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Kpop Haul~ May 2019 💖
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  • Bangtan Boys
    Bangtan Boys 5 hours ago

    I collect replicards because i can't really buy the official ones Iam too broke:(

  • gottae_7
    gottae_7 6 hours ago

    Yay. Someone who also says zed.

  • palestblue
    palestblue 7 hours ago

    I think the Odd era characterized SHINee as a band and as people so much 😂. They are all so wonderful in their own, authentic way and their creative synergy is what makes SHINee's art so amazing to me 💎💙

  • Caroline
    Caroline 7 hours ago

    im curious is the french influence in Canada why you pronounce "z" "zed"?

    • 제타와 태
      제타와 태 6 hours ago

      I think its because Canada used to belong to the UK and in the UK we call it Zed so it might be influenced from that

  • wow kwan
    wow kwan 7 hours ago

    i thought i was the only one who just couldn’t open the box it took me a whole 5 minutes

  • Ng thu0323
    Ng thu0323 9 hours ago

    Will you unboxing TRCNG 2nd single album?

  • Namjoon's Expensive Girl

    ATEEZ comeback SLAPS HARD

  • ali g
    ali g 9 hours ago

    i miss sungjin's head

  • Shay Tuan
    Shay Tuan 10 hours ago

    Struggled with the box too haha like my god

  • Vancy
    Vancy 10 hours ago

    I feel like I’m the only one who’s album hasn’t come yet :( if it doesn’t come by Friday ima pull a Karen 😤 or probaly not because that’s too much

  • Kelsie
    Kelsie 11 hours ago

    I swear I almost broke my finger getting the white version open. It was on SO tight!!

  • robyn browne
    robyn browne 11 hours ago

    It's bigger than their other albums I'm shooked 😩

  • Ella
    Ella 12 hours ago

    i’m using every once of strength in my 5’2 body to not watch this until mine arrives, but shipping to bc takes so long aghhhhh

  • Callista W
    Callista W 12 hours ago

    we have the same favorite tracks 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • shutupliz
    shutupliz 12 hours ago

    I ordered my albums from MMT, so I got two more member photocards. First time I ordered from them and I got concerned because they didnt ship until days after comeback day. They finally came yesterday and I got san, wooyoung, and 2 yeosang's.

  • shutupliz
    shutupliz 12 hours ago

    I am so happy they decided to have selfie photocards. I've been wanting them since debut.

  • Kia Rules
    Kia Rules 13 hours ago

    There might be a repackage or hopefully one last episode to connect the Z

  • Dubu and Cheese Kimbap Stan • YoursTruly Edits

    when are you doing an unboxing of twice's new album, Feel Special

    • Shay Tuan
      Shay Tuan 10 hours ago

      She’s doesn’t collect twice

  • Ariana C
    Ariana C 13 hours ago

    Hold up Canadian say z like zed woooo never knew like z for me is pronounced zee

  • Ariana C
    Ariana C 13 hours ago

    I just found my sister got me the albums for my bday but honestly I had to get them they were release on my birthday

  • EixAndrews
    EixAndrews 13 hours ago

    I got woo young (my bias wrecker) and Mingi (my bias) photo cards 🙌🏼 Also is "zed" how you say "z"? That had me so confused 😂

  • Victoria Murillo
    Victoria Murillo 13 hours ago

    we pulled the same pcs just switched, i pulled yeosang for a ver & jongho for z ver 🤧

  • audra_smiley_productions

    you saying "zed" high key threw me off until I remembered people outside america say that lol

    • audra_smiley_productions
      audra_smiley_productions 12 hours ago

      EixAndrews no problem. I was super confused the 1st time I heard it too

    • EixAndrews
      EixAndrews 13 hours ago

      @audra_smiley_productions I've never heard that before 😂 At least I know I was hearing her right lol. Thanks for explaining!

    • audra_smiley_productions
      audra_smiley_productions 13 hours ago

      @EixAndrews so like other english speaking countries like Canada & England instead of saying the letter Z they say zed. so like in the us we say A to Z, they say A to Zed

    • EixAndrews
      EixAndrews 13 hours ago

      What is zed? I'm so lost lol

  • JenniM13
    JenniM13 14 hours ago

    My bias is Wooyoung and 2nd bias is San so hoe line LOL 😅

  • Jazmine S
    Jazmine S 14 hours ago

    I had 3 biases, San, Yeosang and Yunho then Joong kept creeping up on me since the last comeback so instead of having Joong as my 4th bias I just went OT8 because Ateez just wreck the hell out of me 😫

  • Kate C
    Kate C 15 hours ago

    I’ve been waiting for your ateez album unboxing for this comeback! Loved this videoooo☺️

  • TaeHyun Is Life
    TaeHyun Is Life 15 hours ago

    If u wanna trade jongho let me know plz

  • Abby Rue
    Abby Rue 15 hours ago

    Fellow Canadian saying Zed not Zee 👏 lol and yes I struggled a lot with the box lids too. Too secure 😢

  • LottieFrances
    LottieFrances 15 hours ago

    I feel there may be a repackage coming so the ‘ATEEZ’ on the back is completed 👀👀

    • kttaekey
      kttaekey 14 hours ago

      good observation cause you’re probably right 👀

  • kttaekey
    kttaekey 15 hours ago

    i said the album name wrong AGAIN (at the end) LMAO will this be a new saga? katie pronounces ateez album names wrong

  • Kang Jang Manoban
    Kang Jang Manoban 15 hours ago

    I would love to trade red velvet cards with you

  • ThatRandomKpopGuy
    ThatRandomKpopGuy 15 hours ago

    lmao everyone struggles opening the box for this album XD it'll be me soon whenever they get to the UK :D love your videos as always

    • Kaylen Jones
      Kaylen Jones 14 hours ago

      Same I ordered mine and I'm from The UK so let's hope it comes quick

  • Camila leite
    Camila leite 15 hours ago


  • Anna Li
    Anna Li 15 hours ago

    i was solely listening to this since i don’t wanna spoil for myself and all my friends thought i was insane cause i made the weirdest expressions at things that you said

  • mochi lyn
    mochi lyn 15 hours ago

    I had to skip the photobook since I'm waiting for mine to come in before I look at it but they don't come in until next week and I'm sad

  • Anna Li
    Anna Li 15 hours ago

    when she pulls yeosang ;___;

  • Crystal
    Crystal 15 hours ago

    Yay, I've been waiting for this!

  • alsk20
    alsk20 15 hours ago

    we got the same card in the white version!

  • Alexsa luv
    Alexsa luv 15 hours ago

    okay, hongjoong rocked the mullet :"") i miss it everyday, and this cb... like what is up with the braids!!

  • Beautiful Crooked Nightmare • ᴗ •

    My guess about the last part of the series for the Z is possibly a compilation album for the entire series, but that's just a guess Also I'm Hongjoong biased and his hair makes me cry. Okay not really, but KQ really does him dirty

    • Shay Tuan
      Shay Tuan Hour ago

      At least we know he can rock anything haha

  • high off ateez
    high off ateez 16 hours ago

    i’ve been waiting for your unboxing video!!🧡

  • orly l
    orly l 16 hours ago

    If I'll ever buy this album I'm getting the white version DAMN

  • Marty Olerydeth
    Marty Olerydeth 16 hours ago

    Girl, I struggled too trying to open the box!! Glad I'm not alone 😅😂

  • Jada
    Jada 16 hours ago

    how do you have that day6 gravity in boston bracelet?? my friend went to the concert and got me one too🥺

    • Jada
      Jada 15 hours ago

      that’s so nice of them!! no one ever goes to boston but the one time someone does, i couldn’t go😭😭

    • kttaekey
      kttaekey 15 hours ago

      a subscriber of mine that went to the show gifted it to me 🥺🥺

  • jimlitz
    jimlitz 16 hours ago

    yes i was waiting! 💝💝

  • Suhi xx
    Suhi xx 16 hours ago

    Gurl we have the same biases, all top 3

  • Groovy Lisa
    Groovy Lisa 16 hours ago

    I really dig their song wonderland it's a bop need to get their album eventually. Ateez is on fire with this comeback.

  • Sara Peltoniemi
    Sara Peltoniemi 16 hours ago

    When you started speaking about your life i got really curious about it and now i hope you make like a draw my life type of video 😂 but you do what you do gurrlll 🤗

  • Valentina Maffei
    Valentina Maffei 16 hours ago

    i’ve been waiting for so long for this 🥰

  • K-Popfolife
    K-Popfolife 16 hours ago

    l think l preorder the Z version (white one) but now I’m sad because l like the A version more 😭😭😭😂

  • marilyn r. m.
    marilyn r. m. 16 hours ago

    been waiting to see your pulls since your insta story!! this album is so gorgeous 🥺

  • K-Popfolife
    K-Popfolife 16 hours ago

    Kttaekey - I’m really hungry Also kttaekey - sorry I’m talking about things that don’t matter Me - girl, eating matters 😂

  • Anna Baker
    Anna Baker 16 hours ago

    why did i never think abut the fact that you say "zed" until now -a thoughtless american

    • stodarc
      stodarc Hour ago

      oohbeii yeahhh lets gooo

    • oohbeii
      oohbeii 3 hours ago

      @stodarc we NZers do too! wowowowow! OCE babies LOL

    • stodarc
      stodarc 8 hours ago

      i say zed and i’m from australia

    • EixAndrews
      EixAndrews 13 hours ago

      Zed? I'm American too lol..what says Zed?

  • Kihyuniverse 1993
    Kihyuniverse 1993 16 hours ago

    This is the first time seeing an unboxing that doesn't pull my bias' photocard omg 😳 I was just waiting for u to turn it around and seeing my bias 😂

  • Isabel Yanez
    Isabel Yanez 16 hours ago


  • Jungkookie BTS
    Jungkookie BTS 16 hours ago

    I BEEN WAITING YAY i’m still waiting for me ;-; it’s does feel forever

  • xyeosangx
    xyeosangx 16 hours ago

    yesssEEE QUEEEN

  • Kihyuniverse 1993
    Kihyuniverse 1993 16 hours ago

    I got my albums on Monday 🥺 I was waiting for this 🥺

  • NamTiddies Enthusiast
    NamTiddies Enthusiast 16 hours ago


  • Яра Борис
    Яра Борис 16 hours ago


    DIHAKA 16 hours ago


  • Rita Amaral
    Rita Amaral 16 hours ago

    I was waiting for this unboxing 🤩🥰

  • milkmoon
    milkmoon 16 hours ago

    Are you gonna get the album preview for Clé 3: Levanter?

  • Alicia
    Alicia 16 hours ago

    yes omg i have been waiting

  • thegrefginoficcial 100% fakr no real

    Twice stan where are you?

  • Bubby Mustard
    Bubby Mustard 21 hour ago


  • Army Army
    Army Army 22 hours ago


  • Margauxツ
    Margauxツ 22 hours ago

    Why is nobody talking about your luck ? You pulled out one of your bias in each version how is that even possible ? 😂 (sorry for my english)

    TWICEPINK _ Day ago

    Ok so it blackpink could change the CEO i would go with jyp cause he areready k nows blackpink from Party people

  • Sadena
    Sadena Day ago

    no joke, wayv’s version of regular is also my fave one. it just sounds SO GOOD WHAT (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)❤️

  • yuter
    yuter Day ago

    katie: i don't like jaemin's hair jaemin: boi if you don't you know what jaemin: 6:23 10:44 katie: wait wat

  • yuter
    yuter Day ago

    6:08 the point of a scratch card IS TO SCRATCH IT

  • Fiona Yang
    Fiona Yang Day ago

    Going crazy at NCT concert and end up dropping the nightstick and killing someone***

  • yuter
    yuter Day ago

    5:55 i got all of them on mine

  • Meryangel Irizarry

    “so many idols have this dog” I CAN’T BREATHE HHHH

  • R. DLC
    R. DLC Day ago

    about how much does it cost for shipping for ktown4u?

  • We bring the boys out

    is this real signature of hyoyeon?

  • picky ally
    picky ally Day ago

    I'm Felix biased as well and I just purchased Mixtape today... And I was so lucky, I pulled Felix for both Photocards 🍀😍💗😉

  • ritwan masae
    ritwan masae Day ago

    Winwin is my bias 💚

  • Juulia Saarinen

    You spent over 500 right?

    ITZY IS LIFE 2 days ago

    Why are you not buying twice albums?

  • zimzalabop
    zimzalabop 2 days ago

    this is fun to watch as well but honestly it just makes my day bright to see you struggle with organization because its very cute and funny :) i hope that wasn't offensive, i think my collection is quite disorganized and seeing that you struggle as well always makes me feel better :)

  • sara smith
    sara smith 2 days ago

    Bts world packaging is really good

  • Baby Bluex
    Baby Bluex 2 days ago

    I finally got one of the versions!!!

  • You got no jams
    You got no jams 2 days ago

    i don’t know if you have suho in don’t mess up my tempo postcard but if you do can i send it to you

  • Jazlyn Garcia
    Jazlyn Garcia 2 days ago

    I liked the storing method better but this is still good

  • darthestaaar
    darthestaaar 2 days ago

    I ordered the Baekhyun version and got a Ten photocard too 😭

  • Danielle Dawson
    Danielle Dawson 2 days ago

    I actually prefer this style of video for your photocard hauls. I liked the other way but this one seems like it flows more smoothly and you seem more comfortable filming like this

  • Gacha_galaxy
    Gacha_galaxy 2 days ago

    Did someone know where is she buy it?

  • Ahmad Daniel
    Ahmad Daniel 3 days ago

    I prefer if you put got7 with stray kidz and exo just with red velvet❤

  • kreese franco
    kreese franco 3 days ago

    I loooove Joy red flavor era as well 😍 you are sooooo lucky ! I’ve been collection Joy’s pc since 2017 and I only have half of yours 😭😭😭 I envy your time to love Joy pc 😭🥺💔

  • Jaehyungparkian & wonpil Dowoon and sungjin


  • Camila Cardoso
    Camila Cardoso 3 days ago


  • Kpop Swanie
    Kpop Swanie 3 days ago

    The sound of you putting the pc in the binder is so relaxing. I missed that.

  • ItzSummer
    ItzSummer 3 days ago

    Sorry, I prefer the other way you did these videos

  • Lydia Klengel
    Lydia Klengel 3 days ago

    I swear is was so shook when I bought this album because I just love the idea, with all these stickers and goodies

  • GiLu Li
    GiLu Li 3 days ago

    I prefer the old version of this videos 😅

  • oneus ROTY
    oneus ROTY 3 days ago

    Can somebody PLEASE tell me if i can order her binders in the internet (i live in germany and i don’t know where to buy this binder)

  • GachaGalaxy101
    GachaGalaxy101 3 days ago

    23:59 that's Jungkook but I understand you couldn't see bc you had no contacts on 😂

  • baby YanAn
    baby YanAn 3 days ago

    how i started my unboxing addiction