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Boeing's China Problem
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How to Stop an Epidemic
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The Economics of Private Jets
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Iceland's Tourism Revolution
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Greece's Geography Problem
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The Little Plane War
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Every State in the US
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TWL #5: Timekeeping on Mars
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How to Create a Country
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  • Sam Lutfi
    Sam Lutfi 9 minutes ago

    Boeing dropped the ball here. Their only new airplane in 25 years is the 787. Everything else has just been repurposed. Engines have become so large it was clear that Boeing needed a new place to replace the 737. The max in turn reflects all the problems that come with this mistake. MCAS is designed specifically because the engines are to big for the plane, had the plane been redesigned it would never have had this issue nor even needed an MCAS system

  • Paul Cheek
    Paul Cheek 15 minutes ago

    what will come after the 797.... 808 or the 888 maybe...

  • Cheese it
    Cheese it 17 minutes ago


  • Sci Show with Moh
    Sci Show with Moh 17 minutes ago

    You use reddit?!?!?

  • 赵是
    赵是 55 minutes ago

    Learn from 🇨🇳

  • J W
    J W Hour ago

    Freedom is as equally important as business.

  • John Oke
    John Oke Hour ago

    Air Canada also used the 737 Max 8 between Toronto (YYZ) and Shannon, Ireland (SNN)

  • Hehehe hohoho
    Hehehe hohoho Hour ago

    S C O T L A N D

  • AnOreoCat
    AnOreoCat Hour ago

    *jet2 you for got jet2 :(*

  • Jakup II
    Jakup II Hour ago

    You forgot east Turkestan. China has problems with Uyghurs wanting their independence since they been living their longer than Han Chinese They use fake terrorists tactics on the Christians/Muslim their and have about 3 million in them in concentration camps.

  • Léda Boros
    Léda Boros Hour ago


  • Communist Survivor

    Just come from Europe and OMG checkpoints are so long and I have no problem going through all the checkpoint because it's for our safety but what's good about it when Democrats demand open borders? We would travel more often around the world especially to Europe if their prices are cheaper than $1000!

  • Kam Khan
    Kam Khan Hour ago

    You have not mentioned about China's South West neighbor i.e. Pakistan.. With CPEC, there is going to be a new trade route for China through Pakistan..

  • The Exotic
    The Exotic Hour ago

    0:29 the video begins here

  • Spelunker0211
    Spelunker0211 Hour ago

    I drove people to the cruise ship that left Seward, AK for NYC. We left anchorage Ted Stevens airport and down the road a few hours to Seward. Wonderful group to work with!

  • zombi111980
    zombi111980 2 hours ago

    The main reason is that they just build it. They don't ask for consent among the population. Here in Germany you have to fight with every single Town and village the new tracks are supposed to run near.. On top of high regulations for safety and enviromental damage...

  • A Girl Has No Name
    A Girl Has No Name 2 hours ago

    As long as the *Hutu & Tutsi* don’t have a repeat of 1994 its all good. #LeftToTell #ImmaculéeILibagiza

  • Marcel Rüttimann
    Marcel Rüttimann 2 hours ago

    Nearly every of these Videos is full of Propaganda

  • Bemocracy
    Bemocracy 2 hours ago

    Excuse me? The sea which located next to Vladivostok is East Sea not sea of japan. It’s governed by Republic of KoreA

  • Albert Kite
    Albert Kite 3 hours ago

    are u a femanazi

  • Saurabh Wasan
    Saurabh Wasan 3 hours ago

    Plagiarised from the book “prisoners of geography”

  • WnL Snipez
    WnL Snipez 3 hours ago

    why is obama shown in this when it was uploaded in 2017

  • HTG Xyzr
    HTG Xyzr 3 hours ago

    Plot Twist : The President isn't even in the motorcade

  • Paul von Hindenburg
    Paul von Hindenburg 3 hours ago

    They don't care about jobs they wanted to pander to the dictatorship.

  • JEOGRAPHY Songs For Kids

    How overnight shipping works by Send Over Productions.

  • P1ay 3r
    P1ay 3r 3 hours ago

    I am heavy weapons guy, this is my weapon...

  • JEOGRAPHY Songs For Kids

    If we can increase life expectancy at the same percentage that Rwanda has been able to do, we'll all reach 150 years old! 100 will be the new 20.

  • JEOGRAPHY Songs For Kids

    I got 99 problems, but Geography ain't one.

  • Alex V
    Alex V 4 hours ago

    So what Wendover is saying is that I should hurry up with the teleportation device I’ve been working on? It does technically kill you every time but I’m pretty sure the original you comes out the other side. 60% of the time. Ie. every time.

  • JEOGRAPHY Songs For Kids

    Wendover: Why cities exist? Conspiracy Theorist: Cities don't actually exit. Wendover: That doesn't make sense. Conspiracy Theorist: Cities are just concentrated populations of crisis actors.

  • JEOGRAPHY Songs For Kids

    If I become president I'm going to save like $1000 dollars an hour.

  • John Dalecki
    John Dalecki 4 hours ago

    Moral of the story dont be gay?

  • JEOGRAPHY Songs For Kids

    Still a better channel than Bendover Productions.

  • JEOGRAPHY Songs For Kids

    How long did Wendover practice saying Medicins Sans Frontieres?

  • de rien
    de rien 4 hours ago

    The only reason is economics.... Especially in the last 200 years

  • John Dalecki
    John Dalecki 4 hours ago

    I'm not sure why racially profiling is such a big deal...its efficient. The quaran tells muslims to kill infidels . So guess what, they get special attention!

  • Red Butterfly
    Red Butterfly 4 hours ago

    Not only electronics but its also popular with immitation of luxury goods like bags, shoes and they can do anything u ask.

  • Fakeslimshady
    Fakeslimshady 4 hours ago

    Check out Singapore, it's becoming the Singapore of Singapore

  • Red Butterfly
    Red Butterfly 4 hours ago

    I cant imagine singapore to have a province if u can drive from end to end in an hour. Lol

  • jeff okello
    jeff okello 4 hours ago

    Too much is suspicious

  • Enter Fil
    Enter Fil 4 hours ago

    It’s so sad that Embraer was bought by Boeing, Brazil is selling all of its companies

  • tvb nut
    tvb nut 5 hours ago

    China to construction. America do destruction.

  • Stephen Cannon
    Stephen Cannon 5 hours ago

    BTW the points off of Boston are FENWY, LBSTA, CHWDR. Etc..... arrivals and departures are also named after local events or history. Example St. Louis has the Blues departure, DCA has the River Visual from North-South and Mt Vernon arrival from south-North. Pittsburgh, PA has the HEINZ, STLRS waypoints which basically follow up the river from downtown to the airport.

  • Mister District
    Mister District 5 hours ago

    So my taxes are going to keeping Airforce 1 in the air for 2.3 seconds?

  • Stephen Cannon
    Stephen Cannon 5 hours ago

    Once you get to the Ireland Coast you are back in radar coverage for the rest of the way. West Bound tracks are just the opposite and labeled north to South and Alpha- let’s say Hotel (A-H). Also accordingly planned out of the wind which may be difficult to do especially in winter. It is not uncommon to have flights from Europe have to stop in Gander for fuel if winds become above forecast. The preferred fuel stop is Bangor Maine but once the winds were so strong I couldn’t even make Bangor. The joke around the office was my fuel stop needed a fuel stop. It is also possible to be on or slightly under burn. In the case of Europe- East Coast there can be a designated point at which you have a minimum fuel required. You either have it or you don’t most times you do and if you do, proceed on if not then fuel stop somewhere. The other part more technical pet is random routes which is exactly that. Routes that don’t cross the route structure but still keep organized waypoints (Lat/Long) and spacing. Example London -Miami you don’t want to go up way over Greenland if a lower routing will work. The LHR-MIA might exit the Atlantic off the coast of New York or Virginia and follow down the east coast.

  • quýt nhỏ
    quýt nhỏ 5 hours ago

    China specializes in forging other water projects

  • Xiao Han
    Xiao Han 5 hours ago

    Now I understand why there is so many thumb down. Full of ideology

  • Carol Ring
    Carol Ring 6 hours ago

    This is why there is no money to expand Social Security, add Medicare for All or help people in developing countries. The US must 'be ready to kill' at any time in every place in the world. I want to know how much money is being spent on all these bases? How much is being spent on wars that never end? Only when this is brought under control will the US be once again respected. Selling military hardware to other countries must stop.

  • Morph
    Morph 6 hours ago


  • 程宾宾
    程宾宾 6 hours ago

    U will see the Chinese will be good at almost everything....

  • SuperSmashyfication
    SuperSmashyfication 6 hours ago

    "Ukraine progressed to be more and more European" I'm sure that was a completely organic phenomenon, and definitely not the result of the EU-backed Euromaidan Movement.

    • Ded Mykola
      Ded Mykola 4 hours ago

      When the USSR dissolved we in Ukraine had even better starting condition, and now poles are much richer that us

    • Ded Mykola
      Ded Mykola 4 hours ago

      @SuperSmashyfication okay, specifically Poland.

    • SuperSmashyfication
      SuperSmashyfication 4 hours ago

      @Ded Mykola Warsaw Pact countries like the Visegrad Bloc, who are currently having to fight with the EU over whether they can have 3rd worlders forcibly resettled into their countries against the will of the people? Or like Romania, whose youth have fled to seek their fortunes elsewhere? Is that what you want for Ukraine?

    • Ded Mykola
      Ded Mykola 5 hours ago

      @SuperSmashyfication like the one eu brought to warsaw pact countries.

    • SuperSmashyfication
      SuperSmashyfication 5 hours ago

      @Ded Mykola like the wealth and safety the EU has brought to Greece?

  • 高东锋
    高东锋 6 hours ago

    No matter what would happen in Rwanda ,America or Any white nation,get the fuck out of their own business.

  • 子恒Clark
    子恒Clark 7 hours ago

    I want to have a video about USA

  • msk33346
    msk33346 7 hours ago

    You pronounced Qatar wrong

  • jesuzombieapocalypse

    It’s almost like arbitrarily making a deal you or your children will likely never have to deal with in their lives, but will be hugely inconvenient for everyone eventually involved, is a terrible idea that has far-reaching implications that can’t just be swept under the rug with a ceremony.

  • Abba Dabba
    Abba Dabba 7 hours ago

    who else just moved on from this flat line bull?

  • Zwei Pixel
    Zwei Pixel 7 hours ago

    Lol just shoot it into the universe

  • FuckGodism
    FuckGodism 7 hours ago

    The US blockade China's shipping lanes? Right, I guess you've never heard of China's Carrier Killing Hypersonic missiles and that's just one of the many formidable weapons China has in her arsenal that the US has no answer for. And don't get me started on your absurd Laos and Vietnam invading China. So I suggest you Fuck right off with your shitty propaganda.

  • BillieRibot
    BillieRibot 7 hours ago


  • B. Baker
    B. Baker 7 hours ago

    7:02 he's luck oh fuck he got our boy bill i'm OUT

  • Paul Flynn
    Paul Flynn 7 hours ago

    Its called a Submarine, not a "sumarine" as you repeatedly say. Take the time to annunciate,

  • Bazargur Odsuren
    Bazargur Odsuren 8 hours ago

    I have a thought :just put it in space

  • pagansforbreakfast
    pagansforbreakfast 8 hours ago

    Let the computer fly the plane, what could go wrong? Until full command of the aircraft is returned to the flightcrew I'm staying on the ground.

  • HerrBratwurst
    HerrBratwurst 8 hours ago

    Every time I see a video about People saying things about China’s issue with the outside world, it tells me they don’t know China’s main priority. China’s number 1 priority are it’s people. That’s why they spend so much money building up cities. That’s why they always insists on companies bringing jobs into China, when you have 2billion mouths to feed, this is the only way. Also, it appeases the people, so they do not go on strikes, making the country unproductive. Which affects other normal people, and when the mob grows bigger, the communist party falls. That’s the real China problem. You wanna be really cool friends with a Xi Jin Ping? Create a lot of jobs in China. He’ll be your number one Friend if you can bring in billions of jobs for China.

    ABC DEFG 8 hours ago

    What if Chinese language dominate the world?

  • Curley Pubes
    Curley Pubes 8 hours ago

    Idiot. Do you even know what a third world country is? How can Singapore become first world? Please understand the meaning of the words you use

  • RandomGuineaPig Aviation

    4:39 420k people search for delhi to akl??? thats enough for 2 daily a380s!!!!!! that cant be right akl has 1 a380 a day and no direct flights to India! 42k seems more realistic

  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 hours ago

    If you think the max speed of a carrier is 35mph I got a bridge for sale for a good price....

  • 严严涛
    严严涛 9 hours ago

    Half of things you're talking in this video are shit.

  • Vivo Y91C
    Vivo Y91C 9 hours ago

    But it says Utqiagvik Instead of Barrow in mu google maps

  • R
    R 9 hours ago

    All just complete capitalist bullshit

  • M Karthik
    M Karthik 9 hours ago


  • Petr pavlovich Romanov

    8:33 u have forgotten the aeroflot (russian airlines) we got the first class as well.

  • Cindy Wu
    Cindy Wu 9 hours ago

    The Chinese Government built the high speed train to develop and connect the cities. It is economic not political. The high speed train can speed up the development of rural cities.

  • Shivan Anirudhra
    Shivan Anirudhra 10 hours ago

    We need to stop giving Africa billions in aid and let them help themselves.. Look at China and India. They were as poor as Africa but they used their big brains and now they're threatening to be superpowers soon Liberals keep treating Africa like a baby and they never prosper

  • Shivan Anirudhra
    Shivan Anirudhra 10 hours ago

    Chinese are like 100 times smarter than Africans... It was only a matter of time until this happened

  • Samuel Evans
    Samuel Evans 10 hours ago

    Greece just proves that Democracy for everyone just doesnt work. In warm climates, some people just doesnt have the genetics to make sound decisions

  • Patrick O'Neill
    Patrick O'Neill 10 hours ago

    With the 797 going into service at the absolute earliest in 2025, the 321XLR albeit maxing out at 244 seats currently, will have had at least a 5 year head start. With all due respect to Boeing, I don’t see any way they can maintain the interests of the airline companies in this market. Provided the xlr doesn’t have any issues it will have an imbedded monopoly. Why they didn’t augment the 757 is beyond comprehension and that runt of its fleet the 737 should have been scrapped 20 years ago. Boeing have made some huge blunders with little positives in contrast not to mention the RR Trent 1000 giving them a bit of a needling too. Their last real significant success was 25 odd years ago with the 777. The 787 has them hanging on by a thread. If it weren’t for their aerospace and military contracts they could have failed. Airbus look in a formidable position to rule the sky’s over continental US not to mention the A220 for good measure. Airbus will be shuttling passengers all over the US at lower fuel cost per seat while at the same time taking seats away from Boeing. This is a capitalist Mayday. Dilapidated and inefficient 757s and 737s mucking about while Airbus’ flaunting their products with the help of their passengers. I won’t get on a 737 Max when it returns to service and there are probably hundreds of thousands of people sharing this sentiment. When the 797 shows up to the party the party it will be over and the hangovers a distant memory.

  • Jovin Daniel
    Jovin Daniel 10 hours ago

    I have many nuclear power plants in my country for energy from windmills

  • SH W
    SH W 11 hours ago

    Urumqi and Lanzhou are nothing compared to Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou

  • Doin'it F1rstPerson
    Doin'it F1rstPerson 11 hours ago

    Boeing:The Boeing 737 Max is Cheap and Fuel Efficient! Airlines: oh cool! how much does it cost? Boeing: oh, just 100 eternal souls

  • Arman Mahapatra
    Arman Mahapatra 11 hours ago

    0:17 shows us an extinct douglas plane and says its a boeing 717.......it doesnt even have 3 engines seriously.

  • 潘斌
    潘斌 11 hours ago

    1:05 台湾,是中国的一部分。

  • SH W
    SH W 11 hours ago

    How is Boeing or Airbus going to send their planes to China? Fly them?

  • Dragan Ignjatovic
    Dragan Ignjatovic 11 hours ago

    Addis Ababa

  • xelias hoi faedi
    xelias hoi faedi 11 hours ago

    Transavia is from klm (i know that airfrance and klm

  • aiman hatim
    aiman hatim 11 hours ago

    FUCK AMERICA i hate them maybe now they have the most powerful military but when u learn history all the powerful empire will be fall one day.Just wait and see.ISRAEL DOG.

  • xPOINTER Tapobrata
    xPOINTER Tapobrata 12 hours ago

    I feel the message is too vague. It’s nothing different from the message of the Maya’s calendar which panicked so many people into thinking that world was about to end in 2012. I mean when we are aware of how confusing these kind of messages can be then why are we repeating the same mistake ourselves? If some civilisation is intelligent enough to understand all other words of the letter, they should definitely be intelligent enough to understand the word “radioactive”. As soon as they see this term “radioactive waste” they should be able to understand the danger that is associated with it and will be able to deal with it accordingly. If radioactive waste is still harmful to them they will chose to stay away from it just like us and if they already found a technology that can use the radioactive waste in an efficient way then it will be a gold mine for them. This might be something they were searching for a long time as a fuel for their technology which they have finally discovered. But keeping it vague will not do any good as far as I think. Instead, it will make them even more curious to open it lol! It only sounds straight out of a comics or a movie.

  • 99IronDuke
    99IronDuke 13 hours ago

    The eu is a anti democratic wanna be SuperState. Brexit for ever. Leave means totally leave. Piss on the eu.

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian 13 hours ago

    I am a millennial of 1985 and I do not feel like that. I also don't agree with the idea that college is the single largest investment in your life; marriage and parenthood is the single largest investment.

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian 13 hours ago

    I am a millennial of 1985 and I do not feel like that.

  • shambho
    shambho 13 hours ago

    This is disinformation in part. Modern agriculture is not more efficient if one accounts for ecological costs in the aggregate and socioeconomic costs esp for small farmers

  • chu min
    chu min 13 hours ago

    U can walk all of Russia and see only half of India

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian 13 hours ago

    It is so hypocritical how the U.S.A. wanted to control the Panama Canal and yet bitched about it when it was nationalized from the British and French and they retaliated.

  • Mille 421
    Mille 421 13 hours ago

    I’m from Denmark

  • iceshadows911
    iceshadows911 13 hours ago

    I think your study lead you to make a bad premise where the gambled $6.25 is equal to $5. Winning a prize happens only once, and cannot be averaged out over time and therefore it's obvious these two choices aren't equal. One is either $6.25 or $0 and the other is always $5.

  • восторженный критик

    You probably didn't know about it when you made this video, but our biggest problem is corruption. Our territory is perfect. We have enough resources, and it can't be a problem. Thanks for your attention

  • Keith Sorensen
    Keith Sorensen 13 hours ago

    Counter protesters? Don't you mean extreme leftists?

  • Qinghui Ou
    Qinghui Ou 14 hours ago

    correction: Boeing did collaborate with comac but set a very high price that china decided to do the long way.

  • Qinghui Ou
    Qinghui Ou 14 hours ago

    the number will drop in the future since china had started developing their own plane already check out C919, economic war will eventually end just not in this century.