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  • BlackSouLII
    BlackSouLII Hour ago

    That moment when KidMarques was more professional than many tec channels today, great quality mate! Also, why RUclip has recommended this to me 4 times already lol

  • Saiful Islam
    Saiful Islam Hour ago

    I actually like the new design

  • Nintee9
    Nintee9 Hour ago

    Now if they only had usb c this would be an upgrade for me, but seriously everyone is on usb c and Apple is still here with lightning!!!

  • Suspense07
    Suspense07 Hour ago

    "and I hope you guys continue to watch my videos in the future" a decade later and still Killin shyt yep I'm still watching your videos a true 🐐

  • Chiel vd H
    Chiel vd H Hour ago

    I will never buy this kind of crap. The camera setup looks so ugly. And no innovation anymore. The competition have a smaller nodge, standard 128gb and not a cooking plate of cameras. I think this will be my last iphone after years (xs max).

  • Idiot with Internet

    “3D Touch will be very important in the future” Oh if only you were right.....

  • Cecilia Quansah
    Cecilia Quansah Hour ago

    Who else noticed the verge did a similar intro.

  • 1llx Leaker
    1llx Leaker Hour ago

    Just came back from Area 51 and I have a iPhone 69

  • Aldo _
    Aldo _ Hour ago

    Dude wtf yesterday I got your iphone 5s review and today this RUclip loves young marques

  • Jitendra P
    Jitendra P Hour ago

    I sell my iPhone XXX to buy one AK 47 then.... Now I have 69 iPhone XXX with that gun!!!!!!!

  • Klei dela Fuente

    Hi Marquee Question Does the face ID can be open the same way the ipad pro? Like horizontal way etc. Appreciate your reply Thanks

  • Lilith Park
    Lilith Park Hour ago

    Just got an XR after the release of the 11 and it’s so good

  • Fernando P
    Fernando P Hour ago


  • Pravesh Sharma
    Pravesh Sharma Hour ago

    Just want to know 3 answers 1. which version of BT is used in 2nd Generation Airpods 2. What is the range these Airpod like in meter or feet 3. Can we answer the call with the only touch of Airpod but without touching phone .

  • Anwary Said
    Anwary Said Hour ago

    i think this is an upgrade for someone with iphone 7 or 8 and slightly iphone X

  • dietisgreat
    dietisgreat Hour ago

    Pointless why would you need 3 cameras

  • MoviesShowForU
    MoviesShowForU Hour ago

    Are they trying to sell phone or cameras?

  • Bilal Waheed
    Bilal Waheed Hour ago

    Am i the only one that notices how the bezels are slightly thicker on the 11 Pro compared to the 10s?

  • Brent Ten
    Brent Ten Hour ago

    Your videos are always awesome to watch. Thank you! 😃

  • jean emmanuel
    jean emmanuel Hour ago

    Thanks for all your ongoing reviews👍🏿. Do you know who makes Apple’s iPhone pro screens?... Thanks in advance ✌🏿

  • TwitchAlerts
    TwitchAlerts Hour ago

    AnyOne watching in 2019??😂😂

  • Kc
    Kc Hour ago

    Ha apple watched are the dumbest invention apple has made

  • sippus sha
    sippus sha Hour ago

    Mkbhd, Stop blabbering about the “pro” stuff about iPhones. Because it’s apple. They never try to be beyond the technology. They just be perfect in what ever they invent.

  • Maha Bharath
    Maha Bharath Hour ago

    Lol the studio is almost like a setup for shooting Avatar movie

  • Kalpesh Malpani
    Kalpesh Malpani Hour ago

    Thumbs up from Casey Neistat 😉😉

  • Everything Central

    2012: 2 GB ram=powerhouse 2019: 6 GB ram=average

  • Prakash Arora
    Prakash Arora Hour ago

    Oh my my, this intro has me hooked 🤩🤩 I've already watched it tens of times. Just perfect and sheer brilliant! Hats off to Marques and the other guys involved 👲🏽👲🏽

  • Ako Steve
    Ako Steve Hour ago

    What is a Pon

  • M.Q.S.
    M.Q.S. Hour ago

    Watching this on my Note 10+

  • Lucky Patel
    Lucky Patel Hour ago

    Anyone sept'19?

  • Sury Ady
    Sury Ady Hour ago

    Terasa jadul tu hp!!

  • Lucas Porpi • 10 years ago

    What is a tablet and a phone? I will get it at christmas

  • M.Q.S.
    M.Q.S. Hour ago

    Why is this recommended to me in 2019?

  • 5252
    5252 Hour ago

    You do know Elon Musk worship Satan right !!!!!!!!!!! Dude u cant be that stupid. Man worshipping Saturn must be so great telling you when to plan to release your plan technology pace of achievement that is so extremely artificial for the plan destruction and enslavement of all of the human race The average black American doesn't want racism to stop they don't want freedom they only want participation in their masters psychological brainwashing In other words the average black American is not opposed to white supremacy only the position that white Supremacy can or cannot give them it is more behind white supremacist power that rules America in the world globally then just racism ignorance and psycho climatology. All white supremacy is secretly dominated controlled and predicated buy secret satanic Saturn worship!!!!!!!!!!!! Rite or wrong the proof is in the pudding and I have put it together and proven it to be true.!!!!! Instagram g_hendoii.

  • Hazox
    Hazox Hour ago

    Well as of rn the only phone that might beat this all around, cause there are phones out there that beat one category lol, maybe battery, but performance is shit and lacks feature, or perhaps it has a godly camera, but no features and no battery at all, the Note 10+ is the only phone that I know of that beats this in MOST category's, bigger display, longer battery, faster charging, about the same camera, s pen, etc....but it's kinda too big, and expensive asf, so for it's price, this is still #1

  • Annie Annie
    Annie Annie Hour ago

    Guys don’t you know that when iOS 13 will get out, it will basically be on the iPhone se and up so it will be like it’s the iPhone 11

  • gtrnum
    gtrnum Hour ago

    get a teaching qualification dude. you cant hold an audience. bad.

  • sundareswaran chandrasekaran

    Ufffff.....finally we have got an good upgrade....iPhone XS to iPhone 11pro...yes only the

  • Sriram kumaran
    Sriram kumaran Hour ago

    Tesla app... sala u r showing off tht u hvng Tesla

  • Link.-.Slayer
    Link.-.Slayer Hour ago

    Ngl this is cringe😂

  • Albert Diaz
    Albert Diaz Hour ago

    Design is shit, just because you get used to it doesnt mean it's not bad, after all you can get used to anything with alot of prolonged exposure to where it becomes something normal

  • Shivaya seerungum

    what's that wallpaper app you are using?

  • branIsA CrippledDoucheBag

    got a note 8 been android all my life i wanna sip some apple juice so im binge watching iphone X reviews to see if it would be a good step into the ios fray. was loving on the iphone 11 pro but its way out of my wallets jurisdiction and the regular 11 mmmm not sure to get that one or the X. im seeing alot of good deals on the X for good condition used ones

  • Yoshimitsu4prez
    Yoshimitsu4prez Hour ago

    Can I get a dbrand skin for it?

  • Roy Hudson
    Roy Hudson 2 hours ago

    Love you guys so much 😍😍

  • Kalpesh Patil
    Kalpesh Patil 2 hours ago

    People complaining about big sreen. Those 90s kids definitely cringing over this video.

  • Sachin Dolta
    Sachin Dolta 2 hours ago

    720p in 480p Only MKBHD can do it

  • Václav Kunčík
    Václav Kunčík 2 hours ago

    Shouldn't you be named MKB8K now?

  • Raghav Sharma
    Raghav Sharma 2 hours ago

    But I think Pro name is better than max. They make big notch motorized so when need it came out but I think main stream brand like Samsung & Apple not much into motorized thing.

  • Jashandeep Singh
    Jashandeep Singh 2 hours ago

    The Verge’s intro was better😁

  • N. P.
    N. P. 2 hours ago

    What new design??? Same housing design from iphoneX. Just new camera...big disappointment.

  • sean johnson
    sean johnson 2 hours ago

    Killer video thanks for the fresh data! I heard you too mention the main scope I hold on tight to and that's the "road vs track" category! Tour numbers are straigh and I know the difference between 2.4 and 2.8 is sick, but where and why? At Starbucks? Because I know for a fact there's not one of those located on Nurburgring and I think that really plays into how we're all hyping up these cars! I'm gonna guess that probably 95% of Tesla's are gonna be street driven not track. So yes I think its sick that these top models are reaching to compete with Tesla, but tesla is THE standard and I think that to anyone who walks the real walk of life can't distinguish the difference between Porsche's premium ankle-bighters' 2.6 0-60 and Tesla's top "economy" low-lows' 3.2 sec at about 1/4 the price! So please mind you I love your coverage of the latest and greatest, can always rely on you... but I wish the true hype was really focused on what matters to us common folk... the fact that our beloved world saving grocery getter will hold it's own right up against Porsche's wanna-be Pinacle pony!

  • jin kazuya
    jin kazuya 2 hours ago

    Thank you, Marquez, for using grams.

  • nio
    nio 2 hours ago

    lmfao this is on youtube recommendation

  • Amjad Khan
    Amjad Khan 2 hours ago

    Verry bad design verry disappointed

  • Hingus Leleh
    Hingus Leleh 2 hours ago

    Yoo !! This kid will buy iphone 11 pro, tesla, all sorts of technologies in the future.

  • prastomo wahyu putra

    Giveaway plz :(

  • tpq001
    tpq001 2 hours ago

    Glass is glass, and glass scratches at level 6, with deeper grooves at level 7.

  • Aaron Jude DZ
    Aaron Jude DZ 2 hours ago

    Just imagine how marqus will look after next 10 years ?

  • Arghya Saha
    Arghya Saha 2 hours ago

    I think that 21:9 aspect ratio doesn't work... It will make the TV smaller & harder to watch

  •  2 hours ago

    Most genuine review i have seen on the internet. Well done Marques.

  • Alankar Wadkar
    Alankar Wadkar 2 hours ago

    Samsung note 10plus is better.

  • R134eS2o
    R134eS2o 2 hours ago

    Can we please find my man a new barber? My barber literally saw me walking down the street and came out to tell me to get my ass over there cause I was looking ragged.

  • yankee77
    yankee77 2 hours ago

    I guess pornhub is good on this.

  • Gerard Dunne
    Gerard Dunne 2 hours ago

    None of those phones are green

  • Rishi Kapoor
    Rishi Kapoor 2 hours ago

    Wallpaper link?

  • SJsRedemption
    SJsRedemption 2 hours ago

    Still waiting on split screen and dedicated stylus

  • You Tutorials
    You Tutorials 2 hours ago

    brah it is too ugly wasp with three eyes

  • Alisher Alimov
    Alisher Alimov 2 hours ago

    Wow you changed

  • Som_ Fun
    Som_ Fun 2 hours ago

    Metric please

  • zues121510
    zues121510 2 hours ago

    That's a lot of devices connected to how Apple ID @ 6:39 <_<

  • deRykcihC
    deRykcihC 2 hours ago

    Oww Little MB

    VIVEK GAUSWAMI 2 hours ago

    Casey Music 🥰

  • Lil Joe
    Lil Joe 2 hours ago

    Thought this was his little brother😭

  • Marlon Moon
    Marlon Moon 2 hours ago

    Who else watching this with a iPhone 6😂

  • donald bell
    donald bell 2 hours ago

    That into was fire.

  • Till Helfert
    Till Helfert 2 hours ago

    the camera making so many choices for the user is the least "pro" thing i can think of

  • Micah Smith
    Micah Smith 2 hours ago

    That nostalgic feeling with that intro music is 👌🏽

  • Vic Wiseman
    Vic Wiseman 2 hours ago

    I prefer they total it and pay for a new one or al least pay for the majority of the costs of a new one. It’s virtually impossible to restore metal to its original form which is why you are likely to get new doors, etc. but they still need to repair the pillars and other areas of the body. Also, if the rear wheel was hit it may be out of alignment. Sometimes, the alignment can be fixed other times it’s barely in spec and causes excess tire wear over the life of the tire. Basically you need a really good shop to even get to a point where the car is in spec but in spec means it fits an allowable tolerance. It doesnt mean it’s 100% on point in the middle of the tolerance. Something to think about

  • Prince Ley Fredo Lundi

    Do you ever do giveaways

  • Faisal Al Mahmood
    Faisal Al Mahmood 2 hours ago

    That lil boy🤣

  • Alpha Estrella
    Alpha Estrella 2 hours ago

    A slightly improvement with major feature focused on camera? Maybe Apple should start selling DLSR. I'm in.

  • DesertEagle
    DesertEagle 2 hours ago

    When Galaxy s3 was

  • Julio Paez
    Julio Paez 2 hours ago

    I have the IPhone X which I bought when it first came out in 2017. The phone still working great. I’m sticking with the phone until a new IPhone has enough improvements to sway me in

  • BP Rokosz
    BP Rokosz 2 hours ago

    The OnePlus 7Pro night mode is also pretty great

  • حسین رحیمی
    حسین رحیمی 2 hours ago

    I love you men

  • nolight
    nolight 2 hours ago

    i thought i already saw this video last week...

  • Lindikussy ,
    Lindikussy , 2 hours ago

    *me trying to find comments from 9 years ago*

  • flowz - Justin B.
    flowz - Justin B. 2 hours ago


  • MaVideos
    MaVideos 2 hours ago

    Shouldn’t this be number one trending

  • Grayson Wu
    Grayson Wu 2 hours ago

    The Xiaomi mix α is coming

  • GhostDivision 123
    GhostDivision 123 2 hours ago

    Does it have UFS 3.0?

  • JC Laurent
    JC Laurent 2 hours ago

    I agree with your conclusion, honestly the new OS13 does more to me the the new iPhone 11. The PRO is only for Pro camera, not for Pro iPhone !!!

  • DM 9
    DM 9 2 hours ago

    can you review the samsung a70

  • Marcel Zuidwijk
    Marcel Zuidwijk 2 hours ago

    I saw it, now I want it.... damnzzzz

  • Commander Russels
    Commander Russels 2 hours ago

    so basically the camera is a bit better, battery is better, and it is otherwise still shit.

  • Denis García
    Denis García 2 hours ago

    What is the wallpaper he is using? Pls someone tell me 😂

  • Mustafa Khan Khan
    Mustafa Khan Khan 2 hours ago


  • Shane Cutfeet
    Shane Cutfeet 2 hours ago

    Why is no one talking about the chair in the background?

  • SK SK
    SK SK 2 hours ago

    You can see the dissapointment in Marquess's Eyes