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  • Sven Rittmann
    Sven Rittmann 5 minutes ago

    Wow how long have you learn this Text ? O.o

  • Felipe Santiago
    Felipe Santiago 11 minutes ago

    When Leo is playing a full size drums, shit got serious!

  • kenneth hardman
    kenneth hardman 27 minutes ago

    killed it

  • Scott N
    Scott N 29 minutes ago

    Primus.. tommy the cat, my name is mud,.really any primus song.. you even wear a primus pork soda shirt in a video

  • Hosuli
    Hosuli 36 minutes ago

    forever alone :D bc if you say nothing for you friend

  • Jonas
    Jonas 41 minute ago

    As a real german i would say: Da kann man nich meckern.

  • Anja Greve
    Anja Greve 45 minutes ago

    Wie geil..... Ohrwurm....

  • Ellena Budzik
    Ellena Budzik 53 minutes ago

    I would love to see you do a cover of an Incubus song. Maybe 'Pardon Me' or 'Stellar'.

  • Arvinn yt Saputra

    wik wik wik

  • Modustollens1
    Modustollens1 Hour ago

    Very froggy

  • natasha wilson
    natasha wilson Hour ago

    my kinda party \m/

  • Zyncosa
    Zyncosa Hour ago

    ich höre es jeden tag, und es wird immer besser beste grüße aus west Germany. I hear it every day, and it is always better best regards from west Germany.

  • Полликарбонат Натрия

    And if you can sing in Russian? Please. We'll even throw you some songs. Even the Russian letters on the English remake. Just sing. Nu pojalusta. Vse russkie budut neveroyatno dovolni. Behold. Could you read it? Then you will succeed with it

  • FeuerToifel
    FeuerToifel 2 hours ago

    big shoutout to the bunny. it's hot on stage, and wearing that mask must have been extra-hot. amazing shows, hope to see one myself one day.

  • Slappy Mulligan
    Slappy Mulligan 2 hours ago

    Not the best song to try and translate to metal, but still well done

  • Daniel Omitted
    Daniel Omitted 2 hours ago

    Idk why but at first it sounded like he was impersonating a chinese person

  • pomm cop
    pomm cop 3 hours ago

    You should play 99luftbalons in germany 😂😂😂

  • Dungpow
    Dungpow 3 hours ago

    Leo: I will sell my soul for the ability to rock hard on any instrument Devil: SALE !!!

  • Randolph lee Sandoval Sn

    hey leo you should sing she blinded me with science thomas dolby i know you will rock that song ! my name is randy and i live in las vegas nevada USA and brother you rock all the jams keep doing what your doing rock on!!!!!

  • Honka
    Honka 3 hours ago

    Keeps getting better every time i hear it! FERSHIZZLE!

  • satit posh
    satit posh 3 hours ago


  • Hoji
    Hoji 3 hours ago

    01:51 Hey, Barbossa!

  • Yudha Stik
    Yudha Stik 3 hours ago

    Queen-hammer to fall……please?

  • Clément P.
    Clément P. 3 hours ago

    Can you do Ave Maria in metal please? Also, the video was awesome

  • Dávid Farkas
    Dávid Farkas 3 hours ago

    what a cool family!

  • Aulern
    Aulern 4 hours ago

    This is honestly impeccable. The ending is so satisfying.

  • Jennifer 5775
    Jennifer 5775 4 hours ago

    About damn time \m/

  • XaviorvorteX
    XaviorvorteX 4 hours ago

    You are an amazing talent... never cease to amaze me!

  • Dungpow
    Dungpow 4 hours ago

    Could you cover Help I'm Alive by Metric????

  • Pepreks uhuiy
    Pepreks uhuiy 4 hours ago

    Best cover zombie...toss from indonesia🤙🤙🤙👊

  • sayapemenang bisnisonline

    the best cover......................... god job.

  • Paitoon Boonmag
    Paitoon Boonmag 4 hours ago

    FC. Thailand 😀😀😀

    SILENT MINORITY 5 hours ago


  • Find My Mojo
    Find My Mojo 5 hours ago

    The entire time watching this I’m just grinning ear to ear, what a cool take on an epic song!

  • Ondřej Rybola
    Ondřej Rybola 5 hours ago

    Wow.. These "credits" are best! Like a new and awesome song.

  • Clayton Cox
    Clayton Cox 5 hours ago

    I usually HATE covers of classic songs, but MAN...this was F-ing great.

  • Kevin Keener
    Kevin Keener 6 hours ago

    Pinball wizard

  • Nick X
    Nick X 6 hours ago

    2:32 very cool editing there! Excellent video and congrats on the gig!

  • DatDragon Boi
    DatDragon Boi 6 hours ago

    Better than the original! Edit: Or bitter?

  • Randy Salles
    Randy Salles 6 hours ago

    I fucking LOVE IT!!!

  • Mike Cals
    Mike Cals 6 hours ago

    Leo, I honestly don't have a particular song request. Just keep doing these covers, so my spotify list can grow! I'm still hoping that I'll live to see the day I can just jam with you! Greetz from the Netherlands

  • William Sayers
    William Sayers 6 hours ago


  • Alison Escobar
    Alison Escobar 6 hours ago

    Lo amé.

  • Timothy Graham
    Timothy Graham 6 hours ago

    I loved it but I kinda wanted to hear the initial riff over and over!

  • Alison Escobar
    Alison Escobar 7 hours ago

    Amo este coveeer, tanto como todos los otros que hace este man ♡

  • Rhabdo B
    Rhabdo B 7 hours ago

    Hi Hannah..... Hi.

  • Ganx
    Ganx 7 hours ago

    Leo is genius. Period. Less than 3!

  • walk in beauty
    walk in beauty 7 hours ago

    Leo you should Re-Upload this video it's epic, Amazing Vocals!! ✊👊😎

  • Mason Hebb
    Mason Hebb 7 hours ago


  • tattooedcutie07
    tattooedcutie07 7 hours ago

    I'd love to see what you'd do with "Iko Iko" by the Dixie Cups!

  • Dennis Newton
    Dennis Newton 7 hours ago

    Freaking loved it best shit I e seen on you tube you Katz fock

  • jcms1506
    jcms1506 7 hours ago

    I couldn't expect less than that. Bravo!

  • Naeem Malik
    Naeem Malik 7 hours ago

    This cover didn't murder my love for the original, it slayed it... there is a difference.

  • Add Me To A Song Of Ice And Fire

    Stole Sergei beard.

  • Silvan Play
    Silvan Play 8 hours ago


  • Martin Bruneau
    Martin Bruneau 8 hours ago

    Just watched the movie "IT" and they brought back an old song from XTC: "Dear God". This one has a big potential of being turned into a heavy metal song. Would be nice to see what you can do with it! You do an amazing job man! Come to Canada during Heavy MTL next summer!

  • Chad Dobish
    Chad Dobish 8 hours ago

    What cant you cover?!

  • Bayu WD
    Bayu WD 8 hours ago


  • Gabriel Gonzalez
    Gabriel Gonzalez 8 hours ago

    So much a family vibe!! Especially the end! Ahhh got teary eyed!, reminds me of home n when all my fam would just get an instrument n play n sing. So cool. I know you enjoyed yourselves!!! Keep doing it!

  • Edilson Fernando
    Edilson Fernando 8 hours ago

    the best metal cover =)

  • Kaiser Soze1969
    Kaiser Soze1969 8 hours ago

    NICE!!!! Great cover of a timeless classic.

  • Guitar Trav
    Guitar Trav 8 hours ago

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again....where’s the Frank Sinatra 😁. That would be interesting...

  • The Erikin84
    The Erikin84 9 hours ago

    You just had to show us the nipple, didn't you? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Joshua Kuehl
    Joshua Kuehl 9 hours ago

    I rarely comment, but I will tell you that you failed this time. Still love most of your work. Keep it up!

  • nevar108
    nevar108 9 hours ago

    This has officialy replaced Goldfinger for my favorite remix of 99 Balloons.

  • p304 679
    p304 679 9 hours ago


  • BitLilOgre
    BitLilOgre 9 hours ago

    Do Breed By Nirvana.

  • Brandon Hopkins
    Brandon Hopkins 9 hours ago

    High Hopes, that's the name

  • Erg Budster
    Erg Budster 9 hours ago

    I wanna know what that axe is that Leo is playing. Black and gold, man!

  • Rony Siddiki
    Rony Siddiki 9 hours ago


  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane 9 hours ago

    Do you know how hard this song is to sing?!?! This guy is talented.

  • Threeper3 Shreve
    Threeper3 Shreve 9 hours ago

    You deserve it all bro

  • Lock-Ness USMVMC
    Lock-Ness USMVMC 10 hours ago

    Leo please cover Coconut? The fun and metal mix would be epic!

  • Bart Hop
    Bart Hop 10 hours ago

    A gazilion likes

  • Russ Green
    Russ Green 10 hours ago

    WOW! 👍

  • Nicolas Schmidt
    Nicolas Schmidt 10 hours ago

    such a good fucking song, i still love listening to it!

  • Peter Lustig
    Peter Lustig 10 hours ago


  • Westley West
    Westley West 10 hours ago

    Worst demo video ever... so much bullshit, so little demo!

  • Laurel Lite
    Laurel Lite 10 hours ago


  • Claus Schossleitner
    Claus Schossleitner 10 hours ago

    Cool looks expensive, how can you afford this, you are not a millionär star or ?

  • michael petock
    michael petock 10 hours ago

    Ok. Idk how this works but since you make great covers from a bunch of other songs that I feel could never be metalized. You should do buttons by the pussycat dolls.

  • madreamer
    madreamer 10 hours ago

    Word Up by Cameo, pretty please

  • MidnightApocalypse1
    MidnightApocalypse1 10 hours ago

    I wish the video was just your facial expressions that is way more entertaining lol

  • John Devine
    John Devine 10 hours ago

    "I think I'm turning Japanese" by the Vapors.

  • S4MUR41 PL4Y
    S4MUR41 PL4Y 10 hours ago

    Tabs pleaaaase

  • Aarno Huuskonen
    Aarno Huuskonen 10 hours ago

    you rock!!

  • Stephen Lewis
    Stephen Lewis 10 hours ago

    My teacher said if I can find a metal version of the yo soy tu eres song she'd play it in class for us to learn. Sadly theres no such cover. If only there was a good heavy metal cover channel to make one.

  • Jeffrey Adams
    Jeffrey Adams 11 hours ago

    I fucking love this. Childhood made!!

  • yanges
    yanges 11 hours ago

    Gangnam style! 🎭🎭🎭

  • Eliandro Oliveira
    Eliandro Oliveira 11 hours ago

    Não acredito que esse cara fez isso com o rei Julia 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • yanges
    yanges 11 hours ago

    Does anyone else click on like even before the song starts? 🎭. Great cover Leo!

  • Aravia Mesto
    Aravia Mesto 11 hours ago

    Beds Ar3 Burning my friend! WE NEED THAT 😘

  • Justin Rojas
    Justin Rojas 11 hours ago

    I love this but why not the same crew from Africa? Could have been Epic !

  • yanges
    yanges 11 hours ago

    Frédérique Frei! Rammstein!

  • Tyrnael
    Tyrnael 11 hours ago

    As an old heavy metal (tuba) player, you need more tuba solos in your videos. ;)

  • bhier1975
    bhier1975 11 hours ago

    ❤❤❤❤ Hit me in the feels, bro. Probably hit every daddy in the feels. ❤❤❤❤

  • Richard Burrows
    Richard Burrows 11 hours ago

    Awesome film, superbly recorded. Itching to hear the Timberlake/Meshuggah medley...

  • Alan Donald
    Alan Donald 11 hours ago

    Memories forever for you all - What a great f**king time that looked like \m/ - A lot of hard work in there. Get planning the next one.

  • Scottishiain Biking
    Scottishiain Biking 11 hours ago

    Freebird Lynyrd Skynyrd full version

  • Derek Phelps
    Derek Phelps 11 hours ago

    Enjoyed watching this. Great fun, super cool guitar!