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  • Space Cowboy 45
    Space Cowboy 45 17 minutes ago

    I see a nerf in Kali’s future for sure.

  • Cooper Lebor
    Cooper Lebor 38 minutes ago

    Kali is op. Change my mind

  • Connor Walsh
    Connor Walsh 47 minutes ago

    I want keener and Alex and Russo heads

  • xxxtentacion
    xxxtentacion 50 minutes ago


  • otahu Rice
    otahu Rice 53 minutes ago

    OH Look A revamped CAPTAIN HARLOCK!!

  • Brace Land
    Brace Land 56 minutes ago

    I miss when Rainbow six was good

  • A bunny that will chew on your cables

    i feel like Kali is over powered and will be constantly banned inn ranked

  • Ludwig Van Beethoven

    Please release more of these short films!!

  • Bu salah - 007
    Bu salah - 007 Hour ago

    touyota supra

  • Bu salah - 007
    Bu salah - 007 Hour ago

    gmc sierra 1997

  • Bu salah - 007
    Bu salah - 007 Hour ago

    touyota supra

    • 千歳飴
      千歳飴 34 minutes ago

      Bu salah - 007 Play GranTurismo Sport

  • Bu salah - 007
    Bu salah - 007 Hour ago

    gmc sierra

  • Bu salah - 007
    Bu salah - 007 Hour ago

    ubisoft we need "GMC" , "Touyota"

  • Roger Burca
    Roger Burca 2 hours ago

    Omg loveeeeeee it like 1000000 times thank you obi soft your the best

  • Aqil Khan
    Aqil Khan 2 hours ago

    In game they are both out for each others blood

  • Sid McGlynn
    Sid McGlynn 2 hours ago

    Someone please explain to me what these black priors are? And this story I really don’t understand😂been out of the for honor loop for a bit

  • Joshua Hall
    Joshua Hall 2 hours ago

    Or just simply add a optimization station.

  • JamieTheIrvine
    JamieTheIrvine 2 hours ago

    Most pointless operators in the game hope shifting tides is good

  • 1Hawk2Hawks
    1Hawk2Hawks 2 hours ago

    soooo ubisoft is willing to spend money on stuff like this but not on a single player campain oke then

  • Antonin Drouet
    Antonin Drouet 2 hours ago

    Subaru or bye 🙊

  • The Dude
    The Dude 2 hours ago

    Smh your so bad at the game. QUIT USING THE BOOST CONSTANTLY!!!

  • hayden_campbell123
    hayden_campbell123 2 hours ago

    how much r6 credits is kali going to be?

  • harshlens
    harshlens 2 hours ago

    Only cars... I really wish we would get more bikes.

  • Ian Ripperger
    Ian Ripperger 2 hours ago

    When will we get the option to change the exhaust note

  • Domplex 247
    Domplex 247 2 hours ago

    Maybe update the touring car tracks, and add a new alpha GP model

  • no name
    no name 3 hours ago

    Poor maestro ;-;

  • Spreadstatue
    Spreadstatue 3 hours ago

    Looks like Kali is gonna put Thatcher out of a job with her gadget.

  • afarrel_ fbn
    afarrel_ fbn 3 hours ago

    We want subaru!

  • L R
    L R 3 hours ago

    "How can we make two completely overpowered ops and make it as obvious as possible?"

  • Maytricks
    Maytricks 3 hours ago

    FINALLY A BOLT ACTION!!!! I've been waiting since open beta.

  • xXx GabytZu xXx
    xXx GabytZu xXx 3 hours ago

    You added the Citroen GT now i want the Renault Trezor

  • SePuPu
    SePuPu 3 hours ago

    This will be a great update great job mates!

  • The Gaming Doge
    The Gaming Doge 3 hours ago

    How come PC gets the latest versions

  • HeavyMarksman V
    HeavyMarksman V 3 hours ago

    Why she not three speed?

  • Domplex 247
    Domplex 247 3 hours ago


  • Zerry Borger
    Zerry Borger 3 hours ago

    Ubisoft I have a request for 2020: more archery

  • AdrianStorms
    AdrianStorms 3 hours ago

    My favourite AC game, and Kassandra definitely one of my favourite protagonists in any game.

  • Zerry Borger
    Zerry Borger 3 hours ago

    Still love this game

  • re4pro26
    re4pro26 4 hours ago

    Ubisoft Try to talk to Christian And get the Jesko on this game Or at least Subaru come on NFS Heat is Slowly talking your players

  • HeyImCode
    HeyImCode 4 hours ago

    Kali & Wamai: Hey guys! *Glaz & Jäger has left the chat*

  • Marcel Mayer
    Marcel Mayer 4 hours ago

    it calls porsche with an e ... idiot

  • Abhishek Sarin
    Abhishek Sarin 4 hours ago

    Wamai, planting his gadget all around the hostages: You can stop worrying about Fuze now

  • josht2239
    josht2239 4 hours ago

    Another boring season of rainbow. More gagets.....

  • nicholas sanford
    nicholas sanford 4 hours ago

    Don’t even need thatcher no more

  • M. A. Gonzalez
    M. A. Gonzalez 4 hours ago

    0:17 The model for the cyclops?

  • Nolan Lynam
    Nolan Lynam 4 hours ago

    I feel like they’re running out of ideas now

  • Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

    Awesome Black Panther Full Outfit for Wamai inspired would be Epic an The BLack Panther Helmet as well

  • Tucker Gladue
    Tucker Gladue 5 hours ago

    Bring back ranked tournaments

  • Radicola
    Radicola 5 hours ago

    I hope Ubisoft throws a bone to the Rayman fanbase and make a video similar to this.

  • Keystos
    Keystos 5 hours ago

    Greek operators please!!!

  • Black Bikes
    Black Bikes 5 hours ago

    they should of used jason strathem

  • Ethan
    Ethan 5 hours ago


  • James N
    James N 5 hours ago

    Subaru or get lost ubisoft.

  • ninja bishop
    ninja bishop 5 hours ago

    When this this new sniper comes out it's just going to be her a glaz on plane one tapping you as soon as you are un-prone

  • crispy gaming
    crispy gaming 5 hours ago

    Adding silly wheels and neon is not what this game needs. This game needs more of a test drive feel to where you can use in game Sat navs to turn mini maps off for better screen view indicators so when cruisng with people you know where they are going better customisation and sounds to cars and bikes fuel to give you that feel of crossing america and having to fuel up to continue your journey. These are just basic things to improve you have a team that have come from test drive let them add features that made test drive the immersive game it was many youtubers and fans have said this about the game making the game stupid with silly customisation is not the way to go. You are making your own fans of a game that is about crusing and driving leave I loved this game but getting content that silly and cars that everyone dosnt want. We dont need more super cars to go fast across the map with we want low end cars that we can do up how we like to go fast and to look clean

    • crispy gaming
      crispy gaming 3 hours ago

      @finland_gamer 1 I know you can but most of the cars have in game sat navs why cant we use those I like to have a clear screen no added rubbish when cruising a in game sat nav wouldmbe better so it's in the car

    • finland_gamer 1
      finland_gamer 1 3 hours ago

      You can put mini map off on settings

  • Nick Bogenn
    Nick Bogenn 5 hours ago

    Who's still waiting for another short film

  • Joshu - Bass
    Joshu - Bass 5 hours ago

    fix your game

  • Jake
    Jake 5 hours ago

    Can’t wait for the MLG clips

  • Looney BX Tunezz
    Looney BX Tunezz 5 hours ago

    Please can you make it somewhat easier to get the eagle barrer in the raid it's better for it to drop in Discovery mode only because nobody wants to raid and if they do it takes hours just to get 8 people to raid and then they quit in middle of the raid and never get it done

  • Juan Punch Man
    Juan Punch Man 5 hours ago

    No one has commented that Dokkaebi sounds like she has a stuffed nose

  • DareDevil
    DareDevil 5 hours ago

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!

    XO.JALEN 5 hours ago

    ubisoft servers are dogshit.

  • Scout_Scream.mp4
    Scout_Scream.mp4 5 hours ago


  • WatchersGrim
    WatchersGrim 5 hours ago

    What is it Michael from Vsauce talking?

  • Kane Wells
    Kane Wells 5 hours ago

    Pls give us another outbreak type secondary game mode pretty pls

  • Dusan Tomic
    Dusan Tomic 6 hours ago

    no one: me: *this is bravo six going dark on steroids*

  • Danny Idaho
    Danny Idaho 6 hours ago

    Now this game needs new factions: Gaels-Scots, Nomads, Singhs, Cossacks, Saracens, Ruses... Would be great!

  • Mike Verners
    Mike Verners 6 hours ago

    Why so powerful when a nerf is coming lol a week later of launch

  • Gin Yoshida
    Gin Yoshida 6 hours ago


  • cole floyd
    cole floyd 6 hours ago

    I would win this tournament in a heartbeat

  • gamble sull
    gamble sull 6 hours ago

    a legned is born

  • J Sa
    J Sa 6 hours ago

    I wonder if i could recruit a male gigolo hmph i can't wait till march too find out.

  • J Sa
    J Sa 6 hours ago

    Yes time to find and recreate some cool and funny p,ayer squads i hope there is a grandpa dressed as a hotdog.

  • J Sa
    J Sa 7 hours ago

    I hope they are not premade players i hope they generate new recruits. I like the punk inspired artwork Punks Not Dead cause it never died.

  • Wayne Buffin
    Wayne Buffin 7 hours ago

    I knew we was getting a rework map it was either house or theme park I’m guessing we’re not getting anymore new maps

  • Eden's Gate
    Eden's Gate 7 hours ago

    American Simulator 5

  • hellscorpio82
    hellscorpio82 7 hours ago

    Live service? No thank you! No one wants another 76 anthem!

  • -
    - 7 hours ago

    It went downhill fast after the Ezio trilogy. All they had to do was follow the timeline forward, continuing with Desmond and the war between Templars and Assassins. The last game should have been present time with Desmond being the fully trained assassin, adopting all of his ancestors abilities, scaling buildings and infiltrating the Templars which could have spanned the world. How do developers miss these opportunities?

  • J Sa
    J Sa 7 hours ago

    So i can recruit anyone, even a grandpa dressed up as a hotdog?

  • iman naz
    iman naz 7 hours ago

    Take my money

  • Pedro blogs games
    Pedro blogs games 7 hours ago


    CHIKEN NOOD 7 hours ago


  • Scotty Papa
    Scotty Papa 7 hours ago

    Lol the aug as a defense gun wild

  • ss ss
    ss ss 7 hours ago

    This game looks so boring already, not ac anymore. to open not sleak characters. and boring map looks of the new game in general.

  • M
    M 7 hours ago

    I wonder if your ship gets destroyed how do u get it back will it cost in game money to repair it..I'm excited to get this game

  • TiTho
    TiTho 7 hours ago

    5:45 and then u still get banned if u kill a teammate because of the damn magnet???

  • TiTho
    TiTho 8 hours ago

    this game is becoming more and more unrealistic....i cant wait for a "AAA" game with absolute realistic siege...

  • TiTho
    TiTho 8 hours ago

    03:08 They wont create openings in reinforced walls.....so whats that at 2:58

  • Xanathos
    Xanathos 8 hours ago

    For me AC, AC2, ACB, ACR, AC3 and AC4BF were the best AC, with AC2 at its peak. Unity had a great story, too bad it ended short... Hope the franchise becomes good again. Story-wise, i mean

  • TiTho
    TiTho 8 hours ago

    shooting on cav with a huge sniper from 10 meters and she just got downed BIG LOL

  • TiTho
    TiTho 8 hours ago

    what a bullshit this game is

  • Elijah Adair
    Elijah Adair 8 hours ago


  • Frank Hornchek
    Frank Hornchek 8 hours ago

    I'm glad you guys finish the patch notes up early last week and were able to squeeze in a little more freaking lazy assholes

  • Joshua Hall
    Joshua Hall 8 hours ago

    Hey guys. I've got over 36 days game time logged into this game. I love the improvements since launch. But seriously, the rng SUCKS in this game. 1st off, why am I receiving purple gear in world tier 5? 2nd, if I'm in a targeted loot area, I should be receiving 90% that particular targeted loot. 3rd, when are the gear mods for weapon damage going to start dropping maxed out weapon damage percentages? 4th, when am I going to start seeing maxed out gear rolls like weapon damage, armor and health rolls? I understand that it's a looter shooter but enough is enough.

  • Yuuji Lee
    Yuuji Lee 8 hours ago

    we finally have a true big bang bang sniper!

  • Daniel Robinson
    Daniel Robinson 8 hours ago

    Add a flamethrower signature weapon with phosphorus grenades that blind and burn you...even perhaps bring back some of the old enemies..or even real Military branches into the world.

  • Daniel Robinson
    Daniel Robinson 8 hours ago

    Should of made an exotic FAMAS instead of the chatterbox...P90 that gives you more ammo and faster fire rate...but that would be hard to do since it's shoots so fast. Maybe just add more dark zones...even maybe underground darkzone...or more cities...new raid should be Hyenas.

  • Frank Hornchek
    Frank Hornchek 8 hours ago

    In a world we live today where everybody spits at you the negative it makes it real easy for you guys to focus on your positives and you're missing the blaring video game simple things

  • Luke Frederiks
    Luke Frederiks 9 hours ago

    This is just the instrumental video for the Tobuscus song Never forget Mysterious hidden man watches from a distance