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  • The Forge
    The Forge 39 minutes ago

    Oh my ghod! This will make Dems file formal impeachment proceedings FOR SURE now! <yawn> Biggest landslide victory in history. Stay tuned ;)

  • Nohwun Yewno
    Nohwun Yewno 40 minutes ago

    Probably no coincidence this useless, unintelligible obstructionist was put on the House oversight community. I'm glad he'll no longer be able to protect Democrats.

  • On Your Face
    On Your Face 40 minutes ago

    Sooooo let's get this straight...ciggs have been killing people for ever, then Eciggs come out and a 31 people die and it's a problem, am I missing something here? I smell a government contract here.

  • Ken Masters
    Ken Masters 40 minutes ago

    Mulvaney : "GET OVER IT !"

  • Maria Connors
    Maria Connors 41 minute ago

    In 2018, the dying words of a 92 year old former sharecropper the Honorable Elijah Cummings' mother, were, "Don't let them take our votes away from us." So sad another voice in the ongoing struggle for democracy and human rights in the US died today.

  • D W
    D W 41 minute ago


  • Dee
    Dee 42 minutes ago

    Mick get ready to resign your loser leader would like your resignation

  • Marla Wright
    Marla Wright 42 minutes ago

    He isn't a big fan of foreign aid but yet has given millions of dollars to Egyptian president " that was supposed to be for Egypt but went directly into his own pocket and that of his family." Government is all a big joke.

  • Eric Zahn
    Eric Zahn 42 minutes ago

    The Keystone Cops of presidential administrations.

  • GhostLives
    GhostLives 43 minutes ago

    Lol people act like they still have privacy

  • clokedbigman
    clokedbigman 43 minutes ago

    I dont see anything wrong with this at all...

  • Jerad Burns
    Jerad Burns 43 minutes ago

    haha there is no deathtoll in vaping.

  • kiddiescripterkiller
    kiddiescripterkiller 43 minutes ago

    Gun control? We need mental control... Before the Dems and then the states threw the mentally ill out of the hospitals in the late 60's, ONE mass shooting... Now look at the mess we have. Not under a doctor's care, they self medicate and have access to weapons... Why is everyone not seeing the correlation?

  • josh young
    josh young 44 minutes ago

    Let gun go to criminals so they can take from good Americans

  • Jim & Corinne Forever
    Jim & Corinne Forever 44 minutes ago

    Lol fake news at it’s finest cut up clips and make it seem as if he saying something he didn’t y’all are pathetic

  • Costa, H.T.
    Costa, H.T. 44 minutes ago

    You are free to say anything we agree with *Truth is the new hate speech*

  • Mike Corleone
    Mike Corleone 45 minutes ago

    That's what Trump said. He wanted to get rid of corruption.

  • Wayne Zimmerman
    Wayne Zimmerman 45 minutes ago

    Apparently news anchors don't listen to the videos before they broadcast them

  • Erin Carpenter
    Erin Carpenter 45 minutes ago

    Shameful that even this network is pushing paid propaganda , despite doctors and everyone else stating these are from black market improperly made carts....

  • l linD
    l linD 45 minutes ago

    These guys complain about everything that Obama did, and they think that Trump is a decent guy.

  • extremely right wing mexican in california

    Maybe now the district in Maryland He mismanaged can get a decent representative.

  • Poes Law
    Poes Law 45 minutes ago

    Orange man bad, Vote Trump 2020

  • Jack L
    Jack L 45 minutes ago

    Mulvaney knows what he is doing, low-key throwing trump under the bus because he knows it will all come out eventually. Washing his hands . His defence will be it's done all the time. Ignorance is not defence

  • Israel Moreno
    Israel Moreno 46 minutes ago

    Adios burrito 🌯......................

  • onegonzalezz
    onegonzalezz 46 minutes ago

    Damn the trumpsters bombed on that foo Haha pinche leva

  • josh young
    josh young 46 minutes ago

    We don’t have a gun problem we have a government problem

    CHERNOBYL 46 minutes ago

    End of Anime😭

  • Domepeace_ltd productions

    where exactly did he say there was a quid pro quo in this poorly edited clip? weak spin cbs ratings down im guessing.

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres 47 minutes ago

    Corruptions to the fullest

  • william wigginton
    william wigginton 47 minutes ago

    Drain the head of the rat.

  • Roman Italo
    Roman Italo 47 minutes ago

  • Tim Sisco
    Tim Sisco 47 minutes ago

    Mr. Kanu, it's rather simple why this happened during the Big Bang. God perfectly arranged everything to allow our universe and all of us to exist!

  • Barb Carlson
    Barb Carlson 48 minutes ago

    she is smarer then she can speak two languages

  • Yes!
    Yes! 48 minutes ago

    I predicted all elections correctly too except for Regan because I was too young and not into politics yet. I took it father because I predict the party nominees 💯 for both since 1988 elections. So I am all that impressed by this guy. He didn’t even have the guts to predict 2020 election. I predict Donald Trump will win by a bigger margin than 2016. Watch this space Nov 20th,2020

  • w9j15g
    w9j15g 48 minutes ago

    There is another key the professor can add to his list: Chaos Fatigue. Most voters are sick of Trump's constant need for attention and his immaturity. Also, I think we can check the box for social unrest with the mass murders by right-wing extremists.

  • Raoul Radio
    Raoul Radio 48 minutes ago

    “ There’s going to be political influence in foreign-policy.“ That tells us all we need to know about how broken our political system is.

  • One of many
    One of many 48 minutes ago

    Thanks Mickey.Between you and Looney Rudy along with deranged Orange Donnie you are quite the self destructing three stooges. Brilliant😉

  • Gary Karr
    Gary Karr 48 minutes ago

    Hes finally out of office and meeting our maker. Gonna need an air conditioner you crook

  • Rico La
    Rico La 49 minutes ago

    This is Not Sparta!

  • William Baker
    William Baker 49 minutes ago

    🤔 we have the transcript, Biden bragging on video. Stop lying main stream media

    • Matt Stearns
      Matt Stearns 43 minutes ago

      He's not the president no one cares

  • ImVeryBrad
    ImVeryBrad 49 minutes ago

    Lol Lame

  • Jack Shite
    Jack Shite 50 minutes ago

    Democrats think Americans are constipated hence they tax the sht out of us Whats the difference between a Dem and a H ooker? Nothing they both take your money and s crew you Whats the difference between a dem and a Vacuum? Nothing they both s uck

  • Danielle James
    Danielle James 50 minutes ago

    Interview *Trigger warning

  • Arturo Sosa
    Arturo Sosa 50 minutes ago


  • Ronnie Wright
    Ronnie Wright 50 minutes ago

    He could stand there babbling all night and still no one would listen. Later whiner!

  • Driven Lazyboy
    Driven Lazyboy 50 minutes ago

    Hey you aren't allowed to investigate the 2016 election interference. You aren't allowed to dislike foreign aid either!

  • george plimpton
    george plimpton 51 minute ago

    This is just to get our troops out of danger. Danger they would have never been in without Trumps F*** up. This doesn't change a thing. Trump still betrayed our allies and our troops for the benefit of foreign powers, namely Russia, Turkey, Syria, and Iran. Impeach this traitor. You watch, Trump will use this as an excuse to not sanction Turkey.

  • Andrew Davis
    Andrew Davis 51 minute ago

    Imagine if the Secretary of Energy had instead spent his time solving the energy crisis 🤔

  • Needing Less
    Needing Less 51 minute ago

    Trump today: "Mick is a good man" Trump next week: Mick is a loser!

  • late fall chill
    late fall chill 51 minute ago

    A bit of pre WWII appeasement history: .... Trump, Pence, and Pompeo are Chamberlain .... Erdogon is Hitler .... The "so called" 20 mile Buffer Zone is Czechoslovakia. Trump is not a tough love guy he is a coward. ...... Trump is stupid. Turkey is not our ally he is a jack boot dictator.

  • Private Private
    Private Private 51 minute ago

    Twitter Troll tRump has another tangerine tantrum 🍊

  • Dusty Rains
    Dusty Rains 52 minutes ago

    How in the world Schiff keeps from smiling while delivering his remarks is beyond me. I would be LMAO.

  • rvhawkeye
    rvhawkeye 52 minutes ago

    Democrats are so phoney and rotten.

  • Daniel Mendoza
    Daniel Mendoza 52 minutes ago

    Put it on 2x speed

  • Bo Reed
    Bo Reed 53 minutes ago

    Swift clenched so tite it made a super nova aahhh

  • Justanothercritic youcanrelateto

    That poor woman.

  • Shadow Wolf Army63
    Shadow Wolf Army63 53 minutes ago

    Son:Daaaad! Cmooon! Father:son...what have we talked about shooting up a school..if your gonna do it...then your stupid

  • Ramon Cruz
    Ramon Cruz 53 minutes ago

    We still stand Borinkano ✌🇵🇷 Ñanguasao👋

  • Bo Reed
    Bo Reed 54 minutes ago

    He is not able to answer for other people for shame dems for shame

  • Jesus Salva
    Jesus Salva 54 minutes ago

    Poo poo show

  • Gary York
    Gary York 54 minutes ago

    The radical left are corrupt and they're evil. They can't be bargained with or reasoned with. The only thing they understand is force. They will be defeated in 2020. MAGA.

  • Joy Marvin
    Joy Marvin 55 minutes ago

    Trying to figure out how this idiot was considered a Civil Rights Activist AND a Democrat. Democrats created the foundation to keep blacks down and stupid.

  • Floraandfauna B
    Floraandfauna B 55 minutes ago

    👍karma at its finest.

  • Jer Cap
    Jer Cap 55 minutes ago

    The trump curse continues to strike

  • The German
    The German 55 minutes ago

    Many Turkish people in germany are hating germany. They are a danger for society and need to leave the country!@

  • MG Massey
    MG Massey 56 minutes ago

    Just wrong. My grandmother, was wise. "Live and let live" She lived it. Bless her ❤. It is a choice. To be kind or cruel.

  • David Kool
    David Kool 56 minutes ago

    So what? Black privileges? She is a regular driver as anybody else...WTF??? Corruption in the making 😕 soon to be another Detroit Michigan

  • Rachel Gibson
    Rachel Gibson 56 minutes ago

    You motherfckers on here bitching about how he doesn't know anything. You can't even acknowledge what he and his admin have accomplished. You damn Demns can go fck yourselves. Trump is an awesome President. Can't wait to watch you fckers cry in 2020. I will be watching the results of him winning a second term and laughing at all you sad pathetic losers. Trump Landslide 2020

  • thothbaboon
    thothbaboon 57 minutes ago

    He is right; America has been doing quid pro quo deals for quite some time. I remember Kissenger. I think the more pertinent issue is if it was for the Biden family...which Mulvaney denies.

  • Chopper Man
    Chopper Man 57 minutes ago

    Pelosi, typical woman. Storms out when she receives criticism. But then has a man explaining her actions. Women lol

  • Tiempo Nuevo
    Tiempo Nuevo 57 minutes ago

    Most prescriptions will end up making you sicker any way. They are not designed to cure...only to keep you alive as you get other problems from taking the drugs.

  • Kevin Mcneil
    Kevin Mcneil 57 minutes ago

    That's a lie ....2016 is ok ....2020 Isn't get it right ...

  • Larry Johnson
    Larry Johnson 57 minutes ago

    Sorry, but Malvo should rot and die in prison. At 17 he knew what he was doing, despite his immaturity. There is no making good on what he did, because he took innocent lives for recreation and forever damaged others who survived.

  • reynaldo dela cruz
    reynaldo dela cruz 57 minutes ago

    Whoa! Alex Honnold is one in a quadrillion...! I am not sure of the word but Alex is more than AMAZING...! I definitely cannot do that! Cannot... and will not... I have a hyper fear of heights... tried once on a 3-meter rock-wall just beside the river I used to bathe on during my youth.... I nearly died... and I never tried it again - there, or anywhere...

  • Michael Jean
    Michael Jean 57 minutes ago

    I stand with them I America

  • Anony Mouse
    Anony Mouse 58 minutes ago

    We need to take a much harder look at how the Norwegians run the prison system and try to do better to more closely emulate what they have achieved. I’m not saying that we can do the same thing, but we can make a lot of changes. People who commit crimes are not animals. But when we treat them that way and give them no opportunity to actually redeem themselves while incarcerated, they will not only not improve while in prison, but they will be worse when they get out. And who is that bad for? Society.

  • Justin Vice
    Justin Vice 58 minutes ago

    Tiffany Loraine did top notch research on this article. She spent hours reading and watching the court cases. You should check out her 2 part series on it. PART 1: & PART 2:

  • David thanks
    David thanks 58 minutes ago

    The three bears leave the room and come out crying 😭. While the adults stay and make things happen. Pelosi is no leader it was Trump who led and got stuff done with no need for the "leader's chosen by their fellow members of the Dems" the joke is on us because she isn't useful at all!

  • emely Gonzalez
    emely Gonzalez 58 minutes ago

    She’s really well spoken. wow god bless

  • Jamie B
    Jamie B 58 minutes ago

    she goes, "I can't comfirm that Bernie's special guest is Cardi B..." Pft she wishes it was Cardi B

  • Scuba Steve
    Scuba Steve 58 minutes ago

    Too bad it’s the people who vote, not “leaders” huh?

  • Juicy Hops
    Juicy Hops 59 minutes ago

    0:55 Where the Justice Dept response reinforces how much the WH has come OFF THE RAILS. 🤯

  • Zero Sum
    Zero Sum 59 minutes ago

    I am watching Trump rally @ Dallas. Right Now!

  • No No
    No No 59 minutes ago


  • Bettina Simmons
    Bettina Simmons 59 minutes ago

    Wow so you a Traitor like the President Trump you Mulvaney why no one goes after Ivanka and Husband with the Trump Tower in Turkey and Russia, that's illegally

  • Manuel Rodriguez
    Manuel Rodriguez 59 minutes ago

    This is why I turn off location based apps. When I download and app I don’t allow them to use Bluetooth or location. I also turn off location services.

  • Sohail Ashraf
    Sohail Ashraf 59 minutes ago

    Where are all the low IQ flat earthers at hahahaha

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 59 minutes ago

    The fact that they could run at 100 makes them winners *[everyone in the replies types intensely about how they arnt winners]*

  • Steve Bigley
    Steve Bigley 59 minutes ago

    He was an advocate for cutting prescription drug prices, fighting addiction, strengthening gun control and reforming the criminal justice system... R.I.P Brother Cummings, you will be missed ❤

  • Michael Wardle
    Michael Wardle Hour ago

    They edited out the part where Mulvaney says “....Not!” and everyone had a great laugh. Mick is a big Borat fan. Shameful!

  • Clash
    Clash Hour ago

    Trump just a few weeks ago: "Nothing in that whistleblower complaint was true!" Trump today: *"YA DAMN RIGHT, I DID IT! AND I'D DO IT AGAIN!!!"*

    • MidnightModder
      MidnightModder 44 minutes ago

      @Dusty Rains Did you get a new mirror today? I hope you did some research and found a good quality one.

    • Lucas Akame
      Lucas Akame 48 minutes ago

      The Whistleblower complaint was that the aid was withheld for an investigation into Joe Biden. And the Democrats falsely claim that Joe Biden is President Trump's political opponent. Mulvaney is saying that the aid was linked to looking for a DNC server used in a potential crime in 2016. Finding corruption or a crime in the 2016 election does not help President Trump politically. Do you really not see the difference?

    • Armando De Los Santos
      Armando De Los Santos 49 minutes ago

      @Dusty Rains you and anybody thinking this is anyway bad on Trump lol

    • Matt Stearns
      Matt Stearns 51 minute ago


  • StemCell
    StemCell Hour ago

    Stopped with this BS impeachment News!!! Why not bring real news!!!... here is REAL NEWS!!!!

    • Shalyn Spanos
      Shalyn Spanos 52 minutes ago

      @Andrew H 😂 Such a childish response. Live outside of your parents opinions and form your own.

    • Andrew H
      Andrew H 55 minutes ago

      Shut up bot

  • Donna Schur
    Donna Schur Hour ago

    They want more money but they want the district to hire more people which I’m sure is needed. I’m f they care about the students they wouldn’t be asking for more money. The rate of pay being wanted by UNION teachers will result in higher taxes for everyone. If you need help then focus on that and not a higher pay check.

  • Juicy Hops
    Juicy Hops Hour ago

    Doesn't Congress balance the purse? Who is this administration to hold up aid for ANY reason?

    • ImNotGood15 AKA.NotGood
      ImNotGood15 AKA.NotGood 42 minutes ago

      Basically giving Ukraine the ok to hack congressional parties servers. Nah, that's traitorous.

    • ImNotGood15 AKA.NotGood
      ImNotGood15 AKA.NotGood 43 minutes ago

      No they cannot hold up aid for any reason. Specially when it is to get a foreign government to investigate members of US Congress or perhaps a vice president. Then to add a political rival being investigated by foreigners for your own political gain, no that isn't the norm.

    • Andrew Grieve
      Andrew Grieve 45 minutes ago

      Trump doesn't give a💩 about rules. Does this really surprise you?

  • vickytjaden
    vickytjaden Hour ago


  • Bessie D.
    Bessie D. Hour ago

    Who else here has been dancing to that "Thank You Very Much" song from "Scrooge" today???

  • Budifer 15
    Budifer 15 Hour ago

    This is great news.

  • BinDare DunDat
    BinDare DunDat Hour ago

    I celebrate with all of you in Baltimore. What a happy day, such a happy day!

  • w9j15g
    w9j15g Hour ago

    Since this was uploaded, we have a military/foreign policy disaster in Syria.

  • Perry Fillion
    Perry Fillion Hour ago

    Boo Hoo, you POS. Good riddance