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  • Bastian
    Bastian Minute ago

    Super cooles Set. Nice.

  • Carlos Amador
    Carlos Amador 7 minutes ago

    Miss Monique...Your music inspires me when I study!!!

  • Gran Tlatoani
    Gran Tlatoani 13 minutes ago

    24:40 you call that being a DJ??? LMAO, she's just here showing off her attributes, don't fall for this women DJs meme trend, guys. Support the people who play the music and not their sex/genre cards

  • Carlos Amador
    Carlos Amador 40 minutes ago

    MIss Monique......wonderful your music!!! Regards from Santiago of Chile.

  • Peter Ruzsik
    Peter Ruzsik 47 minutes ago

    At 49:06 🙂

  • Tony Houston
    Tony Houston Hour ago

    She never fails to deliver. 👌🏻

  • peter82kr
    peter82kr Hour ago

    Great job!!!

  • Олександр Портной

    умничка)давно не слышал такой музыки )

  • Alexandre Tambe '
    Alexandre Tambe ' 2 hours ago

    Radio Number One in the web 💖

    CINA CINA 2 hours ago


  • Qasim Alyas
    Qasim Alyas 3 hours ago

    lovely mix 🤙🏼

  • Benjamin Miller
    Benjamin Miller 3 hours ago

    Excellent vibe music cheers from South Australia Benjamin relaxes me thank you

  • Yanaki Hristov
    Yanaki Hristov 3 hours ago


  • Yanaki Hristov
    Yanaki Hristov 3 hours ago

    Maikooo napravo si e KoBiLka bratoo.!!!!!!!!

  • Yanaki Hristov
    Yanaki Hristov 3 hours ago

    Buenooo el papa Noel es aki.

  • Yanaki Hristov
    Yanaki Hristov 4 hours ago

    El que?

  • Рedaр Маkс
    Рedaр Маkс 4 hours ago


  • Raul Cendra
    Raul Cendra 4 hours ago

    Great session, i like Liza...

  • Stanislav Ravinskiy
    Stanislav Ravinskiy 4 hours ago


  • Stanislav Ravinskiy
    Stanislav Ravinskiy 4 hours ago


  • Carlos Amador
    Carlos Amador 4 hours ago

    Xenia.....wonderful music!!! Regards from Santiago of Chile

  • michael Blocker
    michael Blocker 4 hours ago


  • Yanaki Hristov
    Yanaki Hristov 4 hours ago

    Sin otras Cosas.

  • Yanaki Hristov
    Yanaki Hristov 4 hours ago

    Solo una dos Cervesita I wepppa.

  • Yanaki Hristov
    Yanaki Hristov 4 hours ago

    Si saves bailar tiooo cada elemento de esta musica te sube hasta el ESPACIO..!!!!...^,:;$------------.

  • Yanaki Hristov
    Yanaki Hristov 4 hours ago

    Es muy Buena ..

  • Shannon McDowell
    Shannon McDowell 5 hours ago

    Superb mix, great vibe and groove!

  • олег евгеньевич

    афигенский музейшн,умничка 😎

  • Circassian
    Circassian 5 hours ago

    Techno ritms so welll ....bouncing so delicious :P

  • fabrice demmery
    fabrice demmery 5 hours ago

    Ébindidon! Une nouvelle reine !!!!!!!!

  • Aditya Dani
    Aditya Dani 6 hours ago

    i liked it from 15:45

    PIRATES NATION 6 hours ago

    Nice music m'y Friends ❣️💀💀💀💀💖☠️☠️❣️❣️💀💀💀💖💖💖💖☠️💀💖☠️

    PIRATES NATION 6 hours ago

    NICE, Liza , thanks radio intense,

  • nelson kill
    nelson kill 7 hours ago

    you is biautiful garl the best dj thanks the saudss

  • 3800W DJSNT
    3800W DJSNT 8 hours ago


  • Meow K.
    Meow K. 8 hours ago

    Proper dj. None of that poppy commercial shit 🚀👌the things id do to her😂😂😂😂shes gonna give you an eargasm❤️

  • Mike Buchholz
    Mike Buchholz 9 hours ago

    Hey, Alesia. I like your style and enjoy it. Great music. Keep up the good work. You have my subscription :)....I found you through my colleague ;) greetings from Germany. God bless you and give you strength in all your actions.

  • lazy69
    lazy69 10 hours ago

    Отличный микс!

  • Harmonieux Et Effet ChriStophE

    BEST 100%. 🙋👌

  • sne lala
    sne lala 12 hours ago

    He is awssssummm!

  • Willi Bald
    Willi Bald 13 hours ago

    Ok, it´s an advertising project with a model dancing behind a turntable! So come on, spend your money if you like it...

  • Shiva's Chimera
    Shiva's Chimera 14 hours ago

    If a horse suffer's from an injury that leaves it lame... Does anyone see that as "Sloth"? Strange thought.... Break a leg! Put it down, shame it, be the genuine monster.

    TXEMA GABRIEL 17 hours ago

    ITS a nice seasion but fails the many number of spots witcht are placed in the best points

  • On Off VMusr
    On Off VMusr 18 hours ago

    and over

  • On Off VMusr
    On Off VMusr 18 hours ago

    off set

  • On Off VMusr
    On Off VMusr 18 hours ago

    yo7 a5d frysf wbere assnpercect"?

  • On Off VMusr
    On Off VMusr 18 hours ago


  • slabiciune
    slabiciune 20 hours ago

    Fake ass.She not event touching those buttons really

  • Lynda Martin
    Lynda Martin 20 hours ago


  • Music Chamber
    Music Chamber 20 hours ago

    Keep going on doing the good work😎👌🏽🎉

  • Gustavo Levy
    Gustavo Levy 22 hours ago

    amazing set!!! One of the best ever by one of my favorite DJ!!!

  • Michel Bure
    Michel Bure 23 hours ago

    SUPER myzik 🎸🎧 🇷🇺 👍

  • Сергей Алексеевич

    слабо просмотров за 2 года

  • Alexandre Tambe '

    Kenzo excellent job bro compliments 👍

  • Alexandre Tambe '

    Radio Intense........ Radio number one 👌

  • loopcypher loopcypher

    Good SessioN!! Party Up!!

  • Wäschereitechnik Ralf Herold

    Wow.... MM..... simply great.... Gosh

  • Валерия Андреева

    24 минута

  • Алексей Alexey


  • stefaninselaffe

    Why do you continiously twiddle at the knobs? When checking this in detail they are not really turned most of the time but just touched. Does this 'make you feel better'? :-)

  • Sean Cuttler
    Sean Cuttler Day ago


  • Дмитро Русин

    Good human)

  • Shiva's Chimera

    Whright. Who right? Dis record rules. Did you know my favorite circles? Clouds are the most intelligent creatures to ever exist. I eat popcorn. 😞

  • Торговая марка "Сvansay"

    Круто, молодець!!!

  • Benjamin Miller

    Cool planets

  • Lynda Martin
    Lynda Martin Day ago

    PURE 😎📣🔊🔊🔊FUNK💃






    Love it!!!

  • naum sergeev
    naum sergeev Day ago


  • Alexandre Tambe '

    Good stuff...... 😉👍

  • Carlo perez mujica


  • 6egotronix
    6egotronix Day ago

    ...started strongly to continue softly....

  • Vasya Chica
    Vasya Chica Day ago

    Музыка пойдёт, но етот топик сука полный провал, посмотри на себя в зеркало!!!!!

  • orlando douhglas

    I left another commitment, my phone deleted it, all by itself, without any input from me,it does this quite a lot, strange

  • watherby29
    watherby29 Day ago

    Thank you for delivering this awesome music. I would never find it otherwise. Love from Poland!

  • Peter Yang
    Peter Yang Day ago

    BADASS MIX!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karolina Gowin

    37:46min ❤️

  • Happy Robot
    Happy Robot Day ago

    Awesome set

  • chris
    chris Day ago

    2 mins in and i already know this is an amazing set,beautiful music

  • dsuclly
    dsuclly Day ago

    Una lindura


    Nice,mon ami, cool

  • Andrii Dmytriiev Подпишите, пожалуйста, петицию

  • Attila Mathe
    Attila Mathe Day ago

    I am happy that I could hear it live at Untold festival this year :D You was amazing Miss Monique <3, hope you will came next year too :)

  • Mela Suda
    Mela Suda 2 days ago

    Yeeaa good sesion

  • vanderbruexxxen
    vanderbruexxxen 2 days ago

    📂Documents └📁Music └📁 Miss Monique └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty.

  • Eduardo Maximiliano Vazquez

    Love from Argentina :D

    ENZZO 2 days ago

    Hey brother! Akuna patata! ♥️🔝🔝 Grande!

  • Marc Parellada
    Marc Parellada 2 days ago

    I likeee meeen ❤️❤️❤️

  • Maksim Zhuchenko
    Maksim Zhuchenko 2 days ago

    Вот и жил же в Киеве на Позняках, дурак не съездил, пообщаться бы. Эх Мария))))

  • Adrian Nitka
    Adrian Nitka 2 days ago

    May i please title of 29:53?

  • Sergio Ferrer
    Sergio Ferrer 2 days ago

    Increible sesionaza !! Musicon del de verdad !!

  • Zinaj22
    Zinaj22 2 days ago

    23:50 <3

  • Victor Catala
    Victor Catala 2 days ago

    Gran noche pasamos! Muchas gracias por regalarnos ese momento! Me encantó, espero poder verte más veces en directo, apunta maneras sigue así 💪

  • Marc Miota
    Marc Miota 2 days ago

    Gran set!

  • phuxus
    phuxus 2 days ago

    sooo good!

  • Derockes Barcelona
    Derockes Barcelona 2 days ago

    Veo un chaval muy inseguro... Apretando le botones... Y girando los pero siempre mirando a la tela... Jejejej, si le saca el ordenador no hace nada jejejjej.

  • Chris Organic
    Chris Organic 2 days ago

    This was an awesome mix, now you literally cannot listen thanks to all the ads.

  • Derockes Barcelona
    Derockes Barcelona 2 days ago

    Solo mira la tela de el ordenador! Jejejej ponte a entrenar más en casilla... ¿Donde está miss Monique? Ella pincha.