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A MANS man
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I love Male Tampons
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Too too Prideful!!
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Baby Squirrels
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Is flirting wrong?
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People are Wack!!
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Hurricane Dorian
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What's your mindset?
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Groundhog isn't no JOKE!
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NF better than Eminem!!
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Failure is Growth!
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Amicalola Falls
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The LORD'S blessing!!
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July 11, 2019
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Drone - Peace Bridge
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Chernobyl SUCKS!
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Game Of Thrones New Ending!
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Bring out the old me!
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Headed to Court!
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My Movie
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Happy Mothers Day
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White Supremacy?
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Daenerys burns them all
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Season 8 Ep.4 is the worst
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Starbucks on Game of Thrones
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How to quit being bullied
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Women, listen to your man!
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I'm not going back to Sleep
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I give up!!
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Bran is the new NK
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GOT Season 8 Ep. 3 Recap!
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Last day before the BIG DAY
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  • Ada Marie & Jennifer Fitzgerald

    Hi LJ, my manfriend is the consumate man's man, and how you described such guys is right on. "Suck it up," "Rub some dirt on it," and move on...which is a gift he has taught to me. Also, he ALWAYS opens my car door for me, offers his hand to brace me on steps, would throw his jacket over a puddle of water for me to walk over if he was in a playful mood. One thing I have to mention... Sweetheart, your daddy being gone, you missed out on hearing a man's man weeping on his woman's shoulder behind closed doors and thin walls. I have never met a more masculine, ass-kickin', hard working man than my dude; but life is effin hard, Babe. You are young. One day you may need your woman's bossom for comfort like never before. If she's worth her salt she'll hold you til you can breathe again, and she will never tell a soul...and your kids will know what a man is, what a woman is, and why God gave us the Sacrament of marriage. Thanks, man, great topic.

  • Jose Vega
    Jose Vega Day ago

    La película arya stsrk existe en español latino si la hay m la regalan porfa?

  • Robot Zombie
    Robot Zombie 2 days ago

    The actress who plays cat is too old for the role Melisandre actress looks more like cat in the books

  • Harry Cunth
    Harry Cunth 3 days ago


  • FF2 FF2
    FF2 FF2 3 days ago

    Forever in my heart my queen

  • Fat Tony
    Fat Tony 5 days ago

    It doesn’t matter. They still both got kicked out. Players on the field cannot speak their minds. All the nfl cares about is money

  • Pygmy Puff
    Pygmy Puff 5 days ago

    Was she pregnant by the end?

  • Monish Kumar
    Monish Kumar 5 days ago

    Totaly Awesome, its so cool!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird - Death Blow', channel link , you might like :)

  • No One
    No One 7 days ago

    I don't like Sansa much but she has the best character arc in the show

  • Yessica Genez
    Yessica Genez 7 days ago

    En español quiero porfa

  • Tashauna Lobell
    Tashauna Lobell 8 days ago

    So if I understand your message correctly, you say no one should take on debt (for school) that they cannot afford to pay out right? So regardless of their intellectual ability, they should deny themselves and possibly society depending upon their chosen career path, a chance to better themselves and achieve their goals, simply because they have no other option but to incur a large amount of debt to do so? I am certainly not saying they should receive their education for free but to say you should only seek an education within your current means will only perpetuate the cycle of the rich staying rich and the poor staying poor in my opinion.

    • TheLumberjack
      TheLumberjack 8 days ago

      I just think people should not go into college and expect others to pay for it. People get the world messed up and want everything for free. I have friends that have went to college and 10 years later they are still paying for it. The bad thing is, they aren't even in that field anymore. Others just want a free path and that is what is wrong with the economy now. Let's go to college and get free money.

  • Dude Rachel
    Dude Rachel 8 days ago

    Innocent forever

  • Civil Engineer
    Civil Engineer 9 days ago

    My pee stuck = lord baelish's Voice

  • Dominik Tokarczyk
    Dominik Tokarczyk 11 days ago

    Love yt you

  • Jacob Petion
    Jacob Petion 12 days ago

    19:21 to 20:44 was the most moving part of the series

  • ilmi zamany
    ilmi zamany 12 days ago

    Ga jelas lu anying

  • Vaibhav Gupta
    Vaibhav Gupta 13 days ago

    Catch me if you can Bridge of spies

  • Vaibhav Gupta
    Vaibhav Gupta 13 days ago

    Sully is not included You have got a mail is also worth including

  • WolfGang
    WolfGang 15 days ago

    Clickbait guys hes clickbaiting Dont have the hot water wtf

  • Choice Williams
    Choice Williams 17 days ago

    yes, it is! flirting can lead to falling temptations! not showing disrespect to your other! would you put up with her flirting?

    • Ada Marie & Jennifer Fitzgerald
      Ada Marie & Jennifer Fitzgerald 14 days ago

      Hi LJ, I don't think you and I are even disagreeing at this point. I myself am very outgoing and I usually strike up what might be referred to as pleasant chatter with the mail carrier, cashier's, others in line. I think it's in the label... and this comes down to one's own conscience; if one's motive is to arouse, it's flirting, and patantly wrong. If one's motive is pure, and meant to be neighbourly and kind then certainly it is ok.

    • TheLumberjack
      TheLumberjack 14 days ago

      @Ada Marie & Jennifer Fitzgerald that's a fair assessment but we can agree to disagree on that one. If you are a happy person and your words are never sexual but always bringing cheer to people, I do not see how that can be diverted into something it is not. While "flirting" is the wrong word in context for this illustration, I believe people can have playful chatter. I have it all the time during a lot of my softball practice and games with my teammates. We all do it so I guess we all flirt or have playful chatter. None of it is sexual.

    • Ada Marie & Jennifer Fitzgerald
      Ada Marie & Jennifer Fitzgerald 16 days ago

      I think Choice Williams and I get what you are talking about, and the truth remains that flirting, or kidding around, no matter how you slice it, is an embarrassment to your significant other. Other woman probably pity her, and think you're a pig 🐖, or are whores ready for you to go ahead and get in their pants. Either way, you are bringing shame upon your partner.

    • TheLumberjack
      TheLumberjack 17 days ago

      As I mentioned before, maybe the word flirting is not what the word I am looking for. I kid a lot and have a cheerful personality so a lot of things come off that way.

  • Ada Marie & Jennifer Fitzgerald

    If you are in a committed relationship, FLIRTING IS ALWAYS WRONG, because it shames your significant other.

    • TheLumberjack
      TheLumberjack 17 days ago

      Maybe flirting is the wrong word I am using

  • Isa IsaLee
    Isa IsaLee 17 days ago

    It's an agenda they are pushing. Please continue to be a real man and push back.

  • checkoutmyballz
    checkoutmyballz 18 days ago

    Less talking and more third degree burns please

  • No Name
    No Name 18 days ago

    after all that yelling, i know some soy boys that will need a nap

  • 力です名前は強

    Brain freeze vs brain boiled

  • Al Gottsch
    Al Gottsch 23 days ago

    Just a bunch of boo hoo butts wanting to hear their own voices!! Walk in with a few bats and shutvtjis shit down for good!!! Both sides!!!

  • God Emperor of Mankind 3.0

    laid out like this, how can you still be mad at her for season 1? she clearly changed into a pragmatic, jaded yet compassionate queen

  • Hector Soto
    Hector Soto 25 days ago

    Your one smart guy.

  • keeyp.adventuring
    keeyp.adventuring 25 days ago

    Can you make one for Khalessi??

  • Yolanda Arnold
    Yolanda Arnold 26 days ago

    I respect your video interpertation!

  • EmilyIn Wonderland
    EmilyIn Wonderland 26 days ago

    These chanting idiots need to visit WALKAWAYCAMPAIGN.COM

  • Keith Weiman
    Keith Weiman 27 days ago

    Wow cops getting trained by military now I see wtf

    • Ryan d Lion
      Ryan d Lion 26 days ago

      New world order dude,agena 21 dude,

  • Bobsblues
    Bobsblues 29 days ago

    Here's a nice pic of the COMMUNIST REVOLUTIONARY ANTIFA members who attended this event.

  • Bailey Pearson
    Bailey Pearson 29 days ago


  • Rose C
    Rose C 29 days ago

    "This is Jon Snow." *awkward silence* "He's King of the North". LOL

  • scruff dog
    scruff dog Month ago

    Wtf did I just watch. Were all those police there because of a bunch of pussy left wingers

  • Mia Loves her horse

    I love you khalessi Targaryien, mother of dragons.. You're such a queen and will always be a queen. I also love Jon snow too he's a good guy, but he had to kill her.. I'm not taking sides between Jon snow and khalessi....khalessi was a adorable princess and transformed into a beautiful queen. Btw, if anyone hates her, you can get off the video because no one asked you to come on here.

  • Pill.ustrations
    Pill.ustrations Month ago

    S8 arya drives me fucking nuts that little shit I hate the way she treats sansa

  • Pill.ustrations
    Pill.ustrations Month ago

    I remember watching this and relating to sansa sometimes and that time not liking it but her strength has really made me proud

  • chris irwin
    chris irwin Month ago

    How many churches have the antifascist shot up? Zero. How many schools? Zero. How many people have been lynched by antifascist? Zero. How many churches have been burnt to the ground by the antifascist? Zero. False comparison saying they are the equivalent of open nazis and the kkk with their blood soaked history.

    • Mars of Rome
      Mars of Rome 24 days ago

      @chris irwin Francisco Franco fucked you commie pussies up in Spain.

    • chris irwin
      chris irwin 25 days ago

      @scruff dog in ww2 that was true. The antifa stormed the beaches of Normandy and were openly violent to the Nazis. My grandfather was one. Today you cannot name a single church, school or home that has been shot up or burnt to the ground by antifacist. But the white supremacists have a long bloody list of such behavior.

    • Bobsblues
      Bobsblues 29 days ago

      What a lying sack of bones you are, the Communists killed Millions in Russia and Eastern Europe and they certainly did burn down churches , they tortured millions of people, starved millions to death and put millions of people into GULAG concentration camps and killed millions of others with their forced labor projects. They uprooted millions of people from various countries and forcibly transferred them to other countries in order to cause racial divide. And they are openly trying to take down this country , and make to mistake that they will do far worse here than they did in Russia. The stinking Anti Fascists were created to help protect the communist revolutionaries who were trying to force a communist evolution in Germany. Its was because of the workings of the communist revolutionaries and Antifa, that caused the rise of the Nazi's who were helping the people fight the communist revolutionaries .

    • scruff dog
      scruff dog Month ago

      the antifa are a gang of openly violent people.

    • Darrick Meadows
      Darrick Meadows Month ago

      Just give it time when these antifa people go to court the prosecutors don't even want to prosecute them so they become Bolder and bolder I'm sure you're wishing they will burn down churches and all that to prove your point but give them time they will

  • Nes
    Nes Month ago

    Kkk in prison should be let loose and face the real KKK

  • Sonic Screwdriver

    Omg those baby wolf's were so cuuuuuute

  • Cytaris
    Cytaris Month ago

    She was always a bit power hungry and vengeful.

  • Paris lee
    Paris lee Month ago

    The far right needs to be violently put down.

    • Modus Operandi
      Modus Operandi 19 days ago

      @Wes Watson's you mean like these lard ass "patriots" that most likely dies to heart attacks than ever firing a shot at the enemies?

    • Maxxwell Maxxwell
      Maxxwell Maxxwell 23 days ago

      Jesus Christ you think so ? Lol

    • Mars of Rome
      Mars of Rome 24 days ago

      @Maxxwell Maxxwell Sounds fun.

    • Mars of Rome
      Mars of Rome 24 days ago

      Not going to happen you trashy ass skank.

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 25 days ago

      @Maxxwell Maxxwell no balls.

  • AtlantaMade Sleepy

    Got Lucky the people that really wanted to show couldn’t go, can’t beat the law when they are on the same side as the bad guys. how about we all arrange to meet at a disclosed location and all go to war since you guys have so much hate let it out fucking cowards. I’m Latino let’s meet, one of you racist pussies DM me and let’s meet I promise we can settle whatever.

    • Mars of Rome
      Mars of Rome 22 days ago

      You wouldn't settle a damn thing. You'd just run to the police begging for a hate crime when you get your ass beat. But still, I would love to be the one to break your fucking ass to pieces.

  • RealityCheckGA
    RealityCheckGA Month ago

    In my Eye Antifa and the KKK/Nazis can both fuck off.

  • leftstriker
    leftstriker Month ago

    That's what you get for going against the family, Fredo.

  • Crawford Hogan
    Crawford Hogan Month ago

    Sorry, heckler's veto has never flown in America. If you think the police preventing violence is "expensive", tough luck for you.

    • TheLumberjack
      TheLumberjack Month ago

      @Crawford Hogan 🤣😂🤪👍🏻

    • Crawford Hogan
      Crawford Hogan Month ago

      @TheLumberjack Countries that control their own sovereign currency don't generally have issues funding their police force. And that funding most definitely doesn't come from the tax base. But those who would like to see political dissidents silenced are more than happy to cynically use your ignorance on the subject for their own gain.

    • TheLumberjack
      TheLumberjack Month ago

      Expensive yes and it has to come out someone's pocket. I, along with many others, think the same thing, it should cost the protestors money and not the city, county, feds, etc

  • SupportGaming 2019

    And cersei's entire arc was wasted in season 8,due to horrible writing

    FTW666 COVFEFE Month ago

    Free speech belongs to everyone and the far left hates free speech unless you agree with them. the far left are the new terrorist shitbag that hate America

  • Imakemovies Actor

    You sir are a sad human being.

  • Blowingmind
    Blowingmind Month ago

    It's strange when you know the place it was happening

  • Smashing Barrel
    Smashing Barrel Month ago

    I counterprotested the Trump rally, I have a job, antifa is good, white supremacists aren't.

    • Crawford Hogan
      Crawford Hogan Month ago

      @Smashing Barrel 10 and under in America is already at 60% non-western, already happening. Stop lying.

    • Smashing Barrel
      Smashing Barrel Month ago

      @Crawford Hogan we aren't getting swamped by the third world nor are we going to be at all, stop fear mongering.

    • Crawford Hogan
      Crawford Hogan Month ago

      People who don't want to be swamped by the third world aren't bad people. You are.

  • Hydra
    Hydra Month ago

    The far left need to be purged from America. The far right never bother anyone.

    • Mars of Rome
      Mars of Rome 11 days ago

      @Paris lee Wrong again. Maybe the syphilis is damaging your brain.

    • Paris lee
      Paris lee 12 days ago

      @Mars of Rome another incel 🤣🤣

    • Modus Operandi
      Modus Operandi 19 days ago

      To create divide in America is the goal of the Zionists.

    • Mars of Rome
      Mars of Rome 22 days ago

      @Paris lee If he is an incel he at least doesn't have to worry about contracting an STD from your nasty ass.

    • Paris lee
      Paris lee 27 days ago

      @Timothy Frisby ok incel.

  • X_thaSicKNess_X
    X_thaSicKNess_X Month ago

    I guess people don’t have anything better to do in their lives anymore. people that protest need to get a job or find a hobby

  • Gor'eepy Studios
    Gor'eepy Studios Month ago

    Gotta love fascist screaming about no fascism. I'm a libertarian that lives in Dahlonega. We truly are living in a clown world but at least we don't have to deal with this shit all the time here.

  • dana bozeman
    dana bozeman Month ago

    Good Work going on location👍

  • •Yuri Chan•
    •Yuri Chan• Month ago

    Do you even realize that Chernobyl isn’t a series it’s a real thing. The series was created to give a better look at it. People died in real life. REAL LIFE, yes people sacrificed themselves for humanity. Things in life dont always end with “magical dragons”. Jeez I’m starting to think they should have left the power plant alone and kill us all.

  • Nightcore_ Kitten

    good job THANK YOU!!!!

  • Jaisen Weaver
    Jaisen Weaver Month ago

    Joy Ride came out in 2001

  • Fishslap 33
    Fishslap 33 Month ago

    It is depressing to me how lost literature is on most people these days. And it has to be depressing for GRRM as well. The core of this character is NOT "female empowerment" at all. She is a dictator, plain and simple. GRRM wanted to trick his readers into supporting and admiring one, and the best way to do that in today's primitive intellectual environment is to simply give the dictator tits. Historically she is a blend of Cleopatra and Hitler, simple as. One a delusional, entitled, ineffectual woman who didn't realize she was being conquered until it was too late, the other a firebrand radical who was seen as a hero and interpreted himself as a hero. All the traits Daenerys displayed from the first episode on. People are just way too obsessed with genitals these days, and root for or against them as if they were watching a football game. Oh well. A society of morons will run into natural selection at some point anyway, I guess. No point worrying about it.

  • Taishi Singleton
    Taishi Singleton Month ago

    I was rooting for Cersei. I wished in the final season she launched a scorpion into Drogo’s head through Daenerys body from the Red Keep, but of course they gave the lizard bitch the last say as usual. The only dragon I felt sorry for was Viserion.

  • Tammie Benefiel
    Tammie Benefiel Month ago


  • haytam tv
    haytam tv Month ago


  • Eduardo N
    Eduardo N Month ago

    Cersei is a horrible person. Do you remember when Oberyn was talking to Tyrion about the day when Cersei twisted baby Tyrion's penis very hard, until he cried in pain? At that point, she was beyond any redemption for me. I can forgive many things she did, but torturing and molesting a little baby is just too much. Same thing when she ordered her guards to beat a little girl until she lost her eye. People like Cersei because she is beautiful and has a "strong female" kind of personality, but she's terrible. She deserved a far worse death.

  • Darvia Tolbert
    Darvia Tolbert Month ago

    I'm so sorry they destroyed you my Queen. Your legacy will always live on.

  • lisa zack
    lisa zack Month ago

    Many of the Historic buildings in Scotland fall under the same kind of laws as the national parks in the US, seems silly I know but there you have it. Try flying a drone in Yosemite or the Grand Canyon and see what happens, they'll Taser you, literally. When I was at the Yosemite I was threatened by a park ranger who had his hand on his Taser, being a runner and fit I legged back to my car and left rather than lose my equipment and get a fine. Best advice is once you are parked is then walk for a bit and then fly in so that you are unnoticed, that's what I do, cannot be bothered with the hassle or even arguing. Living in Scotland there are worse things even than rules and the weather, there called midges, you probably met them.

    • TheLumberjack
      TheLumberjack Month ago

      I wished I would have drowned more stuff but I didn't. Did get to drone the dark hedges

  • HI PPL
    HI PPL Month ago

    Savage Arya

  • Ghosty
    Ghosty Month ago

    yahhh one normal dude on youtube ;D this challange are so dumb

  • Andre Montoya
    Andre Montoya Month ago

    How to ruin a character

  • MrUHOH415
    MrUHOH415 Month ago

    The beginning clip shows Theon about to kill a puppy. He’s lucky John Wick wasn’t around

  • Rico Suave
    Rico Suave Month ago

    You dopey bastard.

  • Notorious Xanz
    Notorious Xanz Month ago

    You earned a subscriber 🥳

  • Matt C
    Matt C Month ago

    I don’t get how Chernobyl is so highly rated, bored the hell out of me.

    • Matt C
      Matt C Month ago

      •Yuri Chan• yes I do realise it was real I was alive at the time, there are some very good docs about Chernobyl but I didn’t think this series did a good job of showing how terrifying it was, it just bored me.

    • •Yuri Chan•
      •Yuri Chan• Month ago

      Matt C you do realize it’s not just a ACTUALLY happened and people died trying to save people.

    • TheLumberjack
      TheLumberjack Month ago

      Thank you

  • SupportGaming 2019

    jon didn't scream go go go,that's been debunked.

  • taiwan arnold
    taiwan arnold Month ago


  • AL Can
    AL Can Month ago

    Making it racial is just bullshit, this is all about money! There are 100 million women in America, it’s not unreasonable to think there’s a thousand of these women that would lie in order gain financially. Cosby, a comedian, had no problem getting pussy! He didn’t need to rape these women, he didn’t.

  • KingsKnightNumbaTres

    "those who harm my people will die screaming" Westeros never participated in the fight the white walkers causing Dothraki unsullied, and the cerci caused the deaths of her allies (Terrell's, martel's, the greyjoys) so kl died screaming 🤷🏾

  • Milly MooHD
    Milly MooHD Month ago

    There tide pod donuts

  • KingsKnightNumbaTres

    "Break faith? Your father burned my grandfather alive, burned my uncle alive".......and because a LIE by Robert and his uncle about his aunt's "rape" and "abduction" her family was killed and over thrown sooo they're even. The northern is full of liars.

  • Phyllisha Hart
    Phyllisha Hart Month ago

    Hey Lumberjack!!!

  • Anne Frank
    Anne Frank Month ago

    Woah! Thats lit!

  • Anna sul tubo
    Anna sul tubo Month ago

    The Evolution of Cersei Lannister pleaseee!

  • malex4321
    malex4321 Month ago

    You sir, are completely ignorant when it comes to victims coming forward. Do some research mate.

    • Jersey Noneya
      Jersey Noneya 23 days ago

      @Vehemence When you are acussed of being a pedophile you stop being around the children. But he couldn't stay away from them. Why???

    • malex4321
      malex4321 Month ago

      Vehemence I’m not sure what’s causing your stupidity, but it’s working.

    • Vehemence
      Vehemence Month ago

      Michael never touched anyone. He pissed off the wrong people and the elite had to shut him down

    • TheLumberjack
      TheLumberjack Month ago


  • Thuc Nguyen
    Thuc Nguyen 2 months ago

    I kinda understand why Sansa hates her home when she was young. She grew up with a pack of boys. Even Arya, her only sister is a "tomboy".

  • 홍냥냥
    홍냥냥 2 months ago

    이런 대너리스를 그렇게 허무하게...,! 아 시즌8 생각하니 또 화가나네^^

  • Big D
    Big D 2 months ago

    That kid has to get killed already


    MJ was the most perverted, plastic, propofol pedophile piece of shit that ever lived. Now he burns in hell, along with anyone STUPID enough to support such a disgusting dead pedophile. He was also a mega plastic surgery junkie and a pathetic drug addict. Im so glad he croaked on his drugs

  • Ender_ Girl
    Ender_ Girl 2 months ago

    This was amazing! 😍 Thank you.

  • Atticus Padgett
    Atticus Padgett 2 months ago

    I'm sorry but I died when the dad was all like damn he died hahaha

  • RetroRick Netherlands
    RetroRick Netherlands 2 months ago

    What if... The pedophile doesn't want to life like this. And doesn't have means to euthanize himself? It's not always a choice to become a outcast, always considered as a monster, I know you're feeling towards the offenders, but consider there's a whole lot out There who didn't choose to be how they have become.. And they have to get up in the morning, wishing they didn't... And... God is forgiving, can you find it in your heart to forgive they are born this way.. They struggle also..

  • Marzena Smoła
    Marzena Smoła 2 months ago

    God boy

  • Omaree ,
    Omaree , 2 months ago


  • Elena Savic
    Elena Savic 2 months ago

    7 :25😈

  • Mi. Rased
    Mi. Rased 2 months ago

    I can't know. What is it?

    • TheLumberjack
      TheLumberjack 2 months ago

      There was a bad storm last night, thunder, lightning and wind

  • Chris Samuel
    Chris Samuel 2 months ago

    If only Sansa left with the Houns... how different things might have been.

  • Renata Reynolds
    Renata Reynolds 2 months ago

    That is some solid character development. Right there.

  • DEEKSHI2020
    DEEKSHI2020 2 months ago

    I appreciate your making May be you don't know how much I do 1) added Brianne arya fight after little finger,,, And 2) Brianne arya training ends with beautiful dialogues My little advice brother,,, 90% perfect and 10% wrong Make another one and you're gonna be a golden goose

  • Big Rick Unlimited
    Big Rick Unlimited 2 months ago

    Running Scared is #1 on this list. AHH YEEAAHH, that's what I'm bitchin about

  • Jan De Bie
    Jan De Bie 2 months ago

    Allways respect the local rules & traditions, put aside your personal wishes, especially for drone flying in private (even when it’s a historic place) places, allways ask in advance. You’ll get more respect from the local people. Being a regular Scotland visitor, this was hust a word of advice. Greetings.