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Jane Seymour - "Wolf Hall"
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Lily James singing Mamma Mia
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  • phantumgrey
    phantumgrey 33 minutes ago

    Did Troy just assume Gender?! I'm just kidding I'm not a fucking nutjob.

  • princess arrogance

    Fuck you you old bitch

  • rainy mins
    rainy mins 2 hours ago

    lol im disappointed i thought this was a tutorial or a life hack

  • Terriance Shepherd
    Terriance Shepherd 3 hours ago

    The job market plummeted over cartoons.. It took thousands of jobs away through ergonomics

  • Badr ElshanaWany
    Badr ElshanaWany 6 hours ago


  • Christopher Ryan Cabrera

    Ironically, the first ruler of Anglican Church is the most evil ruler of England. Henry VIII lust for power is the downfall of Catholic Church in Britain.

  • Mg Mg
    Mg Mg 7 hours ago


  • Mg Mg
    Mg Mg 8 hours ago


  • Mg Mg
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  • Arnold Amaral
    Arnold Amaral 12 hours ago

    Katherine Hepburn was once asked during an interview when she was well in her 80's. Who would she considerd the greatest actress in. her era? And she replied infactecly Irene Papas. Especially after I worked with her in Trojan Women. That there & then validated my great impression of what a truly great actor is male or female. Just about every scene she was in was a tour de force. That really impressed me because I had only seen Madame Papas in 2 films prior & I thought she was extraordinary talented and absolutely beautiful. Arnold Bourbon Amaral

  • Don Nerone Martín
    Don Nerone Martín 20 hours ago

    I mean apocalypse saw dora's movie. just for que final quote xD

  • Rob Jackson
    Rob Jackson Day ago

    Back when the Borg were actually scary No nanoprobes, no zombie-like bullshit, no queen Just a cold ruthless race of unfeeling, murderous cyborg killing machines And no mass assimilation, as real assimilation was surgical, and mass assimilation was impossible with that method.

  • paul summers
    paul summers Day ago

    Not winning the Oscar was beyond her control.

  • Tavis Ferguson

    Are you just gonna stand there, you bastard. 😂😂😂

  • manasi chaubey

    Jean's voice here is kinda like famke's and scotts voice is like that of tye's

  • Gideon Ampadu
    Gideon Ampadu Day ago

    Bro if only today shows was like this it would have been so much better. But that dark Phoenix movie kinda ruined the image of the Phoenix if only if they could have interpret this into their movie it could have been way better.

  • yuri faxineira

    The both movies from 2007 and 2019 didn't come close to this... i don't think marvel will do another phoenix movie..

  • blue water
    blue water Day ago

    Imagine if you were having a meal with your girlfriend that night and she was drinking that soup. Omg !

  • hh23 hh23
    hh23 hh23 Day ago

    I just didnt buy susan as bette!!! Great performance tho


    Salem Rocks:-)


    The best Sabrina ever!

  • Sal Blasker
    Sal Blasker Day ago

    Marianne is so offended by Edward Ferrar's passionless recitation of poetry. She actually makes him do it again! This is really funny! Marianne is warm blooded and sensitive and feels things deeply because she is an empath. She feels others' pain as if it were her own. She cannot understand why Edward Ferrars isn't the same!

  • Sal Blasker
    Sal Blasker Day ago

    Poor Marianne. There is always the right man and the wrong man in Jane Austen's novels. Willoughby was exciting but immoral and the wrong man. Colonel Brandon was less exciting but the decent and moral man who she learned to appreciate in the end.

  • Shreyashi Chatterjee

    Brilliant actress I must say

  • Michelle Regis

    Countess..lamour... toujour.... lamour...! lol,

  • Juls81
    Juls81 Day ago


  • Wilhelm w
    Wilhelm w Day ago

    So much better than the netflix version

  • The Strangler
    The Strangler Day ago

    Blanche was evil as fuck

  • Lilredthr3
    Lilredthr3 Day ago

    I used to like Salma but she did started the fight with Penelope Cruz to be honest. but Penelope Cruz is popular in the movie. she’s trying to help Salma to get her up of her hand. all it son Salma kind of still starting the fight with Penelope Cruz. I find disrespectful. Penelope Cruz I love you 😘💕❤️

  • Lizawieta
    Lizawieta 2 days ago

    They forgot earrings

    GOGETA BLUE 2 days ago

    I wanna see Beast and Wolverine just go berserk at the same time and just have a clean fight The animals of the team just brawling to see who’s better

  • Armando Sanchez
    Armando Sanchez 2 days ago

    Amazon Prime

  • Golden Glove
    Golden Glove 2 days ago

    She got what she deserved for being a manipulative bitch who played with and prayed on peoples emotions....ending in the suicide of her own teammate in the nasty game ion intrigue and power plays....Eventually they would catch on to her. The way she stumbles to the second step is a metaphor of her gown down and her disbelief is priceless....A cold hearted bitch...She was murdered by all those people because that social death was as good as being in a hole....Life ruined and I wanted that for her, OSCAR STOLEN...FAVORITE MOVIE.

  • calinfus80s
    calinfus80s 2 days ago

    Veda is a sociopath.

  • Red Rebel
    Red Rebel 2 days ago

    Amazing Ms. Davis 😍

  • Tjeerd Eijsink
    Tjeerd Eijsink 2 days ago

    what episode was this...?

  • Marcos Antonio
    Marcos Antonio 2 days ago

    Adoro de paixão

  • Jessica DarkenssTwin

    It's because your dead alright Lisa 😞 I would hold Lisa because I feel like Lisa been hurt all her life

  • Maurice Walton
    Maurice Walton 2 days ago

    wow😰never even knew she had a brother

  • Joseph Harder
    Joseph Harder 2 days ago

    From a cinematic standpoint, this scene is the act of a God. One can only admire, one cannot hope to surpass or even equal,

  • Aaron Aaron
    Aaron Aaron 2 days ago

    Why his legs stop working lmao

  • Sue Snell
    Sue Snell 2 days ago

    Sigourney Weaver & Holly Hunter. Underrated duo. The chemistry of these two talented and charismatic ladies was the strongest driving element (among many elements) of this film’s success. And it was a success. Deserves to be remembered and considered much more than it is.

  • YuiHarunaAi Hoshiko Uruk

    Roald Dahl HATED this movie, but he admited he liked Anjelica Huston as The Grand High Witch.

  • KatWoman
    KatWoman 2 days ago

    The song and the ending and the look is so scary lmao it makes me happy and sad at the same time. But I'm curious. Is it ''bad" for her to be with him? Since he's I guess "mentally challenged" and she's not. Idk i feel like others say it's not right

  • Andy Bitker
    Andy Bitker 2 days ago


  • yanelycacildo
    yanelycacildo 2 days ago

    I need this movie

  • doni kokobap
    doni kokobap 3 days ago

    0:40 Child!!!!!

  • SuperSoldier26
    SuperSoldier26 3 days ago

    Juggernaut, brother of Charles Xavier

  • SuperSoldier26
    SuperSoldier26 3 days ago

    0:57-1:43 it's pretty clear that Gambit isn't taking Rogue seriously and treating it as a joke. That's sad

  • Aubrey Fowler
    Aubrey Fowler 3 days ago


  • The Tommyknocker Man

    This hurt my soul. Poor Selena. The acting is amazing here. When she realizes how evil her father was and everything her mother did to protect her. She spent 15 years hating the wrong person. Very underrated movie.

  • The Tommyknocker Man

    You're calling your own daughter a "tease". Like it's her fault you're a deranged, perverted animal. You sick piece of shit! Seriously? Joe deserved everything he got.

  • Zooqan Pawar
    Zooqan Pawar 3 days ago

    I love her voice

  • angle girl
    angle girl 3 days ago

    Poor Boi

  • angle girl
    angle girl 3 days ago


  • john keating
    john keating 3 days ago

    "Why am I so happy to see you?" Such a wildly powerful last episode, I loved this show

  • dzacks1
    dzacks1 3 days ago

    I noticed something, the X-Men in the cartoon always used code names, rarely being called by their original names.

  • Jeremy Picardal
    Jeremy Picardal 3 days ago

    2:41 anyone else a Wicked fan here 💚💚💚

  • NocturneKing
    NocturneKing 3 days ago

    I love how although Valmont dies that he manages to get his revenge by exposing her for the wicked person she is.

  • Angry Millennial 1984

    This is life

  • Angry Millennial 1984

    What did i just watch?

  • aprilapirlipat
    aprilapirlipat 4 days ago

    Maleficent vs the sugar plum fairy? Because both of them are evil fairies well maleficent has redeemed herself but still it would make an amazing fight 😂

  • Joel Cartagena
    Joel Cartagena 4 days ago

    So can you make a playlist for this movie??

  • Joel Cartagena
    Joel Cartagena 4 days ago

    This was in the 1990's?? That's the year I was born.

  • Joel Cartagena
    Joel Cartagena 4 days ago

    Shouldn't there be a playlist for this??

  • William LaVant
    William LaVant 4 days ago

    Can’t nobody say “Oh My God” like Mrs. Peacock lol 😂

  • Beautiful Fantasy
    Beautiful Fantasy 4 days ago

    (1:13- 1:19 scene) "Now what kind of tree can you be Janet, while your down on the floor?" "I'm a FUCKING SHRUB ALrigHt!!!" Lmao that was just great, the whole yoga class felt that

  • ZalDA gamer
    ZalDA gamer 4 days ago

    Mr bean!!!

  • Samuel Appiah
    Samuel Appiah 4 days ago

    Posca’s facial reactions were killing me 😂

  • Sıla Gülcemal
    Sıla Gülcemal 4 days ago

    She was the most badass of his wives 👑 A TRUE QUEEN

  • Jason Muniz
    Jason Muniz 4 days ago

    God these anglo saxons make the ancients seem like a bunch of sissies.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 days ago

    Criminally underrated show

  • J Diamond
    J Diamond 4 days ago

    I love how Margo had that look like she was trying to kill Eve with her eyes 😹

  • Cristy Steeby
    Cristy Steeby 4 days ago

    i love this movie:D

  • Reva Is The Diva
    Reva Is The Diva 4 days ago

    SHE CAN PROTECT HER OWN DANG SELF if anyone needs to be protected it should've been the convertible.

  • Mariah Raichert
    Mariah Raichert 4 days ago

    I love the soundtrack when Rogue takes Ms Marvel’s powers

  • Miglior Store
    Miglior Store 4 days ago

    If Borg standards of communication and Federation standards of morality would have allowed it, I think Picard would have lost his proverbial phlegm and kicked some angel down the sky at some point of his Borg experience.

  • La Lady Medusa
    La Lady Medusa 5 days ago

    Prom queens the majority of times end up doing nothing impressive with their lives after high school❤❤💕

  • vivian will
    vivian will 5 days ago

    I love this book! I didnt know they made a movie of it. Especially with the actress from the adams family movie.❤❤

  • Eva Marie battle
    Eva Marie battle 5 days ago

    Jean ass always falling!😤

  • Ryan Hession
    Ryan Hession 5 days ago

    Iam iam a bitch lol love this movie.

  • Inkybendy29 & Killerpiratefox

    SUCKING THE LIVES OUT OF LITTLE CHILDREN What a pretty spider 🕷 👄 Bless you AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AMUCK amuck amuck amuck amuc- Why would i curse with this idiotic sisters Chicks ?? *LOCK THEM IN A CAGE*

  • Johnny66
    Johnny66 5 days ago

    Cruel and well-acted scene- but the film's best was the 'War!' scene between Close and Malkovich at the end.

    SUPER OMEGA X4 5 days ago

    Winnie - why am I cursed for such idiot sisters Sarah - just lucky I guess OMG Sarah is hilarious asf😂😂😂

  • Lightning Terry
    Lightning Terry 5 days ago

    Me: a causal 7th grader going to see a disaster movie only to be traumatized

  • Junya XOXO
    Junya XOXO 5 days ago

    One of my most favorite movie ever

  • GochEm 30
    GochEm 30 5 days ago

    0:14 STOP THEM!

  • Robert Oldcorn
    Robert Oldcorn 6 days ago

    Is no one gonna joke about how many times the word “daddy” was said in this clip? 😖😂😂

  • 1980sGuy
    1980sGuy 6 days ago

    What an extraordinary picture.

  • BRi iS A WHORE Heck yeah

    Beverly is such a beautiful name!

  • Kaz Chan
    Kaz Chan 6 days ago

    This scene makes me cry everytime.

  • Luba R
    Luba R 6 days ago

    You can find somebody look like but nobody ever can delivery that sexual innocent voice moves look like Marilyn had

  • Adrian Mendoza
    Adrian Mendoza 6 days ago

    Great scene.

  • kenneth mabbs
    kenneth mabbs 6 days ago

    she looked and sound like marilyn

  • kenneth mabbs
    kenneth mabbs 6 days ago

    whos that woman? shes a good actress... at first, i thought shes the real marilyn

  • Himanshu Sood
    Himanshu Sood 6 days ago

    My fevuret movie

  • Antajuan Grady
    Antajuan Grady 6 days ago

    Damn she's so "dark" in this. Love her ❤️

  • Adrian Mendoza
    Adrian Mendoza 6 days ago

    3:24 - Damn, alright Gambit.

  • Jerome Taperman
    Jerome Taperman 6 days ago

    Wah! One poor lion never got a christian!

  • Bethany Varre
    Bethany Varre 6 days ago

    If they made a Jawbreaker the Musical, that would be the coolest thing!