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  • just tell me why
    just tell me why 6 hours ago

    I loooovveee bailey's dancing. out of all of the young female dancers out there, the ones I admire the most are bailey and logan. there are other amazing dancers but they're just so... addicting to watch. like their musicality and body control is something that you can't find in every dancer

  • souravi roy
    souravi roy 6 hours ago

    This is the speechless performance....never get old

  • bhabes mickey
    bhabes mickey 7 hours ago

    WOW..... from Philippines

  • Ali Hamza
    Ali Hamza 7 hours ago

    When ping is 999😂😂

  • Ceren Cengiz
    Ceren Cengiz 7 hours ago

    7.05 starting music what song ? Please help ☹️

  • Mark Calderon
    Mark Calderon 8 hours ago

    Is anyone alive in december 2019? ⏬⏬

  • Ritu Dancer
    Ritu Dancer 8 hours ago


  • Jakob Kremer
    Jakob Kremer 8 hours ago

    The deathdrop Is soo wrong

  • Elisson Dormezil
    Elisson Dormezil 8 hours ago

    Do your balls hang low Do you swing them left and right Would you use them to pick up water Would you use them in a fight .... Okay I'll stop

  • nytro g
    nytro g 9 hours ago

    0:21 why is touching that chubby camel😂😂😂😂

  • Ainsley Carter
    Ainsley Carter 9 hours ago

    I thought they were professionals 😧😧 my mind is blown that they are high school students

  • Gribouille Fripouille
    Gribouille Fripouille 11 hours ago

    ... NUFF RESPECT ...

  • mumo vincent
    mumo vincent 13 hours ago

    The bitch that laughed hard whemn he scratched his ass....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣God bless you

  • mumo vincent
    mumo vincent 13 hours ago

    the shot

  • Rifat Khan
    Rifat Khan 13 hours ago

    DON'T ACT LIKE YOU FORGOT about this act.

  • Gaming Nepal
    Gaming Nepal 14 hours ago

    9 december 2019 anybody🤗❤

  • Bruno Šaravanja
    Bruno Šaravanja 14 hours ago

    How the F... is this considered dancing?

  • D.D.C.A Horror Rescue
    D.D.C.A Horror Rescue 15 hours ago

    Indian bandee like thoke 🙏

  • Nur Afzah
    Nur Afzah 15 hours ago

    whos remix is this btw??

  • Yuna Park
    Yuna Park 15 hours ago

    Seriously I want to join them but I don't have this much talent lol😂😂😂

  • SnackingOnAnts
    SnackingOnAnts 16 hours ago

    All the girls screaming in the beginning 😂 same

  • きたむーケネディー


  • Mackenzie Haverstock
    Mackenzie Haverstock 16 hours ago

    okay forgive me cuz I didn't know who theses guys were before I swa this on insta but the guy at the front @ 6:50 reminds me SO much of brad mondo lol

  • Make Me Famous Subscribe

    No surprise she got a flat tire, she was driving like a crazy person...

  • Agung Budi Utomo
    Agung Budi Utomo 17 hours ago

    When you playing pubg with 999ping

  • Vartika Mishra
    Vartika Mishra 17 hours ago

    fik shun : who are u??🙄

  • Sawyer White
    Sawyer White 17 hours ago

    my personal fave performance by em

  • LM LM
    LM LM 17 hours ago


  • Jayvee Gavilo
    Jayvee Gavilo 18 hours ago

    Billions of wow😮😮😮😮

  • Nick C
    Nick C 18 hours ago

    How many members are there currently?

  • Kaynaz D
    Kaynaz D 18 hours ago

    Unbelievably talented!!

  • jerry Tejada
    jerry Tejada 18 hours ago

    What is the miusic

    NS ULÎXXES 18 hours ago

    *Unga unga*

  • Dedeu Gostoso
    Dedeu Gostoso 19 hours ago

    Qual o Nome das musicas q eles dançam?

  • Tea Key
    Tea Key 19 hours ago

    Can't stop watching this. The emotion, the movement, everything!

  • Holy Cow
    Holy Cow 19 hours ago

    Seem him do it better in another place. He was good here too though.

  • lokanath shaw
    lokanath shaw 19 hours ago

    Really a great choreography 🎩 🎩 off

  • master top99
    master top99 19 hours ago


  • Sudhakar Singh
    Sudhakar Singh 21 hour ago

    Fikshun will always be on another level than dytto. Though they are having fun, they know what their limits are. Awesome FIKSHUN!!!

  • angel padilla
    angel padilla 22 hours ago

    I see all them Air forces getting creased 😂

  • إيمان سلامي
    إيمان سلامي 22 hours ago

    مـيــــن🥰 يـرحــــب🥰 بـي🥰 يــــضغـــط لايـــك🥰ويـراسـلـنـي خـاص واشـترك بـقـنـاتـــي الــواتــساب*00212.770.236.069*💋💋💋

  • [Stat] BabaYaga
    [Stat] BabaYaga 22 hours ago

    Still irritated by his shoe not being tied

  • loverofbeauty& truecrime

    I just threw up in my mouth a bit at how SIIICK. THIS. IS! 😳 🤩 I haven’t done real choreo dance medleys since show choir back in HS. 😝 This choreography pales in comparison as do the “stank face”! 👏🏻 lol I am so blown away by this! I hope all of these dancers are still dancing!

  • E T
    E T 23 hours ago

    @ 1:54 😜

  • Fer frnnd
    Fer frnnd Day ago

    2:43 song? PLEASE IM DESPERATE jsjsbnsbdnd

  • Алексей Филимонов

    Кто из 2019 ставь лайк!

  • ༒꧁MBMHHM꧂༒ pubg


  • Тимур Фаттахов

    2.29 кто знает что за бит?) очень крутой

  • Queen Jkiyah
    Queen Jkiyah Day ago

    Who’s here from TikTok

  • Alison Bustamante

    6:24 What song is it

  • Leseure
    Leseure Day ago

    Whoever uploaded this video mislabeled it badly. This is more of a 1 v 1 popping battle than a 2 v 2 all style battle.

  • toxxic kid
    toxxic kid Day ago

    I was scrolling to see who was watching this in December 2019

  • Rachele Rivera


  • V M
    V M Day ago

    Legends in all ways 🙏🏽 May the legacy continue

  • Furkan Yele
    Furkan Yele Day ago

    01:35 mix pls ?

  • PatoXD
    PatoXD Day ago

    Estou em busca de brasileiros!! Algum BR??

  • Samiya Walker
    Samiya Walker Day ago

    ? Hello ? 👀😳

  • Dipika Das
    Dipika Das Day ago

    Superb se bhi upar..... 😍😍😍😍

    ODOY YT Day ago


  • DocToc
    DocToc Day ago

    Larry was killing it but I have to say Laurent’s solo was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

  • Анастасия Терехова

    Songs, please 🙏🙏🙏

  • Hunter TheGreat

    I would they would have kept this routine. It’s so cleannnn.

    THE ANAK Day ago

    Good as always!!!

  • Samuel Gilbert

    What’s that future song??

  • Alberto Herrera

    This is popping??? Pahahahaa WOD just fell off! Stick to your choreos

  • Raize Cristine

    6:00 what is this song?

  • cazanove clairina

    omg so amazing

  • Sowon Best
    Sowon Best Day ago

    The synchrony between this team members is no joke

  • Emmanuel Veracruz


  • Randi Carwell
    Randi Carwell Day ago

    This young lady might have been a house hold name if it weren't for the adults who misguided her career by seeing her as a dollar sign . This could easily be considered child abuse. If they allowed the world to see all this age inappropriate behavior what in the world happened that we didn't see? ......SAD

    JOKER GAMING Day ago

    Song name

  • Jihoe's jiggly

    Literally everytime we’re having dance competitions in our cAmpus, there would be always royal fam inspired dance moves lol. Iconic

  • Riri
    Riri Day ago

    They're on fire 🔥

  • Darth Quuan
    Darth Quuan Day ago

    Ok who duplicated elektro botz and made them 10X better?

  • Roshan zameer
    Roshan zameer Day ago

    King of dance..👑

  • Don Loc
    Don Loc Day ago

    I dont give a shit about what he dances like or who he dances like. This guy is talented and you people need to stfu and just appreciate how talented he is. Look at where he came from. And look at where he got to. This guy is my idol.

  • Xiu Min
    Xiu Min Day ago

    When people thought that Blackpink own the choreography of btch better have my money...

  • yves roi caliboso

    it looks like stop motion

  • Gellacone Jaywin

    Helo whats name music that

  • Shiki
    Shiki Day ago

    Me = I think there is a rope at- Vid = Nope...there is no rope Me = ---Speechless---- 😂😂😂

  • barry skinner
    barry skinner Day ago

    What a load of... 😴

  • narendra mehra

    Afkors non stop win.

  • Pun-dit ji
    Pun-dit ji Day ago

    Boston dynamics in 2050.

  • 8eomatom
    8eomatom Day ago


  • Alex Guizzotti

    You could be the most talented model that Paul Mitchell ever signs. There isn’t much career path in dancing unless you become an actor but you could be the first model from a major line to also be a talented professional dancer. They should think about it. It would increase the respect for being a model.

  • Yigitalp Kiic
    Yigitalp Kiic Day ago

    2.50 took me away !!!!!

  • Vinay Kumar
    Vinay Kumar Day ago


  • JD BLINKer
    JD BLINKer Day ago

    Amazing 😱🌎❤️

  • sejal rana
    sejal rana Day ago

    Omg I am shocked by watching this 😲😲

  • Corey_Scoot26 Og

    This is so good

  • Jio Rayver
    Jio Rayver Day ago

    Look At This Robot Trying To Be Human

  • Eddie C
    Eddie C Day ago

    Puta madre y’all suck the best love u the most

  • stay theb
    stay theb Day ago

    It's been 4 years yet i never getting bored..

  • Brandi D. Lewis

    He is fly! I love it❤❤❤

  • AKhil kumar Singh

    watching again?

  • angela tobing
    angela tobing Day ago

    Ending part tho i cant. Too good... Replay the endingpart over and over...

  • Martin Hebbering

    this is a legandary Masterpiece, I see it mostly day by day since years and get goosbumps everytime. Hello from Germany :-D

  • Ангел Настя

    6:17 Zacc Milne 😻🔥💥

  • jaylord carumba

    Sik dance