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Silver is ready to launch
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  • Rico Stackz
    Rico Stackz 2 hours ago

    Love watching Daniela!

  • Heather 22
    Heather 22 2 hours ago

    Gold $1700 baby!

  • Francis Li
    Francis Li 2 hours ago

    Need more negative interest rates around the world.

  • TheInvisibleOne
    TheInvisibleOne 3 hours ago

    $1600 is only up 100 bucks, who cares. Wake me if this crap ever breaks 5k. What a joke.

  • Eisen J Eisen
    Eisen J Eisen 4 hours ago

    These young kids are very much asleep as they got their parents habit, spend, spend spend, as the Chinese save save save got!

  • acjitsu
    acjitsu 5 hours ago

    Low inflation? Fed is doing $80 billion per day in repo ("Not QE")operations.

  • FilipinaKisses. com
    FilipinaKisses. com 5 hours ago

    Very interesting.

  • Grace G
    Grace G 6 hours ago

    Thank you best show ever!

  • peter matthew
    peter matthew 7 hours ago

    If you missed it. Here it is again forexcandles Big. Gold 1460 & 1366 at lower support. Just my opinionated advise. You may think something else.

  • William La Pointe
    William La Pointe 7 hours ago

    Daniela does it again! Another epi. with varied content. Looking forward to what NYC is saying this Th and Fri!!!

  • mvl9591
    mvl9591 9 hours ago

    Buy #Gold because sooner or later these traders in their 30s and 40s will wake up and the stampede will start.

  • Zorbacci O
    Zorbacci O 10 hours ago

    Silver is like a deadbeat on the couch eating potato chips and drinking beer for 10 years.

  • Mariners
    Mariners 10 hours ago

    Yes the stock market bull run began after the 2008 fall because of cheap money the Fed created. Fractional lending banks can lend 10x their assets. The loans are all credits created artificially. All loans are fraudulent because nothing of value is ever loaned. We also have no real money look at a FRB states it's a Note. A note is a debt per UCC. People have been programmed since birth to think this system is ok. We have been debt prisoners please awaken and know we must stop this cycle so humanity can ascend consciously back to 5D. Simple man didnt build the Great Pyramid. I own gold.and silver

  • system09 WB
    system09 WB 10 hours ago

    $1150 and im not talking about silver

  • Me SAF
    Me SAF 11 hours ago

    Gold $2000 by End 2020

  • M Morin
    M Morin 11 hours ago

    First 🤣

  • Mateusz Zimowski
    Mateusz Zimowski 2 days ago

    Corrective move not over yet

  • strattuner
    strattuner 2 days ago

    GOLD AND SILVER are liquidity in its purest form,when everyone in the room wants to be paid,they would rather have gold,it value is in the sellers eye

  • Amed Sayed
    Amed Sayed 2 days ago

    My forecast: gold double top 1950ish by or before 1st quarter of next year. Lot of money will be made by leverage etf

  • Amed Sayed
    Amed Sayed 2 days ago

    Gold is king and true money

  • freesk8
    freesk8 2 days ago

    Today, Columbus Day, gold closed at 1492. Is this a coincidence, or is it the manipulators telling us they are still in full control of the price of gold, down to the dollar?

  • wayne mcclory
    wayne mcclory 3 days ago

    This is the last chance to own physical precious metals because within a few weeks this prices WILL DOUBLE ! President Trumps plan is to crush China’s economy and he’s half way done. So don’t expect a trade deal until after Trumps election 🗳

  • Gold Finger
    Gold Finger 3 days ago

    Gary takes the gold metal for best background during a interview!

  • FilipinaKisses. com

    Very interesting

  • Shadow Voice
    Shadow Voice 3 days ago

    Gold goes up when: A) More people buying it. B) HYPERINFLATION! The only indicators of value.

  • Evert Evert
    Evert Evert 3 days ago

    This guy is in Thailand ? If your serious about gold investment then go live in Thailand . 999999.999% Of the Asian population Trust in gold . Thay do not trust corrupted Governments . thousands of years Of history . tells them that

  • alan canyon
    alan canyon 3 days ago

    As always. Great interview by great interviewer.

  • Danish Tiwana
    Danish Tiwana 3 days ago

    First realistic forecast in a while.

  • Felix Frost
    Felix Frost 3 days ago

    just my own personal thoughts.. Even if the trade war gets resolved the damage has been done and a economic downturn is inevitable.. it takes time for policies to show its effect maybe a year or two?

  • Billy the Kid
    Billy the Kid 3 days ago

    Why dont yall quit talking about the "trade" war and talk about the real issue of the debt. I would like to hear about physical gold and the ratio of paper to physical. Talk like this doesnt impress me much.

  • Adam O
    Adam O 3 days ago

    Manipulation. Strong gold reveals weak economy. However it's like a spring. Sooner or later the spring breaks free

  • Shane Lackey
    Shane Lackey 3 days ago

    I think we are going to Re -Test Mean . The Face Value of a Double Eagle demonstrates to me the Mean Value of One Oz. Of Gold Is the $20 Face value of a 1 oz Coin ... Where General Accounting Principal's are applied *. *(All other things being equal)

  • Easy Eagle
    Easy Eagle 3 days ago

    NEWS OF THE WEEK: FED prints more money out of thin air. Gold goes down! 😫

  • laszlo katona
    laszlo katona 5 days ago

    It will be a new gold based currency to get rid of china otherwise its all over for usa

  • db
    db 5 days ago

    Thanks Frank that was good news😁👍

  • Doc Holiday203
    Doc Holiday203 5 days ago

    $10,000 to $25,000 GOLD wtf is he smoking?

  • TheInvisibleOne
    TheInvisibleOne 5 days ago

    Hive absolutely decimated, down another 10+% today,,,,shares are completely worthless imo.

  • Duk Balla
    Duk Balla 6 days ago

    OMG my gold got rust it Try to give it to my dog and he doesn't eat it

  • TheBald1
    TheBald1 6 days ago

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooo.. Not yet... Give it at least one more year before it goes up..

  • Gentel Men's channel

    I hate this man for saying "Cash is always king" I know I hate too fast 😂

  • Harlan Arledge
    Harlan Arledge 6 days ago

    Easy plan for the crash and recession: buy silver & gold and put options on the worse stocks you can find. And I predict 70% loss in the market especially when the recession "officially" hits--after the first round of the sell off of around 30%.

  • Harlan Arledge
    Harlan Arledge 6 days ago

    The only thing worse than paper money is crypto!

  • Harlan Arledge
    Harlan Arledge 6 days ago

    I really like this Frank guy. We think alike as far as "living", learning, and helping people.

  • FilipinaKisses. com

    Very interesting

  • Jon McLeod
    Jon McLeod 6 days ago

    I’d love to listen to that webinar with Pierre Lassonde. Anyone know how we, in the UK, can get to watch it?

  • Zach Lamont
    Zach Lamont 6 days ago

    I believe Bitcoin and Gold can coexist as well. I visually love metals but the portability of Bitcoin can't be beat.

  • Peasants Revolt
    Peasants Revolt 6 days ago

    Gold should be it least $5000 an oz in the real world but Unfortunately we are living in Narnia

  • bathmat 34
    bathmat 34 6 days ago

    This is not an expansion, this is a bubble.

  • Eisen J Eisen
    Eisen J Eisen 6 days ago

    These guys are worst dreamers than me, $10,000-25,000, gold, I can become rich, and marry my dream girl.

  • UbuntoO
    UbuntoO 6 days ago

    Nice job Daniella!

  • Mandime
    Mandime 6 days ago

    I hold gold and silver. These assets are going down and the Dow to at least 35,000. Always good to have exposure to metals. Dollar devaluation will drive the markets up.

  • CEB
    CEB 6 days ago

    He is right

  • Batman
    Batman 6 days ago

    Frank! Gold!

  • Adriatik Lh
    Adriatik Lh 6 days ago

    1 ounce of gold = 100 dollars

  • peter matthew
    peter matthew 6 days ago

    Good Show - More news is always best news from charts.

  • Pudenda Johnson
    Pudenda Johnson 6 days ago

    My 2 favorite PM's people.

  • system09 WB
    system09 WB 6 days ago

    $1150 is most likely

    • dlwatib
      dlwatib 6 days ago

      More like $4150.

  • Rik Van Gansberghe
    Rik Van Gansberghe 6 days ago

    very good interview

  • Agrigator
    Agrigator 6 days ago

    But not today, tomorrow, next week, or next year!

  • Timothy Michael
    Timothy Michael 6 days ago

    the debt creation is increasing, but not the baby making, that's worse than too many babies, less births mean more debt per person per year, because our quality of life is decreasing, we're making less babies

  • Mark Nordgård
    Mark Nordgård 6 days ago

    Gold and silver will dropp back to where they started earlier this summer down belove $1350 and $15 ,crash start now

  • will edwards
    will edwards 7 days ago

    Honest money will return only when the devil is dead.

  • Ed Palmieri
    Ed Palmieri 7 days ago

    Peter Hug needs to understand that the bubbles must burst for the world to be a better place. The cure is always painful!

  • Dark to Light
    Dark to Light 7 days ago

    The world is betting against the dollar, Gold will lose. War will break out.

  • Spiff V
    Spiff V 7 days ago

    Impeachment worries haha. Good one. It will never ever happen. Democrats are brain damaged zombies

  • SG Fans
    SG Fans 7 days ago

    Thanks Peter, give you a Hug.

  • trigger fish
    trigger fish 7 days ago

    Seems as if gold will move up to old highs when hell freezes over.Be like China and Russia plan for the future....BUY PHYSICAL.

  • Leo from Freo
    Leo from Freo 7 days ago

    The lady who does these shows is very switched on. Knows her stuff. Very clear, informed, personable and helpful.

  • AG Argentum
    AG Argentum 7 days ago

    Of course it will but will we still be alive to see it?

  • Leon Lobos
    Leon Lobos 7 days ago

    Why - Trump has a win here! China has fallen apart.

  • Aron B
    Aron B 7 days ago

    And H Dent says gold is going to be obliterated in a crash. 🤔

  • Paul
    Paul 7 days ago

    too bad the people that need to hear this message aren't watching this channel. This level of intelligence is lost on those fools and there's more fools out there that will carry his vote through once again.

  • Keep On Searching Earth

    Totally agree. I’ll keep accumulating gold and silver with the hopes of a very slow rise. A world of $10,000 gold will be a very ugly place.

  • Stephen Steidley
    Stephen Steidley 7 days ago

    superb interview. it looks like paladium is the winner for speculators, however.

  • system09 WB
    system09 WB 7 days ago

    1st + ... gold heading to $1150. told you so. its gonna happen

    • Chris Parkes
      Chris Parkes 7 days ago

      system09 WB lol never trust an edited comment

  • Dusty Roads
    Dusty Roads 7 days ago

    What ceiling, I don't see a ceiling. I see a nice possible handle.

  • Sage & Fool
    Sage & Fool 7 days ago

    It's got nothing to do with what kind of world you want to live in and everything to do with facing the world we actually live in.

  • Out of work bum ?
    Out of work bum ? 7 days ago

    Good interview

  • Martin Kotzee
    Martin Kotzee 7 days ago

    So true. He seems like a humble and good at heart person. Thank you for your insight.

  • dlwatib
    dlwatib 7 days ago

    With all the manipulation in the gold market a straight, gentle rise is almost impossible. But it does mean that there are practically always buying opportunities in gold. The trick is identifying the high and timing your sale.

  • Slavik Riov
    Slavik Riov 7 days ago

    No, Trump does not need a win with Ukraine, he's already winning big. Cmon now and stop believing this BS fabricated polls.

  • more future
    more future 7 days ago

    snowball are resilient. dont doubt them.

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith 7 days ago

    Thank you Kitco and Daniella!

  • Batman
    Batman 7 days ago

    That day will come

  • Ray Keller
    Ray Keller 9 days ago

    Roy is a legit mind in the precious metal space...even a disruptor with Mene

  • tikklemeemo
    tikklemeemo 9 days ago

    He said we predicted a gold rally for a very long time.... How is that creadible, this guys a useless toss, I can say gold is going to 5k/ounce and if it does that 100years later, that doesn't make me a genius

  • deerflyguy
    deerflyguy 11 days ago

    Please ask your guests if a rise in the price of gold is indicative of an increase in the value of the metal or a decrease in the value of the dollar?

  • Gary Piper
    Gary Piper 12 days ago

    Jennifer Aniston hair style !!!!!! Wow !! Looks fantastic !!!!!!!

  • John Robles
    John Robles 12 days ago

    if warren is elected don't socialists have a history of taking your gold? No power in the peoples hands. My research proves this

  • kirtrajen
    kirtrajen 13 days ago

    Which miners are part of the golden Triangle in northern B.C.? Thanks

  • gary burns
    gary burns 13 days ago

    They should use .950 Silver and one Ct or better gem stones in Jewelry.

  • Strike Eagle Squadron

    Gold will go to real value if Trump is re-elected . The Fiat currency will be eliminated and a new US Treasury note will be created backed by a gold standard . It is happening as we speak in China , Russia, India and others as a gold trade note . There are no trade wars it is a trade negotion in regards to implementing the gold trade note .

  • IRL Server
    IRL Server 13 days ago

    My boy Roy! Thanks for the chians bro, they're a hit at parties. ;)

  • Weihan Xingqi
    Weihan Xingqi 13 days ago

    It will mean NOTHING for gold and silver! There are NO MARKETS - there is only manipulation. Every instance of "bad news" for the economy - lower P/E ratios; plummeting manufacturing data; surging corporate debt; abysmal employment numbers - all send the DOW into the stratosphere because Wall Street is mainlining cheap money. The FED can NEVER, NEVER raise interest rates because that would tank the DOW by a minimum of 20%.

  • Liberty Springs
    Liberty Springs 13 days ago

    Silver pans for cooking

  • Strike Eagle Squadron

    By the way , you always look beautiful and classy .

  • FilipinaKisses. com
    FilipinaKisses. com 13 days ago


  • Jeffrey Meek
    Jeffrey Meek 13 days ago

    Great interview! Thanks 😊

  • FilipinaKisses. com
    FilipinaKisses. com 13 days ago


  • bingo boy
    bingo boy 13 days ago