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  • Nikki Mayor
    Nikki Mayor 8 seconds ago

    bitches go to bed

  • Micaela Phillips
    Micaela Phillips Minute ago

    I actually enjoy videos like this- a bit of a BTS look and it feels like we just hanging out. This would be a cool idea to try with marble clay:

  • Nya Frederick
    Nya Frederick 3 minutes ago

    Both would have worked. Your hair legit laying across the track could be the thumb nail. Title: i made my hair into a hotwheels track (epic fail). Or post the VR video that shitt looks funny

  • Mary Susan Moore
    Mary Susan Moore 5 minutes ago


  • Nuria Hill
    Nuria Hill 5 minutes ago

    become jeffree star for one day

  • La Breadstick
    La Breadstick 9 minutes ago

    But will you ever go kayaking in your pool?

  • prowlandsasuke
    prowlandsasuke 11 minutes ago

    Shes out here looking like cynthia.

  • jadeSkye Casey
    jadeSkye Casey 12 minutes ago

    Its okay Jenna we still love you and will be back next week! Been watching you weekly for over a decade a few failed videos won't change that. 💜

  • Blue Goat Man
    Blue Goat Man 13 minutes ago

    Christianity really out here stealing other religions holidays lmao

  • Sara Lor
    Sara Lor 14 minutes ago

    I love you with all of my heart take all the time you need bb

  • ashli prescott
    ashli prescott 15 minutes ago

    Jenna check out drew Lynch’s “Dating a Virgo” video. Too funny 😂😂.

  • Austin Morris
    Austin Morris 16 minutes ago

    Goodbye Spider-Man

  • Patrick Guynn
    Patrick Guynn 17 minutes ago

    Turn yourself into Jeffree Star

  • Mavis Blasingame
    Mavis Blasingame 18 minutes ago

    I went to cosmetology school just so I could have a better chance at working in Jenna’s Ratchet Salon. Long hair is heavy and doesn’t always like to hold shapes; try using smaller sections or even tease the bottom section of the hair for strength and then use a small flat section of the hair close to your part line to smooth with gel for the track. Please hire me

  • Reilly Gramesty
    Reilly Gramesty 20 minutes ago

    I need someone to take clips from this video and put it to gabbie hanna's song pillowcase 😂 😂 😂

  • Carl Tagtstrom
    Carl Tagtstrom 23 minutes ago

    Was someone maybe a lil bit high when thinking of making your hair to be a hot wheels track?

  • Shan Flan
    Shan Flan 24 minutes ago

    Gelatin and egg whites would work so maybe agar could be a substitute?

  • Sophie Halstead
    Sophie Halstead 26 minutes ago

    You would NEVER get bored with Julien as your boyfriend

  • Hardcore Gaymer
    Hardcore Gaymer 27 minutes ago

    Satan doesn’t make good videos Jacksfilms wrote this

  • Jimmer Seiber
    Jimmer Seiber 30 minutes ago

    Some kind of hair paste or elmers glue or something. Try again jenna! Only if you want to!!

  • Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов 30 minutes ago

    С Днём Рождения))))

  • Fluffyunicornqueen jenny

    Who would like to see the vr vid

  • Ripley
    Ripley 32 minutes ago

    The zig zag chairs are the same as the government issued chairs in my house

  • n.sn_1
    n.sn_1 32 minutes ago

    can you make a hair dying video soon ?🙋🏽‍♀️ will we ever see you blonde again🤣🤣

  • Gracie Lee
    Gracie Lee 32 minutes ago

    Canoe in the pool with the dogs, or like get the dogs on a boogie board

  • Advent.F
    Advent.F 35 minutes ago

    “Sir you cannot smoke in here” lmao.

  • Needle-juice
    Needle-juice 36 minutes ago

    If you blur your eyes at 9:00 it kind looks like Jenna's face

  • LPS Potato Produtions
    LPS Potato Produtions 36 minutes ago


  • CJS
    CJS 38 minutes ago

    Lol take your time

  • Camryn Prenger
    Camryn Prenger 38 minutes ago

    Job interview: where do you see yourself in 10 years? Me:

  • Rosy Rojas
    Rosy Rojas 38 minutes ago

    If you did a weekly blog , that would be nice to watch. You’re super busy and i love you, do what’s best for you. But the life of Jenna sounds like fun !!

  • kamilla Ustenova
    kamilla Ustenova 39 minutes ago


  • colorbar.s
    colorbar.s 39 minutes ago

    the epic spin off

  • Maple Syrup
    Maple Syrup 40 minutes ago

    4:13 marble waggo.exe has shut down

  • Foxé !
    Foxé ! 46 minutes ago

    Your videos are so random

  • Canelina Joe
    Canelina Joe 46 minutes ago

    No worries

  • kammieheff
    kammieheff 46 minutes ago

    Does a video about nothing.....still trends....only Jenna

  • Shana Angel
    Shana Angel 47 minutes ago

    In hostel

  • Larkachu
    Larkachu 47 minutes ago

    Hair putty or wax may get the hot wheels track effect you're looking for. Maybe with hair spray as a hardener for the track surface. #NeverGiveUp #HotwheelsHair

  • Michael G
    Michael G 47 minutes ago

    I still love you.

  • Neela A
    Neela A 50 minutes ago

    Can you do a plant haul

  • Neela A
    Neela A 51 minute ago

    Can you do a plant haul

  • chocofl cookies
    chocofl cookies 51 minute ago

    We love you jenna💖 and hey how about you and julien switch lives for a day

  • Mellowjay
    Mellowjay 51 minute ago

    Watching your video after so long because this video is trending! You're so sweet as usual lol definitely didn't wanna see you in that flat, sticky, gooey hair 😂 Try henna in your hair next time!

  • Ben Hudson
    Ben Hudson 52 minutes ago

    Nice guys do finish last! When was the last time a guy came before you did so you had to finish yourself off and you told all your girlfriends what a nice guy he is

  • Neela A
    Neela A 52 minutes ago

    Can you do a plant haul

  • Chelsea Elliott
    Chelsea Elliott 52 minutes ago

    This video was quite entertaining 💁🏼‍♀️

  • Neela A
    Neela A 52 minutes ago

    Can you do a plant haul

  • Shannon Griffin
    Shannon Griffin 54 minutes ago

    Try using a thinner piece of your hair for the hot wheels track

  • Euphoria Skillie Mithers
    Euphoria Skillie Mithers 58 minutes ago


  • Steven Gerrard
    Steven Gerrard 58 minutes ago

    Imagine making a video, to tell people how you failed making a video. Fucking freak.

  • Alexis Esteb
    Alexis Esteb 58 minutes ago

    The same number Jesus may or may not have died at lmao I have been thinking about that for years! One time I told a substitute teacher that in elementary school and scared her

  • Amy Sunshine
    Amy Sunshine 59 minutes ago

    I wanna see your failed hot wheels video

  • HopingFor TheBest
    HopingFor TheBest 59 minutes ago

    For the hair use egg whites. It's what my brother used to use when he went through the punk stage and had a foot long mohawk

  • Euphoria Skillie Mithers
    Euphoria Skillie Mithers 59 minutes ago

    i thought we all agreed to silent rule that we'd watch and support every video jenna uploads regardless of how "nice" it is or whether it failed or not

  • bye Okay
    bye Okay Hour ago

    2019? anyone?

  • The Therran Native

    Honestly this video made me laugh anyway so I'm happy

  • Beau H
    Beau H Hour ago

    Almost 3 years later, and I'm still laughing at 'considerate bukkake'

  • Gentle Gentle
    Gentle Gentle Hour ago

    We still l love your here’s a video idea turn yourself into a vsco girl

  • HuskyNani
    HuskyNani Hour ago

    Literally, transform Julien into a VSCO girl, haha and I oop, sksksksk 🙏 like to make it happen, #savetheturtles ✌

  • Yo yo yo
    Yo yo yo Hour ago

    I keep finding new things about my sexuality

  • Grace Eva
    Grace Eva Hour ago

    Can you make a video where you look after a baby for a day?

  • Morwenna
    Morwenna Hour ago

    Every time this happens please just do a compilation of all the failed videos because i couldn't stop laughing/ smiling throughout this, thank you for always making me smile <3

  • Needle-juice
    Needle-juice Hour ago

    @JennaMarbles can I have one of the stuffed jeans, I want to make a new friend and the twenty pounds of poly fill

  • Ghita
    Ghita Hour ago


  • Steph Trudgen
    Steph Trudgen Hour ago

    Love that this is trending 😂

  • Unicornicopia 102

    Teach bunny how to swim in case she falls in the pool like cermit

  • Ricehard Cameron

    It's good to come back to the timeless classics of yester year once in a while.

  • Candace Sanders
    Candace Sanders Hour ago

    “I just wanted my hair to be a Hot Wheel track” is the most amazing thing I’ve heard like maybe ever. Thanks for trying for us.

  • Samantha Prewett


  • mynameisnobodyz
    mynameisnobodyz Hour ago bad videos

  • Potato Tomato
    Potato Tomato Hour ago

    Honey do you, see you soon

  • Kira Taylor
    Kira Taylor Hour ago

    You missed the opportunity to call him Sister Solomita

  • Swampie
    Swampie Hour ago

    JENNA punks use pva glue to get their long mohawks to stay up, if you're willing to try that

  • BasteBoi
    BasteBoi Hour ago

    You can see a ghost in the background at 1:43

  • Casey Fernandez
    Casey Fernandez Hour ago

    Jenna and Julien make friendship bracelets because they're just friends

  • ToddCast
    ToddCast Hour ago

    Who's been here since "my boyfriend makes me ice cream for my birthday"

  • Sean Miller
    Sean Miller Hour ago

    It’s still a video 👍

  • Jessica Rodriguez

    Play the bomb diffusing game!! It’s confusing, Julien can play with you, and it’s stressful which will make it hilarious 😁

  • Love dramas
    Love dramas Hour ago

    Happy birthday,and I have 11/9

  • faith gouty
    faith gouty Hour ago

    6:04 VISCO girl

  • Holly Hutchison
    Holly Hutchison Hour ago

    Eating the straws so the turtles don’t have to 8:37

  • My Life, Tho
    My Life, Tho 2 hours ago

    Oh thank God - I was 1:50 in and thinking “please tell me you’re gonna address your hair” 🤣😂

  • Kati Aaarrgh
    Kati Aaarrgh 2 hours ago

    Lol, bro, wood glue. You gotta use wood glue. The old punk kids would stick up their mohawks for days with wood glue; and also eggs, but as a vegan you probably don't wanna use eggs (on top of it just being gross, lol). But thanks for trying!

  • Roseanne Meano
    Roseanne Meano 2 hours ago

    Duck Tape Art Video

  • Holly Hutchison
    Holly Hutchison 2 hours ago


  • Brennan Hyung
    Brennan Hyung 2 hours ago

    Fun fact: you can push off the hip as well as pushing off the floor for an armbar. Train hard guys 🤙🏽

  • Level Up
    Level Up 2 hours ago

    You should play vr chat. It would be sooo funny

  • Britney Abreu
    Britney Abreu 2 hours ago

    I’m thinking foil paper...maybe make a straight angle with it or a c shape with a bunch of foil paper and use that Got2be military grade hair spray and gels

  • Julitrexx
    Julitrexx 2 hours ago

    I’ll see you when I see you! And getting to see this video of you being genuinely amused about the whole hot wheels thing (which genuinely amused me, too) brightened my already decently good mood.

  • dirl
    dirl 2 hours ago

    I'd still watch both videos..even if they're fails

  • mia mojito
    mia mojito 2 hours ago

    Change personalities with Julien for a day, behave like a true Aries and julien like a typical Virgo haha

  • Devoss
    Devoss 2 hours ago

    Can you repaint/redesign a barbie doll?

  • Grace Pierro
    Grace Pierro 2 hours ago

    Jenna should do a zodiac video

  • r4dio4ctiv3
    r4dio4ctiv3 2 hours ago

    why are so many Russians saying happy birthday to Jenna all on the same day

  • Moon The therian alpha

    My hamsters home is *_HeR tUnNlE_*

  • Elizabeth Biron
    Elizabeth Biron 2 hours ago

    If you mix jello, and instead of putting in the fridge to set, out it in your hair like gel, you can get your hair to do anything... literally anything.... (liberty spikes?? Hot wheel track?? Etc. )

  • Diane Magnolia
    Diane Magnolia 2 hours ago


  • Smoola :3
    Smoola :3 2 hours ago

    Btw simplynailogical is definitely our new mother, but Jenna ist the crazy cool aunt we all just love

  • Kat Panayiotou
    Kat Panayiotou 2 hours ago

    Jenna, why don’t you make tofu from scratch?