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Mauro Icardi - Goals Show 2018 |HD|Mauro Icardi - Goals Show 2018 |HD|
Mauro Icardi - Goals Show 2018 |HD|
7 месяцев назад
Crazy Football Skills & Tricks 2018 |HD|Crazy Football Skills & Tricks 2018 |HD|
Crazy Football Skills & Tricks 2018 |HD|
9 месяцев назад

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  • Eric Llonora
    Eric Llonora 10 месяцев назад

    Hello Teo CRi, please make a video of ANDRIJA ZIVKOVIC of benfica the latest video of him..thank you so much

  • Brave Philippines
    Brave Philippines 10 месяцев назад

    Sir can you make a video of "WES HOOLAHAN" please, Thank you!

  • Soccer World
    Soccer World 11 месяцев назад

    Hi Teo CRi Please Support Me That My Channel Could be Grow Like You.Please Put My Link In Your Description.

  • diego leon
    diego leon 11 месяцев назад

    felicidades llegaste al millón!! saludos desde venezuela

  • World Sports Channel
    World Sports Channel Год назад

    geia sou aderfe!! an mporeis pes mou poio programma douleueis gia tin epeksergasia ton video!!! euxaristw

  • SP channel
    SP channel Год назад

    Teo CRi please make some videos of Manchester United players like Pogba , Martial , Rashford ,David De Gea , Lukaku , Zlatan , Herrera , etc. Please Please Please Please

  • Alonso Gonzalez
    Alonso Gonzalez Год назад

    mario sube el camino

  • Elite Football
    Elite Football Год назад

    olá amigo fecha parceria comigo ?

  • F4tebol E4rope4
    F4tebol E4rope4 Год назад

    Why do not you put videos of Leo Messi?

  • wickedman mk
    wickedman mk Год назад

    jerw gw toso kairo se uavmaza kai dn ijera pos eisai ellhnas bravw kai kltra

    JR YTPOOPS Год назад

    i love you´r football videos!

  • mr gaspasios
    mr gaspasios Год назад

    μπορεις να μου απαντησεις μια ερωτησει teo

  • The NJB
    The NJB Год назад

    Can you make a video on thiago alcantra he's so underrated and he's amazing to watch

  • EnzoCR7HD
    EnzoCR7HD Год назад

    TeoCRi Possible help for my channel please

  • سيف الحسنات
    سيف الحسنات Год назад

    مطلوب مهارات للاعب زاها لاعب كريستال بالاس بجودة 1080 hd

  • Francisco Peña
    Francisco Peña Год назад

    You can upload a video of marcelo vieira 2016/2017 thanks

  • GiorgosBleb
    GiorgosBleb Год назад

    teo kane kati na mathoun oloi poios einai protos stin ellada den mporo na akouo tis mlkies tou 2j oti einaqi protos stin ellada (kai vale ejofilo tin palia eikona pou eixes pou elege me mikra gramata nmz oti eisai No1 kanali stin ellada) kaneis polu orea video sinexise alla kane kai kanena me ton messi , oxi plaka kano oti nomizeis

  • Qeich
    Qeich Год назад


  • andy rodriguez
    andy rodriguez Год назад

    Suban otro vídeo ya por favor

  • Maestro Bm
    Maestro Bm Год назад

    why don't you ever make an arjen robben video i bet that you could make a 15 mnts video only for this year or you're just helping the media keeping him underrated

  • Abdullah Saeed
    Abdullah Saeed Год назад

    hey bro make a video on cristiano ronaldo thr greatest. plzzz

  • JeaFutbol- Futbol Colombiano
    JeaFutbol- Futbol Colombiano Год назад

    Hola Amigo, Como Suscriptor Y Seguidor de tu canal youtube de y pagina de facebook, te quiero dar las gracias por sorprenderme con tu contenido, pero por favor mencioname en un vídeo, por favor.. Hello Friend, As a subscriber and follower of your youtube channel and facebook page, I want to thank you for surprising me with your content, but please mention me in a video, please.....

  • Joyal prince
    Joyal prince Год назад

    Can you please make a video of Cristiano Ronaldo from 2003-2014. Especially more clips from ManU, cause he was at his Prime form at that time with more skills. I love him now same as before, but I love to watch a video of him with more skills in a crazy edited video where they focus how crazy his legs are while dribbling. It would be great. thanks.

  • sume curso
    sume curso Год назад

    faiz um video melhor çao cu

  • Yashwant Dodve
    Yashwant Dodve Год назад

    É você de Portugal? (Are you from Portugal?)

  • Juan Pablo Iva
    Juan Pablo Iva Год назад

    puedes aser un video de jualian draxel

  • Dan Mursa
    Dan Mursa Год назад

    Can you make one video with David Alaba ? It would be great

  • Tashif Hoda
    Tashif Hoda Год назад

    Bro, make a video titles "Cristiano Ronaldo- Just a goalscorer?" And show all footage of him making awesome chances and his teammates fluffing them all.

  • HW Satrio
    HW Satrio Год назад

    i have football channel, how to join redpointaffiliate? Please help me. thanks :D

  • Houssem Seridi
    Houssem Seridi Год назад

    Can you make a video of "SERGIO RAMOS" with the song ''Don't You Need Somebody"?

  • zohra rami
    zohra rami Год назад

    hey broo nice vids ...i think you should make a vid about the pig piqué and how he hates on madrid and cr7 so pepole can see that he is not a pro but a fkin kid

  • Jason Vatos Locos
    Jason Vatos Locos Год назад

    Teo Cri eisai elinas re file? ginete na s miliso ligo 8elo na s kanw merikes erotiseis re trele..

  • Ronãld Stěvěn
    Ronãld Stěvěn Год назад

    Falcao Garcia please

  • Huzaifa Bilal
    Huzaifa Bilal Год назад

    can you plz guide me a little on where to get clips and how to make videos?

  • LoveBaby愛貝貝
    LoveBaby愛貝貝 Год назад


  • 亮之境界
    亮之境界 Год назад

    shot shot

  • Teo Frankfurt
    Teo Frankfurt Год назад

    finally the videos are back!


    Большое спасибо!

  • Jonathan Sanchez21055
    Jonathan Sanchez21055 Год назад

    Where are all the other videos????

  • Mick Miz
    Mick Miz Год назад

    WTF ? where are your videos man ?

  • ابو نسر
    ابو نسر Год назад

    where is your previous videos ?

  • Ansatsü
    Ansatsü Год назад

    Teo, que paso con los demas videos? podrias explicarme por favor?

  • hector el chido
    hector el chido Год назад

    oiie pro q busco tus videos y no me salen todos los q subiste ?

  • SYYI
    SYYI Год назад

    Karim Benzema - Best Time of My Life 2015/16 Goals,Skills,Passes [HD] plz!

  • Lucas Hassan Sarraf
    Lucas Hassan Sarraf Год назад

    please, come back with your videos dude :(

  • santiago villera
    santiago villera Год назад

    Que paso con el canal ?

  • mauro junior recalde
    mauro junior recalde Год назад


  • mauro junior recalde
    mauro junior recalde Год назад

    I want all the videos of ronaldo please please please.I'm a super fan of ronaldo and Teo CRi. PLEASE PLEASEEEEEE

  • Squag1
    Squag1 Год назад

    What happened to the videos why are they all private or not there?, because I actually watch them every single night before I go to soccer practice. And if they are just private may have permission to watch them?

  • Džake Production
    Džake Production Год назад

    wtf with your chanal Teo ?

  • Dominik Štepanovic
    Dominik Štepanovic Год назад

    what happened? I really miss your videos

  • MR7 rodriguez
    MR7 rodriguez Год назад

    www.ipetitions.com/petition/allow-football-videos-back-on-youtube# Recent changes to RUclip's policy have meant that UEFA and the FA now terminate channels containing content from their games. This essentially brings to an end many football compilation channels from RUclip. This is unfair as the content is used in a way which is transformative and is used under fair use: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." We need as many signatures and support on this petition as possible so please share and sign

  • Football Country
    Football Country Год назад

    Where did your video go?

  • PaceDemon9
    PaceDemon9 Год назад

    Where are all of your videos bro?


    Я расстроен!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Верните канал!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Где все видео????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Samuel Frankovský
    Samuel Frankovský Год назад

    Teo Cri, Why can not I your videos?

  • The NJB
    The NJB Год назад

    what happened to your channel? Btw could you do a Bellerin vs Antoine Valencia video. Stats show Valencia is fastest player in europe

  • Shivam Tyagi
    Shivam Tyagi Год назад

    why are all ur videos private all of a sudden

  • Hannah Lee
    Hannah Lee Год назад

    Please bring back your channels teo!!

    SERGIO RAMOS Год назад

    What is wrong whit your channel teocri???

  • Θωμας Λιακος
    Θωμας Λιακος Год назад

    teo cri eise ellinas?

  • or clash royal
    or clash royal Год назад

    More video of neymar otherwise t'es video are super cool

  • DarkZ18
    DarkZ18 Год назад

    eeeeeemmmmm kses oti exeis perasei ton 2j eeee??

  • George Hinnis
    George Hinnis Год назад

    υπεροχα βιντεο φιλε. εισαι απιστευτος. μπραβο σου!!!!! πολυ καλη δουλεια. συνεχισε ετσι δυναμικα με τον ιδιο ρυθμο. βλεπω πολλα βιντεο σου

  • Keenan Kröpp
    Keenan Kröpp Год назад

    You should use the song Beautiful Heartbeat - Nine Lives Remix By MORTEN in one of your videos. Please look into it I heard it and thought it would be a cool video.

    BENSANTOS Год назад

    one of the best editors <3

  • ميشو صميلي
    ميشو صميلي Год назад

    Omar Al Somah Goal Show - Superpollods Player of December 2016

  • rq77
    rq77 Год назад

    Hey! Would it in any way possible to make a Quaresma skill video from his first spell PORTO(2004-2008)?

  • Luis Cardenas
    Luis Cardenas Год назад

    Hey man you should make a playlist on spotify or any other app, of all the songs you use in the videos. please Thanks Man!!!!

  • tsgeoser
    tsgeoser Год назад

    +Teo CRi where dou you find the clips i m very intrested... good work

  • Futebol Tv
    Futebol Tv Год назад


    • Angel YT
      Angel YT Год назад


  • thomas dussan
    thomas dussan Год назад

    I'm thomas from colombia I would love to see a video of douglas costa I have always followed your videos and help me to improve football and inspire me to become professional so I thank you

  • neyssipage
    neyssipage Год назад

    +TeoCri Great Channel! I love it! Thank you for this great videos! I really like them all!

  • Arrgur
    Arrgur Год назад

    I can take a piece of your video to make it

  • NitterChannel
    NitterChannel Год назад

    Hi bro !! please check my new video about R10 freestyle! if you liked it - please subscribe!

  • Mitsos kati
    Mitsos kati Год назад

    Ξεπερασες και τον 2j μπραβο ρε αλανι εισαι ωραιος!

  • Yusuf Enes Şen
    Yusuf Enes Şen Год назад

    Türkiye de birçok kaliteli futbolcu var neden sadece quaresma ?

    • Angel YT
      Angel YT Год назад


  • MSL Prod.
    MSL Prod. Год назад

    haz uno de las mejores juganas de defensaº@Teo CRi

  • Junior Baggio
    Junior Baggio Год назад

    Check my new profil bro!!!

  • MR7 rodriguez
    MR7 rodriguez Год назад

    uploader of counter-attacks cristiano ronaldo

  • MR7 rodriguez
    MR7 rodriguez Год назад

    sube un video de contraataques de cristiano ronaldo

    • KF Football
      KF Football Год назад

      you like football?check my channel bro!

  • DarkZ18
    DarkZ18 Год назад

    kses oti eisai pio pano apo ton 2J eeeee??

  • Si Dou™
    Si Dou™ 2 года назад

    Riyad Mahrez 2016 - 2017 plz

  • Kouz Cr7
    Kouz Cr7 2 года назад

    Φιλε θα μπορουσα να εποικοινωνισω μαζι σου στον προσωπικο σου λογαριασμο χρειαζομαι καποιες πληροφοριες

  • Andre Almeida
    Andre Almeida 2 года назад

    cade o video do neymar 2016/2017

    • KF Football
      KF Football Год назад

      curte futebol? ve meu canal la mano tu vai curtir! se inscreve la

    SOCCER ADDICTION TV 2 года назад

    Subscribe to my channel plzz

  • D3st1ny
    D3st1ny 2 года назад

    Αλήθεια, από που βγαίνει το όνομα σου;; Το Teo από το όνομα Θωδορής και το CR από Κύπρο;;

    • george tselentis
      george tselentis Год назад

      o 2j κανει καλυτερα βιντεο

    • D3st1ny
      D3st1ny 2 года назад

      Ωραία !!!

    • Teo CRi
      Teo CRi 2 года назад

      hah to CR einai Cristiano Ronaldo k eimai apo Ellada kami sxesh me kupro!

  • Luis Gustavo Santillàn
    Luis Gustavo Santillàn 2 года назад

    Sube mas videos de neymar cuando hace la lambretta

  • davimen ferreira
    davimen ferreira 2 года назад

    Make a video : Cristiano ronaldo best defense skills!!!!please

  • jorge vanoye
    jorge vanoye 2 года назад

    Estan muy buenos tus videos👌

  • Κωστας Τζαλας
    Κωστας Τζαλας 2 года назад

    κανε βιντεο με τον Payet vs Dybala

  • barbara velickov
    barbara velickov 2 года назад

    teo cri can you subcribe me plssss i will you plsssss?

  • olcese02
    olcese02 2 года назад

    Make an Ozil video please Like the comment if you would want one

    • KF Football
      KF Football Год назад

      you like football?check my channel bro

  • Kartik Shinge
    Kartik Shinge 2 года назад

    i need your help. why did u not monetized your account. is there any copyright isssue i am your big fan. plz revert back.

  • Lucas N
    Lucas N 2 года назад

    Hey guy, a video on Juninho (best free-kick striker ever) could be awesome :) Thank you for your work !

  • Anthony Labrinoudakis
    Anthony Labrinoudakis 2 года назад

    yo, dude your videos are incredible, congrats, where are you from ??

  • EDGvideos
    EDGvideos 2 года назад

    Can you make an Aguero video ??

  • Smak HD
    Smak HD 2 года назад

    Drake Chisholm - Passages (Prod. Zach Aum)..Ideal this song!

  • Smak HD
    Smak HD 2 года назад

    Logic - Stewie Griffin, Logic - I Just Wanna,Used this song please :)

  • Julian Cortes
    Julian Cortes 2 года назад

    un nueveo video de cr7 por favor con buena musica

    ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ ΜΠΑΛΤΑΣ 2 года назад

    Mπράβο Teo Cri πού είσαι έλληνας μ'αρέσουν πολύ τα βίντεο σου.

  • elnico hitta
    elnico hitta 2 года назад

    Hey Teo hi i am uruguayan guy, luis suarez skills pls ? Is my favorite player in the world. sorry for my english xD

  • aleen_ الين
    aleen_ الين 2 года назад

    Hi Teo CRi can you make video about Lionel Messi skills and goals

  • Noirlek
    Noirlek 2 года назад

    Aderfe eisai wraios..

  • aman bhardwaj
    aman bhardwaj 2 года назад

    Teo CRi will you teach me how to make these videos

  • DZCool
    DZCool 2 года назад

    please do a new mesut ozil video. thanks!

  • Αλέξης
    Αλέξης 2 года назад

    Πρόσφατα έμαθα ότι είσαι Έλληνας...Θέλω να σου δώσω τα συγχαρητήρια μου και σου εύχομαι να συνεχίσεις το δυναμικό ρυθμό σου..Πολύ σωστός σε ποιότητα και γενικότερα στα βίντεο σου...Εύγε!

    • Angel YT
      Angel YT Год назад

      o 2j einai deuteros

    • KoCtakicss PrînÇe
      KoCtakicss PrînÇe 2 года назад

      Νουμερο 1 καναλι σε ολη tην ελλαδα και οχι ο 2j

  • lysandropouloss
    lysandropouloss 2 года назад

    ρε εισαι ελληνας οραιος πιο δημοφιλες απο τον 2j οραια βιντεο κανεις

  • Δημητρης Κυριακιδης

    σοβαρα εισαι ελληνας?? μπραβο ρε πολυ μαρεσουν τα βιντεο σου

    • United Builders
      United Builders 2 года назад

      Ρε νόμιζα ότι ο 2j ειναι ο καλύτερος στην Ελλάδα. Μα τελικά εισαι εσυ!

    • Teo CRi
      Teo CRi 2 года назад

      haha s'euxaristw ;)

  • PeRouKaGaTe7
    PeRouKaGaTe7 2 года назад

    eisai wraios paixtara

    • Noirlek
      Noirlek 2 года назад

      Sub to me and i'll sub to you:)

    • Teo CRi
      Teo CRi 2 года назад

      na sai kala paixtara :)

  • Omar Bull-47
    Omar Bull-47 2 года назад

    Why did u deleted the BBC video I loved it Please bring it back Please!!!!!

  • Chidi Okechukwu
    Chidi Okechukwu 2 года назад

    Still got that 22 min Video with ronaldos 61 goals?

  • one piece
    one piece 2 года назад

    Pourrai me donner ton logiciel de montage stp

  • Cowenangelz
    Cowenangelz 2 года назад

    hey where to you get all the clips for the skill compilations?

  • LucasAA
    LucasAA 2 года назад

    With that editing program?

  • alpha glode
    alpha glode 2 года назад


  • Yassine Salhi
    Yassine Salhi 2 года назад

    Subscribe my channel please

  • #LM10
    #LM10 2 года назад

    hey mate Teocri can you help me with my growing channel please link -ruclip.com/channel/UCWsoBARuZhRyvRhyXh6_z6g

  • χαρης παπαδοπουλος

    μπορείς παρακαλώ να κάνεις ένα βίντεο με aguero

  • Mohamed Gebril
    Mohamed Gebril 2 года назад

    Where do you get videos from? They're all high quality.

  • Skolachados Football Club
    Skolachados Football Club 2 года назад


  • Kristian
    Kristian 2 года назад

    cr7 video needed please

  • Vinicius Football
    Vinicius Football 2 года назад

    Cade What You Are Making Of Courage A Video So He Mass Showing His True Identity

  • MrKrieger -
    MrKrieger - 2 года назад

    Hello brother, I could take a look at my little channel? Started today, like a lot of your videos if you can leave a liked the video would be of great help. Very successful, heartfelt thanks !! ruclip.com/channel/UCOAvMdaF860it6y-AlCS28A

  • YouNes TmZ
    YouNes TmZ 2 года назад

    Plz brp we need A One " Riyad Mehrez " Best Player In Enlglend..... thnks for All Teo_CRi

  • Lucas Andino
    Lucas Andino 2 года назад

    Un sergio ramos y nicolas otamendii hace

  • Soccerland Tv
    Soccerland Tv 2 года назад

    amazing videos guy , I'm also starting , look at my and me of support... thank you

  • Tatogogo
    Tatogogo 2 года назад

    +Teo CRi can you make a video of Marco Asensio, please? thank's

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    GustavoFilms 2 года назад

    Hey bro, Check my Channel ?

  • Jxsh
    Jxsh 2 года назад

    +Teo CRi could you make a vid on N'golo Kante?

  • Amit Aamir
    Amit Aamir 2 года назад

    is there channel for neymar jr?

  • Clash Layouts
    Clash Layouts 2 года назад

    you will like him for your videos there some but i want to see some with your graphics and music.

  • Clash Layouts
    Clash Layouts 2 года назад

    Teo Cri Look up Tecatito corona he is a dribbler and a skillful player

  • Jese Rodriguez
    Jese Rodriguez 2 года назад

    Make a video on mats hummels!!

  • sidnei moreira Silva
    sidnei moreira Silva 2 года назад

    fez do falcao

  • How To Make Sushi
    How To Make Sushi 2 года назад

    Great videos

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      best goals77 2 года назад

      +How To Make Sushi maybe you intresting my channel ? ^_^ mee too Best goals, assists, saves every week

  • Maor Groisman
    Maor Groisman 2 года назад

    can you do a videos on aguero/douglas costa/bale/james rodriguez/de bruyne/depay/skills please do a video on at least one from those players

  • Rapha
    Rapha 2 года назад

    Some to watch my channel and let a comment with i should improve ruclip.com/channel/UCv93dJVqDF-Jxamch0L3-dA

  • Andriana Argyropoulou
    Andriana Argyropoulou 2 года назад

    fuck you / #why_the_fuck_greece_?

  • Bluest Shark
    Bluest Shark 2 года назад

    Hello, your videos are very good in my opinion. Could you do one of a 'best of' of each ballon d'or winner in the season that they won it? Perhaps you could even mention the top 3 each time and only show the highlights of the winners in that season. It would be quite a long task an amazing video potentially, especially if you make it. Please let me know your thoughts on the idea.

  • Itz_Stellar
    Itz_Stellar 2 года назад

    re eisai ellinas?(are you from greece)

    • Psycho Samurai
      Psycho Samurai 2 года назад

      +Teo CRi ARE YOU FROM GREECE?????????????????????? ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑ.

    • Teo CRi
      Teo CRi 2 года назад

      +DragonGamer Nai Ellhnas eimai! :)

  • lucas cellucci
    lucas cellucci 2 года назад

    Ni un video del mejor jugador de la historia lio messi.

  • King Deluxe MTM
    King Deluxe MTM 2 года назад

    Hey Teo Cri Watch My Channel Once I Am An Pro Editor Of Football Videos And Suggest Me Something :)

  • crazy ox
    crazy ox 2 года назад

    this is the best video of football player

  • Wassim Rezgui
    Wassim Rezgui 2 года назад

    how about dimitri payet he have some insane skills and goals and you have have talent hope to see that video soon ... it will be magical :)

    MXZ PRODUCTIONS 2 года назад

    Subscribe my channel Teo CRi plz <3

  • mike the spike1995
    mike the spike1995 2 года назад

    can someone please tell me how to make soccer videos

  • Lyes c7
    Lyes c7 2 года назад

    why don't you make a video for mohamed salah ?

  • LB HD
    LB HD 2 года назад

    Sub on my channel

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    MK97 Football 2 года назад

    www.dailymotion.com/bookmarks/mk97-football/1 made something liek this please

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    Talented Guys 2 года назад

    You doesn't deserve success! I want U to fail!!!!

    • Ece Ozhan
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