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Flossin 2.0
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Creeper Aw Man 2.0
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Reading Mean Comments
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Defending myself
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This is NOT OKAY.
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Why everyone should be fat.
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I'm Sorry
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my old CRINGEY songs.
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5 SONG MASHUP ~ Roomie
Views 939K2 years ago


  • ItzPuGz
    ItzPuGz Minute ago

    Twenty Øne Piløts!!! Where the clique at? |-/

  • crabby
    crabby Minute ago

    i could bop to this

  • B3454 Bax
    B3454 Bax Minute ago

    Twenty one pilots concert are amazing. I’m gonna go to another one in October and in Minneapolis

  • Sonam Palden Wangchuk
    Sonam Palden Wangchuk 2 minutes ago

    Please do Juice Wrld

  • Caleb Kroeze
    Caleb Kroeze 3 minutes ago

    Watching you find TB saga and all their stupid videos made me smile so much😂

  • Francisca Kompatzki
    Francisca Kompatzki 3 minutes ago

    Holy fuck I was in that TØP performance in Chile, Tyler screams🔥🔥🔥, I was in front, he rocked some vocals, of course he was a little pitchy because he was moving and jumping around, but he pulled it out amazing!

  • Raph Bartolo
    Raph Bartolo 3 minutes ago

    do RUEL!

  • ava l-/
    ava l-/ 5 minutes ago trench

  • ChristCopia
    ChristCopia 6 minutes ago

    Don’t lie. Heavy auto tune was used on every track love 👍

  • Random Rubenya
    Random Rubenya 6 minutes ago

    Charlie puth?Who threw this pickle? Lele pons?LATINA Billie Eilish?duh! Hotel? Trivago

  • Garfield the lazy kid and friends

    this was made when the area 51 raid happened

  • Thea Smith
    Thea Smith 11 minutes ago

    Actually love this

  • samantha nu
    samantha nu 13 minutes ago

    This is probably the best song that you’ve Saved! 😂 I could actually jam to this now.

  • S Mathews
    S Mathews 13 minutes ago

    uhhhhh, it’s sunday 😬😬😬

  • Hana x Pie
    Hana x Pie 17 minutes ago

    I like "Hey Violet" song ODD tho :((

  • Jesus Bermudez
    Jesus Bermudez 18 minutes ago

    Matt Shadows from avenged sevenfold please <3

  • Owen Williams
    Owen Williams 18 minutes ago

    That was incredible!

  • ChristCopia
    ChristCopia 19 minutes ago

    Comments on people using heavy auto tune on their vocals. Uses heavy auto tune on own vocals.

  • Andrei Rares Anghel
    Andrei Rares Anghel 19 minutes ago

    Anyone watching this in 2019??

  • molly A.O
    molly A.O 20 minutes ago

    You need to do more things with Twenty One Pilots

  • WJA
    WJA 20 minutes ago

    Does he count melodyne when he says autotune or is it just autotune that he´s talking about?

  • Death Gamez
    Death Gamez 21 minute ago

    F for grandma's last step F F F F F F F F F F F

  • Lunanescente
    Lunanescente 21 minute ago

    excuse me kazoos are superior and will take over the world

  • Aiden Sutton
    Aiden Sutton 24 minutes ago

    could you do hilltop hoods?

  • gracious_ kookie
    gracious_ kookie 25 minutes ago

    Seems like every singer is a bit pitchy without autotune 🙄

    • Mustafa Ali
      Mustafa Ali 16 minutes ago

      gracious_ kookie not alessia cara

  • Mustafa Ali
    Mustafa Ali 25 minutes ago

    Do lana del reyy

  • Gaurav Kumar
    Gaurav Kumar 25 minutes ago

    Do one with the Alec Benjamin

  • Enji Todoroki
    Enji Todoroki 27 minutes ago

    "I think religion should stay out of the workplace." But... But what if you work at a church?

  • CuzSimple
    CuzSimple 27 minutes ago

    I see tyler i click

  • limario
    limario 28 minutes ago

    0:14 *iS tHaT a hYdRo fLasK???*

  • gun boi
    gun boi 29 minutes ago

    Me: Oh! Joel made another vid! Me: *reacts to this video* Me: Ok. Im gonna get nightmares when i get to sleep. Note: When i watched this vid, i feel like watching the original ones and dislike them, i feel like i would get killed in my sleep.

  • guy Guy
    guy Guy 29 minutes ago

    Do josh kiszka!!!

  • alejandro seferino aza
    alejandro seferino aza 32 minutes ago


  • pixellstr
    pixellstr 32 minutes ago

    00:14 "many of you guys may be too young to remember" That scared me.

  • itsw4d3
    itsw4d3 33 minutes ago

    Roomie reading Wikipedia: "Rebecca Renee Black (born June 21, 1997)" My brain, for no reason: that makes her 22 years old

  • Tornado Flop
    Tornado Flop 33 minutes ago


  • LiveGreenGUY
    LiveGreenGUY 34 minutes ago

    I actually feel emotional when i hear *Partyin partyin* 😅 something is wring with me

  • Veanus Vang
    Veanus Vang 35 minutes ago

    Was it just me or when he said “ u will hear the song in 3 2 1” I hear ads

  • all hail pretzel wetzel
    all hail pretzel wetzel 35 minutes ago

    where my klikkies at?

  • reaction less
    reaction less 36 minutes ago

    He cant sing u sing beter

  • •Itz Llamas•
    •Itz Llamas• 42 minutes ago

    Ok if Joel wants to laugh then he should just make a video called LAUGH 😂

  • Blue Canary
    Blue Canary 42 minutes ago

    Please do about Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy). He has such a good voice!!

  • Blake Davies
    Blake Davies 46 minutes ago

    You are my second favourite RUclipr

  • Cobra 91 1
    Cobra 91 1 48 minutes ago

    Jag gillar dina videor

  • Faze Dark Shadow
    Faze Dark Shadow 54 minutes ago

    watch this again 11:06 hate barry sos

  • Ahmad El-Shiekh
    Ahmad El-Shiekh 56 minutes ago

    *Singers just breathing normally* Roomie: "it's a lil bit pitchy"

  • Madi ღ
    Madi ღ 57 minutes ago

    “They seem serious now” oh- you have no idea you need to watch a “stupid montage of tyler and josh” you won’t be saying that...😂

  • Eliza B
    Eliza B 57 minutes ago

    Masterpiece 😂😂😂

  • Ayzah & Inaya
    Ayzah & Inaya 58 minutes ago


  • Marx Agreste
    Marx Agreste 58 minutes ago


  • MortalKombatYesMinecraftNo OWN VGCP

    This was uploaded on my Birthday 😜🥰

  • KAMAL Baruah
    KAMAL Baruah 59 minutes ago

    My talking Tom is 2x faster than your rap

  • F. L. F. Jorge
    F. L. F. Jorge 59 minutes ago

    Was top with the commented it's annoying just the video

  • Lili
    Lili Hour ago

    Matty Healy (the 1975) and Hayley Williams (paramore) would be really cool

  • Rose Khachatryan

    1:28 well... we'll never know how old she is

  • Haru Kazami
    Haru Kazami Hour ago

    did u look into bts i think not if yes gosh darn it i need to find the vid now

  • bruce wolf
    bruce wolf Hour ago

    Robbie Rotten are you okay?

  • Mikaela M1 M2
    Mikaela M1 M2 Hour ago

    Not to bad

  • Justin Baker
    Justin Baker Hour ago

    Anyone that knew Troye Sivan from Spud first

  • BlueberryNeko
    BlueberryNeko Hour ago

    Wait a second... O.D.D. is a bad song?

  • Leslie45
    Leslie45 Hour ago

    When I saw Tyler Joseph I clicked immediately. C:

  • Jayden Covington

    Let's all have a clap for the... *MuFfIn GuY*

  • marilyn
    marilyn Hour ago

    do one with mitski

  • Oreo Games
    Oreo Games Hour ago

    I am a simple man I see TOP I *CLIQUE*

  • Pia Nickname
    Pia Nickname Hour ago


  • Sad_Exe
    Sad_Exe Hour ago

    What is this I see on my recommended? Is that my favourite band? Hell yeah it is ;)

  • Garnet Mullins
    Garnet Mullins Hour ago

    Use a fan for the part when it says im the bad guy

  • ThEAwesomeman231

    He listened let's go TØP on top.

  • Player 2
    Player 2 Hour ago

    is it just me or when he said "I've seen that quiet a bit" it sounded really British (6:30)

  • Miguel Maranan
    Miguel Maranan Hour ago

    You said60 minutes Its 58 minutes Oh its 13:32 minutes *FBI open up

  • Cloud
    Cloud Hour ago

    Roomie: i think its 30 C Our country: 61C

  • Stefanie
    Stefanie Hour ago

    I never knew I needed this

  • Olivia __
    Olivia __ Hour ago

    Is it weird that when I saw him for the first time he actually reminded me of Cole for some reason? 😂

  • Zariya Kyle
    Zariya Kyle Hour ago

    Ahhhhh Camila 💋💋💋

  • Little Neon
    Little Neon Hour ago

    Do little mix plz

  • Izo
    Izo Hour ago

    Do Green Day

  • Prince Chamberlain

    I love Mike he's precious

  • Maddox Siuda
    Maddox Siuda Hour ago

    Roomie sat behind jesus in the 3rd grade

  • ContCol
    ContCol Hour ago

    Can u do...XXXtentasion

  • Mr Chris
    Mr Chris Hour ago

    4:45. B ASS

  • My name’s Blurryface and I care what you think

    Every Clikkie Ever: *man i love the screaming*

  • FireRice
    FireRice Hour ago

    This song is actually really good

  • Simonka Scheinerová


  • A very creative and unique name

    I really like when he sang oh Emmanuel

  • Space Taxom
    Space Taxom Hour ago

    Do juice wrld plzzz

  • Eytan Levine
    Eytan Levine Hour ago

    Top is my favorite band

  • K Conpah
    K Conpah Hour ago

    Can you make a reaction video of the voice kids philippines? I think they don't use autotune during blinds, and they use it during battles and the next stage.

  • Cool Gaming123321

    Hi rami i mean roomie i love ur vids

  • Ahmed Galal
    Ahmed Galal Hour ago

    Do covers

  • Ke lle
    Ke lle Hour ago

    Søndag sorry man

  • Alistair Rigby
    Alistair Rigby Hour ago

    Roomy could you please do Oli Sykes of bmth.

  • Charles Gertos
    Charles Gertos Hour ago

    been watching Roomie for a while now...... this vid is what I've been waiting for man ||-//

  • JaCK SPaRR0W
    JaCK SPaRR0W Hour ago

    Please make video about YungBlud

  • Yaseen Tariq
    Yaseen Tariq Hour ago

    When you fail to type (Auto tune) every time 😂😊

  • Kay
    Kay Hour ago

    Do 5SOS!!

  • AnggaJony
    AnggaJony Hour ago

    3:13 studio virgin 🙃

  • Chunkii Boii
    Chunkii Boii Hour ago

    Roomie you cheated yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doris Everything

    One boy in my claas can do a trumpet sound without a trumpet.

  • AlexLovesDogs
    AlexLovesDogs Hour ago

    **Turning a good song, into some royalty free looking ass clip** 😂It was really great though.

  • Simi Sanchi
    Simi Sanchi Hour ago

    Review linkin park pleaseee💪🏻