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  • Fatima Toure
    Fatima Toure 2 hours ago

    is the firstborn still alive?!?!

  • Maeve Gleeson
    Maeve Gleeson 2 hours ago

    For a name Maeve

  • KiiD Acid
    KiiD Acid 2 hours ago

    I’m from riverside and never heard of this lmao

  • Maeve Gleeson
    Maeve Gleeson 2 hours ago


  • l pHoTwUnTee l
    l pHoTwUnTee l 2 hours ago

    I saw this first hand with my dad while driving on the i17. Its not cool that u guys are making fun of it. This really happened and the government is covering it up. It was huge. The biggest thing ive ever seen in the sky. It was as big as 3 aircraft carriers. Even my dad who is never phased by anything said "omg". Give due respect to the 22,000 people who saw it and the poor council lady who wanted the truth. This is no conspiracy. Btw the governor is a tool for blowing this off. Now he regrets it.. moron ..

  • Bianca’s Rebornbabys Nursery

    Bianca for a girl 😊 because it is my name 😊 i am from austria

  • Larry The Boomer
    Larry The Boomer 2 hours ago

    Holy crap Obama is mark zuckerberg

  • Dana Goodlett
    Dana Goodlett 2 hours ago

    When Kelsey said “finale” I almost had a heart attack 😪

  • MochE4272
    MochE4272 2 hours ago

    Next level, try to set single people up by playing games this way.

  • Hannah Miller
    Hannah Miller 2 hours ago

    Baby Names Girl: Jasmine, Hannah, Alicia,or Jordan Boy: Josh, Jermey, Caleb, or Sam

  • horse lover
    horse lover 2 hours ago

    Get the best quality bed you can so kasey can re-generate sleep way quicker than she is now xx

  • Joc _396??
    Joc _396?? 2 hours ago

    I low key cried when all the siblings died 😭

  • Isabella Stinnett
    Isabella Stinnett 2 hours ago

    I like watching this types of things but In my opinion you shouldn’t crack jokes about a murderer 😕

  • Tyler Gates
    Tyler Gates 2 hours ago

    From Her town were he grew up

  • Tina Lin
    Tina Lin 2 hours ago

    No hate or anything tho. But I thought the future was supposed to be IIconic

  • Krissy
    Krissy 2 hours ago

    Omfg I thought at 6:45 there was a demon holding the camera and filming like jESUS FRICKING CHRIST SHANE

  • Chatnawat Narakol
    Chatnawat Narakol 2 hours ago

    John White: What happened to the colonist? Natives: *Gone. Reduced to atoms*

  • Nicholas Gerou
    Nicholas Gerou 2 hours ago

    I can click with my mouth closed easy

  • Popzom 44
    Popzom 44 2 hours ago

    Lol he goes to Croaton and there’s like English people there and johns like “so you English” and the English are like “nah nah of course not” and they are trying to sound Spanish and johns just like alright they are missing

  • Johanna S
    Johanna S 2 hours ago

    For the dying siblings ... if they aren’t “playable houses” they will still age up like townies even if aging is on active household only ... you can either make them all played houses or turn off story progression which will stop aging for all non played sims (including dads / random sims)

  • Carolyn Hendrix
    Carolyn Hendrix 2 hours ago

    Pls do a episode ware you focus on your kids and give them makeovers

  • Raelynn Rose
    Raelynn Rose 2 hours ago

    You can hire a nanny to watch the baby while you're out meeding another guy for the hundred baby challenge

  • Silvia López Ballart

    Name suggestions: for a girl Billie, for a guy Billie :))

  • KittyKat Girl
    KittyKat Girl 2 hours ago

    Happy Holidays Kelsey!!!!!!

  • Karolis Riepšas
    Karolis Riepšas 2 hours ago

    Goatman:welcome this is my bridge Shane:well yes but actually no

  • Crystal Carbon
    Crystal Carbon 2 hours ago

    I like your videos but you're a bad mom

  • David Hatter
    David Hatter 2 hours ago

    Name Katie or Bayley if girl name Jordan or jack if boy

  • Kyren Doughty
    Kyren Doughty 2 hours ago

    I am proud of her

  • Eve and Jax
    Eve and Jax 2 hours ago

    Can you name a baby boy Bennett or a girl Riley

  • Sunspot
    Sunspot 2 hours ago

    We need an update tho

  • abiosehaba
    abiosehaba 2 hours ago

    Why didn't you do oliva

  • Paige Kiefer
    Paige Kiefer 2 hours ago

    If it’s a girl her name should be joy If it’s a boy his name should be jack

  • VinyPaw 101
    VinyPaw 101 2 hours ago

    A name I think is good is Ashlyn or for a boy it can be Mark

  • Ardenia Awsome
    Ardenia Awsome 2 hours ago

    For a girl Faith a boy Josh

  • Alex Weight
    Alex Weight 2 hours ago

    You losi3hair at 29

  • Ben Richards
    Ben Richards 2 hours ago


  • Alpha Dog
    Alpha Dog 2 hours ago

    Baby names: Girl: Rose (after Rose´ srry if I spelled her name wrong) Boy: Ross (also after Rose´) She was my favorite if u can't already tell

  • HamSquad Gal
    HamSquad Gal 2 hours ago

    Name suggestions: Girl: Cocoa Boy: Milo (Both hot drinks haha)

  • nova
    nova 2 hours ago

    Also, if Sweeney waS a doctor then it would be even more incriminating as the decapitations n such would be doable procedures for someone medically trained

  • some kind of Name
    some kind of Name 2 hours ago

    So much for ruining history

  • Jose Gaming
    Jose Gaming 2 hours ago

    I give big props for the camera man to not be scared

  • Millie Stinson
    Millie Stinson 2 hours ago

    Anyone remember the story from the Nancy Drew film?

  • Angela Angela
    Angela Angela 2 hours ago

    Why am I just discovering this channel? You guys are hilarious!!! Shane reminds me of my conscience.

  • maddie Higgins
    maddie Higgins 2 hours ago

    If a Girl: Billy If boy: Billy Thank if you use these names❤️

  • SavvySavage
    SavvySavage 2 hours ago

    You guys should have hackers play welcome to the game

  • Darcey Lyne
    Darcey Lyne 2 hours ago

    parт 10: oн cool we can age cнarlιe ιnтo a тeen! parт 50: oмg coмe on!!!!! yoυr ѕooooo cloѕe! yeѕѕѕѕѕ!!!! qυιcĸ geт oυт тнe caĸe! NO DO NOT EAT THE CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!!!! Jk I 💜 this series look forward to it every Saturday 😊

  • Steph Fowlie
    Steph Fowlie 2 hours ago

    Disney names! Girls: Tiana, Kiara, Jasmine, Lilo, Nani Boys: Naveen, Kristoff, Peter, Milo, Mickey

  • Vivian Shepherd
    Vivian Shepherd 2 hours ago

    I think you should name a girl baby Vivian because it means life in Latin

  • Jillyan Vandevegte
    Jillyan Vandevegte 2 hours ago

    Mars reminds me of Dustin off of stranger things

  • Andy Genett
    Andy Genett 2 hours ago

    you called willow genny

  • Sydney Hebert
    Sydney Hebert 2 hours ago

    Can we please change Kasey’s hair to something that doesn’t scream Karen? I feel like she should asking to speak to a manager

  • Joy Lake
    Joy Lake 2 hours ago

    Chelsea used to be happy after listening to music. You sound angry and fustrated like you're not enjoying playing anymore.

  • Monica Bisgaier
    Monica Bisgaier 2 hours ago

    Girl:jade,ruby,Monica Boy:Jesse,max,paxton

  • Kailynn Durose
    Kailynn Durose 2 hours ago

    To celebrate 1 year of baby challenge, you should take different screenshots from then to now and present them

  • Andy Genett
    Andy Genett 2 hours ago

    have another alien baby

  • Dimitrije Demenski
    Dimitrije Demenski 2 hours ago

    did he- did he just find a hoodie and forgot to put it on

  • SavvySavage
    SavvySavage 2 hours ago

    Have real hackers play welcome to the game

  • Lila Jane
    Lila Jane 2 hours ago

    Lila as a girl

  • Juibelly
    Juibelly 2 hours ago

    can't wait for season 2 Maybe then my private 100 baby challenge has cought up (?)

  • ak mayernick
    ak mayernick 2 hours ago

    Where did they get that all that pirate stuff? Does Buzzfeed just have it laying around?

  • Ellalouise Davies
    Ellalouise Davies 2 hours ago

    You should name a baby boy buddy from the movie elf because it is Christmas

  • Leigh Adkins
    Leigh Adkins 2 hours ago

    Maria and her are just disturbing, I mean, are you gay, not to be rude

  • William Suter
    William Suter 2 hours ago

    Is it just me or that sketch of Owen looks like the fat controller

  • Nikisha Ollivierre
    Nikisha Ollivierre 3 hours ago

    When ahead said season finale I died a little inside until she he said not the series finale I was like omg it's fine, I'm fine, we're fine

  • Ellalouise Davies
    Ellalouise Davies 3 hours ago

    Please name a baby after me Ella I hope you see this 🤩

  • Leilani Gamez
    Leilani Gamez 3 hours ago

    name a girl alani or leilani or lani

  • zantex1097
    zantex1097 3 hours ago

    the thing about most ghost hunters is that all the people in the show or episode are full beleivers, but in buzzfeed you get shane a non-beliver and ryan a beleiver and i love that because you can find that they arent being bogus because of shane and yan being partnered up here

  • Sanjay Shahari
    Sanjay Shahari 3 hours ago

    2:30 every 15 year old after popping a cherry 😂

  • ak mayernick
    ak mayernick 3 hours ago

    "Oooooo" "Do I look intimidating now?" "You dooooo!"

  • Sami Wammi
    Sami Wammi 3 hours ago

    Nobody : MothMan : *it’s me, The MothMan*

    • Sami Wammi
      Sami Wammi 2 hours ago

      Also MothMan : **insert squeaking noises here**

  • Random edits
    Random edits 3 hours ago

    Guys the brother killed her they made a chick flic about it on tv nd the brother killed her cuz he felt lyke she wuz getting all the attention when her parents found her body the brother confesed nd the parents were trying to cover up for the son by writing a note nd leabing it on the stare case nd ect.

  • Armin D
    Armin D 3 hours ago

    if you're wondering how she could've made those voices, give Arch Enemy a listen. or Jinjer

  • Ellie Rosen
    Ellie Rosen 3 hours ago

    Can't wait till next week and season 2! Have a great Xmas! Xx

  • Amer1can2004
    Amer1can2004 3 hours ago

    No one: Shane and Ryan: here lets blur out the obvious MacBook logo

  • Celeste Turner
    Celeste Turner 3 hours ago

    Girl names: Elvira or Lorelai

  • Maul
    Maul 3 hours ago

    Aliens don’t exist but the nephilim once did Genesis 6:4 The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the Sons of God came into the daughters of man and they bore children to them, These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown And why is it so hard to accept that ancient civilizations were intelligent?

  • Eternal Bookwyrm
    Eternal Bookwyrm 3 hours ago

    I don't see how anyone could play Sims since the patch!!! My game feels so broken!!! Can't shower, have to take baths and people are freezing!!

  • A Whole Lot Of Rachel

    Some names These are all me, my brother and my cousins (plus I really like the name Nevaeh) Girl Names: Rachel, Eilidh, Nevaeh (ne-vay) (heaven backwards) Boy Names: Adam, Roddy, Mikey, Noah, Daniel, Lewis

  • Ella Wallace
    Ella Wallace 3 hours ago

    Baby boy hades baby girl Persephone.

  • A Whole Lot Of Rachel

    If that bow tie and sweats combo isn’t Blaine Anderson then idk what is 😂

  • Yuna Lee
    Yuna Lee 3 hours ago

    So...names? Girl: Kassie, Addison, Celia. Boy: Draco, Fred, Apollo, Walter.

  • Elita Gashi
    Elita Gashi 3 hours ago

    Lie makeup ect..

  • Melissa Lang
    Melissa Lang 3 hours ago

    Baby names Girl: Aubrey, Alanna, and Andrea Boy: Xavier, mason, and Jayden

  • idk
    idk 3 hours ago

    I don't think we should hail the person who shot him, because it doesn't matter who pulled the trigger. The whole town was behind this, the entire town essentially killed this dude. The honor should go to every single one of those people in attendance to his death.

  • Flower kitty
    Flower kitty 3 hours ago

    Who was here since the og sweet baby angle Charlie.

  • Mary
    Mary 3 hours ago

    I’ve never yelled louder while watching unsolved than I did when giorgio a. tsoukalos appeared

  • Tiffany The Chi-Athlete

    Sooooo I'm going back to the beginning and watching all of the laughs and cries all over again during the downtime between seasons one and two. :D

  • Mega Oofer
    Mega Oofer 3 hours ago

    Who has been here since the beginning?

  • Alexa Filla
    Alexa Filla 3 hours ago

    “oh, i forgot he does that”

  • Hello Abby
    Hello Abby 3 hours ago

    Girl Name: Jasmin Boy name: Abram or Kingston

  • Devon Bass17
    Devon Bass17 3 hours ago

    You are playing with demons there are no bad Ghost spirits and good Ghost spirits. We are appointed to death once, immediately after death is judgement. All spirits outside of Heaven are demons mastcurating as Holly Angels please stop allowing them access to your life they will continue to lower your spiritual connections to God in order to deceive you so that your soul will is lost!!

  • mizzRachii
    mizzRachii 3 hours ago

    Love love love this challenge so much! Girl : Isabella and leilah Boy: ambrose and Aevon

  • Leigh Adkins
    Leigh Adkins 3 hours ago

    Wait did Charlie die?!

  • khadidja خديجة
    khadidja خديجة 3 hours ago

    Shane and Ryan are the two sides of me every time I listen to a supernatural story

  • kayleigh c
    kayleigh c 3 hours ago

    Kelsey should use siri for all the traits the traits were always better

  • Tahseen Rahman
    Tahseen Rahman 3 hours ago

    when you realize that they are not flying

  • Benzo RyZe
    Benzo RyZe 3 hours ago

    I get teased a lot I hate it