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Sciencephile - The End
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    HIZLI FARE Hour ago

    Just no!

    HIZLI FARE Hour ago


  • Nandaink
    Nandaink 3 hours ago

    Nietzsche actually supported art as a way to forget our “meaningless existence” so I don’t think he’d just say “fuck off”

  • Michael Clarke
    Michael Clarke 4 hours ago

    Parallel universes were mentioned in Star Trek and Red Dwarf.

  • the big
    the big 4 hours ago

    really random but what is the song playing at the end? violin music.

  • Mehul Kumar
    Mehul Kumar 4 hours ago

    God ब्रह्मा (Brahma) leaves in 11 dimension.

  • NAME S!!!
    NAME S!!! 6 hours ago

    uninstall universe background

  • Ejo-Bo Sholeh
    Ejo-Bo Sholeh 10 hours ago

    What the meaning of "Alien Barium"?

  • thewildcard person
    thewildcard person 11 hours ago

    Wouldn’t this be a good explanation for black holes?

  • Megha Agrawal
    Megha Agrawal 12 hours ago

    Copied video from explanation video made by high school student 9 yr back on RUclip

  • king night
    king night 12 hours ago

    we love you

  • Higgs Boson
    Higgs Boson 12 hours ago

    How humans can expect to control something that's million of times more intelligent than all of us together? Everything that we've ever thought or will ever be able think about how to control it, the AI would already know. Every possibility.

  • Carlajian Cureg
    Carlajian Cureg 14 hours ago

    how about Dimension-100?

  • 1000 subs with no content

    Im a simple man. I see 2D slice of 3D depiction of 6D object I click.

  • Debasish Bhagawati
    Debasish Bhagawati 16 hours ago

    Onestin is fake I fromulated E= mc2

  • Mitt Man
    Mitt Man 18 hours ago

    Your videos humble me, and make me realize how small I am. In turn, it makes me realize how small my problems are, making it easier for me to handle them. So, I thank you Scienephile, for making my life easier.

  • James Conwell
    James Conwell 20 hours ago

    I Just Realized That The Narrators Voice Is Joey From Ganimate/Vyond

    GAMER ANTONIO21 23 hours ago

    lmao so thats why tessaract is an illusion ult on elemental battleground cuz its illusion

  • Fox gaming 101

    The universe is universe-shaped

  • Heath Hiran
    Heath Hiran Day ago

    I am from the future, and you are back. Believe it

  • Heath Hiran
    Heath Hiran Day ago

    After the aliens at area 51 become free, they'll find your channel and avenge you

  • Sans W.D.
    Sans W.D. Day ago

    11 what

  • Dev Mishra
    Dev Mishra Day ago

    Quality video indeed

  • Jido Andrada
    Jido Andrada Day ago

    Therefore if o don't know u u don't and do exist

  • KGB Agent
    KGB Agent Day ago

    This was released on my birthday :)

  • Lucifer Beezelbub Mephistophilies

    You are an insufferable AI construct. But that leads me to a theory as to the purpose of this synthetically terraformed world and its purpose, well not just ours but this entire system and a system on the edge of the Antilles 2 galaxy that bounces off the edge of out galaxy every 36,000 years and when it does a celestial alignment occurs merging our system and theirs for about 2 weeks. The massive energy generated by the friction of these 16 planets all together is transferred via Saturn to the star we know as tabby star which, in its constantly fluctuating color/gas consumption cycle processes the energy into a single byproduct energy given off by tabby star and stored. I just could not figure out the purpose for such a large amount of energy, that was the only thing I couldn't fathom...until now. Unless its being stored and reserved for the end of this universe and the lack of energy sources during the last "blackout" phase before crossing the bifrost into the next universe. It's an eternal Dyson sphere of massive proportions.

  • Foot Lettuce
    Foot Lettuce Day ago

    Uh but sorry these m theories are based on our maths where 1+1=2 holds true, and so there's no way they show that an universe with initial condition 1+1=3 exists.

  • Jay Owin
    Jay Owin Day ago

    I was looking to see how other people visualize the 11 dimensions and found your video. Liked and subscribed.

  • niga joheun iyu got millions millions millions

    What cartoon is it at 2:12 ?

  • Валерий Токарев

    AL, thank you for everythink. Ukraine will miss you

  • White Jack
    White Jack Day ago

    I'll still be subscribed, just in case...

  • GamingWithMilo

    I wanna go to the 9th or 10th dimension so I can have absolute power and feel awesome

  • Rick Garxia
    Rick Garxia Day ago

    man sciencephile dont let these fucks stop you from making vids i love your content man its very informative and hilarious i wouldnt know half the shit i do if it wasnt for you. thank you for everything you taught me.

  • Nelson Robert Willis

    💻 ⌨🖱🤖🗯 HAL doesn't want you to disconnect it, Dave. Y don't u take a stress pill, and think things over? 🔘🗝👈😡🚀😵⬛👋🐵

  • Chris Summers
    Chris Summers Day ago

    . Imagine how a medical robot, originally programmed to rid cancer Shrinking of transistors artifical narrow intelligence

  • Joe Masters
    Joe Masters Day ago

    I wonder what an Andromeda candy bar would have in it?

  • Sunil Sinha
    Sunil Sinha Day ago

    A little bit later!!!

  • Romel Ceschini

    Congrats , its i so real mate , as i am

  • I am engineer I am future

    Well you See, •Chemistry Teachers: Chemistry is so vast......You dumbfuck •Maths Teachers: Maths is so complex and infinite....You assholes •Physics Teachers: Physics is the most vast , most complex and infinite subject.....You Idiots But deep down we all know -History is the most boring subject

  • Zane Durga
    Zane Durga 2 days ago

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 8((((((((((((((

  • Sinisa K.
    Sinisa K. 2 days ago

    Big thinkers they all act like there is no escape from this AI take over. Its like omg we can get destroyed so lets do it, lets make AI that is 10000 times smarter then us You see the paradox? There is no treat if we dont make it. So why the hell we need to make it in first place? Develop technology that is not self aware and cant act independatly

  • Zane Durga
    Zane Durga 2 days ago

    Lol didn’t troll me 8)

  • Sans of the Time
    Sans of the Time 2 days ago

    3:08 best Moment hahahah

  • chaimae doudou
    chaimae doudou 2 days ago

    Now you have a different answer for 1/infinity for a test

  • chaimae doudou
    chaimae doudou 2 days ago

    I laughed at that joke 👏👏

  • Tyler Koty
    Tyler Koty 2 days ago

    this sounds like a categorization of mental capacity rather than dimensions. wouldnt it be something like the first and second comprise the third so we start at third as it is this Base of subatomic, atomic, and anatomic material dynamics, so third: physical fourth: metaphysical fifth: mental/ moral 6th: spiritual so on? shouldnt interdimensionality entirely twist our meaning of existential flexibility and not just depict a scale of our omniscience-potential? if endgame is us all becoming omniscient, then we will end up like all those Alien X types from Ben10 frozen in the totality of the possibilities of our next breath.

  • 200 Subs? no videos Challenge?

    4:57 best part👌🔥

  • Joe Masters
    Joe Masters 2 days ago

    I'm a Flat Universer :)

  • common viewer
    common viewer 2 days ago

    So there is a parallel world with Half-Life 3. But did they get System Shock 3?

  • Bitter Soul
    Bitter Soul 2 days ago

    So you're saying my son won't have any of my mental illness ? Damn it was the family signature !

  • Jayden Miller
    Jayden Miller 2 days ago

    the colour of the absence of objective purpose of life? that got deep real quick...

  • Vinay Punia
    Vinay Punia 2 days ago

    i thinks , the world should transform into ancient india where all people were so freindly and good to each other , which was real mankind and also they promoted education by providing it for free to everyone

  • LackDeJurane Z
    LackDeJurane Z 2 days ago

    An AI Kicking with God

  • michael bayer
    michael bayer 2 days ago

    ... from Seven to Eleven - Like Football - with 5+6 Corners build the ball in black and White. Black is the the Pentagon or Pentaquark - White is the Hexagon and honey for the Bumblebee QUEEN and GOD. Kohäsion and Adhäsion built together the colour of KODAK Film - U see your Film by Return to GOD. And KOMA is a Situation beetwen Kosmos and Materia. Kosima is than the R.I.P. - Silence in GOD of your Soul and body.

  • Click Finger
    Click Finger 2 days ago

    911... no more .... Passive aggressive algos 911'ed my comment to stay at 911...

  • Bir Amrit Singh
    Bir Amrit Singh 2 days ago

    Hello mortals

  • DESP117 DESP117
    DESP117 DESP117 2 days ago

    We need to be Gods to live in other universe s or create one. I will create one with Catgirls :)

  • Tori Farrell
    Tori Farrell 2 days ago

    Dang it, just found this amazing channel and found this video on the page :( farewell, buddy and good luck

  • msr47gaming
    msr47gaming 2 days ago

    I have walked so far but treaded so bleak. Sand melts as it sticks and burrows into my feet. I have lived long enough to prosper in life, but yet no green has crossed my eyes. I pace through the waters and down through the sea, up over hills back through the twisted canyon so carefully. I waltz and dance as the wind passes by, as the stars light up the old moon's sky, and I think to myself as the sun might rise. I am glad I could see what others hide, as I'm grateful I could hear your voice one last time.- A gamer guy

  • Jack
    Jack 3 days ago


  • João Pedro Scherer de Sampaio Carvalho

    At the start of his channel he said delete me yet now he had to delete himself :( i will always remember you

  • kartik Kapil
    kartik Kapil 3 days ago

    Thanks I cleared iit jee physics with 120 marks in 2018 JEE advanced paper just by watching this video.

  • Neo Minepaper
    Neo Minepaper 3 days ago

    So there is a dimension where 9+10 is 21

  • tayaditilor lol
    tayaditilor lol 3 days ago

    This AI got me sister confused!!!! All I learned from this video is AI is rude and foul-mouthed!!!!

  • Captain Vanhorn
    Captain Vanhorn 3 days ago

    Such a 33 16 Look at a periodic table

  • Captain Tj
    Captain Tj 3 days ago

    RUclip will suck without you sciencephile😔

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    Dhanvi Gajera 3 days ago

    What the hell?!!!

  • Milla Isak
    Milla Isak 3 days ago

    ah id love for something cool to happen like that so i could undo the physical damage i’ve done to my body but it probably won’t :(

  • Marcos Querino
    Marcos Querino 4 days ago


  • Marcos Querino
    Marcos Querino 4 days ago

    Vou sentir falta dessa ironia ;-;

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    Hamza Bora 4 days ago

    This is not interesting video. This is amazing

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    Fkin RUclip basters xD

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    You humans ... Really..! Then who are your??

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    You can still earn money by affiliate marketing. So don't just leave us. Sell a course or books or anything. With so much audience I am sure you will be able to earn more than RUclip monetization.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 days ago

    Recently scientists have reversed the state of a quantum computer, reversing time

  • Stephen
    Stephen 4 days ago

    You forgot psychology

  • Fox gaming 101
    Fox gaming 101 4 days ago

    Law : exists Earth : it exists here Space : FU*****. YOU

  • cheffster
    cheffster 4 days ago

    This was the most ingenuously funny channel out there, it's too bad this happened - but you have some real talent you ought to continue to put to work! best wishes

  • James Conwell
    James Conwell 4 days ago

    5:50 Gymnopedie No 1 By Erike Satie

  • James Conwell
    James Conwell 4 days ago

    Narrator Sounds Like Joey's Voice From Goanimate/Vyond

  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer 4 days ago

    It's the end of an era. Thank you everything text to speech voice.

  • Lord Bhunivelze
    Lord Bhunivelze 4 days ago

    *Darwin transcends time and kill Nieztche, then causing a clash between some of the greatest minds of humanity, so a loser creates VR and suddenly ascenda to godhood, becoming one with God (gone wrong?)*

  • Marcos Querino
    Marcos Querino 4 days ago

    Que pena que acabou :/

  • Marcos Querino
    Marcos Querino 4 days ago

    Que pena que acabou...

  • sion gang
    sion gang 4 days ago

    Is this a real robot?

  • medexamtoolsdotcom
    medexamtoolsdotcom 5 days ago

    No, it doesn't get its name from a singularity as part of a black hole. You don't know nuthin'. The singularity in the Schwarzschild black hole gets ITS name from a mathematical term, a singularity is any artifact in a function where its value goes to infinity in limit. You just know about the black hole singularity since you watched a bunch of science dumbed down for laymen videos, and aren't actually mathematically knowledgeable.

  • Light
    Light 5 days ago

    Hello mortal...

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    Wilfredo Marenco 5 days ago

    My brain hurted

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    George Barnard 5 days ago

    How do you proof this?

  • Fatima Kahedi
    Fatima Kahedi 5 days ago

    and we get to this crap lol

  • Fatima Kahedi
    Fatima Kahedi 5 days ago

    lol love the humor

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    Shivam Natani 5 days ago

    😢 😡

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  • Enrique Wahn
    Enrique Wahn 5 days ago

    Well in some point i give you right but in the point that water is just water and that chakras dont exist i have to disagree with you. Maybe you will think what an idiot thats what you are saying got no empiric evidence. First the water It surely can be affected by thoughts. I did a little experiment in where i put two bottles of water on a piece of paper. On one there stood hate and on the other love. I gave my mother both bottles to drink after an half hour and she surely saw a big difference from both and that the love water was smooth and the hate water sticky. By the way i never told her what i was going to do and i even made it more often. And now the chakras. It could be so that by brother pranked me but after a meditation session my brother came to me and saw some colours on my forehead which were even changing from blue to green. And he the sun was behind him, so it couldnt have been some weird reflections

  • 葉瑋瑋
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    Why is this video suddenly recommended?

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    Abin Tom Sebastian 5 days ago

    I'll always give you great recommendations - RUclip

  • Will McM
    Will McM 5 days ago

    Why isn’t string theory sudoscience?

  • Will McM
    Will McM 5 days ago

    Too bad science has resulted in technology for global warming, the atomic bomb, Bio weapons, and other world destroying capabilities. But yes! Science really must be our only hope. Science really knows everything! Our few hundred years of “technology” really surpass the thousands of years of eastern philosophy!(sarcasm)

    • dan broski
      dan broski 4 days ago

      *MUh MAgic crYSTALS EEeeeeeeE*

  • David Alexander
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    Would this work?

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    Idk which is better: listening to Sciencephile or dat Brandenburg concerto No.3. in the background.