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Taylor Swift - Lover
Views 80M2 months ago
Taylor Swift - Delicate
Views 391MYear ago
Taylor Swift - Style
Views 606M4 years ago
Taylor Swift - Blank Space
Views 2.5K5 years ago
Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
Views 2.8K5 years ago
Taylor Swift - Red
Views 174M6 years ago
Taylor Swift - 22
Views 525M6 years ago
Taylor Swift - Begin Again
Views 172M7 years ago
Taylor Swift - Ours
Views 87M8 years ago
Taylor Swift - Sparks Fly
Views 66M8 years ago
Taylor Swift - Mean
Views 191M8 years ago
Taylor Swift - Mine
Views 290M9 years ago
Taylor Swift - Fearless
Views 54M9 years ago
Taylor Swift - Fifteen
Views 149M10 years ago
Taylor Swift - Our Song
Views 177M10 years ago
Taylor Swift - Tim McGraw
Views 42M10 years ago
Taylor Swift - Change
Views 48M10 years ago


  • Stanislav Petkov
    Stanislav Petkov 33 seconds ago

    i love this song. Wish to hear more songs like this.

  • Yasmine Lylia
    Yasmine Lylia 54 seconds ago

    I know Tay was Amazing but is anyone gonna talk about Scott Eastwood? He's fine asf

  • Katie Orwell
    Katie Orwell Minute ago

    I remember when I met her in the restroom and we talked, she was having digestive problems and it was bad I remember how loud it was

  • Robyn Henry
    Robyn Henry 4 minutes ago

    I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift but I do really like this song.

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    Best song ever

  • Callout Wi
    Callout Wi 5 minutes ago

    2019 & still counting

    ZIAD BENNOUR 5 minutes ago

    Rihanna will slap this shake by her foot 👠

  • Rania Maria
    Rania Maria 6 minutes ago

    How did she turn from a wicked zombie into a rich gold digger in gold and jewels?🤔

  • Biswajit Dutta
    Biswajit Dutta 6 minutes ago

    The background reminds me of harry potter😋😋😋

  • Caleb MC
    Caleb MC 6 minutes ago

    *alguém Brasil em 2020?* 😪 😭

  • brian richmond
    brian richmond 6 minutes ago

    For Gracie

  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee 7 minutes ago

    I don't know why but this song/ the way she sings it reminds me of the song "On My Own"...

  • A Guitar
    A Guitar 8 minutes ago

    I made a cringe comment here a year ago but I deleted it

    VINAY PANDEY 8 minutes ago


  • Rania Maria
    Rania Maria 8 minutes ago

    When I get mad I go donkey kong

  • Thrifty Nutella
    Thrifty Nutella 9 minutes ago

    My younger brother loves this song it's so cute

  • swiftieforever 2007
    swiftieforever 2007 12 minutes ago

    I love it :)

  • Emily Balboa
    Emily Balboa 12 minutes ago


  • Vanessa Mkabwana
    Vanessa Mkabwana 13 minutes ago


  • Janina Gina
    Janina Gina 14 minutes ago

    Just cry & smile 💓

  • mohak chopra
    mohak chopra 14 minutes ago

    My favorite ts song

  • 卡约汉アーリン
    卡约汉アーリン 17 minutes ago

    never gets old ♥️

    MONSTER .GAMER 18 minutes ago

    i think i'm the only one

  • ryan ward
    ryan ward 19 minutes ago

    Like her music but acting is really bad

  • Sub 4 Sub Back
    Sub 4 Sub Back 21 minute ago

    Best song ever

  • Kimmii Minix
    Kimmii Minix 22 minutes ago

    Bad blood for life

  • carefree banana
    carefree banana 22 minutes ago

    i kinda want to hear Sierra Burgess doing a version of this song

  • Wanie Saharuddin
    Wanie Saharuddin 22 minutes ago

    Im 22 by today

  • Seelam Jain
    Seelam Jain 23 minutes ago

    By far the best Taylor song❤

  • Melody Jane
    Melody Jane 25 minutes ago

    La amo loco 😂😭😭

  • faizan Khan
    faizan Khan 29 minutes ago

    After 2 years Comment people will do Is anyone watching 2021 😆😂

  • faizan Khan
    faizan Khan 29 minutes ago

    After 2 years Comment people will do Is anyone watching 2021 😆😂

  • Custom Cakes
    Custom Cakes 30 minutes ago

    2× speed. Thank me later lol

  • Violet Hoeger
    Violet Hoeger 33 minutes ago

    Brendon: flys in like Mary poppins Mary poppins returns producers: Let’s remake the movie Emily blunt: 🙃

  • Kiara Skinner
    Kiara Skinner 34 minutes ago

    I remember when I was cleaning up and it was in the tv I used to love Taylor swift ❤️

  • Custom Cakes
    Custom Cakes 34 minutes ago

    2× speed YOUR WELCOME<3

  • Jorge Paz
    Jorge Paz 36 minutes ago


  • Bryan_ Jared
    Bryan_ Jared 36 minutes ago

    Swifties pls stream the song

    • swiftieforever 2007
      swiftieforever 2007 12 minutes ago

      Yaa everyone should str3m

    • The G
      The G 14 minutes ago

      Yeahh it deserves a lot more this will be added to Taylor's most underrated songs' list😅❤ But whatevr don't spell the words str3m and v3ws completely censorize them cz RUclip will delete v3ws for the video

  • Jorge Paz
    Jorge Paz 36 minutes ago

    me da mucha pena cuando zayn no 👎 se gunta y se le parte el corazón 💔 cuando Taylor swift

  • Franka Vidović
    Franka Vidović 39 minutes ago

    you sow love animals

  • HoangDuyKhanh Xam
    HoangDuyKhanh Xam 40 minutes ago


    CUTIE PIE 40 minutes ago

    People: You’ll mother will live forever Like to activate 👇 Mother: I don’t wanna live forever

  • Lillina Blue
    Lillina Blue 41 minute ago

    Worst Pop without any meaning than wrong messages of superficiality 2,8 billion views. The world agree so goes in that direction.

  • Jade Lauren
    Jade Lauren 43 minutes ago

    What a pretty song 💖

  • Hevara Oso
    Hevara Oso 43 minutes ago

    Ī love dis song

  • Mea Yuu
    Mea Yuu 45 minutes ago

    Her voice!!!!!!! Beautiful

  • Yan Ny
    Yan Ny 46 minutes ago

    ... so shes a disney princess now?

  • Tuấn Anh Nguyễn
    Tuấn Anh Nguyễn 46 minutes ago

    Có ai là ng việt nam xem vd này ko???

  • Jaime-leigh Disley
    Jaime-leigh Disley 50 minutes ago

    Who else is coming back to this is 2019?I was 5 when this came out!

  • Lynn Alexander
    Lynn Alexander 50 minutes ago

    This is the most beautiful song and video I've seen in awhile.

  • Lian Barrios
    Lian Barrios 56 minutes ago

    Who's still listening to this kind of song by taylor??♡♡♡

  • Corwin Beukes
    Corwin Beukes 57 minutes ago


  • Corwin Beukes
    Corwin Beukes 57 minutes ago


  • Ose Bro - Roblox Gameplays

    3:55 this scream from taylor, i love it.

  • Laura Álvarez
    Laura Álvarez 59 minutes ago

    it remembers me to katy perry's videoclips

  • Laura Porto Reis
    Laura Porto Reis 59 minutes ago

    Algum brasileiro por aí?

  • Alexa Alexandra
    Alexa Alexandra Hour ago

    I wish taylor swift and ed sheeran are couples🌹

  • Lian Barrios
    Lian Barrios Hour ago

    I really like this kind of song by taylor, compare to her other songs like.. bad blood :((

  • nene 95
    nene 95 Hour ago

    2019 ? I missed the old Taylor swift 😩

  • Amrita Chand
    Amrita Chand Hour ago


  • mmind nemo
    mmind nemo Hour ago

    her voice😭😭

  • Jhon Hernando
    Jhon Hernando Hour ago

    2019 anyone? who’s with me?

  • Joey Xavier
    Joey Xavier Hour ago

    I honestly wouldn't mind being broken by Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift 😅

  • M Abdi
    M Abdi Hour ago

    Bart baker

  • You are ugly
    You are ugly Hour ago

    Marry a blonde and then if you get bored with her looks, colour her hair. Now you got a new girl.

  • Esrafeel Feels
    Esrafeel Feels Hour ago


  • asierrey
    asierrey Hour ago


  • Sharon Lontine
    Sharon Lontine Hour ago


  • Muhammad Rizky
    Muhammad Rizky Hour ago

    Music video Realase *08 december 2019* swifties ready💪💪💪😊

  • Miracle Shannon
    Miracle Shannon Hour ago

    Who's heard this song after it hits 1.5 billion views? 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿

  • José Gomes
    José Gomes Hour ago

    Linda musica como ela

  • Victoria Roman
    Victoria Roman Hour ago

    Omg ,Taylor's voice is heavenly ,I love her ,

  • mạnh Ji Nguyễn

    1,4 B ✔

  • Momma's Girl
    Momma's Girl Hour ago

    Vedio:Starts Me:Liked before listening it

  • Ελεανόρ Μαρκεί

    Guys ,pls vote Taylor for AMAS! Just search Taylor on google and you will see how can you vote.

  • Jess Osorio
    Jess Osorio Hour ago

    Sooooooooo beautiful, love it! <3

  • mạnh Ji Nguyễn

    2,6 B ✔

    KALEI COLSTON Hour ago

    Their is a girl at my school that looks just Taylor swift and she's like Taylor but next do you she singing 😂😂

  • Jamile Marques
    Jamile Marques Hour ago


  • Khang Nguyên
    Khang Nguyên Hour ago

    These vibes sound like some of my fav childhood songs

  • marco amer
    marco amer Hour ago

    November 2019? Who still here with me 😄

  • Krizia Mae
    Krizia Mae Hour ago


  • Alee Rodríguez Heredia

    Seriously, Taylor doesn't write/sing songs. She makes pure magic.

  • france paris
    france paris Hour ago

    Swifties 200 million before dec 13 please?

  • Hazuki
    Hazuki Hour ago

    A really beautiful song on it's own, and I really do respect Taylor as an artist, but I just can't see it fitting into the Cats score :/

  • loyalty honesty
    loyalty honesty Hour ago

    I remembered the thai bl Sotus.. Oh I miss kongpop😭😭 gonna watch them again

  • Prospect Kids
    Prospect Kids Hour ago

    I love you Taylor

  • Fairytale Wizard

    Oh Darling x

  • John Carlo Atal
    John Carlo Atal Hour ago

    2019 anyone????

  • Nicolás Herrera Serrato

    con justa razón fue nombrada la artista de la década... :3

  • Zamaryna Reyes
    Zamaryna Reyes Hour ago

    the best song

  • Guest Guest
    Guest Guest Hour ago

    the dislikes were on accident the people who disliked cried so much their eyes were blurry and they thought it was the like button

  • Sandip Kar
    Sandip Kar Hour ago

    Vintage Taylor Swift. 💙 I missed this TS for long time. Amazin' track. 💙 Love you sister.

  • Jeanie Rose Lauriza

    Huhu this is so magicaaaaal❤️❤️❤️😭

  • Abz M
    Abz M Hour ago

    Shot song

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson Hour ago

    Dam a show of cats and I keep telling them I gay

  • Valentina Michell

    Today it's my Birthday!! I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT I’M FEELING 22 ✨🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉✨

  • AmberKiss Love
    AmberKiss Love Hour ago

    I miss the old Taylor..☺ "Love Story" "You belong with me" "Tear drops on my guitar" days😌

  • Susana P.
    Susana P. Hour ago


  • Safa Jabbar
    Safa Jabbar Hour ago

    I was stil under 1 year old when this was out I think