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Who is Recording Karma?Who is Recording Karma?
Who is Recording Karma?
28 дней назад
Can Meat Eater Recite Sutras?Can Meat Eater Recite Sutras?
Can Meat Eater Recite Sutras?
Месяц назад
Twin BrothersTwin Brothers
Twin Brothers
Месяц назад
Karma of Ananda and ShariputraKarma of Ananda and Shariputra
Karma of Ananda and Shariputra
Месяц назад
Karma of my HeadacheKarma of my Headache
Karma of my Headache
2 месяца назад
Interview a Man who saw Amitabha 2/2Interview a Man who saw Amitabha 2/2
Interview a Man who saw Amitabha 2/2
2 месяца назад
Interview a Man who saw Amitabha 1/2Interview a Man who saw Amitabha 1/2
Interview a Man who saw Amitabha 1/2
2 месяца назад
Helping Abortion Leads to CancerHelping Abortion Leads to Cancer
Helping Abortion Leads to Cancer
2 месяца назад
Reincarnate into Hen to Pay BackReincarnate into Hen to Pay Back
Reincarnate into Hen to Pay Back
4 месяца назад
Those who Die in War are Doomed to DieThose who Die in War are Doomed to Die
Those who Die in War are Doomed to Die
11 месяцев назад
What's the Origin of the Universe and LifeWhat's the Origin of the Universe and Life
What's the Origin of the Universe and Life
11 месяцев назад
Towers in Pureland can FlyTowers in Pureland can Fly
Towers in Pureland can Fly
11 месяцев назад
Shall We Feel Bored in Pureland ?Shall We Feel Bored in Pureland ?
Shall We Feel Bored in Pureland ?
11 месяцев назад
Amitabha Extend Life for an Old ManAmitabha Extend Life for an Old Man
Amitabha Extend Life for an Old Man
11 месяцев назад
Karma of Selling FurKarma of Selling Fur
Karma of Selling Fur
Год назад
4 Reasons Why We Get Sick4 Reasons Why We Get Sick
4 Reasons Why We Get Sick
Год назад
Spirit, Soul & GhostSpirit, Soul & Ghost
Spirit, Soul & Ghost
Год назад
Bloodworms Get RevengeBloodworms Get Revenge
Bloodworms Get Revenge
Год назад
Ghosts Block EyesGhosts Block Eyes
Ghosts Block Eyes
Год назад
Promote Vegetarian DietPromote Vegetarian Diet
Promote Vegetarian Diet
Год назад
Giving Food to GhostsGiving Food to Ghosts
Giving Food to Ghosts
Год назад
Reincarnator DocumentaryReincarnator Documentary
Reincarnator Documentary
Год назад
Saving Frogs Get TreasureSaving Frogs Get Treasure
Saving Frogs Get Treasure
Год назад

Комментарии • 10

  • Sasseth Om
    Sasseth Om 8 месяцев назад

    Hello is there any way I can ask you for guidance in private please 😁 and thanks in advance.

    • Namo Amitofo
      Namo Amitofo 8 месяцев назад

      You may send to my email

  • Cheang Kean Wai
    Cheang Kean Wai 9 месяцев назад

    My house got termites. May i know how to get rid of it without calling pest control to kill it or spraying chemical? Pls tell me what to do TQ.

    • Namo Amitofo
      Namo Amitofo 9 месяцев назад

      If you use the chemical to deal with the pest, that chemical will remain in your house for a long time and harm you slowly. Even though you don't live that house, you'll be harmed by the chemical in another way due to karma. I'd suggest you use natural way to expel them. The unfavorable environment usually follows your karmic hindrance, which results from your vexation. So, the less vexation you have, the more favorable environment you will live. For example, if one likes to say "shit," then he is more likely to step on shit, or dogs like to poop in his yard. Therefore, before dealing with the pests, examine your thoughts, words, and deeds first. Do some buddhist practice like chanting sutras, chanting buddha names, worship buddha, repentance, and play buddhist music in the house. And pray to the buddhas, may your merit let the termites leave your house. Besides, sincerely ask the termites to leave your house, or vow to do good deeds, be a vegetarian, or take precepts if the termites would go away. Finally, you may try using salt, I found on RUclip:видео.html

  • GIRI 1210
    GIRI 1210 Год назад

    Can you post and explaination of mahakaruna dharani? thank you

  • Abdul Malik Ishak bin Madihi
    Abdul Malik Ishak bin Madihi Год назад

    Are there punishments in hell for those who convert to another religion, e.g. from Buddhism to Christianity, Islam etc? How about those who rejects Buddha but accepts other figures such as Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم?

    • Namo Amitofo
      Namo Amitofo Год назад

      Religions are the teachings by different sages in different places and time. The judgement depends on you deeds, thoughts, and speech in life but not your religion.

  • anup kalshetty
    anup kalshetty 2 года назад

    Yes I am an Indian & I am a Hindu. Buddhism is now not that popular in India if we compare with other eastern Asian countries. From where Buddhism started there itself it is in now slow decline. See below links. Normally I read buddhist materials from Internet but I have learnt much about buddhism from your videos. Videos of Buddha Karma Stories in cartoon representation are really very much touching. From there I slowly started watching all of your videos. Sutra stories give excellent insight into Buddhism. Thanks for all this.

  • anup kalshetty
    anup kalshetty 2 года назад

    Videos like these are much in need for the present society. I've watched almost all of your videos till now. I'll continue to watch in future too. Keep up the great work. THANKS. || NAMO AMITABHA ||

    • SidKillz
      SidKillz 6 месяцев назад

      yes in our country its not as widely spread :( i had to travel to my hometown about 200 Km but i didnt have merits to visit buddha temple :'( i fell sick it rained i couldnt go at all :'( but your videos have shared a lot of dharma to me and I am very thankful to you for that :) namo amitoufo!

    • Namo Amitofo
      Namo Amitofo 2 года назад

      +anup kalshetty Fortunately, nowadays many Chinese Buddhists make efforts to promote Buddhism. So we have lots of video to watch. From your name, you're supposed to be an Indian. Is Buddhism not very popular in your country now ? So you don't have many materials to learn dharma ?

    • anup kalshetty
      anup kalshetty 2 года назад

      I expect the same from you that you'll continue to spread the Buddha message in english so that people like me can understand the dharma.

    • Namo Amitofo
      Namo Amitofo 2 года назад

      +anup kalshetty Thank you very much to watch my videos for a long time. I hope I can do something good for the people in this chaotic society. I'll keep on translating good videos in the future.

  • william kwd
    william kwd 4 года назад

    Keep up the good work :D, most of your videos are inspiring me to become a good Buddhist boy.

    • Namo Amitofo
      Namo Amitofo 4 года назад

      Thanks for encouragement. I'm glad I can do something for Buddhist.

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    Yin Yang 7 лет назад


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