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  • mikayla
    mikayla 2 minutes ago

    Penny wise was bogus this movie. “ all those sit-ups won’t change anything “ like damnnn poor Ben

  • A Maple Leaf
    A Maple Leaf 9 minutes ago

    Ah, the 7 stages of grief Denial

  • Shreyank Mankani
    Shreyank Mankani 12 minutes ago

    What if, Tony Stark meets Ghost Rider (in Alternate Realm) and then brings back Black Widow as Ghost Rider! Boom u looking for this!

  • Jacob Kroesche
    Jacob Kroesche 15 minutes ago

    0:16 you okay?

  • Kazi boo
    Kazi boo 18 minutes ago

    I think dean is a real child that pennywise took the shape of him.

  • bebu
    bebu 19 minutes ago

    what if is there two mysterios one from here and another from the defret earth

  • Brian Burkhardt
    Brian Burkhardt 21 minute ago

    I do hope this movie is good and does well, but personally my hype is gone for BB. I don’t have a good memory and I barely remember most of the plot lines. I feel like they took too long to make this movie and tap into the hype. But hopefully I’m in the minority here.

    • Brian Burkhardt
      Brian Burkhardt 16 minutes ago

      I probably would like it if it ends up being Jesse coming out of hiding to get true revenge on Walt.

    ACEOFSPADES 22 minutes ago

    I have a theory on red skull....

  • camryn wilhoit
    camryn wilhoit 25 minutes ago

    this movie broke my heart, then put it back together, than ripped it out of my chest


    Thank you 💚

  • Qualis 101
    Qualis 101 32 minutes ago

    We predicted Spiderman: Homeless... Spiderman is no longer in the MCU and now he is homeless..

  • Brandon Boyer
    Brandon Boyer 35 minutes ago

    Taskmaster creates the software Tony used in Civil War to analyze Captain America's moves to fight Cap. This is in Taskmaster's armor.

  • Richard Johnstone
    Richard Johnstone 36 minutes ago

    There was a tribble sat on Lorca's desk when he meets Burnham for the first time. So even if they appear in a short they have already been referenced. Honestly, I thought that was the way they were going to go with discovery.... whenever they beamed down to a Klingon planet during the war they would drop a pair of tribble without really answering why. Although fans would know the implication for the Empire as per the great tribble hunt (lol) described by Worf when they were on K7 in that ds9 time travel episode...trials and tribbleations? something like that... but I digress. Tribbles have already been re-introduced to the franchise

  • zeshan ahmed
    zeshan ahmed 38 minutes ago

    How did peter harm the elementals if they were holograms??

  • You owe a life
    You owe a life 42 minutes ago

    Mabey that other timeline will be where what if us set

  • John Smart
    John Smart 46 minutes ago

    The only two people I know had history with the avengers and has not been mentioned was taskmaster and the best one is weasel Deadpool's friend. Thor even calls him weasel. Weasel is also a computer geek in the comics

  • Alex Hetherington
    Alex Hetherington 53 minutes ago

    3:14 holy shit is that a helmet shape around becks head I didn't even notice that in the theatre.

  • Eduardo Polanco
    Eduardo Polanco Hour ago

    I didn’t realize I wasn’t subscribed when I usually watch all your shit. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • FullerGoEasyOnTheComics

    Nathan Fillion could be Booster Gold... El Dorado...

  • drewcifer 912
    drewcifer 912 Hour ago

    So spider man's identity is now known and hes a pariah being sued left and right. He needs a lawyer. Matt Murdock.

  • Stats
    Stats Hour ago

    Just what i needed today another NOOBMASTER Video

  • malhaar sri
    malhaar sri Hour ago


  • Yuvi Singh
    Yuvi Singh Hour ago

    This channel has good content like half the time. The other time they are just beating at a dead horse or a horse that doesn’t exist

    RAGNAROK! Hour ago

    who will miss the 1st Suicide Squad?

  • Zima
    Zima Hour ago

    Technically we didn't see him die

  • JustSoul
    JustSoul Hour ago

    Hey um If you Know who anieves1983 is im his Dumb brother 😭

  • Django A. S.
    Django A. S. Hour ago

    The Skrulls are in Black Widow movie setting up Secret Wars but...... The Kree now have shape-shifting tech but they don't lose their shape-shifting if they die while using it.

  • Aaron Fram
    Aaron Fram Hour ago

    Love how pumped I am! ... who else will be watching at 12:00am Oct 11! well dont! ... wait till I watch it first

  • ShadowRacerX8
    ShadowRacerX8 Hour ago

    I did not click on this video to learn about watches. The sponsorships in videos nowadays are just as bad as RUclip video advertising. This is a dislike for me.🤷‍♂️

  • Jay With An i
    Jay With An i Hour ago

    Why does it matter anymore tho 😢😭

  • Jasonarfa
    Jasonarfa Hour ago

    What I only see is Tracer

  • Wolf Dust
    Wolf Dust Hour ago

    Its loki!!!!!! Duh

  • Riley studios
    Riley studios Hour ago

    I just noticed this in Avengers Endgame. If you closely at Korg, you can see he has moss growing on him. I think it is because he has just been playing Fortnite for the last 5 years. Just wanted to point out that detail.

  • Jawad Shah
    Jawad Shah 2 hours ago

    It doesn't matter now. Spiderman is gone from the MCU.

  • Slake Flyer
    Slake Flyer 2 hours ago

    avengers vs sinister six??

  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers 2 hours ago

    This video was not needed. Disliked.

  • Lydia Kusyono
    Lydia Kusyono 2 hours ago

    Well.... One problem for the crate lifting thingy. It was said that Shang-Chi And The Legend of The Ten Rings would actually take place after Avengers: Infinity War but before Avengers: Endgame so that wouldn't be possible for the plot of the movie (If I'm not mistaken and all my sources are incorrect)

  • Rachel SCS
    Rachel SCS 2 hours ago

    THERE'S NO NEED TO SHOUT. Why are Americans always so obnoxiously loud?

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 2 hours ago

    What’s the uk age rating

  • Clint Whatley
    Clint Whatley 2 hours ago

    Melisandre. Sex Witch

  • Creeps You
    Creeps You 2 hours ago

    I haven't fully watched any Terminator movies yet, but why the hell I'm watching this? Because I love time-travel stuffs?

  • marfur9
    marfur9 2 hours ago

    The iron man cameo is confirmed tho. It is unused footage from the end of civil war where he tells natasha to run

  • Banana Blair - Peely

    I thought noobmaster69 was an avenger trying to get Thor worked up to help them get the blipped people back

  • Dino B.
    Dino B. 2 hours ago

    HBO better not screw up this one.

  • Marvel Monster
    Marvel Monster 2 hours ago

    Whenever I hear the name noobmaster69 I think That's Loki alright

  • The Salty Potatoe
    The Salty Potatoe 2 hours ago

    I’m NoobMaster69 Not joking Really Don’t believe me Ok I try to snipe an enemy but instead hit the tree that’s 50 meters away from him

  • 14nicolate
    14nicolate 2 hours ago


  • Saleem Mohammed
    Saleem Mohammed 2 hours ago


  • slayerchick303
    slayerchick303 2 hours ago

    To make things even worse, Dr. Strange has a photographic memory. He remembers every second of those futures.

  • Thomas Neil
    Thomas Neil 3 hours ago


  • Luis Tenorio
    Luis Tenorio 3 hours ago


  • EFANZPro
    EFANZPro 3 hours ago

    YES mysterio is efffing ALIVE.... I haven't had enough time seeing him in action

  • NathanGamerTV
    NathanGamerTV 3 hours ago

    It could be one of us

  • the one and only Orecon

    It is possible that Beck could've programmed EDITH to mark him as dead when he wasn't

  • ThisisOscar
    ThisisOscar 3 hours ago

    Tom with the Venetian Jester mask might be a reference to the villain Jester, a struggling actor with a very large ego

  • Blue Whale1
    Blue Whale1 3 hours ago

    *Trust me, don't be sorry for him.* *Anyway, there are few things that might happen in the movie:* •His mom die •He will kill a lot of people (not only audience) •he drives people crazy •he will be running •he will use guns, gas etc. Simply. He will lost everything, but do everything to make people regret :)

  • Epic squad
    Epic squad 3 hours ago

    Nah guys it was will smith

  • Fab
    Fab 3 hours ago


  • zrx46
    zrx46 3 hours ago

    He's dead, its a movie about Jesse...not Walt

  • Elaine Elite
    Elaine Elite 3 hours ago

    Soooooo u mean to tell me ...they been living in their house for ever and this year was the first year the police made personal house Christmas safety visits. ,😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ma Cho
    Ma Cho 3 hours ago

    Walt lives and escapes prison, the person they are questioning Jessie’s friend about is actually Walt because, he was found at the scene not Jessie. So the news media in the movie could actually believe it was Walt that was put in the cage.

  • SwingShiftStudios
    SwingShiftStudios 3 hours ago

    Dude in the hat. Best idea ever.

  • Th3MadDabb3r
    Th3MadDabb3r 3 hours ago

    No exit wound is a bad thing my dawgy

  • Shang BTW
    Shang BTW 3 hours ago

    This Doesn’t even make sense 💀

  • King David
    King David 3 hours ago

    It's still confusing as F***. Is this enough to sue?

  • Robert Pemberton
    Robert Pemberton 3 hours ago

    3:56 You're welcome.

  • Taryn Erickson
    Taryn Erickson 3 hours ago

    Fun fact: Pogo was John Wayne Gacy's clown name

  • Romyr Aragon
    Romyr Aragon 3 hours ago

    Noobmaater69 69=nice

  • Olivia doesnt know what shes doing

    but most importantly,,,,, REDDIE IS REAL

  • Christopher McCord
    Christopher McCord 4 hours ago

    C'mon, we all know it's, Morgan! 😂🤘🏼

  • Gary Kurita
    Gary Kurita 4 hours ago

    Yeah ok, but what about Saul?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 hours ago

    I'm gonna rank this near the bottom right along side with the crazy eight

  • caleb hallahan
    caleb hallahan 4 hours ago

    I think it might be Howard the Duck!

  • Jaganmohan Ramakrishnan

    What about Harley Keener? That kid in Iron Man3? He had a serious sleep issue in the movie. His dad ran away after winning the lottery? No? Okay.

  • Fat Piggo
    Fat Piggo 4 hours ago

    Mysterio: _Hey How you doing lil momma let me whisper in ya ear, tell you something that ya like might to hear_

  • Matti
    Matti 4 hours ago

    Let’s be honest their are a lot of plot holes with mysterio but it is still a good movie

  • shyane johnson
    shyane johnson 4 hours ago

    1:51 Me giving Rey an orgasm

  • greg loredo
    greg loredo 4 hours ago

    Spiderman-home alone

  • Mariel M
    Mariel M 4 hours ago

    The Last time I checked out your vid I lo-

  • Zab Romero
    Zab Romero 4 hours ago

    I wish David Fincher would take on a Batman movie, one can only wish...

  • B!6 tA5tY
    B!6 tA5tY 4 hours ago

    Hawkeye don't give me hope meme.

  • Michalina Basa
    Michalina Basa 4 hours ago

    3:37 omfg

  • Luffy
    Luffy 5 hours ago

    0:16 is that Undertaker?

    AL DUSTY 5 hours ago

    I think loki is the reason why marvel what if happened

    AL DUSTY 5 hours ago

    I think loki is the reason why marvel what if happened

  • John Markz
    John Markz 5 hours ago


  • Ash Fernandes
    Ash Fernandes 5 hours ago

    i like how serious he about this topic :p

  • Cinema Movie Talk
    Cinema Movie Talk 5 hours ago

    Sony is getting bought out by either Apple, Netflix or Amazon

  • Elliot Tay
    Elliot Tay 5 hours ago


  • Amy Holloway
    Amy Holloway 5 hours ago

    So are Maturin and The Great A'Tuin the same turtle, or do they just keep using images of A'Tuin? Second RUclipr to use the world turtle with the elephants on its back, carrying the world, which is A'Tuin.

  • kama kaze 2
    kama kaze 2 5 hours ago

    Should of left the ending ..captain marvel was aload of crap anyways ..worse marvel film

  • Dansolo62 Bennett
    Dansolo62 Bennett 5 hours ago

    He has to be alive great vid

  • Black0raz0r
    Black0raz0r 5 hours ago

    you really forgot about Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl) in Civil War. He managed to split the Avengers.... ever since the Avengers are a mess

  • Sami Eltoum
    Sami Eltoum 5 hours ago

    But Flash was DUSTED

  • Joshwa Crasta
    Joshwa Crasta 5 hours ago

    I thought Flash had gotten dusted at that time

  • CadMyth
    CadMyth 5 hours ago

    I know it’s not huge but in the scene where Beverly is in the stall there’s some graffiti where it says, “Big is what IT seems” and it’s a nod to later when It appears big but they make him shrink

  • Pure Playz
    Pure Playz 5 hours ago


  • CaptDeadPool
    CaptDeadPool 5 hours ago

    Dont do that, dont give me hope

  • Christopher Akinsanya

    I feel Walter is really dead and Jesse may see him through hallucinations as full on Heisenberg aka the devil on his shoulder

  • Specific Motion
    Specific Motion 5 hours ago

    Maybe they accidentally took Howard stark back in time so he looks like tony then Howard was the one who snapped