B R A S I L 💚💛💙

  • alexis deloupy
    alexis deloupy 3 года назад

    comme avoir des geme simplement*

  • Vepzi Graphic Designer
    Vepzi Graphic Designer 3 года назад

    mul olis toive et tulis sellanen juttu kun on kaverin kanssa pelaamassa nii kaveri voi hyökätä sun mun baseen eikä saa tai menetä mitään:) se olis tosi kiva

  • Xer Rovers
    Xer Rovers 3 года назад

    Btw join my clan red fort wolvz 1300🏆+

  • Xer Rovers
    Xer Rovers 3 года назад

    Do a new league called legends and the logo is a blue skull with a crown with gold lighting coming out

  • Nikhil kumar
    Nikhil kumar 3 года назад

    wants a winowsphone port,,

  • RateMoi TesMort
    RateMoi TesMort 3 года назад

    A quand la version sur Windows Phone ? ;)

  • Noah Prokop
    Noah Prokop 3 года назад

    Clash should get new items for lower level clashers. For example, when theres a new update, there always lvl 6 troop, or a defense upgrade for Th10. They should make new items, or troops for lower level clashers. I think this would make the people very happy

  • Eddu Szeta
    Eddu Szeta 3 года назад

    SuperCell don't forget that also are a big community spanish-speaking who plays CoC, U should also invite a youtuber that represent us, like +TheAlvaro845 CoC... thanks

  • Simba Backstabber
    Simba Backstabber 3 года назад

    Guys we need a new town hall, nada new hero

  • Tezza Panaplays
    Tezza Panaplays 3 года назад

    when is the next update and make town hall 11 and a goblem king

  • Will Moore
    Will Moore 3 года назад

    Can u make an update on coc plz

  • Andres Quiñones
    Andres Quiñones 3 года назад

    I need to be told how to move forward in clash of clans I'm level 6 as a council avazo please help

  • Captain Huzan
    Captain Huzan 4 года назад

    i quited clash of clans forever

  • Simon Stijnen
    Simon Stijnen 4 года назад

    clash of clans the best game!

  • julio c. ri'tell
    julio c. ri'tell 4 года назад

    atencion,caution, help ,me acaban de robar el dinero que use para comprar 1200 gemas desde mi telefono como siempre lo hago.,ahora ya no existe seguridad.espero me den una solucion.

  • Brandon Maughan
    Brandon Maughan 4 года назад


  • Marc Halc
    Marc Halc 4 года назад

    Make different troops! For dark and regular barraks!

  • Mr. Clippy
    Mr. Clippy 4 года назад

    clash of clans give me some gems my name in clash of clans is KEVIN and my user name in google is jorge sandoval

  • MrGamingplan
    MrGamingplan 4 года назад

    Guys wheres the official Boom Beach Channel, u need to make one

  • WillH
    WillH 4 года назад

    Clan wars would be cool

  • Maright D
    Maright D 4 года назад

    do a free to play ps3 version :D

  • Guadush cruz
    Guadush cruz 4 года назад

    Muuy bueno...lo amo al clash oh clans...

  • 66crazyfrog
    66crazyfrog 4 года назад


  • 66crazyfrog
    66crazyfrog 4 года назад

    clash of clans you should make a film of the clash of clans game, and can we donate, gems, gold, and all that too?

  • 66crazyfrog
    66crazyfrog 4 года назад

    guys don't ask for gems, the wont give you any

  • Tony Cheng
    Tony Cheng 4 года назад

    You can already play Coc on PC with BlueStack.

  • gaming gorilla
    gaming gorilla 4 года назад

    make it so u can link to more than 2 devices

    • kyson121213
      kyson121213 3 года назад

      +CH1CK3Nwings i have my account linked to 4 my pc (through bluestacks) my ipod touch my iphone and my ipad.

    • Parastatikus
      Parastatikus 4 года назад

      Always possibel. But not with Android and Apple :/

  • Leon Chui
    Leon Chui 4 года назад

    Money or elixer donations would be nice

    • Jeremy Smith
      Jeremy Smith 3 года назад

      Leon do I remember you from Clash of clans topo rulers?

  • Eduardo Pacheco
    Eduardo Pacheco 4 года назад

    Take out the pc version

  • Clanleadermax
    Clanleadermax 4 года назад

    hey if you like clash of clans try my channel!

  • Gautier Tv
    Gautier Tv 4 года назад

    Vous pourrez mettre des dons d elexirs et d or et de gemmes s'il vous plait

  • Felipe Molinari Ortiz
    Felipe Molinari Ortiz 4 года назад

    U Guys Should Add Money And Elixir Donations To Clan Mates

    • Chadwick Guerrero
      Chadwick Guerrero 3 года назад

      Thats a good idea, lots of my clanmates want that kind of donation to happen.

    • The Salmon Boyz
      The Salmon Boyz 4 года назад

      It sounds good and handy sometimes but then you have the issue of paying the 'debt' off. That could be where it starts to get out of hand, where people either cant afford to pay you back or a new hopper strategy starts.

  • Im ShooTz
    Im ShooTz 4 года назад

    TUTTI GLI ITALIANI che giocano a clash QUI

  • Alexandrin4
    Alexandrin4 4 года назад

    how to get free and more gems?

  • Joseph Constantino Fagel
    Joseph Constantino Fagel 4 года назад

    When will we have a game update? Still Christmas is on How about a Valentine Update?

  • Jovi Sinurat
    Jovi Sinurat 4 года назад

    Can you give me some gemss, I'm all out. My CoC name is Caliph in Shadow Mystics Clan. My league is Sillver III

  • Eduardo Pacheco
    Eduardo Pacheco 4 года назад

    Take out the pc version

  • megamollsk
    megamollsk 4 года назад

    Why is there no version for Windows 8.1 RT, I miss it on my tablet :(

  • Osama Saber
    Osama Saber 4 года назад


  • The Hunter
    The Hunter 4 года назад

    best idea hidden walls that atackas carnt see until trigered when triigered they pop up and act like walls

  • Clash Crew
    Clash Crew 4 года назад

    is clash of clans going to be on tv like a show

  • Jack Morgan
    Jack Morgan 4 года назад

    Ya make another version of clash of clans

  • Nate Dee
    Nate Dee 4 года назад

    Can you please give me 100 green gems?!? My accont name is Mr.Awesome my clan is called laughingSHadows

  • Nelikko Oy
    Nelikko Oy 4 года назад

    clash of clans on paras peli !!!!!!

  • Philip Xu
    Philip Xu 4 года назад

    Can I Have Some Gems Please, Name Is: Asterponty In The League: Gold 2 In The Clan #kek Please Clash Of Clans THANK YOU I LOVE YOU GUYS :) :D

    ALEEEXDD 4 года назад


  • RO Ongpauco
    RO Ongpauco 4 года назад

    Meake a TV sereies

  • Boi if you dont
    Boi if you dont 4 года назад

    why do wall breakers commit suicide could you fix that plz'

    • Chadwick Guerrero
      Chadwick Guerrero 3 года назад

      The wall breakers should only drop bombs and then get out of the blast zone, then they can keep going and blasting walls till they get killed

    • Baws4Gamez
      Baws4Gamez 4 года назад

      mabey because they hold a giant bom?

  • lenon h
    lenon h 4 года назад

    The isi gemme

  • Emre Arkan
    Emre Arkan 4 года назад

    Clash of Clans Masters Lague II 6K DE & 850K LOOT + %100 with Hog Riders

  • Tomyenrix
    Tomyenrix 4 года назад


  • Teerch
    Teerch 4 года назад


  •  4 года назад


  • KryptoRunde
    KryptoRunde 4 года назад

    Hey guys, i make champion attacks and so on. I have a maxed base and about everything in coc videos;) check my channel out! Enjoy it

  • John McCormack
    John McCormack 4 года назад

    Make a video for the new update and witch

  • KeenanGames
    KeenanGames 4 года назад

    This is the official one, I know this

  • david davinci
    david davinci 4 года назад

    hi wordl

  • Frozen Leaf
    Frozen Leaf 5 лет назад


  • Gods0n1
    Gods0n1 5 лет назад

    Check my channel to see Awsome clash vids 😜

  • RichardForLife
    RichardForLife 5 лет назад

    how do you have 46 subscribers if you don't have any videos?

  • Gods0n1
    Gods0n1 5 лет назад

    thanks for posing my video as your first favorite... my channel will have lots of awesome content for you guys.