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The Story of Pasta Grannies
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VidConfessions | VidCon 2019
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Introducing Premieres
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YouTube: Our Brand Mission
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Introducing YouTube TV
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Be Heard
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  • Daily Dose Of Wierd Videos just terrible

  • rafael sandoval
    rafael sandoval 7 minutes ago


  • Hanna Nguyen
    Hanna Nguyen 9 minutes ago

    It just wasn’t creative enough

  • rafael sandoval
    rafael sandoval 11 minutes ago

    Not.not.not.not!!!!!! Yutube wat?? Agggh not not yatube not!!!!!!!!!

  • bilaso Nguyen
    bilaso Nguyen 14 minutes ago

    Bài gì vậy ạ

  • dem0nzart
    dem0nzart 16 minutes ago

    why is this a top 10 video i-

  • Aiden Copeland
    Aiden Copeland 19 minutes ago

    Welcome to watch mojo and today we will be counting down our picks for...

  • María C
    María C 20 minutes ago

    🤮 Dude, Wtff?

  • Malay Tep 81
    Malay Tep 81 21 minute ago

    I saw myself

  • Hydro Flamez602
    Hydro Flamez602 22 minutes ago

    Omg the first video on RUclip

  • That Strange Dude Around
    That Strange Dude Around 26 minutes ago

    Sweet Lord, this is GOLD compared to 2019

  • dean gaming
    dean gaming 31 minute ago

    Fix you tube

  • Smasher Games
    Smasher Games 36 minutes ago

    Ok this is bad for no reaon

  • lala liz
    lala liz 37 minutes ago

    Mmm porque badabum mejor Luisito comunica

  • Cassiano Fonsaca
    Cassiano Fonsaca 49 minutes ago

    America is a land of freedom and liberty, but the friendly family politics is destroyed the RUclip's freedom and liberty. It is the cause for RUclip Age ending.


    Fortnite bad

  • Ayden’s Video’s
    Ayden’s Video’s 55 minutes ago

    Was this the rewind it was so short

  • thatgoboboi
    thatgoboboi 55 minutes ago

    any one watching in 2020?

  • Leo who puts their last name.

    How does it feel when PewDiePie has more likes thin you.

  • thatgoboboi
    thatgoboboi 58 minutes ago


  • Ellie kiwi lover denton

    this will break the record of dislikes again -_-

  • High Five
    High Five Hour ago

    Am i trippin or was there really no Etika?

  • xXMrFlimFanXx
    xXMrFlimFanXx Hour ago


  • Brayden Aadland
    Brayden Aadland Hour ago

    I watched this to renew my hate for it.

  • DaGameGamer
    DaGameGamer Hour ago


  • Flames
    Flames Hour ago

    This is what happens when the teacher assigns you to a group project and only one kid does what he knows.

  • Lord Barron
    Lord Barron Hour ago

    Double the ads double the dislikes

  • patricia Cardenas Caicedo

    Que asco de RUclip rewind

  • must thopa sultanova chalih

    tolong di blokir RUclip yang menampilkan gambar kotoran tolong banned sadddja

  • 탁현정
    탁현정 Hour ago

    한국인 찾음

  • A cup of tea,with some suga and a kookie

    Who’s watching in 2020 to see how much dislikes this has???

  • Sofia Abram
    Sofia Abram Hour ago

    Que esta pasando? Los rewinds están siendo una porqueria

  • MaryKay113 Playz


  • Ronan Atkinson
    Ronan Atkinson Hour ago

    There’s 2.1 million comments, if you manage to find mine you are a legend

  • arffjay
    arffjay Hour ago

    This comment section has more likes than this rewind will ever get

  • Non-binary as Not-Slix

    Wow RUclip managed to get the most disliked video on their own platform

  • PeachyBubbles
    PeachyBubbles Hour ago

    Why do I kind of feel bad for youtube this year. Like everyone hated the last rewind but god they got another flood of dislikes. I feel like you should've done like you did in the old rewinds. Gather people we actually think are great and be creative. This was just a slap of old videos that I could've created in my house. Im sorry but this just ain't good.

  • IAmThePremire
    IAmThePremire Hour ago

    So your telling me: RUclip puts in the worlds most like videos, all in one video, and they think that all those likes, would calcualte how many likes they are going to get on this video with likes. Logic 10\10

  • Simon Pugh
    Simon Pugh Hour ago

    Stop hating

  • IAmThePremire
    IAmThePremire Hour ago

    Whos here after rewind 2019

  • Toto Conde
    Toto Conde Hour ago

    Is the rewind shet

  • Mr. Choudhry
    Mr. Choudhry Hour ago

    This rewind was nice and if they go back to the 2015 and 16 rewind and outline that and make rewind 2020 like that, it will be amazing.

  • Aaron Dagnese
    Aaron Dagnese Hour ago

    im not liking until u either out cleetus on here, danny duncan, or get rid off all the lames

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool Hour ago

    Minimum effort

  • 1000 subscribers without a video Plz

    If RUclip doesn’t mention Kobe Bryant in RUclip 2020 Rewind, I’m not even going to know what to SAY..

  • Generated Beh // BehYT3

    Worst video ever

  • Jeff setho
    Jeff setho 2 hours ago

    this will be the most disliked video

  • Arasi Encinas
    Arasi Encinas 2 hours ago

    One question, what is the song called 0:52?

  • Zoe Lark
    Zoe Lark 2 hours ago

    This was like an awards show for youtube videos. Honestly, everyone's giving up on youtube rewind now.

  • Aldana Cisneros
    Aldana Cisneros 2 hours ago

    Yo lo amé solo porque esta Angie 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • superultra litgamer
    superultra litgamer 2 hours ago

    Yaaah rewind

  • JuaniSuper Boss
    JuaniSuper Boss 2 hours ago

    Que gran año....

  • DLQ7
    DLQ7 2 hours ago

    It wasn’t as bad as last year

  • Luna•Wolf
    Luna•Wolf 2 hours ago

    Eeeh faltoh gasha laif :V

  • Marie Jeon
    Marie Jeon 2 hours ago

    The last good RUclip rewind smh how the times have changed

  • my super killer sjdejdhs

    Please help, my brothres chnnal got stolen and used for monye,., plese hlpe.

  • Edgaral Lujan
    Edgaral Lujan 2 hours ago

    0:32 Angie 😂

  • Mar gaming Tv
    Mar gaming Tv 2 hours ago

    Shout me out plz I need it

  • Mar gaming Tv
    Mar gaming Tv 2 hours ago

    Shout me out

    FZANX CH 2 hours ago

    Kok suara nya ImuT

  • Isaiah Daniel
    Isaiah Daniel 2 hours ago

    RUclip rewind 2018: *has over 17 million dislikes* RUclip rewind 2019: Finally, a worthy opponent. Out battle will be legendary!!

  • Vlad88 YT
    Vlad88 YT 2 hours ago

    Yo pensaba que youtube tenia demasiado dinero como para esmerarse un poco y gastar dinero para mejores efectos especiales

  • Brambleclaw Fire
    Brambleclaw Fire 2 hours ago

    me: youtube if you not make it a top 10 and maybe not work to hard you could make a decent rewind youtube: hmmm nah fam top 10s are life me:welp here we go again (unlikes video)

  • Nicko Rap99
    Nicko Rap99 2 hours ago

    Ese si era buen Rewid no el de 2019

  • Debbie Gibbs
    Debbie Gibbs 2 hours ago

    Demi Lavato

  • Me llaman Dani
    Me llaman Dani 2 hours ago

    Lo único bueno de este rewind fue la aparición de Angie Velasco :/

  • Adib Shah
    Adib Shah 2 hours ago

    They mentioned t-series but didnt mention pewdiepie vs the whole t-series thingy....what the hell

  • Andres Carvajal
    Andres Carvajal 3 hours ago

    Simplemente es una recopilación de todo lo mas visto y ya osea que pedo

  • Sizzle Sister
    Sizzle Sister 3 hours ago

    To be totally honest I love the rewinds all of them

  • Grego crack2008
    Grego crack2008 3 hours ago

    Malisimooo peor que el año pasadoo😠🤬🤬😡😡

  • Jordon Garcia
    Jordon Garcia 3 hours ago

    I'm going to claim this as my copyright and my content because RUclip is shitty when it comes to copyright claims. RUclip owes me $18,664.94

  • Xx_dope_xX squad
    Xx_dope_xX squad 3 hours ago

    This ain't rewind this dejavu

    THE VLOG MASTER 3 hours ago


  • stelios Tzatsos
    stelios Tzatsos 3 hours ago

    watchmojo is that you?😅

  • hugh jass
    hugh jass 3 hours ago

    I wonder how 2020 rewind will be( hopefully better than whatever this was) so early in and we already experienced tragic deaths that I hope are included 😢

    • XtraFaDeX
      XtraFaDeX 2 hours ago

      hugh jass I can tell it will do like an another “crappy” repost.

  • Daniela López Rodriguez

    Quisiera que en el rewind del 2020 ponga kpop en general, no solo bts sino también blackpink, stray kids, EXO, twice etc

  • J0S3PH
    J0S3PH 3 hours ago

    Still glad to see that this is the most disliked video on RUclip

  • Adanker
    Adanker 3 hours ago

    It hurts to think that etika never got to see this.

  • J0S3PH
    J0S3PH 3 hours ago

    WatchMojo: am I a joke to you?

  • Eztli Martinez
    Eztli Martinez 3 hours ago

    RUclip supports T-Series

  • Atross ZER0
    Atross ZER0 3 hours ago


  • Tristan Nugent
    Tristan Nugent 3 hours ago

    Your telling me i waited all year for the stuff i already watched

  • Isa The Gamer
    Isa The Gamer 3 hours ago


  • That One guy
    That One guy 3 hours ago

    RUclip is that friend who says “have it your way then “ and then finds a way to make it even more insufferable

  • DMA_BSGV 7
    DMA_BSGV 7 3 hours ago

    Yikes Guess this became a Top 10 Video

  • Shouko Nishimiya
    Shouko Nishimiya 3 hours ago

    Bem que em algum ano podiam colocar os animes né

  • Nikki Sanderson
    Nikki Sanderson 3 hours ago

    Ok,but they forgot lovely by Billie Eillish it has 7 million something likes

  • Nell D
    Nell D 3 hours ago

    Just came here to see my 2 favorite drag queens Katya and Trixie ❤

  • NebulKill top
    NebulKill top 3 hours ago


  • GamerMike
    GamerMike 3 hours ago

    RUclip Is like that one trying to be cool teacher but always fails “MISRIBLEY”

    IGNACIO SABE TODO 3 hours ago

    el dios minecraft 😲

  • fireworksgary
    fireworksgary 3 hours ago

    You forgot Ricardo Milos.

  • Dreem
    Dreem 3 hours ago

    RUclip Rewind 2018: let's make a horrible video RUclip Rewind 2019: *lets become watchmojo*

  • Leo TV 44
    Leo TV 44 3 hours ago

    Likes si solo conocías a luisito y a luzu y a juan panocha ;v xd

  • Jchampneys
    Jchampneys 3 hours ago

    welp... it's better than last year

  • chloe the ghost girl

    this RUclip rewind and the last one are so terrible in completely different was there's not a comparison

  • HiddenInUrBox
    HiddenInUrBox 3 hours ago

    This should get flagged by COPPA

  • 〔echø 〕
    〔echø 〕 3 hours ago

    Why can’t they do gacha? Idk I’m sorry...

  • Iago Alonso Alonso
    Iago Alonso Alonso 3 hours ago

    I only see this video because of the Dua Lipa loop at 04:31

  • Podemos llegar a los 2.000 Sin subir videos?

    Alecmolon alecmolon alecmolon alecmolon alecmolon Badlangschugs suuuuuuuu!