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Preview: Niki Lauda Tribute
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  • TheDucksworld
    TheDucksworld Minute ago

    He wanted that punani

  • First Last
    First Last 4 minutes ago

    I’m not saying she’s a gold digger but..

  • azsegrxdhtfgvijnkoml ewrhtgoij/pkL

    He just looks like another old man to me. We all get wrinkled and dried up as we age any way.

  • Victa Nguyen
    Victa Nguyen 12 minutes ago

    Rubbish flex

  • waquarul islam
    waquarul islam 17 minutes ago

    I have never seen so many people crying remembering a man ... Friends ,foes...rivals all alike. Truely......The greatest ....

  • dmhibb
    dmhibb 21 minute ago

    The real problem is that players did not feel comfortable with him in they’re locker rooms

  • Chris The Barber
    Chris The Barber 23 minutes ago

    Gotta child like this at work....she whispers though....just like a coward

  • dmhibb
    dmhibb 26 minutes ago

    Jeff Fischer ruined Sam Bradford’s career. And Sam was a Heisman Trophy winner

  • alfonse coppola
    alfonse coppola 28 minutes ago

    could this guy be this nice really,im betting yes

  • Liam Farrell
    Liam Farrell 38 minutes ago

    Completely unrelated, but are him and Charles Barkley from the same area? They have a very similar accent.

  • TheChubbyd07
    TheChubbyd07 55 minutes ago

    Somebody get AB to watch this video.

  • The Guy
    The Guy Hour ago

    I love Dwight! Number 1 player

  • Blank Frost
    Blank Frost Hour ago

    Can we talk about how this man Bensinger is wearing his seat belt?!?!?

  • Enceladus Eve
    Enceladus Eve Hour ago

    no imsz nozz maadzzz azz himszz

  • Tuber Youb
    Tuber Youb Hour ago

    Ill do it for 400$

  • Huckleberry Quick

    Who cares

  • Vr Lux
    Vr Lux Hour ago

    *trust me* the other clowns still are on a cruiseship juggling oranges for tourists.


    Dwight got the ninja

  • Dustin
    Dustin Hour ago

    You won't say it Alex because that's who you are so we'll do it for you, you got screwed and were cheated out of the position you earned. Much love from your fans out in Utah

  • Ivan C
    Ivan C Hour ago

    AP is a specimen

  • Shawn Gregory
    Shawn Gregory Hour ago

    Urlacher was such a great player that people tend to forget about how great Lance Briggs was too.

  • Dialectical Monist

    We could have had Aaron Rogers.

  • Tango Bango
    Tango Bango Hour ago

    Brett is one of the best storytellers around today & no doubt, one if the greatest QB’s EVER!

  • Ryan Hill
    Ryan Hill Hour ago

    What a dumbass lol he thinks she won’t do it to him

  • Jackie Toong
    Jackie Toong Hour ago

    Winner don't sweat the small stuffs. 👍👍

  • Ashu Abinash
    Ashu Abinash 2 hours ago

    ye world cup kya kar tha..he team needed him ...he has made him boastful and arrogant..i like good ppl if they r successful or not..he keeps players in his those cannot outshine ffrom his team...thats why he has had no glories in icc tournaments..

  • John Lukach
    John Lukach 2 hours ago

    Well you never did anything anywhere else Alex. We found a replacement and have turned it around again.

    • John Lukach
      John Lukach 2 hours ago

      Ps have fun on the Redskins lol

    ALPHA GAMER 2 hours ago


  • Danielle Bahl
    Danielle Bahl 2 hours ago

    This dude single handily probably setup 1000 casinos and don’t even know it with that cash flow lol

  • Joel Stucki
    Joel Stucki 2 hours ago

    As much as I love Mike Singletary as a Bear and as a player...he didn't belong in a position where he had to oversee an offense. He'd probably make a great DC.

  • fidel domingos
    fidel domingos 2 hours ago


  • Skred 679
    Skred 679 3 hours ago

    I'm not a though guy. No because nobody with a brain will ever fuck with Tyson lol

  • Alan Amark
    Alan Amark 3 hours ago

    OK Hillary.......

  • B C
    B C 3 hours ago

    You can see the regret in mikes eyes

  • Michael Malaki
    Michael Malaki 3 hours ago

    Donald Trump of Cricket? I'd take that as a compliment. MAGA.😂😂

  • Salvadori Popadillo
    Salvadori Popadillo 3 hours ago

    Horrible, awkward interviewer.

  • Keith Crook
    Keith Crook 3 hours ago

    Jay was the Jeff George of his generation...Hall of Fame arm talent with zero heart and zero fk's given for anyone but himself...shame...will always wonder what the bears could have been those years if he had even slightly cared...

  • Nizampower Gaming
    Nizampower Gaming 3 hours ago

    Wait. Whose show is this?

  • Kashyap Khut
    Kashyap Khut 4 hours ago

    got to be learning from this man

  • David de los santos
    David de los santos 4 hours ago

    The story was believable until... “So what’d ya do” “I bought a ticket and went back to Vegas...”

  • Austin Phillips
    Austin Phillips 4 hours ago


  • Croatian Guy
    Croatian Guy 4 hours ago

    Alex is very polite. Class act for sure

  • Dave K
    Dave K 5 hours ago

    He kinda resembles Kane from wwe when he's got the suit on

  • Joku Sekou
    Joku Sekou 5 hours ago

    I want to hug you

  • GodmyX
    GodmyX 5 hours ago

    Thanks God we've got you, Arnold!

  • Cecil Clemente Fernandez

    Enzo Ferrari being the classic Enzo Ferrari...Thankfully so... Or else we would not have a Ferrucio Lamborghini..

  • Terrance Chukwumezie

    Thank u!!! Finally someone said it!!!

  • Gucci gang Lover 1234

    Idk why everyone in the comments thinks she’s a gold digger/sketchy/seems unlikeable, she seems normal to me

  • Hurley65
    Hurley65 6 hours ago

    His deflategate opinion sounds similar to the way Trump would reason through something

  • chenzy4200
    chenzy4200 6 hours ago

    Atleast Alex Smith can always find a Job unlike Kap

  • d. flynn
    d. flynn 6 hours ago

    JR Motorsports is Dale Earnhardt Inc. It's the bloodline and the legacy that lives on through Dale Jr. and Kelley.

  • Anonymous Piranha
    Anonymous Piranha 7 hours ago

    Why Dwight seem like a nigga that play too much...I feel like this gone be his comeback season tho

  • hiloboy4life2002
    hiloboy4life2002 7 hours ago

    Mike Tyson !!! i love his story he has turned into a very inspirational icon. Real and Uncut unlike all these other rich and famous people.

  • somnath mukherjee
    somnath mukherjee 7 hours ago

    "My opportunity is to motivate people in another manner" - saying behench*d first after bowlers taking a wicket, or after scoring a hundred. It's to good. Rohit is also motivated now a days :-}

  • richard cranium
    richard cranium 7 hours ago

    wow the earrings are really amplifying kelce's diva vibes

  • jahmoan69
    jahmoan69 7 hours ago

    Too much steroids bro ....get off that shit bro

  • Hakamjit Dhillon
    Hakamjit Dhillon 7 hours ago

    Bet he was trying to be low key watching the joker movie at the theaters

  • Paul Young
    Paul Young 7 hours ago

    very misleading title, that it kinda pisses me off.

  • westley west
    westley west 7 hours ago

    I was in the military, fought in a war, I didn't "work my butt off" for him, the NFL or anyone else to disrespect the Country or the Flag. Also, if the player's would make statments and protest on their personal time as Sean Peyton has done in this interview. The pledge and Donald Trump wound not be a topic of the media's interest.

  • Jocheen Peregrino
    Jocheen Peregrino 7 hours ago

    Steve O is the living embodiement of hesoyam.

    JACOB'S LADDER 7 hours ago

    Tupac: it's a dirty game y'all.

  • Tiota
    Tiota 7 hours ago

    Yea Deez Nuts

  • Subaj Tuladhar
    Subaj Tuladhar 8 hours ago

    Out of all the things he did. He is ashamed of having Diabetes. LEGENDARY MAN.

  • Eric Tapia
    Eric Tapia 8 hours ago

    Coke is good for ur health

  • Jenna Lee
    Jenna Lee 8 hours ago

    2:36-2:40 the interviewer literally looks like he wants to call his mom crying

  • Jaynelle Rogers
    Jaynelle Rogers 8 hours ago

    He needs Jesus that’s why there was a void and going to search for a hypnotherapist isn’t a good thing ur not supposed to open ur mind up to evil like that, read the Bible ppl!

  • Anthony Hunter
    Anthony Hunter 8 hours ago

    “Nolan”....... that’s the coach that dogged him.................good QB... you couldn’t convert 3rd downs...............

  • Westin Newman
    Westin Newman 9 hours ago

    Joe Thomas on a moped... god bless.

  • Dusty Magoo
    Dusty Magoo 9 hours ago

    rude, always mentor the next guy after you have made shit ton of money off the franchise. I did not think he was a dick, i was wrong!

  • Leron Flames2
    Leron Flames2 9 hours ago

    That's why Aaron is better than favre easily.

  • A A
    A A 9 hours ago

    Alex “YEAHHH” Smith

  • Ahme Shaz
    Ahme Shaz 9 hours ago

    My only true friend is my mother

  • Gregor Smith
    Gregor Smith 9 hours ago

    Sitting on the freezing bench with the jacket hoodie wrapped around him like a cocoon in the AFC championship is how I’ll always remember LT.

  • Bruno Baez
    Bruno Baez 9 hours ago

    Damn I haven’t had sex in iver a year so when I saw the title I was bummed lol

  • Paul Vasquez
    Paul Vasquez 9 hours ago

    Fucking crazy how far this man has come I remember watching Jackass (30 min shows) on MTV at 4-6am in the morning back in 2003ish Damn man I’m so glad he’s doing fine

  • Derek Chatham
    Derek Chatham 9 hours ago

    But looks at us now baby!

  • Next Step Media Productions

    Solid Favre

  • Vision Productions NZ
    Vision Productions NZ 10 hours ago

    Nico was the golden boy..... Anyone get why Lewis is perceived by many as a whiner? Nico had a tougher ride into F1 and didn't get in a winning car until Ross Brawn saw his talent after years wasted in a Williams. Lewis was Ron's golden boy in McLaren's junior academy, in fact Ron was in his background from karting days and his first season in F1 was for McLaren who were definitely a winning car. Other Lewis whines about Nico was that Nico played mind games. Errr mind games were and always have been part of racing - not just F1... Jeeeez! When his team makes a call in a race that doesn't produce a win he roasts his engineer in front of the world. Seems that Lewis has always cultivated the legend of oppression, today his latest trick is to adopt the grooming of a homeless man. Each to their own. Fantastic racer though.

  • Animal Vigilant
    Animal Vigilant 10 hours ago

    The fact he doesn’t drink water is ridiculous. A grown ass man can’t grow up and drink some fucking water ?!?!?!

  • Rainor Tyre
    Rainor Tyre 10 hours ago

    I think not many sponsors wanted her. She blames SHR. But she didn’t give them anything but a lot of sheet metal to sell in their team store. She’s never wrong. So glad she✌️ “retired “✌️lmaoooo

  • Jacob Ramage
    Jacob Ramage 10 hours ago

    I watched my own player hit the dude trying to tackle our player running the ball, hits homie so hard HIS OWN earpiece flies 20 feet up, and the impact of dude hitting our ballcarrier broke our running backs arm like the 2nd play of the game.

  • B W
    B W 10 hours ago

    Top 5 ugliest QB of all-time.

  • Shon Moody
    Shon Moody 10 hours ago

    I love twins, but I always forget about it because it's the only good comedy he did. Now I gotta watch my copy again. Actually Devito has the best line. "You mean I'm the crap left over?" lol

  • Alfonso Uno
    Alfonso Uno 10 hours ago

    That's a 6×6 mercedes benz g wagon coz 1.2 million dollars wtf!!!!🤐🤐🤐

  • Thomas Henesey
    Thomas Henesey 10 hours ago

    I love Favre's answer. Never liked how he went out and Im not even a Packers fan. He should of stayed a starter there until he retired. Also theres something about Rodgers I just dont like. Something about his personality bugs me. Im glad this was Favre's response. He was an awesome QB too watch back in the day.

  • yesh
    yesh 11 hours ago

    Dude don't wear that shirt

  • shadystunts
    shadystunts 11 hours ago

    Steve-o starting to look oddly smart in his age

  • Jay Kap
    Jay Kap 11 hours ago

    He definitely deserved better, when I think of the bears I think of Brian... one of the greatest defensive players I've seen.. from my childhood easily one one the greatest linebackers of all time

  • Stars Die
    Stars Die 11 hours ago

    There was going to be a conflict at some point as Kaepernick was getting older. He went to a team in 2013 that wouldn't have him compete or butt heads with another QB. Harbaugh didn't flush anyones' career away by doing this. Harbaugh may have been wrong to choose Kap as far as talent evaluation goes. But it wasn't an emotional decision where he was specifically saying "fuck this guy" with regards to Alex.

  • Sherman Ng
    Sherman Ng 11 hours ago

    Whoever says that Dwight is not a HOFer knows nothing about basketball. He may have had a huge decline but you can't take away his 3 DPOYs and 8 all stars.

  • baterie srl
    baterie srl 11 hours ago

    if real lauda say daniel play him very well that mean cant get better then that ...

  • Robby Sheperd
    Robby Sheperd 11 hours ago

    Probably the only time I'll be sad a heart attack didn't kill someone

  • Ibrahim Khalif
    Ibrahim Khalif 11 hours ago

    Alex was a good quarterback for us but he had a ceiling under Harbaugh. He wouldn’t have become the quarterback he did in KC without the coaching of Andy Reid. Harbaugh couldn’t have done that for him. Just like he couldn’t do it for Colin.

  • Jesse Hodges
    Jesse Hodges 11 hours ago

    true class Mr Smith thank you for the excitement you brought to kc hope to see you soon as a coach

  • jrad410
    jrad410 11 hours ago

    Patriots Colts and Steelers dominates the afc for the 2000s. Chargers especially in 06-07 blew it

  • Joseph Scofero
    Joseph Scofero 11 hours ago

    She made TS so rich he retired from nascar and now hobbies in sprint car racing. Lol

  • C. Williams
    C. Williams 11 hours ago

    Danica's biggest mistake, at least from the standpoint of winning races, was going to NASCAR. She was a pretty consistent Indy car driver, making the top tens in points in 6 out of 7 seasons. 5th in 2009, and made the Indy 500 podium in 2009 too. She was always an open-wheel driver. And if we are being honest, VERY VERY few drivers have ever made a successful jump from open-wheel to stock cars, or visa versa. Really.. it's A.J. Foyt and Mario Andretti are the only drivers that come to mind that have one both the Daytona 500 and the Indy 500. It is not to say that one kind of driver is better than the other, but stock cars and open wheel racers require some different skill sets.

  • Saint of Last Resorts
    Saint of Last Resorts 11 hours ago

    Normally when a lineman retires they lose a lot of weight. Joe having frame like that still is crazy.

  • Moses Walker
    Moses Walker 11 hours ago

    You broke his spirit

    RUIN TCG 11 hours ago

    No such thing as big boned. Ever seen a fat skeleton?