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You're Too Young for This!
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I Wish I Wasn't Asian
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I Got My First Pap Smear
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I'm 13 and Still Wet My Bed
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Live Q&A
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Live Q&A Announcement
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  • Brittney maron
    Brittney maron 14 seconds ago

    ....omg there's a girl in my class named Isabella and everyone is mean to her!

  • Jimit Vasava
    Jimit Vasava 54 seconds ago

    Liked the vid but the way she speaked irritated me s lot

  • Random Roblox
    Random Roblox 5 minutes ago

    My neighbor died from that

  • Ruth Sumo
    Ruth Sumo 8 minutes ago

    I have like all these symptoms...yikes

  • North Bells
    North Bells 11 minutes ago

    Her: I was going to smother him Me: geez dude..

  • Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat

    Sounds like schizophrenia

  • Lillyzenoodle :3
    Lillyzenoodle :3 17 minutes ago


  • Layan Atiah
    Layan Atiah 23 minutes ago

    but is't having a boyfriend haram?

  • gggs
    gggs 24 minutes ago

    this was all sorts of wrong in the beginning lol f*** both yall lol.

  • Undertale Kitten
    Undertale Kitten 25 minutes ago

    Wut up with that man he wis gunna slap a baby wtf

  • Yasser Piedi
    Yasser Piedi 27 minutes ago

    So, your sister needed glasses. It was extremely likely genetics had something to do with that...not reading in low light. Even if she didn't want the glasses or not, she'd probably get them either way. Idk I'm not doctor though.

  • The Jesus man Robert luis Soots

    I am trying to relate to this guess I need to subscribe ! Thank you you’re so interesting at this awesome story is it true?

  • The Jesus man Robert luis Soots

    I am trying to relate to this guess I need to subscribe

  • Minala Senpai
    Minala Senpai 30 minutes ago

    Who said girls can’t play baseball I play baseball,basketball and volleyball sooo..........:.......

  • Detective やん
    Detective やん 36 minutes ago

    I loved him more than air!!! Me: wait so........ how can you b-breathe a-an I have nothing to say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Imaan Z
    Imaan Z 36 minutes ago

    Ohhh thisss Freeedommmm

  • Elsietumble #1
    Elsietumble #1 37 minutes ago

    Used a tampon for the first time this week. I used it Wednesday and Friday. Now I’m in bed with a fever

  • Eduardo Roman
    Eduardo Roman 40 minutes ago

    why you dont adopt a kid

  • Melissa Coudriet
    Melissa Coudriet 43 minutes ago

    That was your choice your a horrible person to say that

  • diamond love
    diamond love 45 minutes ago

    Damn girl you soon strong I'm proud of you

  • Raven Dean
    Raven Dean 47 minutes ago

    This is sad it shows how horrible people can be

  • diamond love
    diamond love 54 minutes ago

    Your strong not a lot of women would do that. You should be proud of yourself now

  • rupin kanet
    rupin kanet 54 minutes ago

    But why fortnite ?

  • Infinity Watson
    Infinity Watson 55 minutes ago

    Him- *a few inches taller* Next drawing: Him-*a foot taller*

  • Kathryn Britt
    Kathryn Britt 58 minutes ago

    Was it me or I found it satisfying the way the drew the picture and then colored it in.

  • water ship
    water ship Hour ago

    "i dont want to die but im not scared of death"

  • cookies lover
    cookies lover Hour ago


  • sun ram
    sun ram Hour ago

    Her obsession..and her convincing herself is Killing me

  • The commenting theorist

    Minute Videos : '' A Stanger Has Taken Over My Body And Exposed My Past '' '' A *STANGER* '' *How did nobody notice that .*

  • Sara Pearce
    Sara Pearce Hour ago

    when ur jane 😳

  • Yasmin Hussein
    Yasmin Hussein Hour ago

    Who else thinks minute videos is extremely dramatic like if u agree

  • Casual Kill3r
    Casual Kill3r Hour ago

    There certainly is someone out there for everyone, but you can't ignore that most men are attracted to skinnier (or just fit) women. Maybe the relationship garnered him confidence and he channeled that rather poorly (ie. being a dick). Enjoy some of these videos, but they always only offer one perspective. Best of luck to both of them.

  • David Sambano
    David Sambano Hour ago

    Me and my friends if theres a school shooter well charge at him or she if we die well die heros

  • Sóc Nhí cute
    Sóc Nhí cute Hour ago

    I wish I have her phobia, it could help me to lost weight and make me happy about myself I know it sounded wrong but it will make me happier and make everybody like me and my family love me more

  • k a t e ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Has anyone noticed stanger in the title?

  • Kyky brooker
    Kyky brooker Hour ago

    i serched her up but i cant find her what is her second name so i know

  • Marisol Estrada
    Marisol Estrada Hour ago

    Im literally crying

  • Higher Further faster more

    That’s tuff

  • Yanisa Alduen
    Yanisa Alduen Hour ago

    And this is why ppl submit these stories ANONYMOUSLY 💯 yes she was wrong, she’s telling her story and it ends with her learning her lesson🤦🏽‍♀️so the ignorance and immaturity u guys are showing to at least understand is wild to me. I don’t judge anyone 🤷🏽‍♀️everyone makes mistakes

  • ulasoynella
    ulasoynella Hour ago

    It was similar to what happened to me. My parents also fought but they did not get killed, the police entered the house and took my father in handcuffs to a trial. I stayed with my mother alone. That happened when I was six years old. At thirteen, I got depression and cut myself, but, they were not very deep cuts. All I wanted was to get attention from people to let them know that something was wrong with me. Honestly, I don't thought i'll reach fourteen in this plan, but here I am :''). I still have depression, but is a lil better. I never went to a mental hospital, but I think it could be a good idea. And that's my story, sorry if my English is bad, im spanish and I don't know a lot of English :')

  • frankie p
    frankie p Hour ago

    I wanna know what percentage of married faithful women allow their husbands to have female friends.

  • Assensio Real
    Assensio Real Hour ago

    I had 5 years relationship with a girl that have borderline in this relationship you see only problems nothing you can do, the best thing i did i ended the relationship im more happy than before and my life started so good that i have normal life

  • Tshego Mokgoto
    Tshego Mokgoto Hour ago

    U so rude

  • Surovi Ahmed
    Surovi Ahmed Hour ago

    Girl! This is Nayeera here. I love my religion. I'm Muslim too. May Allah bless you you for being strong despite all the bullies.

  • Rainbow System
    Rainbow System 2 hours ago

    Hi! I have Dissociative Identity Disorder as well. And I just wanted to say if anyone here has D.I.D. also and needs help and support, me and my alters run a D.I.D. social chat. It's a safe place for everyone to socialize and where you can also ask for help. We are here to help all thouse that like us have to manage there lives a little bit different due to D.I.D. and childhood trauma. If anyone here would like to be added to this group or if any of you need to talk, or helf/advice we are here for you. Just answer to my comment and we will reply to you and try to helf as best we can. Stay strong! Stay safe! ~Gena

  • Derpy Hooman Art
    Derpy Hooman Art 2 hours ago

    Also this has nothing to do about being born in a prison cell, and he has like a 25 year old voice, not a 15 year old voice

  • Bipasa Das
    Bipasa Das 2 hours ago

    Umm dumb woman, what about that wife that you hurt and cheat on ? Why so much self-obsessed!

  • Derpy Hooman Art
    Derpy Hooman Art 2 hours ago

    Also if he is 15, drove a car, and drank, then.... This is *TOO* fake

  • Derpy Hooman Art
    Derpy Hooman Art 2 hours ago

    Well at least she made it through Christmas 🎄

  • mac2 durante
    mac2 durante 2 hours ago

    Go to Canada it's much safer😌😌🔫🔫

  • Neks 444
    Neks 444 2 hours ago

    Him:come on bite me Mosquito:bites Comment section 2019

  • Hello Lego Friends!
    Hello Lego Friends! 2 hours ago

    Guys if you don’t believe it, I saw it on the news!!!!! I’m not joking

  • Lorraine Desjardins
    Lorraine Desjardins 2 hours ago

    Wife-i can trust you Me-gurl you have some problems here

  • Aqua Child
    Aqua Child 2 hours ago

    I do😍

  • Aqua Child
    Aqua Child 2 hours ago

    Click like here please 👍👇😍

  • Aqua Child
    Aqua Child 2 hours ago

    I picked but I stopped you should to😊☺

  • shamira sotomayor
    shamira sotomayor 2 hours ago

    That happen to my school kipp academy lynn

  • 《Gacha Nixon》
    《Gacha Nixon》 2 hours ago

    A mental hospital is a place fir people the calm down,and learn to control their anxiety, depression,etc.Through activities and games.

  • Itz. Heather
    Itz. Heather 2 hours ago

    *This girl is CRAZY.*

  • NeverGive UpHope
    NeverGive UpHope 2 hours ago

    Thanks for this 📹 I can relate. I never got to were I wanted but hopefully I will some day. Galatians 6:4 Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you don't need to compare yourself to anyone else.

  • wreckzy YT
    wreckzy YT 2 hours ago

    I have G.A.D

  • Troy Chang
    Troy Chang 2 hours ago

    I love these videos.....even tho I don't even finishing the video

  • Ylankone 123
    Ylankone 123 2 hours ago

    fake so fake

  • Krittika Singh
    Krittika Singh 2 hours ago

    Your upbringing cannot be blamed solely on your family. A huge influence is what we have grown up seeing the society believe, thinking that is the norm. Insecurities build up, what you should do is to actually accept you have certain insecurities first then work on them.

  • Young Cook
    Young Cook 2 hours ago

    Well god thing is that there are shooters at school in america

  • Y.Z
    Y.Z 2 hours ago

    Both of them are trash . The girl is the big ass clown in the story for sticking around waiting for the guy to like her back. . men like that aren't worth it

  • Eryka Wardlow
    Eryka Wardlow 2 hours ago

    It's a mith

  • Eryka Wardlow
    Eryka Wardlow 2 hours ago

    Bats aren't blind that's not true

  • moon luna
    moon luna 2 hours ago

    My daddy is good at bed tho

  • Dylan Lombardi
    Dylan Lombardi 2 hours ago

    Only two things scare me about death 1) The Uncertain Afterlife 2) No one remembering you

  • Lemon
    Lemon 2 hours ago

    He's the the person who pours milk before the cereal

    MAX JOON 2 hours ago

    4:38 well I can't wait for the end!

  • Avery Boro
    Avery Boro 2 hours ago

    Personally I don’t agree with you getting an abortion but you do you and I’m very sorry

  • YExel
    YExel 3 hours ago

    Are we all going to ignore the fact she was underaged when they were dating, that's statutory rape 😆 2:48 And drinking under 21 lol this story is too great. was he underaged too?? I don't know if I missed that part.

  • John Patrick Bangcot

    She really needs to appreciate air more.

  • Code Ropes
    Code Ropes 3 hours ago

    😅😅😅😅😅wtf I am watching

  • Typical Alien
    Typical Alien 3 hours ago

    “Just because I hear voices doesn’t mean I’m a psychopath or anything” Not even a minute later “Driving me insane” Definition of psychopath. : a mentally unstable person Definition of insane: in a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill. Definition of unstable: prone to psychiatric problems or sudden changes of mood. Seems like a psychopath is insane 🤔

  • LOVE YOURSELF is the Answer

    Poor wife

  • It'z Hazel Wxlfy
    It'z Hazel Wxlfy 3 hours ago

    1:28 Damn that neck is long xD

  • Sóc Nhí cute
    Sóc Nhí cute 3 hours ago

    This is why I always cary a pocket knife with me all the time (Sry for my bad English)

  • Vuk0j3
    Vuk0j3 3 hours ago

    let me guess the country 𝐔𝐬𝐚

  • Payton show Payton thomas

    Don't feel guilty about it he's hot

  • Şp - Ëxøuçe
    Şp - Ëxøuçe 3 hours ago

    *I came here because of the thumbnail* 😂

  • De gamer boy NL
    De gamer boy NL 3 hours ago

    I was Born in november 26

  • Thea Potter
    Thea Potter 3 hours ago

    I thought the plastics in my class were attention seekers

  • Sodaliss Mean
    Sodaliss Mean 3 hours ago

    My mom found out I ate the entire fridge 🤣

  • Geeta Thapa
    Geeta Thapa 3 hours ago


  • ummu haya
    ummu haya 3 hours ago

    ima muslim and im proud of it

  • Zeaswen
    Zeaswen 3 hours ago

    I am Muslim and I always help everyone I dont use my pen but I help my friends even if i have one pen I am poor. *ALLAH*

  • hello itsmee
    hello itsmee 4 hours ago

    I think im a mix of all three but mostly am avoidant

  • Shuush
    Shuush 4 hours ago


  • Kronos Sight
    Kronos Sight 4 hours ago

    This is just a copied version but only a little different smh liar and attention seeker

  • UwU Moon Glory UwU
    UwU Moon Glory UwU 4 hours ago

    I am more like Izzy T~T

  • Ebony Bruce
    Ebony Bruce 4 hours ago


  • Curlygirly27
    Curlygirly27 4 hours ago

    I never knew he had such sadness the youtuber is good at stuff but repeat the first part

  • Retro Sheena
    Retro Sheena 4 hours ago

    She's 18 and he's 21? *bruh what?*

  • Javieair Hardy
    Javieair Hardy 4 hours ago

    Gig is coming what up wdo was the time t I was at home with a girlfriend who this is the best every body of my body I was

  • Izzabella Lindsey
    Izzabella Lindsey 4 hours ago

    To me if you hurt a baby it is like killing a city

  • BlackHole Corny
    BlackHole Corny 4 hours ago

    You had it with a commited man and you say you in a better

  • BlackHole Corny
    BlackHole Corny 4 hours ago

    Wait wht A magnetic Force