Nikocado Avocado 2
Nikocado Avocado 2
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i'm having a really bad day.
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my husband.
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  • Jaime-Lee Viney
    Jaime-Lee Viney 27 minutes ago

    I don't care what any of y'all say... I love Candy!! She is the sweetest. Some day's she is super quiet and shy.. Other day's she is a little chatter box. It's just part of her personality 💗

  • NY NY WORLD!!!!!!

    No one: Not a single soul Nick:*put bag over head*1:32

  • Melinda Tolentino

    1:39 When they give you the wrong order lmao

  • Nobody Slim
    Nobody Slim Hour ago


  • Robert 'Bob' Ross
    Robert 'Bob' Ross 2 hours ago

    and this nigga be not knowing why he fat smh

  • Leila Leila
    Leila Leila 3 hours ago

    9:28 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jibon Yein
    Jibon Yein 3 hours ago

    Dude ..that was a big fart💨

  • Byrle Dickerson
    Byrle Dickerson 3 hours ago

    I love pizza

  • It’s Yoni.B
    It’s Yoni.B 4 hours ago

    Man he got me dead 🤣🤣🤣 he ugly as hell doing allat 🤷🏽‍♀️😭

  • Alexa Bonefont
    Alexa Bonefont 5 hours ago

    He so sweet ❤ both of them are adorable

  • Sarahi BFF García
    Sarahi BFF García 5 hours ago

    No manchen ya está bien obeso ese wey estaba medio flaco y ya está como una ballenato

  • Rosie 37
    Rosie 37 5 hours ago

    I love Subway! My favorite is a Club with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, black olives and mayo on flatbread.

  • mikhail adam shah
    mikhail adam shah 6 hours ago

    freak gay

  • JessicaisFluffy
    JessicaisFluffy 6 hours ago

    When he farted my jaw broke 12:35

  • Shanil Singh
    Shanil Singh 7 hours ago

    Ahhh Panda Express never sold crab Rangoon! It’s cream cheese Rangoon

  • Ninja bolt
    Ninja bolt 7 hours ago

    Omg when he takes first bite it’s so cringe

  • R4D
    R4D 7 hours ago

    The intro 😂

  • Sherry Alexandra
    Sherry Alexandra 7 hours ago


  • SyalinS :D
    SyalinS :D 8 hours ago

    He soo nice 😊

  • Muhammad Ikhbal
    Muhammad Ikhbal 8 hours ago

    Fuck you

  • Virginia Lopez
    Virginia Lopez 8 hours ago

    U fat ass bitcj ! Leave que alone and blove wouldn't like hwr is she copied slow ass . You just mad that blove didn't collab wit u yet. So u wanna make a big deal outta something to the can like u like hoop off

  • Hans
    Hans 8 hours ago

    This is fucking disgusting.

  • jackurzz
    jackurzz 8 hours ago

    No one: Nick "Ramen makes me go crazy!"

  • Ja-Vaughn Starks
    Ja-Vaughn Starks 9 hours ago

    yo chill out

  • Ja-Vaughn Starks
    Ja-Vaughn Starks 9 hours ago

    wow there buddy

  • Antonio Rigolli
    Antonio Rigolli 9 hours ago

    “Everyday’s a cheat day” mood 😂

  • jeffeson fransisco
    jeffeson fransisco 9 hours ago

    Coño coño coño coño coñazo

  • jeffeson fransisco
    jeffeson fransisco 9 hours ago

    Simga pala

  • jeffeson fransisco
    jeffeson fransisco 9 hours ago

    Mamá huevo

  • Fatou Diaby
    Fatou Diaby 9 hours ago

    the hell they are eating each other and he calls this crap family friendly? oh hell nah

  • Guangmei Zhou
    Guangmei Zhou 10 hours ago

    Niko your gay sir I I’m going to me died

  • Ty IsAPerson
    Ty IsAPerson 10 hours ago

    This man is so pure

  • Bryce Gaming
    Bryce Gaming 10 hours ago

    Ok buddy

  • yogurl someone
    yogurl someone 10 hours ago

    I tried the loaded curly fries for the first time and I'm just gonna say in my opinion I didn't really like it

  • Me Memememe
    Me Memememe 11 hours ago

    My favorite video of yours is the 7/11 mukbang

  • Liliana Corrales
    Liliana Corrales 11 hours ago

    Y’all going to bullying to the point she’s going to end her life with these videos you guys be posting

  • Victor Bautista
    Victor Bautista 11 hours ago


  • Scream HD Scream HD
    Scream HD Scream HD 11 hours ago

    I like the bird

  • Israel Alpizar
    Israel Alpizar 11 hours ago

    I like food but i never tasted sonic and i love your vidieos

  • TiEQ
    TiEQ 12 hours ago

    chick fila chick-fil-a chick-fil-a chick-fil-a chick-fil-a

  • Fahima Khatun
    Fahima Khatun 12 hours ago

    3:57 I lOvE CheEsE I lOvE CheEsE I lOvE CheEsE

  • Sherry Alexandra
    Sherry Alexandra 12 hours ago

    “Idk who this is but it’s just distracting!” 😂😂😂

  • ツWinter_Angel
    ツWinter_Angel 13 hours ago

    Its okay! Her channel will be over soon! And i am with u Nick! Love u :)

  • beautiful life
    beautiful life 13 hours ago

    Wow~It looks very delicious. This is the food you eat after cutting a few times with scissors to rub it all. I am Korean. Sorry because I am not good at in English.

  • Lina Wael
    Lina Wael 13 hours ago

    Your recipe is so good

  • waylowwolf
    waylowwolf 14 hours ago

    7:38 is he starts eating

  • Norma Cortes
    Norma Cortes 14 hours ago

    Love nikocado 🥑

  • michelle ulbrich
    michelle ulbrich 15 hours ago

    To cute. You are a amazing. I like your videos.

  • Jay Ann Olsen
    Jay Ann Olsen 16 hours ago


  • Ariànà Gràndè
    Ariànà Gràndè 16 hours ago

    Is it just me or he talks more than he eats??

  • Filmon Fsaha
    Filmon Fsaha 16 hours ago

    Are you broke

  • Jay1
    Jay1 17 hours ago

    My drawling

  • Alyssa Ressis
    Alyssa Ressis 17 hours ago

    And that’s honey and nutty oil you’re tasting.

  • Alyssa Ressis
    Alyssa Ressis 17 hours ago

    Boy you gotta use chick fil a mayo on a chick fil a chicken biscuit. Their mayo is like no other and brings it all together.

  • Shaung Phone
    Shaung Phone 18 hours ago

    Your also GAY!😝😜🤪

  • Shaung Phone
    Shaung Phone 18 hours ago

    You know that you are getting fatter! Hahaha😛😝😜🤪

  • leyla ehmedova
    leyla ehmedova 18 hours ago

    Foul .....iyyyyy🤢🤢🤢

  • Jada’s TV
    Jada’s TV 19 hours ago

    damn , what have he ate 🥴 .

  • Glenn Vasquez
    Glenn Vasquez 19 hours ago

    Watching this to quench my unhealthy cravings without the guilt

  • Danicka Corrans
    Danicka Corrans 19 hours ago

    Little kids watch this wow that is gross

  • Brad Martin
    Brad Martin 20 hours ago

    You’re my BFF to my RUclip

  • Abdallah Daha
    Abdallah Daha 20 hours ago

    I'm hungry

  • Roth Gaming
    Roth Gaming 20 hours ago

    Why he do this in front of the camera 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢

  • •Gacha Autumm
    •Gacha Autumm 21 hour ago

    Oh god no nik don't get sas asmr into this bs because sas is amazing 😠😠😠😠

  • Michael Tabah
    Michael Tabah 22 hours ago


  • Michael Tabah
    Michael Tabah 22 hours ago


  • D Fam
    D Fam 22 hours ago

    I’m totally jealous that you’re eating fire noodles 👍🏼

  • Kristen Denney
    Kristen Denney 23 hours ago

    Love the video!❤ & I agree, loveee Firehouse Subs. Try their brisket sub next time if you haven't already, it's AMAZING!😊

  • king_.quan08 &m_kimg1357

    Are u two back together

  • Frieza the emperor of youtube


  • Cybernonymous G

    Dude you need to learn how to mix

  • AchikC70
    AchikC70 Day ago

    You eat like animal

  • Chesei Valca
    Chesei Valca Day ago

    I spoke to b love *lip smack* And she respected my feelings *lip smack* STOP 👏 EATING👏 WHILE 👏YOUR👏APOLOGIZING👏 God Damn that was annoying

  • saad shaikh
    saad shaikh Day ago

    King kong is back.

  • Evelyn Martinez

    Are we like not to cuss on his comments??? There is literally no one here cussing 🤔😌

  • Andrew Trinh
    Andrew Trinh Day ago

    Nice cumshot on the thumbnail

  • Mandana Geheim

    Stop singin hello I’m home hello im home

  • Eva everyday
    Eva everyday Day ago

    Just kidding I'm not

  • Eva everyday
    Eva everyday Day ago

    Don't do these video man talk about yr own video and talk about yr own video okay I am defending my girl I'm young

  • Nicole Keeton
    Nicole Keeton Day ago

    My sister say nick is overdramatic when he eat but he eats normal

  • Bernie Conley
    Bernie Conley Day ago

    Are you sped

  • Caeser Caeser
    Caeser Caeser Day ago

    This is fucking gross

  • marc thye boon kong


  • Barbara Brackett

    ☺️ was g to you and that’s the way I am right now I

  • Mckenna Kinyon

    my mood

  • Gabby Fifer
    Gabby Fifer Day ago

    Confused where has your brother been?

  • myob
    myob Day ago

    it’s two in the morning , i’m starving why am i here

  • Brian Ramirez
    Brian Ramirez Day ago

    Are u gay? 🤔🤔

  • Merced Videos
    Merced Videos Day ago

    How are you guys related

  • Danny Davis
    Danny Davis Day ago


  • Owen Peen
    Owen Peen Day ago

    fucking downgrade Shawn dowson witch is pretty fucking sad

  • tory bundy
    tory bundy Day ago

    She elbowed that man to speak 😂🤣

  • AnonymousHumanISwear

    21:23 this is why you’re fat my guy

  • Yumalay Rubio
    Yumalay Rubio Day ago

    What the fuck don’t put that as your thing there little kid watching

  • Bryan Morong
    Bryan Morong Day ago

    U r fat now

  • Ms. Mischievous

    But this dude is also gross when he eats. No table manners..

  • Strawberry- Infused water

    1:15 Me when I get that “bishhhhhhh guess fucking what” text

  • Elizabeth Digiovanni

    I need to stop watching these I'm hungry as fuck now😂😂

  • Francesca Orr
    Francesca Orr Day ago

    i want him to be my friend