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JB - ⌈without you⌋
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GOT7 & BTS - ⌈everyday⌋
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  • April Rose Elopre
    April Rose Elopre 4 hours ago

    I'm not a fan but...😍

  • mulfand gurl
    mulfand gurl 8 hours ago

    Weel kids if you met your bias Pretend to fall down And cry or something It DEFFINETLY WILL WORK

  • iamkpopress
    iamkpopress 9 hours ago

    YUGKOOK IS THE BEST SHIP EVERRRRRRRRR!!!! my heart can't take it

  • RM's not so expensive gurl

    If jackson hit me with a bouncy ball I would thank him

  • chimggu
    chimggu 12 hours ago

    Jackson has my heart

  • fiona s,world
    fiona s,world 13 hours ago

    Ok my sister is in there becuz Jackson kicks s ball in my sister face and she said thank you jackson

  • ToXicFlowers X
    ToXicFlowers X 16 hours ago

    *Nah I’m fine, don’t get close to me.*

  • Rodalyn Tablisma
    Rodalyn Tablisma 20 hours ago


  • Mae Rin Lee
    Mae Rin Lee 21 hour ago

    Where can I watch a full vid of this? Thank you 😊

  • Estefani Peralta

    They were all living the y/n life man✋🏻😔

    AHGASE 4EVER Day ago

    The person who put dislike i hate u

  • Lily Glety
    Lily Glety Day ago

    8:46 who are you? - we are ketchup and mustard... 🤣👏🏻🤣👏🏻 || V Nice to meet you!❤😂😂

  • Jimin's Peach Jam

    They're not my main but I really love this 7 dorks they deserved all the loveeeee💖

  • Lee Jihoon
    Lee Jihoon Day ago

    Got7?i only stan drunk7😂😂

  • Lee Jihoon
    Lee Jihoon Day ago

    Try asking me why i stan got7 imma show yall this video again and again

  • Lee Jihoon
    Lee Jihoon Day ago

    Whats the link to this live?😂😂

  • Avrylle Tolentino


  • Iliveforfood
    Iliveforfood 2 days ago

    4:13 the way Jackson grabbed him after bam bam fell 😂😂😂

  • Anja G.
    Anja G. 2 days ago

    Wy are you drunk got7 😓😓😓😓

  • atou rutsa
    atou rutsa 2 days ago

    What's the song played at the beginning? Too good

  • Sofiangjji
    Sofiangjji 2 days ago

    Sana ako na lang yung babae na nandun kahet di talaga ako fan hahahahahaha

  • Sofiangjji
    Sofiangjji 2 days ago

    Sana ol.

  • impassive
    impassive 2 days ago

    I watched that mafia episode with absolutely no context and TOTALLY thought they were sober lmao.

  • I V Y V I N E
    I V Y V I N E 3 days ago

    Now they gonna clown Thai Aghases at concert for messing it up. WE MESSED IT UP AND KCON AND MARK WAS TRYING TO HELP US

  • c.p1114
    c.p1114 3 days ago


  • Peachy Bee
    Peachy Bee 3 days ago

    That's Why I Stan Them😊

  • got7 channel
    got7 channel 4 days ago

    The vid edit at the end of this is so good! Wow!

  • Eman Khan
    Eman Khan 4 days ago

    Can someone tell wht is the song at the end ???

  • chelle gitalan
    chelle gitalan 4 days ago

    such a gentle man GOT7,,, please don't change for more fans will love you😊😊😘😘

  • Analyn Villamin
    Analyn Villamin 4 days ago

    got7 have good heart..

  • carol
    carol 4 days ago

    Ok but jaebeom imiting bambam was so cute

  • erika bautista
    erika bautista 4 days ago

    Do you the link of starcast episode during just right era?

  • Oof J
    Oof J 5 days ago

    me: falls on purpose just so Jb can help me up


    Ahgases are so lucky.. 💗😊

  • Chimo Chim
    Chimo Chim 6 days ago

    Youngjae's laugh brings someone to life❤😔👏

  • Vanessa Sanhá
    Vanessa Sanhá 6 days ago

    I wish I could beat the fuck out of that Bitch !!

  • Fatal Fatal
    Fatal Fatal 6 days ago

    2:05 song title?

  • พาพา ทุย


  • Janiya Emerson
    Janiya Emerson 8 days ago

    True man's right there

  • April Rose Omandac
    April Rose Omandac 8 days ago

    Hope I can meet got7 someday

  • everteez -
    everteez - 8 days ago

    1:31 song?

  • kai is god
    kai is god 8 days ago

    0:34 oh so that's why everyone is falling on the ground nowadays

  • Eve Ydl
    Eve Ydl 8 days ago

    I can't stop laughing!! This never gets old lolol

  • yariko riho
    yariko riho 8 days ago

    he wasn't feel well again, he was

  • Rossell Bagobe
    Rossell Bagobe 8 days ago

    All I saw was stick limbs flying through the air when Bam danced. 😂😂😂

  • Pp Kpst
    Pp Kpst 8 days ago

    คือถ้าเป็นผู้หญิงข้างเวทีที่เฮียลงมาดูอาการ อยากจะบอกเฮียว่าเตะบอลลูกนั้นมาแรงๆเลยค่ะเฮีย จะเป็นรองเท้าหรือไมค์ลอยมาก็ได้ เผื่อสลบให้เฮียอุ้มขึ้นรถโรงบาล ทำบุญด้วยอะไร ทำไมลูกบอลถึงเลือกเธอ อยากไปสะดุดลมแล้วล้มบ้าง อยากให้ฝนเทลงมาเทลงมาแรงๆ กูสาบานว่าจะไม่เอามือบังฝน555 #แท็กคนไทยทุกคนที่เห็นเมนท์​นี้ร่วมกันยืนอิจแก่คลิปนี้555

  • Rehan Zahid
    Rehan Zahid 8 days ago

    0:41 is my fav moment😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lazy Potato Chloe
    Lazy Potato Chloe 8 days ago

    This made me wonder if im gonna go broke cause after watching this I think I’m a Got7 Stan

  • Tom x Tord forever
    Tom x Tord forever 8 days ago

    *watchs this* oh my god there so luck... *Fell to the floor* is anybody coming to help me? :(

  • Aika Sae
    Aika Sae 8 days ago

    Mark being rich af. HE IS DRINKING WINE while others are just taking soju 🤣

  • oh kpop
    oh kpop 9 days ago

    -got7- DrUnK7

  • เย็น เยือน


  • Van 13
    Van 13 9 days ago

    Before I became an ARMY, I stanned some groups and GOT7 is one of them. Sadly I left their fandom and met BTS and became an ARMY. Few days ago, I started missing the groups I stanned before so I came back re watching their vids and downloading their songs. Then I thought, "How about I'll be an Ahgase again?" But I'm not sure if I can but I badly want to. I want to know them deeply like how I know Bangtan, But I don't know where to start. After seeing this video, It's like...It convinced me more. It convinced me to stan Got7 more. I hope I could enter this fandom and meet a new family again. These boys are really precious. Each one of them is precious. From Mark to Yugyeom. They are precious and really deserving to have precious Ahgases too. GOT7 and Ahgases, Fighting!💕

  • deannaleeevans1800
    deannaleeevans1800 10 days ago

    Everyone falling on purpus

  • Zloto 1609
    Zloto 1609 10 days ago

    When I see Got7 giving their jackets to fans, Me: That’s it, I’m going there.

    BOGO SHIPTA 10 days ago

    That clip when they were wearing pajamas was so adorable😘😘😘😘😭😭😭😭uwuuu

  • Cloud Nine
    Cloud Nine 10 days ago

    Who Remembers The Old Days When They Used To Fanboy Over This Song? 😂

  • Zing Mual
    Zing Mual 10 days ago

    What’s and AhGase

  • Cotton the candy
    Cotton the candy 10 days ago

    Im not even a GOT7 fan, but if these things happened to me, I would still be shOCKED

  • Sj Playz
    Sj Playz 11 days ago

    So when I see them I will fall so they can pick me up uvu

  • Lazer_x
    Lazer_x 11 days ago

    ooooooo them girls lucky ima go to korea then pretend to fall when i see em and hope they help me. it will be like heaven 😂😂😂😂😇😂😂😂. oml i feel so cringy today sorry maybe. 😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😂😂😂

  • maria colim
    maria colim 11 days ago

    Can you tell me what is the title of the song on the 0:09 mark?

    • maria colim
      maria colim 2 days ago

      @sh thank you! 😄

    • sh
      sh 8 days ago

      GOT7 - take me to you ❤️

  • Kiki Jiji
    Kiki Jiji 11 days ago

    5:22 #Yugeomi 💖😍😍😍

  • sirada praderm
    sirada praderm 11 days ago


  • Mareonnn_ 0313
    Mareonnn_ 0313 11 days ago


  • Irene DG
    Irene DG 11 days ago

    Can i know the song played just after the intro?

    ARMY X BLINKS 11 days ago

    So many of them fell Fell for got7 😂😍

  • lonelysxnflower
    lonelysxnflower 11 days ago

    𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈 𝒾𝓈 𝓈ℴ 𝒸𝓊𝓉ℯ ℴ𝓂𝒾ℊℴ𝓈

  • Jonaisa Malic
    Jonaisa Malic 11 days ago

    All Of them is HANDSOME 😍😍😍

  • jofa Kalungwa
    jofa Kalungwa 12 days ago

    He was dancing like a ballerina and they just stood there like confused cat's i laughed so hard 😂 7:30

  • 赵子发
    赵子发 12 days ago


  • blackbangtan lisa kookie love

    I love jungyeon reaction i don't want to see these type of things but i see

  • Cloud Nine
    Cloud Nine 12 days ago

    More Intense RPS They Did -Doing RPS And Whoever Loses Has To Jump In The Cold Asf Pool -Whoever Loses In RPS The Other Members Will Have To Spread Cake On The Person's Face -They Did Rock Paper Scissors On Who'll Wrestle In ISAC And BAMBAM LOST AND HE LITTERALY WENT FLYING ONTO THE GROUND -Jackson And BamBam Had To Get Off The Train At The Next Section To Play RPS. But When They Were Playing THE TRAIN LEFT WITHOUT THEM (Pure Betrayal Lmao)

  • Cloud Nine
    Cloud Nine 12 days ago

    Kpop Groups:We Love You Our Dear Leader! Continue To Work Hard!! Got7: *JB Screwed Up His Rap, He's Too Serious, JB Can't Open His Eyes, JAEBUM LOOKS LIKE A CAMEL*

  • CJ Benedicto
    CJ Benedicto 12 days ago


  • iianu azarcon kapoorii

    *Sana ol*

  • totheinfinityK
    totheinfinityK 12 days ago

    this will never gets old seriously

  • Multi Aerriess
    Multi Aerriess 12 days ago

    This got me subscribed to your channel lol I was lmao ㅋㅋ

  • Yamile Rojas
    Yamile Rojas 13 days ago


  • Psycho Gaming
    Psycho Gaming 13 days ago

    They are the most idiots and kind

  • Codie Wightman
    Codie Wightman 13 days ago

    I need more of these 😩😩😩

  • Yvonne Poh
    Yvonne Poh 14 days ago

    Remember to fall in front of K-pop idols to get ur Senpai to notice u

  • i hate snakeu
    i hate snakeu 14 days ago

    BamBam and Yugyeom is totally me and my best friend when someone does something funny in class and the teacher scolds us and I try to recollect myself but remembers it in my head and tries so hard not to laugh. Also my friend and I would glance at each other and literally try so hard to not laugh. If you get me to laugh in class, it could be game over. All though, sometimes I can be unbothered or be like Youngjae.

    • i hate snakeu
      i hate snakeu 14 days ago

      I hate it when it gets silent and I’m over there trying to collect myself before I burst.

  • Bibi84 Ahgase
    Bibi84 Ahgase 14 days ago

    If this dorks can't be serious in performing "Thank you" song so we couldnt never expect to be normal😂😂😂😂Thats why we love them soooo much 💚🐦💚🐦💚🐦

  • Rahmat Ashfaq
    Rahmat Ashfaq 14 days ago

    A love it when famous people don’t be ignorant and take being famous as an advantage to hurt others! Everyone should be kind

  • vyone_ hm
    vyone_ hm 14 days ago

    fanwar everywhere!!! and its always between army and ahgase. can you guys just stop and enjoy the vids? 😒 for those ahgase and army!! when armys/ahgases talk about bts/got7 in got7's/bts's video, just let them be to avoid the fanwar. I mean its okay to leave a comment about your bg's if you're telling a joke but dont compare both group if you dont want to start the fanwar. I've seen so many toxic and salty fans here.😓

  • Ace мl
    Ace мl 14 days ago

    Girls fall knowingly ta fk

  • ot7 stan right here
    ot7 stan right here 15 days ago

    Their deadass laughing at their own fans kdkkdkd

  • •••
    ••• 15 days ago

    The song in the background is what my mom plays everyday 24/7 😂

  • Spillthetea
    Spillthetea 15 days ago

    Got7:”We’re proud to say that man on the screen is our dad.” *meanwhile* Twice:”...”

  • Viviane Bazanini
    Viviane Bazanini 15 days ago

    2:55 gets me everytime, Bambam singing out of nowhere is the funniest thing ever.

  • 《A S H E R》
    《A S H E R》 15 days ago

    I am Not A Fan But I really Like That They Help There Fans!

  • belle
    belle 15 days ago

    What’s the name of the song at 0:08 im sorry im just new to the fandom

    • sh
      sh 8 days ago

      jinnieee GOT7 - take me to you ❤️

  • gacha flame
    gacha flame 15 days ago

    Sana all

  • Duyên Trần
    Duyên Trần 16 days ago

    Aww They're so much cute 😍

  • Yshi Gose
    Yshi Gose 16 days ago

    What show was this?

  • _Anna_
    _Anna_ 16 days ago

    2:56 im dying so hard

  • Asuna Carlow
    Asuna Carlow 16 days ago

    My father pushed me Like a trash can

  • Zenah Karam
    Zenah Karam 16 days ago

    There’s a lot of falling down 😂😂😂

  • haslinda ojang
    haslinda ojang 16 days ago