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The Glibness Spell D&D 5E
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  • HalfTimeShow
    HalfTimeShow Hour ago

    1:03 You think I wouldn't notice those Afrikaans curse words :^)

  • Batu's Bizarre Adventure

    Fission Mailed!

  • Alexander
    Alexander 2 hours ago

    Hey Zee, do you have another episode of the Cold Road planned? It is honestly the best dnd story I've seen on this platform, kudos!

  • mat matt
    mat matt 2 hours ago

    I just finished watching all of these and this is my favorite! It’s just so charming. Keep up the amazing work man!

  • Drew Guerrero
    Drew Guerrero 2 hours ago

    Do you stream?

  • legionbunny
    legionbunny 3 hours ago

    When we broke out of prison by getting the rogue a kitchen job and sneaking psychedellic mushrooms into the food and creating a drug fueled riot.

  • Let'sRolePlayer
    Let'sRolePlayer 4 hours ago

    ... It should be noted. RAW(Rules As Written) says those knights would take 0 damage. *ahem* "All creatures, in DIRECT contact, with the object take 2d8 fire damage. The description for plate armor reads: "Plate consists of shaped, interlocking metal plates to cover the entire body. A suit of plate includes gauntlets, heavy leather boots, a visored helmet, and thick layers of padding underneath the armor. Buckles and straps distribute the weight over the body." " Is the padding metal? No, so RAW says that they would take no damage as they are not in DIRECT contact. Now the ROP (Rules of Physics) says they would take damage, and the RAI(Rules as intended) clearly intend for the spell to be used in this heinous manner. But it is worth noting this because... well... I like nitpicking and talking about how DnD 5e pays no attention to the way armor and weapons work.

  • tristanovic2 -
    tristanovic2 - 4 hours ago

    could you do a video about poison

  • RPGWarMonger
    RPGWarMonger 5 hours ago

    Is....is he ok? Do we need a cleric?

  • Suckon Fatman
    Suckon Fatman 7 hours ago

    'Sup /tg/

  • mike dickinson
    mike dickinson 7 hours ago

    3 years go by and all I got is this -100k debt and a gollum.. err golem yes thats right.. *precious* :)

  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson 7 hours ago

    I play my games exactly like you describe! Harder challenge ratings are just better, especially when you make engineers am open ended problem.

  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick 8 hours ago

    Do gingers have souls in dungeons and dragons? Of course they do, it’s high fantasy, not the real world!

  • Diana Fremstad
    Diana Fremstad 8 hours ago

    Completely ignoring its application as a really easily accessible "Trolls stay the fuck down dammit" spell that doesn't eat into your higher level spell slots.

  • xcfencer99
    xcfencer99 8 hours ago

    use this spell in your Haunted One backstory. your earliest memory is an evil druid using this on your father (one of the town guards) while you watch from the barrel he hid you in during an attack on GenericFestival day. helps to add some nice hints when your character is unnecessarily moody around Generic Festival and physically recoils from all metal armor offered to them.

  • Sebastian Morris
    Sebastian Morris 8 hours ago


  • Patrick Riley
    Patrick Riley 9 hours ago

    Aww. I had hoped it would be a case of ''throw the halfling''

  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick 9 hours ago

    he's right, I hated TTRP until I found the right group, this was ages ago, but the right group made all the difference.

  • maarken wood
    maarken wood 9 hours ago

    Ok but I love this style of video . This was comical and i enjoy the in character moments

  • WillhamBerry
    WillhamBerry 9 hours ago

    It reminds me of Regis's ruby pendent from the Drizzt books

  • boats
    boats 9 hours ago

    "(Animated spellbook) Create Golem" i thought this was going to be about making a golem out of a spellbook

  • railbaron1
    railbaron1 9 hours ago

    Imagine if you will, your party is on horseback or in a Stagecoach, your being chased by other people on horseback. The party bard pulls out a banjo, begins Playing "Foggy Mountain Breakdown", and cast haste upon the horses

  • mikerainbow11
    mikerainbow11 9 hours ago

    To be fair, gold is almost completly useless in DND 5th edition. Since you are not allowed to buy magic items, having literal tons of gold does you no good, since you are not allowed to spend it.

  • Just Saiyan
    Just Saiyan 9 hours ago

    I don’t think “green skins” is PC buddy

  • Your Mom hahaha
    Your Mom hahaha 10 hours ago

    I’m sorry, do you think I want to NOT want to pull out the percentile dice?

  • Firesquirrel 69
    Firesquirrel 69 10 hours ago

    I love your animation

  • Treetop Samuelson
    Treetop Samuelson 11 hours ago

    edlritch is force dmg, bypassing nearly all resistance a crossbow has reloadding, which takes a feat to overcome, and stops you from firing more than once eldritch is also 4 seperate attacks, not one attack for 4d10, which means at least SOME of the dmg is likely to make it through

  • Dipper Gleeful
    Dipper Gleeful 12 hours ago

    What does Acid do? It stings a little, that is all. But shouldn't it like melt metal and liquefy wood? What do you think this is, Logic-Town?

    • cry w
      cry w 9 hours ago

      @Dipper Gleeful To be fair, it is also a cantrip, which are by far the weakest of spells.

    • Dipper Gleeful
      Dipper Gleeful 9 hours ago

      @cry w Let's not forget this is magic, conjured from thin-air acid. You'd think it would be fancier than just strong lemon juice.

    • cry w
      cry w 9 hours ago

      To be fair, not all acidic compounds would be able to do that. It is, however, odd that such a compound that can do damage wouldn't have enough strength to cause environmental damage.

  • Chained Spirit
    Chained Spirit 12 hours ago

    Pfft, why get a donkey when you could get an elephant?

  • 007bistromath
    007bistromath 13 hours ago

    I feel like a good DM would ignore literally all these limitations because you have to get into lawyer mode to realize they're even there.

  • Alden Jones
    Alden Jones 13 hours ago

    i play an elf wizard and as such I am always on guard duty for long rest. I always have a mage hand summoned so that when i notice something and need to wake up the group I can start slapping people awake as I also slap people awake...

  • Reverend Green
    Reverend Green 14 hours ago

    You know what's the best part? The familiar can _touch_ itself to give himself dragon breath. *Nice.*

  • Riley Goddard
    Riley Goddard 14 hours ago

    Wait, this could be used to make infinite furniture because it never says the materials are used up.

  • GoldenBrew3
    GoldenBrew3 14 hours ago

    Zee Bashew you just keep on giving us the best and now even more. Tale Spire Dear God I love the sound of this.... Potentially. My DnD group broke up and so I have been piecing together an adventure. I started writing it before we stopped. Tale Spire would/could be fantastic depending on the how it can be used by others. Say I make all the maps on Tale Spire. Then I sell some adventure books and _____ so that they can have the Tale Spire maps. I will have to look up Tale Spire to get more info.

  • usernamedkjah
    usernamedkjah 15 hours ago

    I gave my 4th level players a Manual of [clay] Golems when they were trapped in the Shadowfell and so far it's worked out fine haha... Granted none of them can read it just yet so making a golem is out of the question but I'm waiting for the first person who weaponizes the clay golem book by convincing an enemy to read it when they most definitely aren't high enough a level. Inspiration will be rewarded.

  • kaly Q.
    kaly Q. 15 hours ago

    Please do a summon lesser/ greater demon spells I have a necromancer lvl 8 and really want to use those spells. Also if you could do another one for animate dead for the necromancer build, would be super useful pleaaaaaase!

  • Quinton Craig
    Quinton Craig 15 hours ago

    Fall damage, right?

  • Matt Terway
    Matt Terway 16 hours ago

    My favorite can trip has to be shape water. With Shape Water, you can cause a 5 ft cube of water to flow in any direction, and with water walk active this basically allows you to fly, albeit slowly

  • 0ctopusComp1etely
    0ctopusComp1etely 16 hours ago

    For "Burp Sneeze" I kept hearing "Burt's Knees" instead. Like this goblin had used a stick to hit some guy named Burt's knees when he was younger, and that became his moniker from then on. Sounds like a goblin thing to do.

  • stella snave
    stella snave 16 hours ago

    Ok so I know this is dnd but am I the only person who thought the trash demon kinda resembled sans at the end

  • NegativeJam
    NegativeJam 17 hours ago

    Is it possible to have a whistle that’s imbued with this spell? I want it on my wizard but like I said, he’s a wizard, not a bard or Druid.

  • n0etic Fox
    n0etic Fox 17 hours ago

    Now if you are me after we try this five times I make the button out of reach with a control spell and drink the water. Yes, I play the instigator. I would also cast a damaging cantrip at the numbers.

  • I’m a Catman
    I’m a Catman 17 hours ago

    This is what i come to this channel for lol, thanks zee

  • FaceD0wnDagon
    FaceD0wnDagon 17 hours ago

    I mean, think about it in reverse. In a universe where Glibness was common... _OH NO._ Everything - EVERYTHING is now in doubt, all the time. Glibness is a 'catch-now-or-suffer-forever' social spell. There is no way to retroactively figure out you were 'glibbed.' It is Diplomancy in a can, with all the insanity that THAT entails. 8th level spells are beginning to break the world the caster lives in. Glibness does that for social interaction, trust, and truth itself. It's basically 3.5-style Enchantment in a 5e package.

  • Dac85
    Dac85 18 hours ago

    "You've got a lot to answer for when we get up there." Chills.

  • Meevib
    Meevib 18 hours ago

    in 2nd edition D&D i believe it was a 1st level spell that adds 20 to your next attack roll (basically a garrunteed hit unless you rolled a nat 1) i remember building a gish and using it alot

  • thecursed01
    thecursed01 20 hours ago

    wait, a tiny scorpion sting does the same damage as driving a dagger into someone

  • Richard Thomas
    Richard Thomas 20 hours ago

    Clever puzzle, very real risk of starving to death out of fear. There's probably a psychological or philosophical discussion here somewhere.

  • Filip Ferenčak
    Filip Ferenčak 21 hour ago

    This is my favourite spell. I literarly created an entire character whose only goal was to create a golem.

  • Paint Bomb Gaming
    Paint Bomb Gaming 21 hour ago

    I want my own Ghostpig

  • simorote
    simorote 21 hour ago

    2:09 foci (pronounced fochee in ecclesiastical latin, fokee in classical latin).

  • Brother Malachai
    Brother Malachai 22 hours ago

    04:08 What about just using Wish to make another manual?

  • geoker55
    geoker55 22 hours ago

    Does it state whether or not the dirt can be occupied? Say City Guard, Guardy McGuard, is standing 15' away from you but facing away and you move said dirt he is standing upon 5 feet above ground level, he is 1.) inside said dirt and 2.) falls 5 feet into the hole and basically is now in a shallow grave and due to gravity, covered BACK up with dirt. No real damage to speak of, but an interesting distraction, no?

  • Kekero
    Kekero 22 hours ago

    Make a golem Become a lich Summon a pit fiend Play to your hearts content!

  • jeff hall
    jeff hall 23 hours ago

    could you chisel out a found circle, stone and all and move it to another location? remove the whole circle and surrounding stone, then use a spell such as move earth to manipulate at new location to drop it in place, and reconnect the edges with the new natural rock, making it part of the ground again. permanently moving the actual circle to your place of choice?

  • nulledsky
    nulledsky 23 hours ago

    Damn I don't know why but I love that sorcerer

  • Ian McAlpin
    Ian McAlpin Day ago

    I love the background music. It's so pleasant

  • Lightning Volt

    I understood nothing in this video

    • mew the mew
      mew the mew 9 hours ago

      Thats normal we can't compherend such wisdom

  • Clarabelle Van Niekerk

    Beautiful animation! You are a rock star!

  • ThechosenMeike

    Well I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW that I’m a DRUID and with a very nice cantrip I can attack with my Wisdom modifier when I want to bash at things

  • Cruz Godinez
    Cruz Godinez Day ago

    i like to call it Presto

  • sean rice
    sean rice Day ago

    As a universal statement that is wrong...but it has a lot of merit. I think more "Weak characters CAN be better(more fun) to play." It really depends on the goals. Sometimes you wanna powergame, sometimes you wanna tell a story, sometimes you wanna have a laugh with friends as shenanigans roll.

  • retropal !!!
    retropal !!! Day ago

    Maybe I'm a bad DM, but I prefer to give my party some really hard objectives, to make them think, hide, plan and don't just jump in the room and kill everything inside. First, they die a lot, but then they adopt to my ideas and start to have a lot of fun.

    • retropal !!!
      retropal !!! Day ago

      I once sent a 1st level party of bard, warlock, and rogue to Shadow Of Flame (an adventure for 10th level) and everyone had a lot of fun. But I had modified battle with a dragon to actually let them do damage other ways than standard ways.

  • jeffery anderson

    Is this an into the night garden reference

  • saschapanzer
    saschapanzer Day ago

    For all the crazy high fantasy stuff you can do in DnD it's kinda weird that you can't play a dedicated golemancer

  • Jordan Davenport

    Best use of familiar for me, sleep counter. I had a cat familiar and would have them scratch anyone caught anyone the sleep spell. Yes I could have just had Mr. Mittins wake them up benignly, but hitting them for 1d1 slashing damage was way more fun.

  • Mnt Olympus Fitness

    I understand the tweak but man oh man does it feel bad when a DM pulls a rule out of their butt just to punish you

  • The Skurj
    The Skurj Day ago

    "They'll do it, but they want dental" lol.

  • vazak11
    vazak11 Day ago


  • the wolf studio

    To be honest, I got this spell for the first time in 3.5e to do blacksmithing but never actually got a chance to use it. Might possibly get it to join the other caster who has it in making everyone's armor glow red hot. lol

  • Neculta
    Neculta Day ago


  • Thanotos Omega

    Other potential uses sterilizing gear, making a hot bath, cooking,

  • Cadiangrunt99
    Cadiangrunt99 Day ago

    My monk lived though doing this today she got grappled by a Roper and mauled but we all lived. Seriously beware the fucking leaps and water.

  • Deathly Drained

    Another fun tip for Mage Hand. Get a sword or something that's less than 10 pounds. Drop it on an enemy.

    • david suursoo
      david suursoo 17 hours ago

      One player of mine snatched a jar filled with a green slime off a kobolds belt and smashed dumped it out over him. It wasn't pretty. You can also just drop things onto enemies although throwing is longer ranged(up to 60 feet typically).

    • the Enigmatic Sponge
      the Enigmatic Sponge Day ago

      A 9 lb iron dart with fins, for optimal accuracy and damage!

  • Andrew Singleton

    Sunsoul IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE?! Yes... Yes it is.

  • Uswin Wood
    Uswin Wood Day ago

    I love using Iron Golems as like NPC Guards and Security for High level Casters or something for Storyline use.

  • lonely one
    lonely one Day ago

    I'm pretty sure oots explains why it's 8th level pretty well.

  • Casey Max
    Casey Max Day ago

    Fuuuuck, the lipsync is soo good! Hats off to your attention to detail on the mouth movement

  • Hammond
    Hammond Day ago

    Ok, so how are these Manuals created? If you can't copy it, and apparently you can not research it, where do they come from? Stuff like this is why I quit D&D. You can fight some Necromancer with 1,000 undead under his control, but can you as a player ever do it? Of course not.

  • GordonForeman308

    This reminds me of one of my favorite cheese strats. I had a warlock with pact of the tome. We found a Find Familiar scroll so bada bing I got myself an owl. I also had spell sniper and eldritch spear so my eldritch blasts were sniper rifle shots. The thing is we were in an Out of the Abyss campaign and darkness was the theme. So my bright idea was to use the owl as a spotter and clap bad guys from downtown. My DM hated me for it but allowed it. Good times.

  • Saafris S
    Saafris S Day ago

    Not normally one to post negative comments in youtube comments, but I bought Strongholds and Followers on this video's recommendation (and having seen other positive things). I found its rules largely unusable even as someone that really likes stronghold/follower/mass combat stuff, and was only really fit for inspiration of creating my own less obtuse rules. I highly recommend getting someone you know directly to give you a review, or to read through their copy first to see if it fits what you want.

  • Andrew Werner
    Andrew Werner Day ago

    Now, would there be a way to basically turn said golem into a Horcrux. So if You die, but the golem remains undestroyed, You could reincarnate in some way?

  • Dr.Bright
    Dr.Bright Day ago

    *You will arrive along the Old Road. It winds with a troubling, serpent-* . . . Oops, wrong road.

  • Solias Magas
    Solias Magas Day ago

    This makes me want to make a faerie folk character so I can pilot one like a jaeger

  • Michael Atanasio

    When we were heroes. Only for a little while.

  • McHitler
    McHitler Day ago

    I was thinking... can you use the spell "heat metal" on an Iron Golem? I can see some interesting synergy.

  • Zack
    Zack Day ago

    Oh Trevor was that kid from the previous episode. I thought he was your half-angel half-demon guy that died on impact with the Earth coming back for some reason

  • Agsded Lux ferre

    Watching this just made me realize an epic level paladin or ranger could in theory make a golem if they had the manual of golems, and that a manual of golems only requires two 5th level spell slots not spells so a character who multiclasses could also find use in the manual at higher levels if the character focuses most of their levels in a caster or is multiclassing two casters.

  • Jacob K
    Jacob K Day ago

    How has it taken me until just now to realize that the example in the book was a homebrew spell Skenk was inventing? Thats a really cool detail! (Also good god skenk is a sick dude lol)

  • David McCullough

    Odd Homebrew idea but; if you can make a golem out of flesh, and dragons HAVE flesh, and dead dragon bodies have powerful magical properties. Then there should exist somewhere in the rhealms of imagination a mad wizard who has concocted a way to preserve and re-animate the magic of a dead dragon into a Dragon-Flesh Golem. It should take longer cost more and maybe be dangerous to acquire the recipe book for, but it SHOULD be possible. DMs research the different dragon types and what effects each have when their bodies decay, fashion some horrible Dragon-Flesh monsters/or minions with respective powers and let your players have fun.

  • eagleandy1
    eagleandy1 Day ago

    I'd probably say that copying the Manual would incur a 10% chance the golem does nothing on it's turn, with an added 5% each time that copy is copied, due to minor scribing errors. Each copy would also be consumed like the original Manual

  • Tankallex
    Tankallex Day ago

    I love these videos. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to make them.

  • chris hardy
    chris hardy Day ago

    used an online dice roller and got 108 damage total... yeah the "targets" are dead. (damage range is 20 - 160 unless resistant [10 - 80] or vulnerable [40 - 320] to fire damage)

  • Eon Moon
    Eon Moon Day ago

    ooh, oooh. soo many nice ideas. i got a wolfman arcane trickster., shadows and illusions are his deal. i got new combo ideas thanks to people here

  • William Wise
    William Wise Day ago

    what was the music used in this? primarily the first song

  • Voltera
    Voltera Day ago

    So the moonstone is just his arcane focus orb, right?

  • andrew the geek

    How about health surges? That optional rule no one uses. Even though it solves the no one wants to be the healer problem

  • Stratelier
    Stratelier Day ago

    Okay, NOW that opening skit from JoCat's wizard episode makes sense.... it was otherwise going on way too long for a prologue containing only one joke.

  • Rob Cottrell
    Rob Cottrell Day ago

    I've added expensive material components to Teleport and Sending spells for the same reason. I want the players to be able to use them when they absolutely need to, but I don't want them to completely eliminate the need for anyone to use roads to travel. Without expensive components, those two spells can wreck entire economies.

    • Quinton Craig
      Quinton Craig 19 hours ago

      Do you do the same for wind walk? I'll be editing the details of the spell. [Wind Walk] 6th lv, Druid Transmutation 30 feet Cast time: 1 minute Duration: 8 hours V S M (Fire, Holy water) You and up to ten willing creatures you can see within range assume a gaseous form for the duration, appearing as wisps of cloud. While in this cloud form, a creature has a flying speed of 300 feet and has resistance to damage from nonmagical weapons. The only actions a creature can take in this form are the Dash action or to revert to its normal form. Reverting takes 1 minute, during which time a creature is incapacitated and can’t move. Until the spell ends, a creature can revert to cloud form, which also requires the 1-minute transformation. If a creature is in cloud form and flying when the effect ends, the creature descends 60 feet per round for 1 minute until it lands, which it does safely. If it can’t land after 1 minute, the creature falls the remaining distance.

  • Jake Stuart
    Jake Stuart Day ago

    With time, nostalgia grows from a faint thing we're dimly aware of, to a rumbling torrent of emotion as more of our lives appear to be behind us than in front. I've pulled this clip up a half a dozen times now because it makes me happy to remember those times that we were heroes. Also, the BGM score for your channel is fantastic, in case no one else mentions it.