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Introducing Premieres
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YouTube: Our Brand Mission
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Introducing YouTube TV
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Be Heard
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  • Diego Santana
    Diego Santana 6 minutes ago

    You HAVE to do vsco, unspeakable gaming, PEPPA PIG, and poke, dylan, and tofuu

  • Hamad Alameri
    Hamad Alameri 13 minutes ago

    مين شاف سعودي ربورتيرز في دقيقه 3:33

  • roslina tanggun
    roslina tanggun 16 minutes ago

    Do you know who's missing? Hmmmmmm I'm feeling not that shiny in this rewind....

  • Whale Basket
    Whale Basket 17 minutes ago

    RUclip is going to be forever ruined if nothing happens to change it for the better

  • PaupauElements Gaming
    PaupauElements Gaming 18 minutes ago

    Whats wrong its just a youtube mix videos and youtubers with memes And i want minecraft in rewind 2020 please RUclip

  • shaunflo
    shaunflo 22 minutes ago

    Why does this make me feel so nostalgic but it’s just a bad nostalgic feeling

  • Ninsoft Gaming
    Ninsoft Gaming 28 minutes ago

    The way they fit good you tubers in, trends and even “cringy” things is just so good. I wish they could do it more

  • One_Eleven11
    One_Eleven11 31 minute ago

    Alright so area 51 raid just happened today. If Marzia, felix, or Minecraft aren't even mentioned on RUclip rewind 2019, then YT HQ will be our next target.

  • Ninsoft Gaming
    Ninsoft Gaming 35 minutes ago

    This was actually ok lol

  • Miguel Lopez
    Miguel Lopez 36 minutes ago

    came to see how many dislikes there were. Happy Fall people!!

  • Claude Teina
    Claude Teina 38 minutes ago


    • Claude Teina
      Claude Teina 34 minutes ago

      i only liked this video because they BTS in it I am just a A.R.M.Y

  • Towshik Jim
    Towshik Jim 39 minutes ago

    the 2.6M likes dont know who pewds is

  • 、亜人
    、亜人 51 minute ago

  • Rinoa Davies
    Rinoa Davies 53 minutes ago

    Last good RUclip rewind because it was the last one with pewdiepie in 😔👊🏻

  • Sir Admin
    Sir Admin 55 minutes ago

    I kinda liked this not knowing it was this year's rewind

  • Leah Gregg
    Leah Gregg 57 minutes ago

    Atleast theres no morgz

  • Martina Baeza
    Martina Baeza 59 minutes ago

    Me*: watches video* Also me:* burns phone*

  • eatmypow
    eatmypow Hour ago

    Primitive technology was the best part he is actually talented.

  • Floome
    Floome Hour ago


  • MIKA
    MIKA Hour ago

    В меня буквально запихали всю эту толерантность...

  • Breezy
    Breezy Hour ago

    Glad people still be disliking.

  • Eric Cartman88
    Eric Cartman88 Hour ago

    Why my comment can't get popular?

  • Wegiwagi Boy
    Wegiwagi Boy Hour ago


  • Saitou Mochizuki

    0.5 seconds after i heard kpop in the video....quickly exited and watched pewdiepie's rewind instead cuz it has waaalllmaaaarrtttttt

  • Auf Gott
    Auf Gott Hour ago

    Wow we've come along way proud of the dislikes

    • D4
      D4 Hour ago

      Fortnite and starbucks v-bucks (free)

  • GerMONEY
    GerMONEY Hour ago

    Ppap is the only good part

  • Alex Animations
    Alex Animations Hour ago

    The only entertaining part was the ending footage

  • Irene's brother
    Irene's brother Hour ago

    2016 Was the best ♡

  • Demetrious The Goat Johnson

    I knew maybe 2-3 people in this video... and dont care about any of them.

  • fiohna
    fiohna Hour ago

    remember when people could actually have fun on youtube?

  • Alex Animations
    Alex Animations Hour ago

    If pewdiepie’s not in the 2019 Rewind, We will raid the RUclip HQ in September 20

  • Hermelinda Puebla

    Alguien 2919??

  • Hermelinda Puebla

    Alguien 2919??

  • GD Sailence2
    GD Sailence2 Hour ago

    Just checking for so many fake creators And dislikes don't mind me ;)

  • Becky legend
    Becky legend Hour ago

    2015 had rewind bus 2018 has battle bus :(

  • Captain Smartass

    The aim of Rewind is to celebrate things that made an influence in said year But barely any of these youtubers are recognisable apart from Casey Neistat and Markiplier Things that actualy had an influence such as, Celebrity deaths, Pewdiepie V T-Series, and so on. We shouldnt realy be begging for an improved rewind as we all know it isnt going to happen. RUclip is a pimp using rewind (The hooker) for Ad Revenue And rewind will always 100% be cringey and underwhelming unless you,re a karen, Bon Voyage Gamer's

  • Apple -ToOranges

    Nobody is going to mention how weird the Animations group is that I like it...I mean LOVE IT.

  • ZombieeeGaming
    ZombieeeGaming Hour ago


  • Mauricio Gabriel Velazquez

    DeroVolk justizze's stainn'she

  • Hermelinda Puebla

    Jajaja no entiendo nada de lo que dice el vídeo 😂😂

    • D4
      D4 Hour ago

      No peak spanish

  • GerMONEY
    GerMONEY Hour ago

    Is that bart baker on beach?


    2019 rewind 100 million dislikes 10 likes

  • Mauricio Gabriel Velazquez

    Justicia por DeroVolk........

  • SkeleGone
    SkeleGone 2 hours ago

    Lucas the Spider just removed all my cringe toxins

  • 劉尊玨
    劉尊玨 2 hours ago


  • GerMONEY
    GerMONEY 2 hours ago

    Hol up is that OLD DanTDM

  • Jonathan Michael
    Jonathan Michael 2 hours ago

    Awww Christina Grimmie

  • GerMONEY
    GerMONEY 2 hours ago

    Remember when rewinds had good music in it

  • MuralAkatThatPonyPerson Scratch

    Alright boys if they don't mention pewdiepie, Minecraft, or any other channels people know. We nuke rewind 2019 with 25 million dislikes.

  • Sumo
    Sumo 2 hours ago

    *That’s a lot of dislikes*

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 2 hours ago

    holy fak 16 m dislikes, that's Denmark, Norway, and Finland's populations COMBINED (roughly-sue me)

  • Hser Poe
    Hser Poe 2 hours ago

    Oof RUcliprs in this rewind must really feel uncomfortable

  • GerMONEY
    GerMONEY 2 hours ago

    I forgot when rewinds were actually good

  • ShyBye Repulse
    ShyBye Repulse 2 hours ago

    Ha the intro is so bad it’s just RUclip

  • CriticalDamage
    CriticalDamage 2 hours ago

    ah yes, enslaved cringe

  • snoopy cachu
    snoopy cachu 2 hours ago

    ohh la wea mala

  • MysticSync
    MysticSync 2 hours ago

    the only thing that made me smile is the sister squad

  • Mr. Boonana
    Mr. Boonana 2 hours ago

    This is actually good not gonna lie :-)

    • Mr. Boonana
      Mr. Boonana Hour ago

      its_d00d Nvm you are speaking the language of gods. Hail its_d00d

    • Mr. Boonana
      Mr. Boonana Hour ago

      its_d00d yo wut language u speekin?

    • its_d00d
      its_d00d 2 hours ago


  • Ian Malcolm
    Ian Malcolm 2 hours ago

    Can wait for the next one lmao

  • KamikazePlayz ROBLOX

    RUclip: Everyone controls rewind. Everyone: We want Pewdiepie! RUclip: No. Jaiden: 3:26 Everyone: *Realizes Jaiden snuck Pewds into rewind* RUclip: *doesn't notice*

  • elias 12
    elias 12 2 hours ago

    OMG 16 MILLONES DE DESLIKE ALGUIEN 2019 september 21??

  • Kevin Morales Gomez
    Kevin Morales Gomez 2 hours ago

    Can someone else direct RUclip rewind?

  • Boni Garay
    Boni Garay 2 hours ago


  • Job Lastname
    Job Lastname 2 hours ago

    Área 51 por fa

  • [CyCo] Toxicity
    [CyCo] Toxicity 3 hours ago

    Ahem, sorry for this inconvenience but ummm we’re going to have to remove your verification...

  • YT X_xxCLIPSxx_X
    YT X_xxCLIPSxx_X 3 hours ago

    I'm just looking for the mosted like comment... Heard it was here.

  • Boni Garay
    Boni Garay 3 hours ago


  • SiKael
    SiKael 3 hours ago

    *16_MiLiIoN dIsLiKeS*

  • SierraJoFox
    SierraJoFox 3 hours ago

    RUclip: Lets add white people to dance to idol. BTS: WHY U SO RACIST!!!!!!!!!

  • G0Z FANゴーズのファン

    2:38 worst scene 3:06 animator scene is best 7:52 hikakintv fischers japanese youtubers

  • Butter The Buns
    Butter The Buns 3 hours ago

    Que patrick with the: "WhO aRE YoU peOPLe!?!?!?!"

  • richie chay luquin
    richie chay luquin 3 hours ago

    Who the hell just give the ideas for this rewind actually the pewdiepie rewind is 100 better

  • Awesome Blocks
    Awesome Blocks 3 hours ago

    Anymody here before 16 mil dislikes?

  • K Jaden B
    K Jaden B 3 hours ago

    After disliking it so much it finally reached 2.6M+ Likes Pathetic 😒🙁

  • DevDev Fernando
    DevDev Fernando 3 hours ago

    I bet half of the dislikes are people who did it for the memes lol

  • saputra Adi
    saputra Adi 3 hours ago

    The worsth videos ever on youtube

  • Hulkatron67
    Hulkatron67 3 hours ago

    What did the furry say

  • bryanbryan 1290
    bryanbryan 1290 3 hours ago

    The next better be better

  • why tf you’re reading this?

    I’m here to check the dislikes xD

    LUCIANO XD 3 hours ago


  • SoCiOpAtH ML
    SoCiOpAtH ML 3 hours ago

    Make a comment have higher likes than the video

  • Guillermo Palacios Amezcua

    Creo que sacan muy pocas cosas de Abla español solo salen puros Abla inglés

  • BTDBuster
    BTDBuster 3 hours ago

    2019 Rewind should have Creeper aww man! :)

  • Aisha Ghouse
    Aisha Ghouse 3 hours ago

    They used Idol by BTS without giving them credit which is why I disliked this stupid rewind.

  • Guillermo Palacios Amezcua

    0:34 LIKE si viste a luzu

  • Emiliano Hernández
    Emiliano Hernández 3 hours ago

    Falto el negas

  • The Ice Cold Gamer
    The Ice Cold Gamer 3 hours ago

    I only know ninja(ligma balls), gaming with kev, nick eh 30, marshmello, swoozie, the odd1sout, big Shaq, yodeling kid, Lucas the spider, MARK,and illymation

  • slime_trainer
    slime_trainer 4 hours ago

    Where js pewds

  • Interracial Suspect
    Interracial Suspect 4 hours ago

    Women and Soy 😬

  • Elizabeth Salazar
    Elizabeth Salazar 4 hours ago

    Dont mind me just checkin’ in for the dislikes! Rewind 2019: Disabled comments likes and dislikes Rewind 2020: Private video

  • GetSpooped
    GetSpooped 4 hours ago

    I’m just stopping by to check the dislikes after I raided Area 51. Got a new alien named windowsnine

  • Agustin Thames
    Agustin Thames 4 hours ago

    Area 51 2019

  • 360 Gaming channel
    360 Gaming channel 4 hours ago

    Fortnite succs

  • Shoko JYAL
    Shoko JYAL 4 hours ago


  • mask boy
    mask boy 4 hours ago

    Can you add the mask community to 2019 rewind?

  • Denmark is a Myth
    Denmark is a Myth 4 hours ago

    3 months....3 months......

  • Mila Valeria Rugel Espinoza

    Peor que el club penguin island

    SURFEY 4 hours ago

    2019 rewind better be good

  • s p o o k e d s c a r

    oh hey at least evan(vanoss) is here