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  • arbjful
    arbjful 18 minutes ago

    That woman in the salon...definitely something wrong with her neck...she wants a good rubbing there for some strange reason...I could use a tire brush on her hair...maybe that will help

  • Mary Marineau
    Mary Marineau 5 hours ago

    The last video was irritating

  • Mary Marineau
    Mary Marineau 5 hours ago

    Can’t stand Trump Supporters myself and yes I am from Massachusetts! You tell him girlfriend lol

  • Mary Marineau
    Mary Marineau 5 hours ago

    I would have stomped all over the apartment just to piss her off even more!

  • Ellen Beauty Joy
    Ellen Beauty Joy 6 hours ago

    I wish the videos would go back to the way they were when you gave a small explanation on the screen before clip. Rather then stopping to hear you or see you explain it. I just miss the way it was.

  • Milton Appleby
    Milton Appleby 7 hours ago

    Would have pushed him off.

  • n/a
    n/a 9 hours ago

    lol who knew black cops were even worse

  • Mayhem Jr.
    Mayhem Jr. 10 hours ago

    I'm going to say this. I am sorry I do not condone violence as against women, but that black lady at LA Fitness I just want to SLAP THE EVER LOVING SHIT OUT OF HER! ....JUST GIVE HIM HIS MONEY AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!....GEEZ WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???

  • Native Nonsense
    Native Nonsense 10 hours ago

    I'm CaLlINg YoUr GeNeRaL mANaGeR

  • Angiecatlover
    Angiecatlover 10 hours ago

    11:49, bruh why this guy has his watch on backwards?

  • sprinkled💜💜💜
    sprinkled💜💜💜 11 hours ago

    Maybe the first guy had gas and didn't want to stink up the train. Maybe he was being polite lol

  • roglenn44
    roglenn44 12 hours ago

    That Panera Bread lady's "ignorancy" is unbelievable lmao. Smfh what a sow

  • J Hinman
    J Hinman 12 hours ago

    Really glad to see you back, I missed your videos.

  • Milton Appleby
    Milton Appleby 12 hours ago

    You are acting like peasants. Chunties.

  • Milton Appleby
    Milton Appleby 13 hours ago

    Megaphone moron.

  • Ready To Go
    Ready To Go 13 hours ago

    Her car must be a mobile trash heap to have that much crap at-hand to throw. Ewwwwwwwww...

  • Ana Lisa
    Ana Lisa 14 hours ago

    I love how people think a service dog HAS to wear a vest and the people HAVE to prove their documents . You can tell it's a service dog by its damn training . Leave people alone . Get over ur self

  • Tee. Witthetee
    Tee. Witthetee 15 hours ago

    Can he get his check!!! Give him his check!!

  • zombie fartz
    zombie fartz 16 hours ago

    I had a similar problem getting a paycheck once, I researched the legalities and found that it is illegal for a company to hold a check past the pay date.

  • Mike fishead
    Mike fishead 16 hours ago

    Hahaha diva madness

  • Mike fishead
    Mike fishead 17 hours ago

    What the hell is it with meltdowns in fast food places ? Customers and employees.

  • Walkintall
    Walkintall 19 hours ago


  • Tj Atkinson
    Tj Atkinson 20 hours ago

    Who got owned? Still waiting

  • Walkintall
    Walkintall 20 hours ago

    A ticket for going 51 mph in a 50 mph zone??? Are you fucking kidding me??? Wow! Now I've seen it all!

  • Tony Nascimento
    Tony Nascimento 20 hours ago

    Maybe the cashier can't count. I feel bad for his lack of education.

  • Tony Nascimento
    Tony Nascimento 20 hours ago

    It's not like it was pennies, if he was paying with a holy cow you would accept it douche

  • Tony Nascimento
    Tony Nascimento 20 hours ago

    First service dog I have ever seen with that aggressive of a collar. LIAR!

  • arbjful
    arbjful 21 hour ago

    What happens if everyone has some disability or the other, and everyone had a service animal....imagine shopping mall, theatre or a restaurant full of service animals

  • Maria Mckenna
    Maria Mckenna Day ago

    I've never heard of refusing change as payment for your purchase, money is money 🙄🙄🙄

  • Van Slam
    Van Slam Day ago

    It's like a first person view of what it's like to be a jackass.

  • Van Slam
    Van Slam Day ago

    I can't make heads or tails of the whole racial intimidation/Patel/patiel situation.

  • Sharon Fraser
    Sharon Fraser Day ago

    It’s against the law to refuse legal tender and coins are legal tender.

  • Kathy Bieber
    Kathy Bieber Day ago

    Ya' know, saying please might have gotten them what they wanted...not 100% positive, but being a d-bag, holding a camera is somebody's face might be seen as being a little aggressive. Just sayin'...

  • Gaila's Great Danes and Manes

    The Jesus Lady has to be some sort of social experiment; she's a damn good actor I think!

  • KingJoker 910
    KingJoker 910 Day ago

    Typical black people trying to keep a white man's check fuck them black ass people

  • Stephen Fischer

    Loud black girls

  • Athena Emmalynn Dorband

    The cashier isnt in the wrong if she does deny the customer service she refunded his money she didn't cuss she didn't threaten she just said have a blessed day

  • Anthony Murano

    "You shouldn't be working until you're able to do the job." He IS doing his job, you stupid entitled bitch. That's just like saying "Oh, you're disabled, so you shouldn't be working." If his job is to drive people to their gates, he CAN do that.. Carrying her bags would be going above and beyond but isn't REQUIRED as part of his job.

  • Milton Appleby

    The fence video is ridiculous. The woman is nuts but the guy could just ignore her. He is instigating.

  • Milton Appleby

    That woman with the walker at the airport is a rancid cunt. People can return to work on modified duty. The guy should not have explained himself.

  • Justine no
    Justine no Day ago

    Lmao the fish girl.

  • A Paris
    A Paris Day ago

    do none of these people watch id discovery? case and point fear thy neighbor...

  • A Paris
    A Paris Day ago

    my mamma used to tell... you can judge your character based on how you treat the people who lend you a service... but i have some questions...

  • ace bee
    ace bee Day ago

    Ha ha airplane passenger says it's not her problem he had surgery and cant lift her luggage. Also says maybe he shouldn't be back to work. Lmao well, same for her. NOT his fault she cant lift her luggage. If she cant, maybe she shouldn't fly or a bring companion with her.

  • A Paris
    A Paris Day ago

    mark is an asshole

  • A Paris
    A Paris Day ago

    mechanics do not put parts back on once you refuse service... and he's right you can't do a compression test if a motor doesn't turn over... it's a conundrum... and a sputter is not a blown motor...

  • A Paris
    A Paris Day ago

    "buddy" is like "ma'am"... he should at least roll his change and yes he can refuse you... but I'm not your fucking buddy...

  • Brandon Dickson

    The cops a bitch & I love my mom but I would tell her shut the fuck up and get round somewhere with ur ignorance

  • A Paris
    A Paris Day ago

    service dogs and no other dogs deserve link choke collars... they are so cruel...

  • Gamer DownUnder

    Why the fuck are Americans so territorial oh your pinky toe is on my property I’m calling the fucking cops on you hope you have fun in jail for the rest of your life

  • The Holy Mackerel

    Population thinning is a can’t-lose scenario these days.

  • Randi Higginbotham

    😐 I don’t think “arcade lady” knows how Groupon works. I’m so confused.

  • Concord
    Concord Day ago

    The Gallbladder idiot should not be at work, and he definitely should not be harassing the passengers

  • Anastacia M
    Anastacia M Day ago

    Colorado flips cars if the Avalanche wins the Stanley Cup Lmaoo 😂😂😂😂Gotta love big cities EVERYWHERE!

  • Auston Strickland

    And Apu at the quicky mart needs to take the change. He needs to get educated about his new life here in America.

  • Auston Strickland

    The lady in the cart, she needs to get her shit and go. She has entitlement issues. She needs to get slapped.

  • Deandra Milton

    You either take American currency or you don't you lazy bastard.

  • Deandra Milton

    It's not his job to take care of your medical problems bitch. Your said his problem had nothing to do with you and you being handicap has nothing to do with him.i would have used my foot shoved your stuff of the cart and drove away.

  • Dana Fortier
    Dana Fortier Day ago

    A service dog and emotional support dog are different things

  • Annie BornAgain

    If you think someone is working a super low wage why on earth would you try to get them fired over SAUCE !!! Maybe the worker could have been more helpful but he said he's been there many times and worked in those places so he knows what sauce he wants, to me it sounds like he went up looking for an argument always camera at the ready lol i would believe alot more of these drive through ones if it was caught on dash cam etc but alot of these these customers seem to be setting the workers up from the get go.

  • Annie BornAgain

    I always wonder what happens just before recording starts ?? because if your recording from the start is one thing but the person recording is ALWAYS going to be very calm and collected when just before they may have been being the bigge ahole in the world lol. I disabled with meniers disease so am not allowed to drive as it come under the same rules as seizures so i'm not really sure how the women with the dog is legally allowed to drive however i'm in the UK she's in the USA so i'm guessing different laws i would also say take those bloody awful colours off your dogs.. i just want to get the person who put those on a dog and make them wear it see how they feel about it. I would also say that the lady in the airport was really rude to the worker if she needed that much help maybe it would have been best to call ahead and get help with everything needed not just to catch the cart i wonder how she got to the airport or how she'll manage on the other side because it don't look like anyone is traveling with her.. Sorry but there was an entitlement about her tone as if "my issues are worse than yours" just because you can't see his issues don't mean they are not as present as her's and i guartee you that she is the type of person that if she see a young person with a disabled badge she would tear into them without knowing for one second there issues.

  • amanda benincasa

    Ppl need to learn to not be rude like at McDonald’s, The lady that wanted biscuits and gravy she was being incredibly rude for no reason

  • amanda benincasa

    I wish sarcastic Anthony has better comebacks

  • Nounou D
    Nounou D Day ago

    All LA FITNESS employees are HORRIBLE! The fact the y'all giving this man hella issues over HIS CHECK is beyond ridiculous! If they would have just given him HIS MONEY, they wouldn't be looking like 2 idiots on camera! Ol boy talking about 'just apologize"... bitch run me MY CHECK!!!

  • Patricia Alexander

    Uh, don't think ignorancy is a word Ms well respected righteous idiot.

  • hermionesgirl79

    Actually dude-he is not required to take your change. Any business can refuse service to anyone for any reason. Grow up.

  • L B
    L B Day ago

    Why on earth would anyone fly Spirit. It's Greyhound with wings

  • Scott Angermeier

    Give me my mail

  • Shan
    Shan Day ago

    ‘‘ WHY KIKI....WHY’’?😭🤣🤣

  • B B
    B B Day ago

    There is something about McDonalds specifically that gets people really mad @_@

  • brandonn sanders

    Wow. When did tom Holland make a RUclip account

  • Shannon Calleja

    If you ordered 50 nuggets in the drive thru you deserve to get an attitude!

  • GhostlyerSeven

    This isnt india fucker take the cash. Fucking entitled douche.

  • Ben Williams
    Ben Williams Day ago

    Of course it’s Cintas lol.

  • XixesOM
    XixesOM Day ago

    That "boss" is a bitch. And breaking thr law. You can't just NOT give someone their check. And FUCK that bitch at the airport. What a douche. Dude isnt able to do what you're asking. Deal with it

  • Joda
    Joda Day ago

    Change is legal tender all day long. Even late at night.

  • Joda
    Joda Day ago

    What does being late at night have to do with accepting change?

  • Chrissy Clark
    Chrissy Clark Day ago

    @4:15 she is NOT trying to help you. Wow! Just pay the guy!


    another old nasty BITCH


    that bitch is a boss wow

  • Milton Appleby

    Know the policies before you fly Spirit. You are responsible for being informed. If you don't have a contingency plan in case of an emergency you shouldn't travel.

  • Milton Appleby

    Just call the police and stop repeating yourself.

  • David Moore
    David Moore Day ago


  • Scott Angermeier

    It's late buddy

  • Dymara Saenz
    Dymara Saenz Day ago

    “And it’s not up to you to decide how you’re going to speak to me.” Um... yes, yes it is. She is the ONLY one that can decide how she’s going to act/talk... Sorry, but that’s how it works. 😂

  • Dymara Saenz
    Dymara Saenz Day ago

    He literally just told you he had surgery, and cannot PHYSICALLY help you with your bags, or otherwise he would’ve, and your response is to tell him he shouldn’t be there unless he can help you?! The entitlement made me gag. Jesus, lady...

  • Zack A
    Zack A Day ago

    High powered attorney's phone rings: "Hold on, I gotta take this, it's an important client." Conversation ends. "Sorry about that, that's my client Dave. He's a cashier at a Chevron station. He's suing a customer for $40. I think he has a case."

  • Alexander De Nijs

    If you went to wendys or mcdonalds, they wouldnt hold your food there...

  • Toni Patton
    Toni Patton Day ago

    If it's about his money why would he have to kiss yall ass for it something HE EARNED like baby catch a clue you owe him tf

  • Anthony Salcedo

    is it illegal to fish? No! so get fucked.

  • Rickey Frantz
    Rickey Frantz 2 days ago

    1st guy = Douchebag

  • Victoria Loss
    Victoria Loss 2 days ago

    She doesn't HAVE to leave, she has the choice to leave if she's uncomfortable. No law says that. Sorry bud. Other than that, the lady was nuttier than a fruitcake

  • Amara Martinez
    Amara Martinez 2 days ago

    I work at a gas station, we dont take more than 5 dollars in change because, we have to leave either 99 or 100 in our tils for the next shifts cashiers. If its nothing but change then customers get angry for example if they use a 50 bill for just 30 bucks of gas and they dont recieve their change back in bills. Well the cashiers cannot give bills as change, because after a few customers, all their bills are used up and all they have are coins to pass out. So, futur coin only purchasers, dont be a dick. Put your change in a bills for coins machine or simething, go to the bank, or use a card. We will turn you down.

  • D.R Conly
    D.R Conly 2 days ago

    Typical old women in her generation will never admit they were wrong. Why is this. It's crazy to think you get smarter the older you get . You just get experience

  • Lisa Clark
    Lisa Clark 2 days ago

    He was impersonating Oscar from Seasame Street lol

  • Barney
    Barney 2 days ago

    The old lady with luggage is a spoiled bitch. Its not the flight attendant's fault you can't handle your bags. He genuinely was trying to be nice and hear her out but she didn't give a damn. All the bitch cared about was she was inconvenienced. The guy probably was forced to go back to work or they'd fire him, after surgery and he has to deal with this c***. Your ego is much bigger then your bags ma'am.

  • Lynn Fenton
    Lynn Fenton 2 days ago

    NO service dog would ever wear a spiked collar like that. a service dog is trained so well they barely need a leash to be under control. I'd call this bitch's bluff as fake as well!

  • taykarrin
    taykarrin 2 days ago

    Maybe I should wait.... drives away

  • Donald Thomas
    Donald Thomas 2 days ago

    The guy trying to pay for gas with change is wrong. The store does NOT have to accept change, unless agreed to before the transaction begins.

  • Nicole Corry
    Nicole Corry 2 days ago

    Dave went to college lol....