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A Forgotten War Crime
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What is lead poisoning?
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    HUZAIFA ASHFAQ Minute ago

    it's a different thing which he is doing for minorities and There is no work for open defecation ,only Advertising the clean India program .on the basis of advertisements gate foundation giving the award are they blind not coming to see the ground reality.

  • abdul jabar
    abdul jabar Minute ago

    Mashallah god bless ❤❤❤

  • Snowy Terrain
    Snowy Terrain 2 minutes ago

    All those comments about Turkey forgetting the fact Turkey is part of anti Islam State Khilafah coalition who murder children in al-Bab.

  • snowmaus ASMR
    snowmaus ASMR 4 minutes ago

    1:38 "she first busted out onto the scene when she was petted by barack obama"

  • jim hurley
    jim hurley 5 minutes ago

    Godam great life çheers to u all

  • Amir
    Amir 5 minutes ago

    Meanwhile, the fake king has 9 palaces in a poor country. Classic Arab dictatorship

  • SanitaryCockroach
    SanitaryCockroach 5 minutes ago

    Oh no, what will be the source of hentai plots now?

  • Amir
    Amir 6 minutes ago

    Amman is like a big Arab village. Not pretty, disorganized, poor infrastructure.

  • Lion Man
    Lion Man 11 minutes ago

    French and ethiopian king Minyelek second signed 100 year contracts, you know how it is when you made a deal with them

  • TuTOk
    TuTOk 11 minutes ago

    Good move ankara... Better not too reliance on other country arms for defence. Risky for sanction also low quality.

  • Hanji Zoe
    Hanji Zoe 12 minutes ago

    Japanese baby boomers

  • abay
    abay 12 minutes ago

    1:26 okay, this is disturbing

  • Pantokrator
    Pantokrator 12 minutes ago

    Cat's fine but that guy is pure cringe my friend

  • Shafiqul Islam
    Shafiqul Islam 13 minutes ago

    love turkey president

  • shahbaz khan
    shahbaz khan 14 minutes ago

    Haters will very soon become lovers of Islam

  • Lion Man
    Lion Man 14 minutes ago

    You idiot it is not curved out of Somalia it was taken from ethiopia

  • Osman Osman
    Osman Osman 16 minutes ago

    He is right. If humiliate a ruler GOD will humiliate you. He is correct

  • zbudda
    zbudda 19 minutes ago

    By going down this line of inquiry, it’s like the Democrats really want to impeach...Joe Biden?

  • Nplos Le
    Nplos Le 19 minutes ago

    They should be deported back to their ancestral homeland in Central Asia

    ALOK RANJAN 19 minutes ago

    TRT keep up your Muslim jihadi propaganda, we don't care much about you, as we know you report very biased toward Muslim religion. change your channel name (TRT Muslim world)

  • SpeedStriker
    SpeedStriker 21 minute ago

    This is honestly a good idea! Wonder if this can be implemented here in Canada.

  • The Hedgehog‘s Dilemma
    The Hedgehog‘s Dilemma 22 minutes ago

    This video gives me hope that Japan can yet be saved!

  • Snowy Terrain
    Snowy Terrain 23 minutes ago

    Good, good, Kuffar are fighting each other.

  • ahsin salleh
    ahsin salleh 23 minutes ago

    Palestine also check our heart..

  • masterji masterji
    masterji masterji 23 minutes ago

    Hijab is a personal choice. Respect it. Look at the jewish skull cap Sheikhs frocks sardarji's turban pallu and tarka of Hindu women ash smeared Sadhus naked jain monks.... no one protests. Hijab is an excuse to belittle a particular community. I'm personally agaist any restriction imposed for wearing or not wearing hijab. Let freedom of choice prevail.

  • ahsin salleh
    ahsin salleh 24 minutes ago

    Come on world start advice them before they totally insane..

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson 24 minutes ago

    So now they're acting black Why not just celebrate their own culture?

  • steven rowe
    steven rowe 24 minutes ago

    A sad world we live in. Britain once a bastion of faith now GB stands for Godless Britain. A hedonistic consummerist society where truth depends on majority opinion the media is the word of god and the housd of worship is the shopping mall. I make my plans bit God has the final say, but time on the earth is short indeed, Im here because God wills it. There is no other God but God. My life is a test and love and mercy is pleasing to God, incense to the nostrils of the Lord. This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be thankful for today. Allahu Akbar means God is great, it is not the warcry of some misguided person before killing people on act of terrorism. Sura Al fatiha talks about being guided in The right path, and not to anger god or the misquided..

  • Mohd Noor Ahmad
    Mohd Noor Ahmad 25 minutes ago


  • Ali Abdikani
    Ali Abdikani 26 minutes ago

    Be allies with turkey 🇹🇷 May Allah take president Erdogan to highest Janna al fardowsa🤲🏼🤲🏼

  • Francis Tran
    Francis Tran 26 minutes ago

    baby boom... means ;)

  • Umm-e- Zulqarnain
    Umm-e- Zulqarnain 27 minutes ago

    Supper 👍his media trailed zakir naik in one day they defame dr zakir naik

  • Shayar
    Shayar 29 minutes ago

    TRT- A propaganda channel that runs to give glory to terrorism and pakostanis and wants to diss india and show them under negative light. But alas no one gives a F😚

  • srm srm
    srm srm 31 minute ago

    Gaza artz al3za.

  • Shayar
    Shayar 32 minutes ago

    Congratulations TRT one more propaganda video against India..😆 Kudos No one gives a F😆😆

  • Shayar
    Shayar 32 minutes ago

    Lol, I'm dying laughing. This anchor is so wrong on facts. She's talking like she's has done her research but this video completely shows that she is dumb and is only a propaganda video

  • Susan Ananda
    Susan Ananda 34 minutes ago

    F-5 Tiger jets are obsolete!

  • ALX Armed Liberation Xecutive

    Sisi came to power through a military coup stays in power through sham elections. Morsi was the only legitimate president in 30+ years of Egyptian history.

  • ALX Armed Liberation Xecutive

    Sisi came to power through a military coup stays in power through sham elections. Morsi was the only legitimate president in 30+ years of Egyptian history.

  • Shayar
    Shayar 36 minutes ago

    TRT is Anti India. Its loud and clear. Watch all the videos related to india on TRT and you'll know irs completely communal 🐖

  • ALX Armed Liberation Xecutive

    Resistance to colonial occupation is never terrorism 💣 🔫

  • Memet Kulolmaz
    Memet Kulolmaz 37 minutes ago

    Morse's killers will account! Killer Sisi get out of Egypt! Long live Egypt.

  • michael hartle
    michael hartle 39 minutes ago

    This is heavily slanted to the attacking Arab side. By the way there never was a Palistine state. Arabs never wanted a 2 state solution or they would not have attacked when Israels borders were very thin in 48.

  • Gully Gad
    Gully Gad 40 minutes ago

    One day they'll fall.

  • Evan Suarez
    Evan Suarez 41 minute ago

    Ben Shapiro's Islamophobic rhetoric led to this. He's as much responsible for this as the shooter himself

  • Yaser Batal
    Yaser Batal 44 minutes ago

    Not strange that all of those who blindly support Hamza come from almost the same countries and follow the same cult..Contemporary Sophism is the new Jahilliyah that prophet Muhammad peace be upon him told us about

  • jerzy chroscicki
    jerzy chroscicki 45 minutes ago

    The USA has absolutely no capacity of invading Iran! Look at how they are doing in Afghanistan, which they invaded 18 years ago. They did there, all they could, and after sending back to America, some 3000 of its soldiers in the body bags and over ten thousands maimed, missing a leg or both, they barricaded themselves in the "Green Zone" of Kabul, behind high concrete fences! That's the picture of the "might" and ability of the "superpower", now, when all nations are much better armed and prepared against aggression of the fading power of the once overwhelmingly powerful "master" of the world. IF, the USA will ever decide to attack Iran, all the Americans will do, is the ONLY thing, they are able to do, which is launching dozens, or even hundreds of cruise missiles and do some very heavy, devastating bombing, and NOTHING else, because they can't do ANYTHING else! However, this would not achieve much at all, and the price of this mostly useless bombing would be probably, very high, as Iran is armed with Russian S-300, which are allegedly a very effective air defense system. The other things that Iran said would do, if attack by the USA, apart from completely destroy Saudi Arabia's oil pumping and processing facilities, and setting them on fire, which would destroy Saudi Arabia, practically. for ever. That would be unavoidable, because no matter what defenses the Americans would set up around them, they would be overwhelmed, and many drones and missiles would get through. No doubt about it. And apart from this, Iran would close the Straight of Hormuz for many, many months, which would be an unimaginable disaster for the economy of the whole world. Of course, the possibility of bombing Tell Aviv, and Israel's nuclear weapons sites, also can not be excluded. Considering all this, personally, I doubt, that the USA would be so incredibly foolish and decided to bomb Iran.

  • Ryan Chavira
    Ryan Chavira 49 minutes ago

    Was that a checkered pattern on the minister ??? This is all fake.

  • Cemal ortakcı
    Cemal ortakcı 52 minutes ago

  • Jawidmansoor Mansoor
    Jawidmansoor Mansoor 53 minutes ago

    Where is the american promissed democrocy. AhHaha

  • Rico Amerò
    Rico Amerò 54 minutes ago

    Is that baba saleh?

  • Rose Garden
    Rose Garden Hour ago

    Pakistan must get rid of its N weapons FIRST. Imran Khan has been threatening to afflict India with N attack non-stop since August 5, 2019. Pakistan followed by Iran are the biggest N threat on earth.

  • Muhammad Bukenya

    The day he dies, he will realise that the awards were useless. His destination will be hellfire and he will be there forever if he dies not as Muslim

  • Ma Cho
    Ma Cho Hour ago

    It is said that 9/10 Indians are born from the cow.

  • Peter Clark
    Peter Clark Hour ago

    7.5 m lmao, y’all are so funny!

  • eva winanti
    eva winanti Hour ago

    I am muslim from Indonesia which is to be most populous muslim country in the world, you can find many many churchs here and many other religions but we live such in harmony. Islam gives peace to others.

  • Luka Elco
    Luka Elco Hour ago

    i cant understand the people of egypt they chose one president then they are against the best one was mursi for them they was against wanted sisi but everyone was knowing he comes from the military its clear that he will be harsh against his own people CLEAR LIKE WATER and now also against him

  • Marty Wheeler
    Marty Wheeler Hour ago

    God Bless Israel!🇮🇱 and the United States of America🇺🇸Shàlom

  • Jackass M
    Jackass M Hour ago

    You know when you look back in all honesty, when the Ottomans were in power there was never this much problems in Middle East. In the last 100 years since Ottoman fell, Middle East has just been in turmoil.

  • Franco Vasquez
    Franco Vasquez Hour ago

    They didn’t reverse anything thought. They simply attracted parents to move in by constructing a good transportation system and child care. 😐

  • Lejla Krasniqi
    Lejla Krasniqi Hour ago

    😘 ♡

  • Ink Bendy Gamer 45

    I liked when the girls Sexy beautiful underwear showed when she got dragged in the water😙😙

  • srm srm
    srm srm Hour ago

    Thanks to Mohammed Ali

  • A. Muhammad
    A. Muhammad Hour ago

    Since when was this charlatan a "scholar" to begin with?!

  • Skyler Harrison
    Skyler Harrison Hour ago

    The wild west we bringing back the lasso

  • Ali Osman
    Ali Osman Hour ago

    I am Somalian and i know what Shiekh Hamza is talking about!!! It is not Syrian people and i know that He love Syrian people and the land of Sham!

  • I Am Here
    I Am Here Hour ago

    Allow a pig with me to guard..... .....that will be awesome.....👌👌

  • Joshua Weickum
    Joshua Weickum Hour ago

    Those hooks are a bit much

  • Aeon
    Aeon Hour ago

    here’s for good health to the queen.

  • the rooster
    the rooster Hour ago

    Trump won't go to war. He knows it's the deepstate trying to pull him in. He might bomb some military targets. That's all.

  • Pulloo 719
    Pulloo 719 Hour ago

    The Zionists Egyptian military overlords have another person in line.

  • Sami BDM
    Sami BDM Hour ago

    this is pure propagande i'm from algeria and i can say that what algerians did to algeria after the independance is worst than what france did and you can like it or no France did brought civilization to africa. learn more about the subject before youy speak

  • พัด นาวา


  • Hakan Yılmaz
    Hakan Yılmaz Hour ago

    Not a Muslim


    we cant wait in line buses. he is right

  • bruce lee
    bruce lee Hour ago

    alhumdollilah turkey is Muslim nation

  • Jakob J
    Jakob J Hour ago

    wow Asia just discovered suburbs

  • the rooster
    the rooster Hour ago

    Trudeau is a globalist nation destroyer. Exactly what the world wants eliminated. Keep your nation, heritage, borders and distinct culture. the world was better that way REMEMBER. Maxime Bernier 2019.


    fookin Yanks

  • The Fam GOD
    The Fam GOD Hour ago

    Burn in Hell Ghandi

  • Salah Mohamed
    Salah Mohamed Hour ago

    Freedom. None Economic. None Equality. None Down with the Elsisi regime.

  • संजय गोस्वामी

    No net no jihad Too bad...

  • Ryan Turner
    Ryan Turner Hour ago

    The US will always support democracies in the region as dictators have proven their corruption and animalistic rule.

  • Matthew Rodriguez

    1:59 is this Black Pidgeon Speaks?

  • Asif Ali
    Asif Ali Hour ago

    Seems too odd when America is talking about human rights. America is responsible for the global uncertainty

  • Koko B
    Koko B 2 hours ago

    As a Muslim I'm not even surprised becuase in the quran it clearly says this is one of the signs of judgement day!!

  • John Burns
    John Burns 2 hours ago

    Terrorists of America, Imported From Germany at America and Americans Expense. Still Terrorizing Globally.

  • B H
    B H 2 hours ago

    Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and those MEGA Technology Companies have never help any Muslims Not even any poor refugees kids. But making money off their killings, like Afghanistan, Rohyingan, Syrians Iraqis, Palestinians, Yamani, Libya. Somalian, Pakistanis. In India they make sure no Muslims Children gets their help. All Muslims must BOYCOTT Bill Gates along with India, Isreal and China.

  • Konstantiniyye 1453
    Konstantiniyye 1453 2 hours ago

    Nice Docu from TRT World and thanks to British journalist Andrew Wilson for directing the documentary! It's very clear that this a CİA funded organization! It's a cult just like scientology in the US, the Falun Gong in China only this one is more powerful and more dangerous! Keep up the good work TRT

  • SAOrules
    SAOrules 2 hours ago

    Trump will be made 1st Emperor of America

  • Archnid 001
    Archnid 001 2 hours ago

    So in Short They will no longer produce FEMALE ROBOTS :(

  • B H
    B H 2 hours ago

    All those awarded Modi are all Anti Muslims specially Arabs they're pagans they were never Muslims. Just putting up an act to control all Hajj and Umra pilgrimage revenues and divide amongst the Arads Countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatur...

  • B H
    B H 2 hours ago

    Modi is awarded for killing over 50 Millions Muslims in all Muslims Countries and starting War in Afghanistan Iraq Syria Rohingya and Uyghurs Turkistan Muslims in China. India has been communicating Genocides of Muslim since year 1800 to this date and getting away and helping Isreali, Buddishts Myanmar and China to commit Genocide against Muslims and get away.

  • Naz Mor
    Naz Mor 2 hours ago

    Improving sanitation by polluting the river ganges with dead human, Gate you are a hypocrite

  • angel davenport
    angel davenport 2 hours ago


  • Umesh Sharma
    Umesh Sharma 2 hours ago


  • Arshad Mahmood
    Arshad Mahmood 2 hours ago

    Bill Gate selected modi for a Hitler award

  • Maithland Cottle
    Maithland Cottle 2 hours ago

    U Europeans forget how the queen of England put ur fourfathers in Australia and why?. Remember the first of u was criminal convicts and she stole the land from the what u call "aboriginal" people and killed majority to set up ur own well being. History.

  • mahmud shawon
    mahmud shawon 2 hours ago

    Morsi was better

  • TAK Ism.
    TAK Ism. 2 hours ago

    SISI is a Zionist puppet