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  • GiGi Paints
    GiGi Paints 5 hours ago

    All these ass kissing POS. Why on Earth are they defending that POS. Lindsey hated him, ran him down called him a racist, a idiot and much more! Cruz too. He attacked his wife for God's sake! But now they kiss his ass. Hunter, Joe I Biden aren't being impeached. They proved nothing to this conspiracy theory. It's bullshit. Rudy needs to be arrested and put into a nut house. !

  • Charles Cabral
    Charles Cabral 5 hours ago

    Trump has but people in positions that have no experience in,so what's the difference.

  • Gravertrain Graveytrain

    What scares the Republicans so intensely, to abandon the Constitution and our country?

  • Rahim LaQuica
    Rahim LaQuica 5 hours ago

    This is NOT a case of rape. Words are important. They willingly gave consent and took part into what can be called prostitution. They weren’t kidnapped and forcibly penetrated. The men must’ve known that they were underage, therefore it still is a crime and they should go to jail. But don’t call this child molesting or human traffic.

  • trail mark
    trail mark 5 hours ago

    Where can you find common sense living today if you're thinking like the president? Number one… don't ask for or get money from the government. Number two… stay away from any belief in God if God isn't serving in the United States Armed Forces. Number three… stay away from mother nature abuse her if you want but don't take her serious, like all women she cannot be trusted. The bottom line is this, if you are a true American you will know what you should be doing. If you have any intelligence at all and common sense to go with it you will be in the closet playing with yourself. Remember to vote and stay conservative M.A.G.A

  • BIG A
    BIG A 5 hours ago

    Who cares. Fuck em all.

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin 5 hours ago

    Why do they protect these animals? Release their information like anyone else and send them to prison forever

  • Alec G
    Alec G 5 hours ago

    Why does the family have a camera in the girls room?

  • I'm gone
    I'm gone 5 hours ago

    Keep turning, you missed one.

  • D W
    D W 5 hours ago

    why isn't she carrying GUN for self defense???????????????????????????

  • Sabine Around the World

    If you miss the official Trump Impeachment this week, you can read all about it in American history books for the rest of time. #DisgracedTrump

  • Ronald Funderburk
    Ronald Funderburk 5 hours ago

    Aint got nothing to do with the money he was making Cruz. Your out you Russian troll

  • ne0nZchr0me
    ne0nZchr0me 5 hours ago

    Dam why did I just misread that as "her brother sees her dressed as his bride"

  • Jason M
    Jason M 5 hours ago

    Don't touch a nigga's fries!

  • sdlausen
    sdlausen 5 hours ago

    So... they have a search for the third suspect yet they won't reveal a picture or any details. I WONDER WHY!

  • Tami Ewert
    Tami Ewert 5 hours ago

    Seriously, who cares what Ted Cruz says?? Lol

  • Sun Flower
    Sun Flower 5 hours ago

    Ted Cruz kiss ass !

  • Archana Jn
    Archana Jn 5 hours ago

    Georgia is racist. Face it.

  • Michael Skoviak
    Michael Skoviak 5 hours ago

    Senator Ted Cruz is a brave man and a patriot. For going on George one side shit show. He had the 2 worst people on his show shitty show Schiff and Nadler the taddler. One is a sociopath look into the camera and lie and the other is embarrassed by his lies. These democrats in Congress are going on there way out.

  • SMS enterprise
    SMS enterprise 5 hours ago

    Joe Biden and Hunter Biden are going down for corruption.. George Stephanopoulos is trying to push fake news ABC news is so fake fake fake

  • Sharon Davis
    Sharon Davis 5 hours ago

    Look at Trump speaking. Following a script by underlining with his fingers to ensure he read it as written. This was because his people didnt want him speaking off the cuff greating another indication of his racists values.

  • Marina Farag
    Marina Farag 5 hours ago

    She is a super human. I women who took her duty to the country so seriously that even after nearly dying for it she returned. Not only is she a symbol of a courage she is a symbol of greatness of power of resilience. As a Canadian living just across the border she is one of the most astonishing people and I’m so proud to see her continue to fight for her rights she is a symbol of power not only as a congress women but as a wife a community member and mostly importantly as a human being who didn’t give up or back down even when everything in the world was telling her she should.

  • Gacha Cakiee
    Gacha Cakiee 5 hours ago

    I need him as a teacher

  • Adidas Gopnik
    Adidas Gopnik 5 hours ago


  • Robbie 1957
    Robbie 1957 5 hours ago

    As usual, the killers are all black. We know this because the aunt's name is Shaquoya.

  • Machete Yo
    Machete Yo 5 hours ago

    It wasn't looking good before, so youre damned if you do and damned if you don't. These debates were doing them no favors, but boycotting your own debate over someone else's random protest is downright moronic. None of them deserve to run for president.

  • Hana Faythe
    Hana Faythe 5 hours ago

    The 1.2k people who disliked this don’t have a soul

  • Fabio 97
    Fabio 97 5 hours ago

    This is acting!!,great work boys!.

  • Pua Yan
    Pua Yan 5 hours ago

    Not true!! I like both band equally!! Love listening to their songs. 😍

  • ToonerTea
    ToonerTea 5 hours ago

    Policeman: Ma'am your husband has been killed Her: *lOUD UGLY WOLF HOWLING*

  • Justin Reinier
    Justin Reinier 5 hours ago


  • No Name
    No Name 5 hours ago


  • Make Racists Afraid Again

    What Republicans think no longer matters.

  • Hector Morales
    Hector Morales 5 hours ago

    Why isn't this media outlet telling you trump is actually obligated to ask for cross border cooperation in fighting corruption in Ukraine via the agreement Obama put in please. So do what you're required then we can paint it or frame it as something else

  • B M
    B M 5 hours ago

    How can you tell we are in an election year? The Democrats start pretending to care about the working class...

  • Jim NORRIS
    Jim NORRIS 5 hours ago

    Dem O Trash just show they dont give a Shit about Americans. this just proves it.

  • SMS enterprise
    SMS enterprise 5 hours ago

    Ted Cruz was illegally surveilled by the FBI during the election..can't wait for the findings of the Hubber, Durham's criminal investigation

  • Sharon Bayliss
    Sharon Bayliss 5 hours ago

    Shame on them,

  • Legion Designs
    Legion Designs 5 hours ago

    That scared the shit out of me when it happens I couldn’t sleep

  • Julian Assange
    Julian Assange 5 hours ago

    "We need mob rule to remain relevant." A summary of Union Democrats.

  • Justin
    Justin 5 hours ago

    The dossier was fake, Russia was fake and this impeachment is fake. Obama spied on Trump during the 2016 election. The MSM is lying to you. Trump will win 2020 he is only getting more support 🇺🇸

  • Jo Lynn Mitchell
    Jo Lynn Mitchell 5 hours ago

    That happened to the elderly all the time and no one ever get more than a slap on the wrist

  • Jay S
    Jay S 5 hours ago

    Why does this man look like such an idiot??

  • Bert Nijhof
    Bert Nijhof 5 hours ago

    Trump has serious information about the participation of Ted Cruz's Father in the murder of John F. Kennedy. There is not other explanation for the cowardice of Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz also agrees with Trump, that his wife is very ugly.

  • Mike Jackson Comedy Channel

    Cop video fired

  • Harriet Hoffman
    Harriet Hoffman 5 hours ago

    Thats one reason people choose not too have children, (If they are honest) ! Guns & Unstable minds are running rampant!

  • Ronald Funderburk
    Ronald Funderburk 5 hours ago

    All republicans will be voted out for their short senate trail wait and see

  • Mochi Jimin -.-
    Mochi Jimin -.- 5 hours ago

    Ma'am where does the shooter live? What does he order at starbucks? What did he have for breakfast? Please tell me the serial number of the gun. Wtf are these questions like damn they are desperate for help and you over there asking the dumbest that is not the time

  • Aimee Abad
    Aimee Abad 5 hours ago

    emma chamberlain is so frikin cool

  • Colin
    Colin 5 hours ago

    Robert De Niro is thinking.. "you talking to me?" before Ellen has to shove him up.

  • Johan Peens
    Johan Peens 5 hours ago

    This bastard is dead criminal swine happy day for all

  • Logan Helsven
    Logan Helsven 5 hours ago

    He wants HUGE taxes and "democratic socialism" and its not like "democratic socialism" has taken away human rights before........Right??????

  • ban kai
    ban kai 5 hours ago

    It’s so sad that I’m relieved it’s “only” isolated shooting and not mass shooting.

  • Hdhshxhs
    Hdhshxhs 5 hours ago

    What is so bad that he did?

  • Gummy Bear King
    Gummy Bear King 5 hours ago

    Somebody had a nigga moment.

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H 5 hours ago

    Remember polls are like asking NetZero customers how they like 5G.... any responses you get you should worry about.

  • Tajay Greenwood
    Tajay Greenwood 5 hours ago

    Watch this 💯💯💯👇🔥

  • Scott Moltzan
    Scott Moltzan 5 hours ago

    Sad to see this comment section overtaken by Trumpists. If you don't care about the Democratic debate, why are you losers here? lol

  • B M
    B M 5 hours ago

    Funny how ideology based in hate and emotion ALWAYS eats itself alive in the end....

    • Scott Moltzan
      Scott Moltzan 5 hours ago

      Like Trump's anti Mexican/Muslim/Transgender, etc ideology?

  • a2soc
    a2soc 5 hours ago

    Baron is pasty white! Baron, why are your parents orange?

  • James Kepley
    James Kepley 5 hours ago

    A gun in her hand would have saved her life.

  • Mr Popeye
    Mr Popeye 5 hours ago

    We don't want to watch these clowns anyways..

  • xero 9ravity
    xero 9ravity 5 hours ago

    Injured for a mediocre at best movie Not worth it at all

  • Purple Strike
    Purple Strike 5 hours ago


  • Jay S
    Jay S 5 hours ago

    That's what he thinks, Republicans in the house and the Senate have no Integrity none!!!!!

  • Romeo Bradds
    Romeo Bradds 5 hours ago


  • LeZI0N
    LeZI0N 5 hours ago

    I am American, guns are part of my religion

  • dbdevour
    dbdevour 5 hours ago

    Sen. Ted Cruz = FAKE-American, FAKE-Christian, FAKE-Human, Member of Trump's Fluffer Harem...

    • Metropolis 2026
      Metropolis 2026 5 hours ago

      At least everything coming out of his mouth is true. That's a big positive.

    HER EXCELENCY EBBA 5 hours ago

    Like seriously

  • Bonita Tinkle
    Bonita Tinkle 5 hours ago

    if that statement hurt that little girl then she needs help... God touch this child.

  • Jy Byrd
    Jy Byrd 5 hours ago

    Im assuming the suspect isn't white, otherwise the "news" would've said so.

  • Stan Stedanko
    Stan Stedanko 5 hours ago


  • Ed Doty
    Ed Doty 5 hours ago

    Chill Greta, chill fall in line like the rest of the sheep....

  • Psycho Pickle
    Psycho Pickle 5 hours ago

    Senator red bruise

  • Gareth Manchester
    Gareth Manchester 5 hours ago

    Through all the hate there is talent let’s focus on the talent part cmon people

  • Legion Designs
    Legion Designs 5 hours ago

    The bald cop shouldn’t get in trouble because he just walked in and assumes the kid did something to deserve it. Fire the fat cop tho

  • Apex
    Apex 5 hours ago

    If you are signing a record deal/pub deal you BETTER get a lawyer.There is a short form contract and then a LONG form contract with TONS of legal jargon.The entertainment lawyer has to run the long form(100s of pages long) through software to look for ANY hidden language/keywords and then READ it themselves to PROTECT YOU.

  • Mr O
    Mr O 5 hours ago

    Don't be bully.😉

  • Carmen Schuler
    Carmen Schuler 5 hours ago

    The irony a black reporter defending pigs. Just realized and you get pulled over you'll just be another nigger to them

  • Rose Treiger
    Rose Treiger 5 hours ago

    I hope so. They have a verbal sparring every week. Its become tedious.

  • Logan Helsven
    Logan Helsven 5 hours ago

    Why am i disliking this? This pc beta wouldnt even stand up to being punked by two angry women How can he stand up to tyrants? This is hilarious That free college aint free Itll be taxes galore

  • Colt Roberts
    Colt Roberts 5 hours ago


  • emily reyna
    emily reyna 5 hours ago


  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia 5 hours ago

    Where was the backlash in the UN he said she was a bright young girl with a wonderful furture the second time he did attack her but again i didnt see any bullying

  • Loud Harley
    Loud Harley 5 hours ago

    Ask her a recipe for her favorite boat drink...else you're wasting your time. So much for draining the swamp.

  • Damlongsouk, Jim
    Damlongsouk, Jim 5 hours ago

    Democrats is just fighting for illegal criminals and crooked Harry Clinton lost election 2016 not for Americans people and nation!

    • O’ Honey
      O’ Honey 5 hours ago

      Damlongsouk, Jim False. Independent here didn’t vote or like her at all. The pig is mentally ill and a Con Man! Impeach remove.

  • Carmen Schuler
    Carmen Schuler 5 hours ago

    Hate pigs

  • John Gunner
    John Gunner 5 hours ago

    Fucking racist that’s all, just people still thinking the white man owes them something

  • justinbam KAG 2020
    justinbam KAG 2020 5 hours ago

    hahah give it up LOSERs and write your concession speeches now because TRUMP is unbeatable and the entire world knows it!!

  • Clark Cartwright
    Clark Cartwright 5 hours ago

    Why would they want to press charges on the parents good job mom and dad it’s sad that kind of scum has rights

  • Spicy Spice
    Spicy Spice 5 hours ago


  • Granny Cee
    Granny Cee 5 hours ago

    Why should FLOTUS make a comment? Shouldn't you ask POTUS instead?

  • Black English
    Black English 5 hours ago

    His homies look like snakes.

  • Spaghettio Jo
    Spaghettio Jo 5 hours ago

    I use my first Amendment to voice my opinion for trump. I use my second for those who think they are tough.

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh 5 hours ago

    All of the germs are scared to go into her nose

  • Lonnie Liston
    Lonnie Liston 5 hours ago

    Ow tried to claim to be the victim how original what dumb bitches 🤮🤣😂

    QWERTY NWERTY 5 hours ago

    The dabbing police man Shouts to you

  • Jason Vue
    Jason Vue 5 hours ago

    But yet, women are still oppressed and lack pay. Women privilege. Explain this shit feminists.

  • Brookenoel 85
    Brookenoel 85 5 hours ago

    Well Kelly looks like Mrs Catwoman.... Bad cosmetic surgery

  • yass nnej
    yass nnej 5 hours ago

    Did you notice most of these trash a$& people are wytttes!?!?! Just wanted to point that out! That's all!