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  • DrDestroy
    DrDestroy 2 hours ago

    Reminds me of Asimov's books.

  • Akili Huru
    Akili Huru 2 hours ago

    @akili.huru was here!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Bob Frog
    Bob Frog 2 hours ago

    "Clean Internet"? Right, nothing but cat vids and "approved" thought. Sod off, COMMIES!

  • Black Dot
    Black Dot 2 hours ago

    Just because people can't control themselves they want to control everyone.

  • MGTOW mister
    MGTOW mister 2 hours ago

    The women in the crowd have no ability to relate to what this guy is saying.

  • Ryan Payne
    Ryan Payne 2 hours ago

    I feel like this would work better if they were mimes and they just played CNN clips

  • Black Dot
    Black Dot 2 hours ago

    No, if you want a clean internet don't go to those sites.

  • waswestkan
    waswestkan 2 hours ago

    Capitalism managed by socialism. Go read the top two entries for socialism in Webster's, then go read the US Constituent. You should discover Capitalism in the US begins within our Constitution, socialism that first benefits the land owners, and merchant. In every economy, labor being, the largest consumer group drives the economy. I hope he is saying socialism, that serves labor firs,t will serve everbody.President Lincoln, understoon without labor there is no captial.

  • Binladen TheDon
    Binladen TheDon 2 hours ago

    We Need a Spiritual SO TedTalk

  • Richard Mercer
    Richard Mercer 2 hours ago

    So is there hope for Nancy Polosi after all?

  • Sean Deery
    Sean Deery 2 hours ago

    And Mr. Simons was from Stony Brook University!!!!

  • Costradamous Costa
    Costradamous Costa 2 hours ago

    ...hope no1still thinks their personal privacy has any relation2the word private/privately etc..terrifying when u lay your eyes on the most mind-blowing piece of technology you've ever seen,than think about the technology were not allowed2lay eyes on😬

  • mikejunior211
    mikejunior211 2 hours ago

    3.4 thousand people liked this video... Oh my God... This is disgusting.

  • Last Angel
    Last Angel 2 hours ago

    Well... it takes time... we’re talking about below basic level. Remember, there was a pager first... now we walk with super advanced computer in our packet. I could see the future coming like an avalanche ... AI learns and only need to learn it one time. It’s a baby yet, give a toddler things like we have an examples here, the outcome will be similar. Just my opinion...

  • Grace Clague
    Grace Clague 2 hours ago

    Thank you.

  • mikejunior211
    mikejunior211 2 hours ago

    TED Videos are so open mind...I love them : ruclip.com/video/OQuwz64qsBM/video.html

  • Jérémie 28
    Jérémie 28 2 hours ago

    AI Is taking artists job it's scary!

  • Warminster100
    Warminster100 2 hours ago

    Never give up freedom for security!!

  • Jim Reimer
    Jim Reimer 2 hours ago


  • xia xi yan
    xia xi yan 2 hours ago

    The problem with saying “why can’t we just have strong PEOPLE” is the fact that you’re ignoring the reason why female representation has been so bad and unoriginal. Women and men have vastly different lives and problems. Things like poverty, abuse, etc. are things that are universal problems. But women will face more sexism, more body shame, and less chances to succeed and men will face toxic masculinity and others that I can’t think about right now. Trans characters will face discrimination, possibly dysphoria, and most likely a character arc regarding their gender. The fact is that not taking gender into account will hurt your characters. For some, it doesn’t matter. But gender really is important. There will be differences between male, female, and trans characters.

  • pc guy
    pc guy 2 hours ago

    When he talked about a brain mri's I got excited that he was going to talk about some in-depth and interesting science, but then proceeded to give a presentation as if it was directed at 5 year olds.

  • Divya Modi
    Divya Modi 2 hours ago

    May be I will watch this video later !!!

  • Josh Deal
    Josh Deal 2 hours ago

    This is an incredibly interesting take on AI, instead of investing in brain chips to communicate with AI, we should invest research into how to properly communicate with it.

  • Joe Swanson
    Joe Swanson 2 hours ago

    So glad I'm a man and don't really have to worry about most of the things women do.

  • AL's Keto Kitchen
    AL's Keto Kitchen 2 hours ago

    C ya later depression! Just ordered myself a cow!

  • Warminster100
    Warminster100 2 hours ago

    We have laws clearly identifying what is hate or pedophelia crimes. Let the government monitor internet according to those laws, not some biased people on social media!

  • Jr Sun
    Jr Sun 2 hours ago

    i have adhd and i am a good liar if i say so myself

  • Vortecus
    Vortecus 2 hours ago

    I mean, I've seen some absolute vile stuff on the internet, I watch most of it on 4chan the rest elsewhere. I wouldn't say it has affected me as severely as people would think, I just understand the fact that this world and a lot of humanity is extremely disgusting and horrific. It doesn't surprise me that these content moderators commit suicide, some of the things I have seen online has made me quiver or sick and even make me reconsider parts of my life. It's a shame that these jobs are outsourced for the lowest wage and that employees aren't told exactly what they're getting themselves into. I wouldn't actually mind working as a content moderator for minimum wage. Working from home in an environment I feel safest. I think the biggest issue is that these companies hide the information about their content moderators and treat them so harshly, which is also a good reason a lot of them are probably depressed. If they opened up these careers, made them safer and sustainable for the employees, I doubt the employees would be that phased by the material if they already knew what the job entitled and how to cope with the worst stuff online.

  • joann Klonowski
    joann Klonowski 2 hours ago

    Adorable, clear intelligent person.

  • Son of Scotland
    Son of Scotland 2 hours ago

    Whites are saying "stop having kids" while their countries are being invaded by immigrants who are coming from countries that make up majority of the population. Watch your countries culture be destroy by people who left behind their own countries they themselves couldn't maintain.

  • Aquilla Fleetwood
    Aquilla Fleetwood 2 hours ago

    No proof of multiverse!

  • Aquilla Fleetwood
    Aquilla Fleetwood 2 hours ago

    Google, Hebrew Word Pictures, by Aquilla Fleetwood, youtube!

  • Lindsay4182
    Lindsay4182 2 hours ago

    Reminds me of the giver.

  • Aquilla Fleetwood
    Aquilla Fleetwood 2 hours ago

    Google, the Northern Cross, by Aquilla Fleetwood, youtube!

  • ettekamba6969
    ettekamba6969 2 hours ago

    Built the dams in Ethiopia and ingadams.we shd called on all AFRICANs in diaspora to invest.imstead of talking with our enemies.

  • Michael Maree
    Michael Maree 2 hours ago

    When you tell me about Saturn's rings, it's the same as showing me the satanic lyrics. I don't know what I'm looking for until you show me. I don't have time to study cosmology or learn astrophysics, so your science could just be an illusion you are tricking me with.

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K 2 hours ago

    Have you ever text "LOL" without actually laughing out loud or even at all.

  • Cerberus x47
    Cerberus x47 2 hours ago

    A *CHILD* would NOT be searching for such things without provocation or simply bad parenting

  • MoneyPenny
    MoneyPenny 2 hours ago


  • Kennedy Whitaker
    Kennedy Whitaker 2 hours ago

    I’ve gotten compliments about being pretty by my friends. I’ve been called gorgeous by strangers before etc. Yet, I still can’t help myself for thinking I’m ugly. Like to the point where I sometimes just break down crying because I can’t accept my appearance. It doesn’t even matter the amount of compliments you get, those compliments don’t matter if you can’t feel confident about yourself. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I can’t even take compliments without thinking someone is lying to me.

  • Alex Shmidt
    Alex Shmidt 3 hours ago

    ok boomer

  • Karina Dias de Oliveira

    vim pela Niina

  • Hamurabi França
    Hamurabi França 3 hours ago

    Now it is time to turn off the cellphone and act.

  • Ahmed Alsiyabi
    Ahmed Alsiyabi 3 hours ago

    Why now RUclip??

  • everythingisfiltered

    “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. No one in this world, so far as I know-and I have researched the records for years, and employed agents to help me-has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.” ~ H.L. Mencken,

  • Joecrispgames
    Joecrispgames 3 hours ago

    I’m a bird baca

  • Anna Anokhina
    Anna Anokhina 3 hours ago

    Working memory - скорее рабочая память, не кратковременная. Не обязательно кратковременная.

  • dino0228
    dino0228 3 hours ago

    So admire this kind of economics- scientifically tested with humanity. My only reservation is that while we wonder how to spend a million dollars, someone in a village in Africa loses a child because they had the misfortune living in a village that was randomly selected for no intervention. One has to wonder how much patience the developed world would have for being a guinea pig with such high stakes. It may be necessary, but there may be ways to reduce the misery in testing. We do it in medicine all the time. I stared at the little white dots with a heavy heart. Just a thought.

  • Plarby
    Plarby 3 hours ago

    that got deep real quick

  • MrsPg
    MrsPg 3 hours ago

    addiction and dependency are VERY different, if you take something for 2 weeks or more, the body will usually(rare not to but does happen) become dependent on the meds & after stopping physical withdrawal begins, addiction is a brain disorder that lives in the brain & is very active even after the physical part is over. people that are more prone to addiction will still have psychological cravings & the body will feel ok, so not all will become addicted but most become dependent, it's just how the body works.

  • Elizabeth Ramos
    Elizabeth Ramos 3 hours ago

    Ben, I am truly sorry that your love for others was not rewarded in your time or need. Those people, who pretended to be your friends, are truly takers and losers. If you believe that the good you have done will not be forgotten, then believe this--you are a special person, and somehow, good will come to you in abundance. You, Ben, are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Gary Emerson
    Gary Emerson 3 hours ago


  • Gary Emerson
    Gary Emerson 3 hours ago


  • ILiveInAZoo 2
    ILiveInAZoo 2 3 hours ago

    Models are insecure.What about normal everyday people who admire models?

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 3 hours ago

    He's actually telling us how would it feel to die slowly.

  • Raquel Robinson
    Raquel Robinson 3 hours ago

    What is this “non procrastinator” person he’s talking about I’ve never met someone who doesn’t procrastinate

  • Lucas Passos
    Lucas Passos 3 hours ago

    It was so motivate, I'm an english learner from Brazil, after I watch this video I dicided to become a poliglot, my next language will be french, thanks for this inspiring speech.

  • Denise Roberts
    Denise Roberts 3 hours ago

    Please refer to a "closed" Facebook account, "Westlake Academy Charter School Corruption & Administrative Retaliation" which lists the City of Westlake's legal representative's PRIVATE email discussion between (1) the Texas Education Agency legal counsel representative and (2) the parent's special education law firm during administrative due process hearing for Child Find violation. The parent's lawyer sent the school lawyer's private email discussion to the parent in ERROR. The school lawyer's private email and other numerous email correspondent letters data shows CLEAR evidence for SPECIAL EDUCATION CORRUPTION and substantiated proof for federal and state violation in acts of CONSPIRACY to defraud a Federal funded program and the government

  • Ddd Kkk
    Ddd Kkk 3 hours ago

    The Patriot act is being passed while people watch the fake news witch hunt on trump. If he signs it, proves he is part of the deep state and needs to be impeached. If he is one of us he should rip it up in front of the world and set the stada5rd for freedom in this world.

  • REG3305
    REG3305 3 hours ago

    "Moderators" remove religious messages while boosting those about 5 Years old being guided toward gender dysphoria...

    • REG3305
      REG3305 2 hours ago

      Sad, the left is all about the sexual exploitation of children. I mean... Epstein didn't kill himself! As we all know.

    • Michael Oldham
      Michael Oldham 3 hours ago

      What an idiot.

  • rbwannasee
    rbwannasee 3 hours ago

    Here we go again... The term AI being completely misused. A true AI is a system that can pass the Turing test. Smart systems, no matter how sophisticated the algorithms, are not AI by default.

  • Uh duh
    Uh duh 3 hours ago

    Yay!!! WOW!!! String Theory!!!! YAY!!!!!...................Now go build me a better mouse trap. OK??? Can you at least do that?!?

    MOMOTAROtheHERO 3 hours ago

    Disparity is essential for the existence of money. Because the money is a concept of “quantity”. Quantity is possible only when there’s disparity between big and small. So, in order for money to work as money, there need people who have more and people who have few altogether. If everyone had the same amount of money, it’s equivalent to the state that nobody have no money at all. Therefore I think that it’s more of intuition and whim or say “microbes in our belly” rather than reason that governs the economy.

  • Cia Gyan
    Cia Gyan 3 hours ago

    Wow, I think after 7 years. Things have been changed a lot.

  • Gaëtan S
    Gaëtan S 3 hours ago

    Wow, amazing !

  • Vhalkin
    Vhalkin 3 hours ago

    I love Ze Frank, not sure why this was part of a TED talk though xD Maybe just like a fun/humorous intermission bit?

  • Adam Wolf
    Adam Wolf 3 hours ago

    Just because we as a human race can do something does not mean that we should. You are playing with forces that you cannot possibly understand.

    ADEB SIZ 3 hours ago

    This is so true there is so much that we don’t see.

  • TheHamster 767
    TheHamster 767 3 hours ago

    God I had memories as a kid where I wouldn’t lie, but the teacher/parent insisted that I did. And damn, that shows.

  • REG3305
    REG3305 3 hours ago

    Too many are advocating for someone to moderate everything we see.... ... ... No Mr. Orwell.. I know 2+2=4 and I will *not* comply!

  • Jessica Herrera Juárez

    Amazing 👏🏻

  • Global Career Network

    Great!, and many happy returns of the day. Thanks and best regards.

  • goyacc
    goyacc 3 hours ago

    true wonderful speech, his English is better than jack ma

  • Raonak Kaushik
    Raonak Kaushik 3 hours ago

    Not funny

  • Dallas Rife
    Dallas Rife 3 hours ago

    Really ... Are we 4 years old ? Separate them all 20 feet apart with real blind folds

  • Jack Kabibble
    Jack Kabibble 4 hours ago

    Thankfully 3 min in I can’t relate

  • Free 12
    Free 12 4 hours ago

    Very interesting take on how to interact with AI.

  • 10k Subscribers Without A Video ?

    Random People Watching This Video , May Your Parents Live A 100 Years !

  • Joseph Bergevin
    Joseph Bergevin 4 hours ago

    I’m that kid

  • Cyan Diaz
    Cyan Diaz 4 hours ago


  • tHE wHITE hOT mA mA'SS

    TEDTalks or TedX who are you???

  • Max P
    Max P 4 hours ago

    0:42 Just to clarify, an algorithm does not necessarily mean an A.I.

  • Victor Finngall
    Victor Finngall 4 hours ago

    Stop pretending you're even close to undecided or evenhanded. There's a very clear bias in this speech. Girls good. Boys bad.

  • Cyan Diaz
    Cyan Diaz 4 hours ago

    Like TED being TedX Hmm??? i guess i won't sub then??? guys????

  • Tyler B.
    Tyler B. 4 hours ago

    Why am I crying that piece at the end was beautiful

  • Christina Coombs
    Christina Coombs 4 hours ago

    At age 1 1/2 my mom left me in Jamaica. At age 5 I went to meet her in New York, I lived with her and her abusive boyfriend In a new York apartment. Then she died at age 6; had to moved to my grandma, then go back to Jamaica to live with my father. Who isn’t perfect but somewhat tried. At age 12; I was involved in the Tivoli Gardens Massacre that killed 70+. No one ever asked me if I was ok. And I never was given help . My help is my poetry book “ Mockery Beach” on Kindle. She is right, and as i get older i know something is wrong.

  • cujoe Mblakka
    cujoe Mblakka 4 hours ago

    Ships need to stop dumping plastics / garbage at sea.

  • M R
    M R 4 hours ago

    You know he kinda looks like OMFG

  • yo mama
    yo mama 4 hours ago

    Today I learned I can start a hate group and then when I leave it, I will be considered a hero. 🤔

  • G Schlauger
    G Schlauger 4 hours ago

    This is such an important video. I wish it wS around when I was a teenager. It could have saved me years

  • Aidan Wentzel
    Aidan Wentzel 4 hours ago


  • Pumpkin Spice
    Pumpkin Spice 4 hours ago

    Bro anyone else see him yeet joe real fast? No? Just me? Ok.

  • Đeath Vader
    Đeath Vader 4 hours ago

    I get tired of every sci fi movie giving robots and ai emotions. It's unrealistic and the exact opposite of what ai is. To see professionals in the field doing it, I now understand why progress is so slow. This woman should not only be fired and barred, she should be instantly hospitalized for a severe mental disability

  • big jim truth
    big jim truth 4 hours ago

    The universe doesn't exist why do they want you to think it does?

  • Pumpkin Spice
    Pumpkin Spice 4 hours ago

    This guy shouldn’t have made this video. He has now helped the pros figure out how to change their facial expressions so that way they seem to tell the truth. But sadly, we are no match for your stupid detectors.

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 4 hours ago

    This made me cry. I was emotionally, physically and sexually abused by my father and many others for the first 10 years of my life. Always had horrendous flashbacks. I am exactly what you stated in reference to my health. Also, I did try to take my own life, but was only crying for help. Thank you so much for this. I'm seeking help after running most of my life, and I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There are millions just like me. My brother and sister committed suicide. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters still living and they have health issues as well. Thank you for this message, it helped. Always praying for the little ones.

  • Zoé V
    Zoé V 4 hours ago

    Been a long time since I have seen such a great Ted talk, this is really smtg no one knew about plus they are asking questions and leaving the conversation open it's really great

  • Rich Gran
    Rich Gran 4 hours ago

    Besides the laughbox, did anyone notice that the audience got spanked?

  • Danial Huls
    Danial Huls 4 hours ago

    Removing media of crime doesn't stop the crime from being committed, and is indeed, merely the tip of the iceberg. It is only a symptom of an underlying criminal culture. Yes it should be removed by being flagged and reported, and passed to criminal investigations. *Nearly 500,000 children go missing in America every year, less in most other smaller nations.* humansarefree.com/2019/11/460000-missing-children-in-usa-each.html *An estimated 8 million children world wide* humansarefree.com/2017/11/8-million-children-go-missing-each-year.html This is what happens when people protect criminals and prevent people from protecting themselves and their families while having short sighted misconstrued priorities... Parents no longer seem to raise their children, and instead rely on internet and government which were never meant to do such a task, and further perpetuates criminal culture via the lack of morality... While evil has and will always exist, it is the spreading degeneration of bloated societal populations that are no longer able to self-regulate virtuous socio-cultural norms and strong family values that seems to perpetually propagate more and more criminal issues. Censorship is a false sense of security and tacit allowance of evil by ignoring its existence under the guise of "modernity"...it takes more than just laws and police to root out cannibalistic predators of humanity...

  • Simón Rodríguez
    Simón Rodríguez 4 hours ago

    Bringing out the subjectivity like this is outright irresponsible. Mostly everyone is touched. Yes, the delivery is compelling, very. But deceitful, very. He killed two men who didn’t live to tell the tale, two people with families who would never see them again. I know of a lot of victims of the current economic and social situation that would never go about killing anyone. This philosophy of pardoning victimizers is dangerous, irresponsible and plane wrong. This guy was a murderer. And it is the surviving victims’ relatives who should receive all the care anyone is willing to spare. Further, this guy was not as bad as the Wall St. executives that create a price hike of a staple food to cash in a six figure bonus while sending a third of humanity closer to starvation; or the generals who order daily drone strikes. Who are responsible of mass slaughters, again: daily. Or the people in charge of economic sanctions, that kill tens of thousands of people. Those are the biggest criminals. And that is what has been corroding ‘Merkan society for always. Make no mistake, it’s the harm you do onto others that ripples into the harm you do to your own selves.