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David Wygant for Women
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  • Holly C.
    Holly C. Day ago

    A lot of off-topic info and didn't talk anything about the subject of the video...

  • sebastian marciniak

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  • BEZBZ1
    BEZBZ1 5 days ago

    Lmfao if you want anymore of this booty we gotta go out and do things lol

  • Rick King
    Rick King 6 days ago

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    Virgen Barton 6 days ago

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  • Holymoly !!!
    Holymoly !!! 16 days ago

    I rlly dont know what to do but he is being rlly cold to me nd we loved each other so much.last night he told me he was being like this bc its been a long time we havent have sex then after we argue he told me if i didnt want to lose him i gotta have sex with him nd yes i did ,nd i cried.then we finished it, he forced me to do the things i didnt want to do, after we finished it, he just turned his back nd played switch.we were still good like four days ago nd i was rlly stressed then i argued with him ,said something that hurts ,then he becomes like this ,nd i dont know what to do.i do have depression nd i dont know whether i should go to hospital .

  • Rick Flint
    Rick Flint 17 days ago

    El negro tomas .

  • Zimboprenuer zw
    Zimboprenuer zw 20 days ago

    just watch the words that he uses.....they reveal a loser mentality

  • ytarmyleigh1
    ytarmyleigh1 20 days ago

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  • Chingbai Ronghang
    Chingbai Ronghang 24 days ago


  • Cale George
    Cale George 26 days ago

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  • Gina
    Gina 26 days ago


  • Mirabel Lebarim
    Mirabel Lebarim Month ago

    All of them wanted their chick skinni and then some only 1 sayd thick period😂 so majority rulez

  • julia
    julia Month ago

    My boyfriend moved back in with his parents because he couldn't afford rent anymore. Since we've been dating (almost 2 years) he has been jobless. He keeps blaming his anxiety and depression for it but doesn't want to seek therapy because in his eyes it's all a hoax. Everytime I try to talk about this subject he tells me that I only want to date guys that have good jobs and alot of money and that I don'tlove him for who he is. I wish he would change but he is too sensitive. Apparently he had a burnout about 4 years ago and that's why he stopped working.

  • Gleb Savrasov
    Gleb Savrasov Month ago

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  • Yilan Shi
    Yilan Shi Month ago

    Torrey pines

  • New EDTV
    New EDTV Month ago

    Thank you

  • Perez交叉
    Perez交叉 Month ago

    Don't take advice like : dont date à single parent. EVERY human is different. Is there. Difficulties ofcourse but there are husban and wives who don't have kids and cheat, lie, etc. Your marrying a soul not a resume.

  • loup loupo
    loup loupo Month ago

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  • loup loupo
    loup loupo 2 months ago

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  • OG Gamer
    OG Gamer 2 months ago

    Wtf did I just watch 😂🤣😂

  • Goku Blue
    Goku Blue 2 months ago

    I scared of them they will lie to ruin your life.

  • kam fan
    kam fan 2 months ago

    This dude is full of shit! I stopped watching after the f-bomb! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 & as a child of divorced parents - single parents are the most IMMATURE sorts to deal with. Everything has to be around their vermin's schedules!

  • My Greenhouse Diary
    My Greenhouse Diary 3 months ago

    Hilarious and well made video xD

  • lynnthegreat10
    lynnthegreat10 3 months ago

    I feel like since I have been dating a man with 2 young children for 6 months, that dating a single dad is not for me. I swore to myself that after my last 2 failed long term relationships that I would not be with anyone who doesn't consider me his #1. & that is never going to happen so long as I am with father of the year. His precious golden child from his previous marriage is always going to be #1. He treats his daughter like a princess & is not very good to his son. He treats me like sideshow bob whenever we are together with his daughter. But when its just us & his son, things are wonderful. Heaven forbid I have an opinion that in any way relates to his parenting style or his unhealthy obsession with letting his 7 year old sleep in bed with him. I am always walking on eggshells as not to offend him. I always have to compromise for him, & then compromise some more. It is NEVER about me. & when I try to make it about me, I get told "It's not all about YOU". Well, no shit. But it should be 50/50 about both of us. not 100% your needs & 200% your daughter's needs. What about MY needs?

    • Camille Warren
      Camille Warren 3 months ago

      Why would you jump into another relationship without knowing yourself well enough ..

  • Baby Cheesa
    Baby Cheesa 3 months ago

    Pretty sure he’s my spirit animal

  • aaa bbb
    aaa bbb 3 months ago

    ok now my ex wasn't a mean guy he was very nice. but he was a loser and I hate to admit it. i dated him for around 3 years. but the closer i got i realized i needed to run away. fast. but i didnt have the heart to do it for the longest time. - has mental problems (like i do) but refused help and medications while i was going to therapy and testing out different meds. he smoked so much pot he was stoned 90% of the time. - he slept until 6pm. no im not exaggerating. we never went on dates. -the only thing he did when awake was eat and play games or want sex from me. - im the type of woman who watches my weight, stays hygenic, does my hair, puts on makeup, he on the other hand could wear the same clothes for 5 days straight and not brush his teeth for 3 straight days. eating habits? mountain dew, monster doritos, mcdonalds, pizza fried chicken. - my aspiration is to become a nutritionist, or if i have the money by the end of college somehow, to use it for medschool and become a plastic surgeon. he wanted to be a professional gamer. thats it. he thought college and degrees were stupid. if his gaming "career didnt work out, he would "work at a store or something." -when he talked about possibly living together, he told me we'd live in his parents house (where he already lived) pay the rent and then inherit the house. basically- live with his mommy and daddy forever. at this point, he was 23. i was 20. and i said "fuck that" and dumped him.

  • Laugh Worthy Ent
    Laugh Worthy Ent 3 months ago

    Idk why ppl can't drink in moderation, and this comes from someone who drank 2 tall cans daily or more, and i just said well fuck it I want to be in good shape, so I stopped

  • Rena Nicholson
    Rena Nicholson 3 months ago

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  • nikki k
    nikki k 4 months ago

    If he says he needs space.. never contact him. It's now 2 weeks and he has not contacted me and i refuse to contact him. In my mind, it's over

  • Izabella McFann
    Izabella McFann 4 months ago

    Ur a fucking dumbass Siri can be a boy to it can be a boy or girl and your dumb anyway

  • Steve A
    Steve A 4 months ago

    Bullshit they're honest. They'll lie through their teeth. Any idiot can have a child.

  • Hilda Palmer
    Hilda Palmer 4 months ago

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  • Hilda Palmer
    Hilda Palmer 4 months ago

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  • Baby Boy
    Baby Boy 4 months ago

    Do NOT date single moms.

  • Tom Provan
    Tom Provan 4 months ago

    Can you remember what it was like when you thought about what is happening in the future. When you are where you want to be, with who you want to be with. And how good that feels as you think about that now. You can cant you?

  • Heather Middaugh
    Heather Middaugh 4 months ago

    i want more advice from her too lol

  • Heather Middaugh
    Heather Middaugh 4 months ago

    I love the insight on style. I think I try to much to dress up....even though I'm married 16 years not dating. I feel more confident to sometimes conceded when I'm all dressed up.

  • Heather Middaugh
    Heather Middaugh 4 months ago

    I think you bring a fresh approach to advice. Funny and For Real!!!!!

  • Heather Middaugh
    Heather Middaugh 4 months ago

    BTW your damn sexy not just physically but intellectually!!! My husband is 30 years older than I. I saw a sign somewhere that said “Age is mind over matter.....If you dont mind it doesnt matter”

  • Heather Middaugh
    Heather Middaugh 4 months ago

    age 57??

  • Heather Middaugh
    Heather Middaugh 4 months ago

    Love the recap tip....women love recaps too!!!!

  • Johnny Tramain
    Johnny Tramain 4 months ago

    Duct tape two Popsicle sticks to either side of his tallywacker, this will stay up a long time.

  • Milton Milton
    Milton Milton 4 months ago

    Im afraid of women as well

  • Sharon Chud
    Sharon Chud 4 months ago


  • AnotherWacko
    AnotherWacko 4 months ago

    There are a lot of women out there that we should be afraid of

  • Goddess
    Goddess 5 months ago


  • Amber Dee
    Amber Dee 5 months ago

    Geez, im dating a loser. But he is so pretty.

    • Chris Burnz
      Chris Burnz 2 months ago

      Then you’re both losers

    • LetIt Be
      LetIt Be 3 months ago

      Amber Dee I’ve been there.

  • Lori B
    Lori B 5 months ago

    Next time I am going to go from stage 1, then, 4. Then maybe I will not have to have stage 5. Then marriage, then 2. Haha

  • Angela
    Angela 5 months ago

    Bottom line, men are scared to approach and speak, because they are immature!

  • Phalyn Williams
    Phalyn Williams 5 months ago

    You are vulgar!

  • Goddess
    Goddess 5 months ago

    This is great. Everyone should leave relationships with gratitude.

  • Hebah Muhammad
    Hebah Muhammad 5 months ago

    If you just work on your language a lil, you come across as aggressive and angry, n that’s the first thing a woman don’t like! Calm down n talk respectfully..

  • J B
    J B 5 months ago

    Says helping millions of women at the start. Video has 100,000 views 😂

  • Goddess
    Goddess 5 months ago

    ahahah "sunday brunch club." Great advice. Thank you!

  • Barbi Love
    Barbi Love 5 months ago

    Ie, selfishness 👍

  • Barbi Love
    Barbi Love 6 months ago

    How can he be "the one" when he is USING YOU?!

  • Barbi Love
    Barbi Love 6 months ago

    I do not like this guy 😪👎

  • Amanda Aquafina
    Amanda Aquafina 6 months ago

    Single parent does not mean ever married or in a relationship. It means two people had sex.

    • Imdabelle
      Imdabelle 5 months ago

      Amanda Aquafina exactly. Especially in this generation. It’s the case with my ex, has a son w/some random girl he was just hooking up with/never in an official relationship.. so I don’t completely agree with everything that’s being said in this video.

  • Ekichionixuka101
    Ekichionixuka101 6 months ago

    Im a single dad 26 with a 2 year old daughter. Im not looking forward to having anymore childrens. Need help with finding a women who doesnt want kids. Ive met single moms but most of them still want more kids but i do not. So in the long run the relstionship wont work out. Any advice anyone?

    • Sarah Scalpel
      Sarah Scalpel Month ago

      Ekichionixuka101 dude ok it’s good you have a daughter. Find a woman who can’t physically have kids but doesn’t mind taking care of your daughter in the capacity they have to. Clearly define how much they need to care for the daughter. Put your gf before your daughter, healthy relationships parents put each other first before the kids. Now that doesn’t mean you don’t care about your daughter but so many parents get things wrong in our world anymore. When parents say that I wonder what they even mean by that that their kids come first. Define it. But the gf should be important to you esp if she isn’t going to have a kid with you. Cuz that’s what most women want. That or you will have to be ok with going it alone until your daughter is grown.

  • Take the red pill
    Take the red pill 6 months ago


  • Take the red pill
    Take the red pill 6 months ago

    The cure for ED is nofap (unless the guy has some serious health problem).

  • Marian Osei
    Marian Osei 6 months ago

    Sometimes when a guy is interested might wait a little before calling back for several reasons. Does not want to look desperate. A little time to figure things out. Might date other women on purpose to get his mind of you. All to really test if you're really what he wants. Trust me, he'll call you back only if you don't call. When you rather call him you spoil everything

  • Mr N.G.C
    Mr N.G.C 6 months ago

    David do tell us all the reason sharon dumped you lol

  • maria mistretta
    maria mistretta 6 months ago

    The wrong guy signs would be abusive cyberbully manipulate childish behavior be little women. A man lies and has secrets. Ghosting Gosling jealous man, manipulate excuses lazy Clinging control freak player. A hookups shorts causal guy. Nasty boys, player son of gun. Keith Martin is player man womanizer narrastic childish behavior full of bullshit excuses and he can't tell him lies in this world not online dating sites and poses as anyone else lol lmaf and they don't have time for himself and brags about it. Is a hot head when whenever a woman lives life he want attention and hate to see women with anyone else lol lmaf. So not into mr. Wrong. He not married yet and he can't figure out what he wants and he to shallow and is lazy immature clinging control freak player manipulate abuser who doesn't text messages or email messages signals and doesn't want any women to judge people who love themself instead of wasting their time for himself to get better frist place and doubag is not enough for him but guy who is a Resetful boy scream or whatever not even a man. That guy eat his own emotions and is lazy and fat. And not the other way around but guy has trust issues with his bullshit that guy is not a date material guy who doesn't have any other women in his life and brags about it but man lies on his ass off with a guy who doesn't like try to relax his mind or his playing with phone numbers and not childish. Leave me alone Parisjackson please kiss my ass again because he's not nice either way and is not mj. That guy is nothing. That guy is the king of shit awww and they don't have time for himself and brags about it a little boy scream lol.lamf that guy has a demon in side of him. Keith Martin narrastic Andy Murray isn't nice either way and injured his own issues geeze and doesn't know how to treat women right and not the other way around the truth unfolded. This wrongheaded guys are so Dan dishonest disrespectful behavior to all women who been in a relationship not stress and respect receiving their own lives and their lives in darkness and are devilish men whopper. Rejection satanic man who manipulate and abuse their own lives or their own life and be with anyone else lol lmaf. The best thing is get away from negative toxic demon men.. Dump the narrastic men online and then they blame women for everything when they should blame themselves instead judge themselves. Lol.lamf Women can do better with out them. Eat this Keith Martin Martin Andy Murray and Paris Jackson doesn't see the truth of this toxic men. The truth unfolded.

  • Shinelle Vincent
    Shinelle Vincent 6 months ago

    I need some advice ....my husband is now experiencing ED n he is frustrated about it don't know how to be of comfort to him please help ...he is only 38 years old

    • Kungfu Panda
      Kungfu Panda 6 months ago

      My Bf is 36 and he is suffering too it make me sad when he has to apologise to me i always tell him he doesn't need to it's frustrating but it's not his fault!!

  • Delia Rigney
    Delia Rigney 6 months ago

    Wish I had seen this video before I started my current relationship! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Ryan Halford
    Ryan Halford 6 months ago

    Good for you,but this isn't practical for everyone,intact for alot of dug addicts,they will feel resentment listening to this, especially when all you think about is being with the logos,that's all a human really needs.jesus Christ.

  • life.content life.content

    Love! im hitting a wall ! im 24 (no kids) and my boyfriend is 31 with a 11-year-old, but i feel like im always nagging him for balance when it comes with our time, We see each other for 6 days on and don't see each other for 6 days off. I feel like this is not healthy as we are 2 years and 5 months in . i feel like this is not healthy what do you think is a good balance.

    • Richard Schiffman
      Richard Schiffman 9 days ago

      @life.content life.content GTFO of that demonic relationship, idiot! This coming from a 33 year old guy WITHOUT KIDS!

    • Mr. Blue
      Mr. Blue 27 days ago

      I'm in the same, but I'm starting dating this girl for 2 months now. (she told me, she has a 10 year old son 1 month ago) she is 30 and I am 24. I really like her and I feel confortable with her and I really want to still dating her... Any advice?

    • Camille Warren
      Camille Warren 3 months ago

      @life.content life.content what are you thinking you are still young girl. Take it from me I am 27 with 5, kids .. girl looks at yourself into the mirror you are beautiful.. iv been wasting my time with relationship and friendships . But honestly my main focus on my kids and my family ..no one else.. you shouldn't be getting yourself involved with someone who got kids

    • Baby Boy
      Baby Boy 4 months ago

      Get a good man.

    • Toyo Burn
      Toyo Burn 4 months ago

      LifeinFocus. Photography I nagged too so I could get balance. He wasn’t into me and the relationship like I was. You are young and beautiful. Find someone at the same stage of life as you are. Have fun and don’t tie yourself down with this situation.

  • mdmojahid Shekh
    mdmojahid Shekh 6 months ago

    Does Troplusfix Dating Secrets really work? I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about Troplusfix Dating Secrets. But Im uncertain if it's good enough to get laid by hot women.

  • deangelo taylor
    deangelo taylor 7 months ago

    they all went MGTOW.

  • Real life Scenarios
    Real life Scenarios 7 months ago

    But what do you do when a man won’t be vulnerable with you because he has been hurt so much?He claims to have prayed to “God” for a woman like me but then when I come correct and be vulnerable,I get told “I’m not that type of guy......but they done everything to have you ....can a man still be vulnerable after having a really bad relationship?

  • Arizona Sky
    Arizona Sky 7 months ago

    I fkn love the male mind.. omfg

  • miresly777777
    miresly777777 7 months ago

    Dear future husband...if it's not broken don't try n fix it I got you! 😏💞

  • Cindy Jones
    Cindy Jones 7 months ago

    Guess I’m not for you you haven say to word to you don’t care for me this just wt miss piggy Ashe fuck any guy she did to piss me off so two play brother games not for.

  • ARIES #Aries#Fearless
    ARIES #Aries#Fearless 7 months ago

    Ok ok my bf always do that but i dont neg him😂😂😂😂😂 and no good morning either i saw him on but i didnt chat him well . Then after awhile he did chat me apologizing bec he always busy lol 😂😂😂😂 i told him im willing to move forward no matter what happen he knew i dont play games . He knew he cannot find someone like me anymore 😂😂😂😂😂

  • cristina lacoste
    cristina lacoste 8 months ago

    I like the advise. As we get older and know more what we want, finding it is a little harder. We just have to keep trying. Thank you.

  • cristina lacoste
    cristina lacoste 8 months ago

    I don't agree with David on this one. Maybe the guy was just nervous. She seems pretty confident, she could have given him her number. Everyone is afraid of rejection, it doesn't matter if your 16 or 60.

  • Mary Brewer
    Mary Brewer 8 months ago

    Wow, was married to one for 9 years and this describes him exactly. Unfortunately, I was recently entangled with one again for about 3 months, but because I didn't play the game, "he" of course dumped me! Thank God! I wouldn't have been able to play along much longer anyway. I am learning so much from you today. So glad I found you!

  • Mary Brewer
    Mary Brewer 8 months ago

    This made me smile so much!

  • Avery William
    Avery William 8 months ago

    What about a single father with 2 kids by two different people that has never been married?

  • Bonnie Buckner
    Bonnie Buckner 8 months ago

    I love these David. Omg BEST

  • James Jennison
    James Jennison 8 months ago

    Kind of ruined your point by admitting that you have done that yourself. And if you don't do it you're a f****** idiot

  • F Sharp
    F Sharp 8 months ago

    Dude you're hilarious!

  • madness child
    madness child 8 months ago

    Wtf are you talking about bro, if we reject that means we don't like you.

  • Sweet Girly
    Sweet Girly 8 months ago

    Prefer face-to-face is much better communication to the human being not just dating world...problems solve faster

  • Sweet Girly
    Sweet Girly 8 months ago

    Thank you for sharing and great information

  • Sweet Girly
    Sweet Girly 8 months ago

    Just blah blah and blah no actions no results

  • Sweet Girly
    Sweet Girly 8 months ago

    If men need the women, then men need to make the move to establish the relationship....dude!

  • Ann Cz
    Ann Cz 9 months ago

    Good speech! I like what you've said. Even though I'm on the spiritual side it's good to get to the ground.

  • Cassiopeia Wilson
    Cassiopeia Wilson 9 months ago

    I was just happy to hear that there is somebody for e everyone! Wow you 2 brightened my mood.

  • Cassiopeia Wilson
    Cassiopeia Wilson 9 months ago

    Oh Lord the ink out of the marker running out 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cassiopeia Wilson
    Cassiopeia Wilson 9 months ago

    The Bed look like one of them old fashion donuts with the cream fillin in the middle 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cassiopeia Wilson
    Cassiopeia Wilson 9 months ago

    His Dog got a goiter 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love David! He's awesome!

  • Cassiopeia Wilson
    Cassiopeia Wilson 9 months ago

    So what guys ..and gals..you act like you never use profanity. Chill out. Raw and uncut...He's right you must you ultra stand your mans love language...everyman is unique.

  • Bonnie Buckner
    Bonnie Buckner 9 months ago

    Met you when we did that MTV Show MADE with Tony Brown! Im his gal pal Bonnie. Tony is very happy and has 3 kids with the love of his life. You're partially responsible xoxo

  • Carla
    Carla 9 months ago

    I need to disagree. If a man says he needs space, Ladies, my advise is to say “I understand” THAT IS IT. Say nothing more. He will go into a rehearsed spill about why. Don’t ask why, don’t say anything other than “I understand”. Then give him his space and DO NOT contact him. Let him reach out to you. If you want a chance of this guy returning, he needs to feel that you’re good either way. Trust me he’ll be thinking about you and why you don’t seem too devastated that he’s not around. It’s not a game, it’s about loving yourself enough to know that you’re worth being sure about. If he’s not sure, he doesn’t get your attention.

  • Mrs.JK
    Mrs.JK 9 months ago

    I constantly tell him what I want and what I like when it comes to sex and he just shuts down and will not talk with me about any of that. He rarely wants to have sex and hardly ever does anything different besides the same position every time, and last only a couple minutes. He doesn’t want to have sex very much, but he doesn’t like me masturbating, especially with toys. What am I supposed to do to get somewhat of what I need? I told him it’s better than me cheating on him...Seems like he’s either uptight and shy or just really selfish. I always am the one initiating sex, I go above and beyond to turn him on and please him very very well! I have a very high sex drive, and he has close to zero. it’s so frustrating.