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  • Jacob Siegfried
    Jacob Siegfried 4 minutes ago

    I work at that shop they did this at

  • Rakan AMV
    Rakan AMV 6 minutes ago

    هذي ولا شي قدام سحس 😝

  • Karan Guragain
    Karan Guragain 7 minutes ago

    It will Keel .

  • Mike Latta
    Mike Latta 10 minutes ago

    Brian and I are both Colorado natives. This makes us better than you. Sorry but it's just a hard truth.

  • vgamer 342
    vgamer 342 11 minutes ago

    He hit at the bottom 3:17 and then he hit it at the top3:57 thats why it didn't cut

  • Robert Criddle
    Robert Criddle 12 minutes ago

    Today’s human isn’t worthy of this technology

  • chris h
    chris h 12 minutes ago

    Fake!! Didn't have his foot to the floor, also they were in the exact spot where the poachers were. That boat they r on would easily catch up.


    HUMAN`S - We Come in peace Agartha - yes or Leave in pieces

  • godspeedelijah
    godspeedelijah 14 minutes ago

    I love these guys. They all look like big, muscular cabbage patch kids

  • Neeraj Dabas
    Neeraj Dabas 19 minutes ago

    Are angrez ki dukan 🧐 Hindi bhi bol le 😏 Hindustan mei hi tahata hai na 🤨 😝😝😜😜


    WHY NOT TELL US Do these Advance Race`s Don`t want to be bothered they be Like Don`t tell the Human race they will Destroy this PLace, we Don`t Have EBT or welfare Here ....but to be Honest Jobs ,never did invent no phone , it`s advanced technology given to them from Agartha there`s A picture from the early 1900 hundreds , in it a native Indian type, holding what it looks clear as Day like a cellphone, maybe these tribes Guard these places entrance.... they could look like natives to us but maybe they cast spells just like the x - men movies who knows what tech they have.......they been Around for millions of Years.....mankind in 100 years have done so much imagine 1 million years from now wow I want to go to Agartha maybe i can find true love, and a women that actually cooks food lol let`s go to Agartha really

  • Xiner Alioues
    Xiner Alioues 22 minutes ago

    Kneel down front of us you low humans, We the Indians are descendant of aliens, we created you humans, kneel before us. (don't get offend anyone, it's just a joke).

  • Bob Vila
    Bob Vila 27 minutes ago

    TOOT IT!

  • John Rage
    John Rage 28 minutes ago

    Why is this on the history channel?

  • robert roettgen
    robert roettgen 31 minute ago

    could you imagine the dumps these bears take?

  • Always Working
    Always Working 33 minutes ago

    In the meantime people are starving all over the world ....smh.

  • Kenneth Caine
    Kenneth Caine 33 minutes ago

    Nice knife, does the ore you are using naturally have carbon or did you have to put carbon in it, as every one knows you can't harden mild steel.

  • Jay Caldwell
    Jay Caldwell 34 minutes ago

    These guys are freaks

  • Emir Ermurat
    Emir Ermurat 36 minutes ago

    I am frome Turkey.This video is awesome.I love Forged in Fire!

  • Future UFC champion
    Future UFC champion 40 minutes ago

    You dont see both blades passing all the tests with A mark very often. Incredible

  • captian silly velia
    captian silly velia 42 minutes ago

    why do the strength test first.... ruin the edge of the knife then test if it can cut do these guys have brain cells?

  • Nolan Pahmahmie
    Nolan Pahmahmie 44 minutes ago


  • Augusto de Paiva
    Augusto de Paiva 45 minutes ago


  • Julian Prendergast
    Julian Prendergast 47 minutes ago

    You should stick to your tea and crumpets

  • AWSUM Ai - Info Stores
    AWSUM Ai - Info Stores 47 minutes ago

    these guys egos make them more annoying than women

  • Jettdyemaster
    Jettdyemaster 47 minutes ago

    I wanna see one of these guys challenge one pot head with munchies

  • Kirti Gupta
    Kirti Gupta 47 minutes ago

    Lanka is not in Mohenjodaro but it is the modern day Sri Lanka. Please brush up on ur history.

  • Devante 1995
    Devante 1995 48 minutes ago

    The plumber must called every week tbh 💩 💩

  • Nakul Vs
    Nakul Vs 50 minutes ago

    Vadamvali kaanan vannavar undo

  • Tyrel Tolliver
    Tyrel Tolliver 51 minute ago

    Ive seen better. Patrick star ate some roast beef a chicken and pizza for breakfast.

  • Sheldon Cooper
    Sheldon Cooper 51 minute ago

    Maybe strong but also fat, eating all that garbage, their life span will be shortened

  • KC RoNiN
    KC RoNiN 51 minute ago

    Like arm wrestling, tree chopping is more about technique, not strength.

  • Amandy Lyn
    Amandy Lyn 54 minutes ago

    How come they don’t mention the pentagon? Or that other plane that went down in Pennsylvania?

  • bender nilsen
    bender nilsen 55 minutes ago

    Do people really believe this story? How dumb can a man get? A fire does not implode a building in seconds. WT7 is a joke.

  • ShishouDzukiZaManako
    ShishouDzukiZaManako 58 minutes ago

    2:35 thats how you get everyone else routed and gutted but you do you guy, also thats how you get executed im sure of it

  • harry drennen
    harry drennen Hour ago

    Robert worlds strongest stomach

  • Kareem Houston
    Kareem Houston Hour ago

    The jumpscare is not scary

  • Its-abit-Fishy Raver

    That bacon got shredded

  • Rae ofLyte
    Rae ofLyte Hour ago

    I can't believe they've got 5 seasons out of this already.

  • Nick yang
    Nick yang Hour ago

    If these guys carry grocery bags for a while, they wouldn't even remember whats in their hands.

  • Please Do Tell
    Please Do Tell Hour ago

    Slavery didn't become illegal in African countries till the 20th century as late as the 70s and 80s in as still practiced

  • William Salis
    William Salis Hour ago

    O budracciusu faesi schifu...sparendi alligatori

  • Man of steel 3
    Man of steel 3 Hour ago

    Awesome 👏🏾

  • Calvin Klein
    Calvin Klein Hour ago

    It wasn't her book in print, it was written by her father. Biggest fraud in history.

  • Niek
    Niek Hour ago

    And somehow I really don't like this.

  • Matt M
    Matt M Hour ago

    What effect does a 10,000 calorie diet have on their life span?

  • M A
    M A Hour ago

    Dude is an idiot he could’ve gotten 15k if he negotiated. Even for that i wouldn’t sell it id want to get 18k for it somewhere else

  • SoLPlays
    SoLPlays Hour ago

    History channel: so ancient astronaut theorists what do you s- Ancient astronaut theorists: *YES*

  • sophia j.a
    sophia j.a Hour ago

    Why do they go up in price when they are buying 😓 can someone please explain that to me

  • Rohan preet
    Rohan preet Hour ago

    It will keal😂😂😂😂😂😂(kill)

  • Brecht Leenders
    Brecht Leenders Hour ago

    Where was the "lets get something to eat"?

  • kev d
    kev d Hour ago

    Those seats gotta be qauliteeee god dam it

  • hjames78
    hjames78 Hour ago

    They overweight lol

  • Mike Groat
    Mike Groat Hour ago

    Old Screamin' Detroit Diesel!

  • Kissy, Kissy!
    Kissy, Kissy! Hour ago

    "These are probably the most iconic things in strength history." Me: "Uh. Lifting rocks is a thing? I didn't know that was a thing."

  • PK Avenger
    PK Avenger Hour ago

    i am one of the Khurasan people who actually killed that creature, he was not the only one, some of them were in China and Mohinjo Daro Area of Pakistan, Some of them were good like those in China and Sindh area of Pakistan. Pakistan still had some highly spiritual people known as Baba Lal Shah, the guy dont eat much but had the power of a strong man, many times found with Tigers. This is how Islamic Sufism and Darvashism (Sage Art) was born. i am one of the descendants of those people but we only have the ability to concentrate a very amount of electric current because we dont practice it anymore it too much demanding on ur nervous system. However those who can master it can incapacitate anyone. This chi energy can be use for good or bad.

  • Mentori tori
    Mentori tori Hour ago

    100000 kcl ..rip toilett ..desinfect

  • Yada Nii
    Yada Nii Hour ago

    Hey guys I have a question, when the americans sent in devastators why did they go in without any fighters for support? Almost all the devastators got shot down with only 6 remaining. It really seemed like a not so smart move

  • matthew west
    matthew west 2 hours ago


  • D McC
    D McC 2 hours ago

    Flying Fish.

  • Gourav Gourav
    Gourav Gourav 2 hours ago

    Plz do a video on deadliest Indian weapon s

  • Bully Boy
    Bully Boy 2 hours ago

    Oberst vs Randy eating contest. Make it happen!

  • G R
    G R 2 hours ago


    CHAL KIE 2 hours ago

    This video is so condescending.

  • Andreas Rafael
    Andreas Rafael 2 hours ago

    The strongest with no tatto lol😁

  • Wes Puckdog
    Wes Puckdog 2 hours ago


  • Kendal Epley
    Kendal Epley 2 hours ago

    Did they do this with jesus.

  • Lucidツ
    Lucidツ 2 hours ago

    He was off by 40 years. The stage is already set for the Leopard. My name is also Isaac, and I also have obsessed over the end. But thats because we're living it!!

  • Rishi Tayal
    Rishi Tayal 2 hours ago

    Hinduism is purely science U found today Hinduism createa trillions of trillions years ago

  • Rishi Tayal
    Rishi Tayal 2 hours ago

    Hey listen All world s people is hindu Bcz hinduisn is oldest religioun in this world

  • Austin Blevins
    Austin Blevins 2 hours ago

    In the last clip Brian asked if anyone wanted dessert and no one was having it

  • Tobias müller
    Tobias müller 2 hours ago

    Die sehen alle scheiße aus und werden früh abkratzen

  • spwan10
    spwan10 2 hours ago

    I think Colin should have left because I believe he knew his blade was defective

  • Tiny Tulip
    Tiny Tulip 2 hours ago

    A ladder of vines upon a variant of ladders. It’s never ending. We come from a variant species of humanosaurs found in the stars. Human mind will not interpret this as we have not experienced the variety of life outside this world. Until the stars are mapped until we visit the beyond we will never no a microbes true biology it’s existence is not that of one of us “the Kin” as we have come from something unknown to words. Time is the answer past present and future.

  • Freddie Mercury Bulsara

    Lanka Tamils, Telugus ancestors are from indus valley civilization... People in the comment section research a bit

  • Matt Dingmann
    Matt Dingmann 2 hours ago

    If you have approximately $14,580 in quarters at home...you too can try this! Best of luck (more on getting that many quarters).

  • Reptilian God
    Reptilian God 2 hours ago

    I think Brian is the strongest of all.(Not that others are not strong)

  • scuttle06
    scuttle06 2 hours ago


  • Myles Zimmerman
    Myles Zimmerman 2 hours ago

    How can ALL these "experts" and "Professors" be complete and total Imbeciles?? I now will never believe anything by Monster quest, which is a Shame, because I believe in Sasquatches

  • Latino En Melbourne Eddie mariona

    Just in case we have a diesel container apocalypse

  • Ted
    Ted 2 hours ago

    Just think all the money they get for the TV rights that's where the money is they will never find anything and will take the TV company and public for idiots

  • Samuel Williams
    Samuel Williams 2 hours ago

    My theology and reason leads me to not believe in Alien invasions.

  • Sagar GG
    Sagar GG 2 hours ago

    There are stupid game

  • Lyle Martin
    Lyle Martin 2 hours ago

    Strong man aka fat slob lol

  • David Clark
    David Clark 2 hours ago

    They’re sure to live to a ripe old age.

  • Noy BoySample
    Noy BoySample 2 hours ago

    joe rogan.

  • Lapras0204 Gaming
    Lapras0204 Gaming 2 hours ago

    History channel got a really good show here!

  • ClubberLang_I
    ClubberLang_I 2 hours ago

    Nick should slow down

  • Rude Rabbit
    Rude Rabbit 2 hours ago

    Without thor its not complete

  • Ramakant Rathod
    Ramakant Rathod 2 hours ago

    not nessesary being strong achive the goal and when them

  • aaron joey
    aaron joey 2 hours ago

    I thought the ark of the covenant is located in Ethiopia

  • Herp Derp
    Herp Derp 2 hours ago

    This must be where the "progressive" left comes for their historical information. Well, to be fair they were tricked by the fact it's called the "history" channel.

  • Ken Grantham
    Ken Grantham 2 hours ago

    This is a show that can keep viewers’ interest for so long and, after that, they get tired and move on to a new show.

  • Dr. Stanislaus McClure Phd Creation Science

    Facts don’t care about feelins

  • Joshua Mustafa
    Joshua Mustafa 3 hours ago

    Matt stonie vs 4 big guys. Matt will win.

  • Sam Collins
    Sam Collins 3 hours ago

    Is that zakcatchem all

  • Warriorsorb
    Warriorsorb 3 hours ago

    I love this show

  • Jason Poole
    Jason Poole 3 hours ago

    Aliens i think.

  • Yacine Bakari
    Yacine Bakari 3 hours ago

    And others do not have anything to eat

  • Kim Young Jin
    Kim Young Jin 3 hours ago

    Saitama : really? Let’s fight