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    RICHARD F 29 minutes ago

    This is the first time I've actually be impressed with my Congressmen. He lied to my face a few months ago at a town hall, but by taking the stance of it's all about 1 phone call., it's easier to remember your lies. Then he goes into the Biden bs and aid certification without knowing it had all ready been certified. What a disgrace the GOP has become.

  • frank stein
    frank stein 31 minute ago

    Priceless, the way Kent and Taylor, two men who have spent their lives working for the common good, sit there listening aghast to this tiny little man basically lecturing the party attack points at them. he never asks them for any info; just reads stuff and says "would you agree with this?" K & T don't even answer. Stewart is typically the kind of man who will never in his life do anything for anybody else if there is no profit for himself.

    • frank stein
      frank stein 20 minutes ago

      I see he's a 'vigorous' climate change denier (i.e. paid by the fossil fuel industry). That makes sense. A counter-reality guy.

  • Cody Patino
    Cody Patino 50 minutes ago

    The left has no foundation.

  • Karen Bittner
    Karen Bittner Hour ago

    These Democrats crack me up. They have had such weak President's to work with that they do not even know to understand how leaders of country's respond with each other. They would go crying to their mothers if they only KNEW what conversations NEED to go on between leaders of nations. I can only imagine myself. Why can't they get that? They are in government and they do not even realize some things are between leaders to help rid their own countries of corruption. They are out of bounds.

  • Karen Bittner
    Karen Bittner Hour ago

    Demonrats wouldn't be fighting to their death if they weren't scared that every accusation they have projected onto our PresidentEvery One!!! They are guilty of.

  • Karen Bittner
    Karen Bittner Hour ago

    President Trump? Please drain this swamp...i am heart broken knowing these weak character persons are in our government and not capable of governing rightly for our nation. Thank you Mr. President for being the bravest President ever in our history since Washington & Lincoln. We love you! TRUMP 2020 & 2024...🇺🇸💘💓

  • Karen Bittner
    Karen Bittner Hour ago

    Are you kidding me Ambassador Taylor!??? Are You Kidding Us????? You go by made up analogies of " signing checks" ( which Trump didn't do) and " assumptions"??( your words!!) And..." what you heard from people." ARE YOU KIDDING THE INTELLIGENCE OF AMERICA????!!!!

  • Bettybop49
    Bettybop49 2 hours ago

    Just think of this Biden withheld 1 Billion dollars to get a prosecutor fired that was being investigated in which Biden's son Hunter was on the board mysteriously getting paid all kinds of money, and now we have this crap! How dare President Trump ask about corruption where is it very well known to be corrupt

  • Max McAteer
    Max McAteer 3 hours ago

    Why is it that the Scum in this room can make comments , but the Video of Nunes Questioning Taylor doesn't allow remarks on the page ? More Conspiracy ? No ! Bull$hit Corrupt Socialist Scum do NOT want any comments that go against their LYING DNC Narrative. You people are either complete dumb$h!ts or are are socialist Losers.

    BDG VIDS 3 hours ago

    The Dems "At last we meet for the first time. For the last time. Before your Impeached Trump there is something you should know..." Trump, "What?" The Dems, "I heard from your father's brother's cousin's roommate that you did a bad thing and you should be impeached." Trump, "So what does that mean?!? The Dems. "Absolutely Nothing!"

    • Karen Bittner
      Karen Bittner Hour ago

      Yep, perfect👍....this is our hyperpolitical hyperselfimpotance hypersensitive hyperweaker character time we live in. Let's not let America be mind controlled to keep being Hyper. We are better and those before us, deserve a better legacy for giving their lives and limbs for freedom and liberty. We are better than what the extreme left and Democratic party's lead down a road that they are on and want to drag down Conservative government and America. We do not swim in the swamp. We are strong to leave you at your own but don't try and get us to become you. It'll Never happen.

  • DeathsOverture
    DeathsOverture 4 hours ago

    "Ambassador Sondland said... This is not a quid pro quo, but if President Zelensky did not clear things up in public, we would be at a stalemate..." All I hear is nonsense. Does Sondland not understand what quid pro quo means?

  • Jason Ruddy
    Jason Ruddy 4 hours ago

    Coached witness too easy fucking joke.

  • George Powe
    George Powe 4 hours ago

    Notice that PBS has the comments turned off on most of the impeachment meeting videos. I will tell you why. PBS is deceiving and lying to you. I watched the procedings and they have suppressed what really happened. They show you just the biased bits that they want you to see and hear. Nothing more. I will tell you what really happened today. The democrats got their butts sliced up and handed to them on platters. That is what happened. If you are lucky enough to read this remember it and spread the word when they shut down these comments to keep the truth from spreading.

    • peter baxter
      peter baxter Hour ago

      George Powe. Do you ever hear weird or strange noises, George, that others aren't able to hear ?

  • Danial Summerfield
    Danial Summerfield 6 hours ago

    Ambassador Taylor is one lying son of a bitch.

  • Mike95YZF750R
    Mike95YZF750R 7 hours ago

    I heard this. I heard that. Heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend.

  • Mike95YZF750R
    Mike95YZF750R 7 hours ago

    Bill taylor didnt agree with trump's policy. Too bad ambassadors aren't making policy. Is this impeachment about agreeing with trump's policy or a crime? Total scam on americans.

  • jjfalstaff
    jjfalstaff 7 hours ago

    who was the woman who questioned Kent just before or after Stewart? I didn't catch it.

  • MickyDee67
    MickyDee67 7 hours ago

    These two guys do not have the guts to resign as they should do. It is not they who determine foreign policy that is Trump's job.

  • Stone Lover
    Stone Lover 7 hours ago

    The end is near.

  • Pete George
    Pete George 8 hours ago

    Trump trying to make America like Russia Putin is at every turn for Trump

  • mitchellkarera
    mitchellkarera 8 hours ago

    Anybody know how many lies Adam Schiff told today? I was betting over the Vegas over/under line of 43. Thanks

    • Sharyl Lee
      Sharyl Lee 3 hours ago

      Troll bullpuckie you speak, mitchellkarera

    • Remembered
      Remembered 4 hours ago

      @mitchellkarera I will enjoy seeing Democrats crying in 2020.

    • Diana Hulstine
      Diana Hulstine 6 hours ago

      @mitchellkarera it is not a dream you need to go home to Russia

    • Diana Hulstine
      Diana Hulstine 6 hours ago

      Mmitcelkera NONE

    • mitchellkarera
      mitchellkarera 7 hours ago

      @Stone Lover Dream on.

  • tvabiker
    tvabiker 8 hours ago

    its ashame that this questioning by Chris wont be seen by the major public.. this is the one that imo that clears the air of everything... money certified .. clear of corruption.. you wont find this anywhere else.. very few will hear this segment..

  • WPAM88
    WPAM88 8 hours ago

    Daniel Goldman is a whack-job, fringe, leftist/feminist, crackpot, CONSPIRACY THEORIST who swallowed and pimped the thoroughly debunked, discredited and idiotic "Michael Cohen colluded with Putin in Prague!" CONSPIRACY THEORY. Goldman also swallowed and pimped the lie that the thoroughly debunked and discredited lies of leftist/feminist fraud Christine Blasey Ford had been "corroborated"! Goldman also pimped the thoroughly debunked and discredited "Russian collusion" CONSPIRACY THEORY and the equally idiotic, debunked and discredited Russian/Clinton so-called "dossier" (hahahaha!) HOAX. Danield Goldman is a colossal fool.

  • fromchomleystreet
    fromchomleystreet 8 hours ago

    Watch the Trumpists jump on the moment when Taylor gets confused and recites Sondland’s laughable “no quid pro quo” text when he’s been asked about what Sondland said in a previous phone conversation where he confirmed that aid was contingent on announcing investigations.

    • BigmacSmallFries
      BigmacSmallFries Hour ago

      yet the aid still went through with out the anouncement .. no quid pro quo ... eat a dick democrats you have another failed investigation 2020 jail time for democrats

    • ew;ligjs;f sdkjfg
      ew;ligjs;f sdkjfg 4 hours ago

      @FromDumpsterStreet if this confused hearsay witness is your best shot "star witness" then good luck convincing American public that Trump is guilty of anything

    • Faith Nelson
      Faith Nelson 5 hours ago

      confusing people is all they really have if you think about it. not just in these hearings, in everything.

  • mike ulibarri
    mike ulibarri 9 hours ago

    PBS now lets us comment on their videos?! Wonder what might have changed? lol Cheetos (and crickets) im peach sauce, mmm... TASTY!

  • Ligori Sekajipo
    Ligori Sekajipo 9 hours ago

    What was the response to the text message?

    • SpaceyZoe
      SpaceyZoe 22 minutes ago

      “Call me” I believe

    JACK ROMO 9 hours ago


    • Diana Hulstine
      Diana Hulstine 6 hours ago


    • Stone Lover
      Stone Lover 7 hours ago

      Hmmm...would that make them similar to Trump? Give it a rest, Comrade Snowflake. The end is near.

  • Emanuel Terzian
    Emanuel Terzian 9 hours ago

    The coup has started and impeachment will follow in your dreams adam schifosissimo

    • Quentin Jaxon
      Quentin Jaxon 5 hours ago

      ​@Deborah Hennessey You're assuming that every single Democrat will vote to remove president. Democratic Senators in red states who voted for Trump will risk losing their seats especially if voters there believe the impeachment is just a partisan sham. Right now, based on the transcript and other exculpatory witnesses like Morrison, Trump has not committed a impeachable offense (high crime, extortion or treason). So far the "evidence" has only been speculation and disapproval of the way Trump performs his job.

    • Deborah Hennessey
      Deborah Hennessey 8 hours ago

      No doubt he'll be impeached. 23 Republican votes in the Senate are the only thing separating Trump from being escorted out of the WH or his continued dictatorship. Bring Trump and the 8 key witnesses called to testify WITH FIRST-HAND KNOWLEDGE whom Trump has forbidden to testify, and let them be examined under oath. That's transparency!!!!

  • Brian T
    Brian T 9 hours ago

    "There is nothing that is more often clothed in an attractive garb than a false creed." - Titus Livius

  • Boris Levandovsky
    Boris Levandovsky 10 hours ago

    The guy has a problems with true. Haw he can say that Russia pressure, people of Crimia vote under the threat . I know when I lived there no body wanted to be under Ukraine. Nobody wanted to study Ukrainian .I love Ukrainian personally but most of the people didn't want to learn it. Also lots of atrocities was made by both side and people died on both sides.

  • ChristophProbst
    ChristophProbst 10 hours ago

    The American people have been lied to...by the Republicans. They know they are spreading misinformation but continue to do so because they know Americans that want to believe Trump will be duped by their speaking points.

  • John Shannon
    John Shannon 11 hours ago

    Why does a lawyer get to grill a Congressional witness? He is not elected . . .

    • Lily Dale
      Lily Dale 7 hours ago

      John Shannon They are employed by Congress each of them working from the Office of Schiff and Nunez respectively. This has been held since beginning of American Republic.

  • unity love
    unity love 11 hours ago

    It's CLEAR AS CLEAR CAN BE. IMPEACH THIS CON MAN DJT AND GET THIS EMBARASSEMENT OUT OF THE WH! What a mess trump has made. Our next president (Bernie Sanders) has so much work to do to clean this mess up!

    • Max McAteer
      Max McAteer 2 hours ago

      You are CLUELESS. What a Waste of Oxygen.

    • ew;ligjs;f sdkjfg
      ew;ligjs;f sdkjfg 4 hours ago

      Hahaha......watch out.....if Trump does as much as a fart, Sanders would have another and final heart attack

  • John Shannon
    John Shannon 11 hours ago

    You're all going to hate it when this impeachment fails.

    • amit sahai
      amit sahai 8 hours ago

      @Eric Wms nothing solid? You didn't read the transcript? Nobody even needs these guys. The evidence is already there. Besides more are coming. Am sure if his chief of staff decides to testify tomorrow that Trump ordered him, you will still defend Trump.

    • Eric Wms
      Eric Wms 9 hours ago

      Yep nothing solid...just hearsay. Yep he said it,🤔...so I am to believe it... it's a blatant shame

    • Angel Costello
      Angel Costello 9 hours ago

      youre going to hate it when he gets censured and voted out !!!!

    • amit sahai
      amit sahai 9 hours ago

      You wanted open and fair hearing, now you're complaining again?

    • unity love
      unity love 11 hours ago

      Mud on your face already! Wake up!

  • Alec Goodin
    Alec Goodin 11 hours ago

    Democrats are done 😂

  • ze
    ze 11 hours ago

    Goldman is one sharp cookie.

  • Kazi Niaz Ahmed
    Kazi Niaz Ahmed 11 hours ago

    Contrast this to Jim Jordan’s condescending and insulting way of questioning

    • Max McAteer
      Max McAteer 3 hours ago

      Lies are apparently much more Palatable for you and your ILK.

    • ew;ligjs;f sdkjfg
      ew;ligjs;f sdkjfg 4 hours ago

      Alla Akbar........Ahmed, the Koran teaches that we must stone the liars......so let's start with Adam Schitt

    • Danial Summerfield
      Danial Summerfield 6 hours ago

      Lana Kahl triggered and emotionally disturbed can’t hear a different view. Very sorry for you snowflake.

    • Danial Summerfield
      Danial Summerfield 6 hours ago

      Kazi Niaz Ahmed finding the truth and calling the lies is condescending.

    • Spencer J
      Spencer J 7 hours ago

      @Lana Kahl You couldn't handle the absolute truths and facts he was speaking.

  • Ronald Lovelace
    Ronald Lovelace 11 hours ago

    Taylor is a partisan

    • Lana Kahl
      Lana Kahl 7 hours ago

      NO HE ISN’T! Are you one of those that have no fucking idea what the word means? 😂🙄

    • PoisonDart
      PoisonDart 8 hours ago

      You are a dummy.

    • Thomas Blee-Carlyle
      Thomas Blee-Carlyle 9 hours ago

      If doing your job to protect the Constitution and the United States from corrupt self dealing politicians makes you partisan, then yes.

    • Bill Bixby
      Bill Bixby 9 hours ago


  • Ronald Lovelace
    Ronald Lovelace 11 hours ago

    He keeps saying "help with a political campaign", why not an investigation into corruption.

    • Corey Miller
      Corey Miller 10 hours ago

      because "corruption" was used to cover up the crime. It was an afterthought nothing more nothing less.

  • TradingLounge
    TradingLounge 11 hours ago

    Trump actions are like a Spy

  • Stratos Ledee
    Stratos Ledee 11 hours ago

    Amazed that there could be a more stupid impeachment inquiry than the one about hummers in the Oval Office. But yes, there is more stupid for all. Brilliant!

  • Nelson H
    Nelson H 11 hours ago

    What is surprising that fact that the loose term used to state "At the pleasure of the President" was only used to state complete servitude to a King. We do not have a kingdom. We have a democracy, and this surprises us here. Servitude left with slavery. To encourage this is to imply that we are unable to think beyond an authoritarian dictatorship. That is why we have schools and colleges to educate us to aspire to any heights within a democracy. Also implies that we want to keep a kingship because we are so dependent on authoritarian rule that we need not view anything else because we have a King. Sorry, this is not the American way of life, ever. We have elections for a reason. We may have poorest to richest citizens become highly capable to reach great heights to be a part of the American system of Rule of Law. Foolish to relinquish our rights that have been fought long and hard, to be given to a clown(🤡) that obviously has no interest in this Nation. Proper vetting is needed to have a leader, not a boss. Very fine difference! Let the impeachment proceed, may the Almighty have mercy on us all, if this turns out another four years of having a democracy without a true leader who is trying to stay out of jail because he's been exposed for what he truly is, authoritarian business person that seems to have connections to overule any laws that are part of the American way with the acceptance of his servants to rule over the People of the United States of America.

    • Diana Hulstine
      Diana Hulstine 6 hours ago

      Nelson H bravo the truth something that this administration knows not

    • Jody Sheridan
      Jody Sheridan 7 hours ago

      Well said, thank you.

  • Anthony Browne
    Anthony Browne 12 hours ago

    Taylor is not a good witness. When a question requires a yes or no answer he goes way off track.

    • Ken Kw
      Ken Kw 7 hours ago

      Anthony Browne ...TAYLOR is an excellent witness not drawn into a fake yes or no answer protocol when it is not a simple yes or now answer!!!! he was insghtful, concise and articulate! Guess thats the kind of answers one gets from a WEST POINT graduate who graduated at the top of his class! In other words, a brilliant man who joined the military AND served HIS country UNLIKE pvt. BONE SPURS who cowardly lied to NOT SERVE THE UNITED STATES,!!! VOTE A BLUE TSUNAMI AND DRAIN THE WH CESS POOL AND LOCK THEM UP,!

    • JR N
      JR N 10 hours ago

      I disagree I think he's a very good witness, he gives detailed and precise information.

  • River W
    River W 12 hours ago

    Trump and his cohorts are truly some shameless traitorous cowards.

    • Wayne Harris
      Wayne Harris 4 hours ago

      River W bribery from tax payer but eant show his government support to for his political gain

  • Mary Hamm
    Mary Hamm 12 hours ago

    I have heard enough over the last 3 years to know that Trump is a Traitor, should be removed from office, and sent to prison. What Republicans are doing is twisting the truth until it looks innocent

    • Linda Houston
      Linda Houston 10 hours ago

      D Jackson listen to the hearings and you'll find your proof!

    • D Jackson
      D Jackson 12 hours ago

      Shouldn't people be found guilty under the law before being sent to prison? I'm no expert, but I thought it was innocent until PROVEN guilty, not presumed guilty until proven innocent.

    CHARLES R. WALLACE 12 hours ago

    1:44 - we are Nation building

    CHARLES R. WALLACE 12 hours ago

    Give em Heck, Denny.

    • Jody Sheridan
      Jody Sheridan 8 hours ago

      He's my Representitive too! I can't wait to put his campaign sign up in the yard again.

  • manuel kyriakakis
    manuel kyriakakis 12 hours ago

    Didn't Trump already admit to this bribery attempt against the Ukranians on live TV?

    • manuel kyriakakis
      manuel kyriakakis 6 hours ago

      @mitchellkarera I clearly remember him doing it at a press briefing.

    • mitchellkarera
      mitchellkarera 8 hours ago

      You're mistaking Trump with "We're leaving in six hours" Biden.

  • Cindy Henson
    Cindy Henson 13 hours ago

    The Clinton RICO gang are looking at gitmo!

    • Lana Kahl
      Lana Kahl 7 hours ago

      Cindy Henson What? What’s that got to do with the price of bread? Clinton who?

  • merredith ann hansen
    merredith ann hansen 13 hours ago

    wow. who's violating the laws?? lmao

  • Jason Merrill
    Jason Merrill 13 hours ago


  • Lyn Phillips
    Lyn Phillips 13 hours ago

    Owing to their habit of accusing conservatives of doing the same rotten things that they do, it's not surprising that the completely mind-blind democrats seem to think we're as stupid as they are.

    • Deborah Hennessey
      Deborah Hennessey 8 hours ago

      Your comment makes no sense. Which is symptomatic of Trumpers. Ignorance is bliss.

  • Mus1c1luv
    Mus1c1luv 13 hours ago

    Thank goodness they had a practicing atty ask questions and not some long-winded politician.

    • ze
      ze 2 hours ago

      Exactly. Nothing worse than some meandering congressman blathering on ceaselessly about "back when I was a young buck", etc...

  • cm bs
    cm bs 13 hours ago

    Pbs, awesome that you are posting these clips as they're available. Thanks.

  • Billy Akin
    Billy Akin 13 hours ago

    So much better having counsel doing the questioning. Political grandstanding is so tiresome, on both sides of the Isle.

  • Billy Akin
    Billy Akin 13 hours ago

    Wow! I would want a guy like Mr. Taylor working for me. He presents thoughtful, honest, fair, and humble testimony. Look at the difference in the Republican presentation? A degree of professionalism that any upright institution would want on their team. America should be proud of a Public Servant like William Taylor. God bless America!

    • We are all connected
      We are all connected 3 hours ago

      @Chris Sebastian you need to watch it again. You are confused.

    • Daniel Day
      Daniel Day 4 hours ago

      @Michael Gfroerer You are about as bright as darkness.

    • Michael Gfroerer
      Michael Gfroerer 5 hours ago

      The Republicans are a complete and utter disgrace to democracy and the safety of ALL Americans. They will go down in history as pawns and stooges of one of the most corrupt men, Donald Trump, perhaps for all history. Future generations will laugh and shake their heads at this disgraceful behaviour. One day millenials will be on the Supreme Court, and things will be very, very different.

    • Billy Akin
      Billy Akin 7 hours ago

      @Carlos Valles I don't think I am smart...I AM SMART. Not much smarter than most people probably but, I can hold my own. More Street Smart than Education Smart. I have a very sensitive BULLSHIT METER🤣😉👍

    • Carlos Valles
      Carlos Valles 7 hours ago

      @Billy Akin he thinks he's smart.far from it.a fools fool.

  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown 13 hours ago

    What is most telling about this transparent witch hunt and kangaroo proceedings is that the "witnesses" did not witness the phone call that impeachment is supposed to based upon and we have the full transcript of that call which proves Trump's innocence. If people let their hatred of trump blind them to the point that they are happy for the US to turn into a 3rd world totalitarian state just to get rid of him I would suggest they consider what good can come from ever increasing tyranny and lack of due process. There is no winning team except those who seek absolute power.

    • Darling Dear
      Darling Dear 8 hours ago

      @Marcel x If I could put more than one like I would. Totally agree

    • Marcel x
      Marcel x 8 hours ago

      Except we don't have the full transcript. We don't even have a transcript. It's a memo and it leaves out key parts. What's happening instead is that people are letting their hatred of liberals blind them to the point that they are happy for the US to turn into a 3rd world totalitarian state just to trigger liberals.

    • T Smith
      T Smith 11 hours ago

      the moron speaks....

    • Darling Dear
      Darling Dear 12 hours ago

      The transcript is very damming. You don't even need anything else. What testimonies had shown it was not just one phone call - it was a consorted effort by Trump using all the might of US government, vested in him to work for the country, for his personal selfish gain to detriment of the people's national security.

    • Happytime Harry
      Happytime Harry 12 hours ago

      Dan Brown,...doesn't matter. t Rump's own words are his undoing. Like all cultists, you think the ends justify the means.

  • Billy Akin
    Billy Akin 14 hours ago

    Compare these questions with Nunez's questions? None Nunez's questions were pertinent to the case at hand. Nunez is a perfectly cast Cult member and blind defender of a Cult leader.

    • Carlos Valles
      Carlos Valles 7 hours ago

      Nunez is POS.another chump ass licker.he and Jordan are so far up chumps orange ass they need GPS to find their way out and it looks like it out of range.

  • PragueImport
    PragueImport 14 hours ago

    Good job, Democrats, choosing a capable and attractive counsel. What a difference from the one Republicans called in....

    • Jason Ruddy
      Jason Ruddy 4 hours ago

      Pussies, what have the democrats done to better society in the last decade? Nothing, including voting Obama failure the biggest almost elected Hillary mistake, huge failure. Obviously your not known for good judgment.

    • Lana Kahl
      Lana Kahl 7 hours ago

      ernie rink I know!! I wanted to slap that shiteating grin off his face.😠

    • Crystal Montoya
      Crystal Montoya 9 hours ago

      Jordan kept, saying no proof. And, everyone else says does it matter .. Giuliani is not a channel way to be doing things...back door bullcrap! 🤘

    • ernie rink
      ernie rink 10 hours ago

      What are you talkin about screaming Little Jim Jordan didn't destroy anything all he did was yell a lot

    • Chris Sebastian
      Chris Sebastian 14 hours ago

      PragueImport I agree the Republican Counsel was awkward and inarticulate. The Republican Counsel was almost as inarticulate and bumbling as Taylor was. Kent was impressive and articulate except he outed Ukraine and Burisma very badly. Jim Jordan destroyed Taylor’s entire testimony in five minutes. What an embarrassment.

  • lagaman11
    lagaman11 14 hours ago

    WOW, just after the 12-minute mark... WOW! We have a want to be gangster in the White House!

  • Mimohamed Hussien
    Mimohamed Hussien 14 hours ago

    The evidence is overwhelming,so are Republicans against defending American constitution?

    • Wayne Harris
      Wayne Harris 4 hours ago

      Mimohamed Hussien absolutely TRUE statement

    • PoisonDart
      PoisonDart 8 hours ago

      Because Republicans have always placed the ends above the means. Nothing matters more. Truth, integrity, country, all take a back seat. They are also sniveling lapdog cowards.

    • Happytime Harry
      Happytime Harry 12 hours ago

      Chris Sebastian,...everyone knows that Ukraine had probs. But, YOU, are willfully omitting many facts involved in this case, because FauxNews hasn't told you about them.

    • Chris Sebastian
      Chris Sebastian 13 hours ago

      Mimohamed Hussien ok

    • Mimohamed Hussien
      Mimohamed Hussien 13 hours ago

      @Chris Sebastian agree with you

  • blue diamond gem
    blue diamond gem 14 hours ago

    It was funny watching him get destroyed under cross examination by that lawyer guy 🤣😂

  • Dav A
    Dav A 14 hours ago

    What do you do when a drug deal goes bad. You get the hand grande Rudy and set him off. Pull his pin and let him go!

  • Rondatto Mayes
    Rondatto Mayes 14 hours ago

    Just doing the RIGHT & HONEST Thing

  • catalinacurio
    catalinacurio 14 hours ago

    Clever undercutting the fake news about Biden that caused all this in the first place, irony is that if trump/Putin trolls hadn't spread it trump might not be in this predicament. Not so clever... 🙄

  • Moriah Molotov Schroeder- Hughes

    not a peep from the cheap seats hmmmm? lol

  • Jimi James
    Jimi James 15 hours ago

    Benedict Donald and his "RICO" Gang are going to Gitmo.

    • zencat999
      zencat999 11 hours ago

      oh thanx for that warm fuzzy....cheers&aloha and lets keep hoping

  • D. w
    D. w 15 hours ago

    Hurry up and get this kangaroo court over so America can get back to work!

    • Kimberly Addison
      Kimberly Addison 11 hours ago

      Kangaroo court?We have a WHOLE CLOWN in the White House!🤔

    • Alexandra Bain
      Alexandra Bain 11 hours ago

      Our tax dollars are playing for that golf game

    • tomcoryell
      tomcoryell 11 hours ago

      Sending Devil Nunez back to CA would be a good start.

    • Darling Dear
      Darling Dear 12 hours ago

      All the kangaroos are in the cover up caucus - Nunes, Jordan, Gaetz, etc

    • Chris Sebastian
      Chris Sebastian 13 hours ago

      D. w Captain Kangaroo at times wire an Orange jacket. Most of the time it was red.

  • Gary Davidson
    Gary Davidson 15 hours ago

    Trump found guilty of fraud 2x and a felony with cohen last few yrs WHO WOULD GUESS 😆

    • ew;ligjs;f sdkjfg
      ew;ligjs;f sdkjfg 4 hours ago

      @Andrew Johnson Well said!

    • Spencer J
      Spencer J 7 hours ago

      Actually trump has not been found guilty of anything and never will be. Fabricated phone calls and a witness who wasn't even on the phone call the Democrats are getting desperate and sealing the deal for a 2020 Trump presidency.

    • Lana Kahl
      Lana Kahl 7 hours ago

      Chris Sebastian The only thing Jordan did was confirm he’s an ass and didn’t disappoint.🖕🏻💩

    • Happytime Harry
      Happytime Harry 12 hours ago

      Andrew Johnson,...Because there are methods to achieve these goals. Not personally bullying a leader. All he had to do was ask AG Barr to investigate. Instead, he held up aid, to further his own interests.

    • Chris Sebastian
      Chris Sebastian 14 hours ago

      Gary Davidson Kent is pro Democrat and articulate. Problem is he wouldn’t lie a lot. He was very specific with direct knowledge of years of corruption in Ukraine. Why is Schiff not concerned about that? He’s a hack. That’s why. Jordan destroyed Taylor’s testimony in five minutes. What an embarrassment.


    I have cameras inside and out of my home I keep my blinds and curtains shut tight and my door is double locked during the day and I’m WHITE !!

  • jbond5150
    jbond5150 Day ago

    They should make wearing a jacket mandatory at these hearings.

  • Andrew Colvin
    Andrew Colvin Day ago

    Audio is painful in parts :( Bernie2020!!!

  • michael joseph jackson

    Because Google Searches will display left and liberals results

  • Marie Devine
    Marie Devine Day ago

    Our Creator has a better economy; one all people of God hope to have; but we must be willing to hold lightly our present wealth ideas and be willing for the greater monetary system God has for us. Yahuveh, the God of the whole world, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of the Torah and Gospel and prophets, has ALREADY outlined his system for these end times. God has allowed us to see how uncertain and unfair and open to corruption our monetary and government system is, so we can be ready and open to searching for His ways. He is not a Robin Hood God who takes from the rich to give to the poor; but He has a equalization of wealth that increases the poor, but takes nothing from the rich. Turn from our ways to the living God who guides us by His word and by His living Spirit.

  • A P
    A P Day ago


  • A P
    A P Day ago

    I just hope and pray that when Trump is re-elected all these pathetically deranged arrogant socialist/communist losers have a mass suicide party and kill themselves by the millions , after all their lives have no value or meaning and they are beyond ignorant and worthless ,

  • A P
    A P Day ago

    Hey assholes , the military industrial complex that wants Trump out of office will never let Bernie or Warren near the presidency , they will die like Kennedy did and some fool will get blamed like Oswald was , thats how vile corrupt and powerful these scumbag traitors are

  • Tina Rice
    Tina Rice Day ago

    Why is Barr's salary being paid by the taxpayers? He's working solely for Trump. Let Trump pay his salary.

  • C Loo
    C Loo 2 days ago

    I cannot support socialism. And healthcare ISN'T a right. I don't think it's moral to FORCE a doctor to heal you.

    • C Loo
      C Loo 3 hours ago

      @Mohammed Ahmed actually, I hate the programs that we already have. Value added tax is a better idea which is what a majority of Europe uses. Wealth tax doesn't work and has been tried to be implemented in many countries and has failed every single time. Are you really talking about the great public school systems? It's HORRIBLE. No Child Left Behind destroyed education here and private schools are the only chance kids have at education(or home schooling or boarding schools). What I don't understand is that there are socialist countries out there if people enjoy it so much, you can move over there. Win win. I've done way more research about political topics. Name one socialist country that has worked.

    • Mohammed Ahmed
      Mohammed Ahmed 13 hours ago

      @C Loo Homie G you already benefit from socialist programs and yet you keep saying that you don't want socialism...and on top of that another name for democratic socialism is social democracy...look it up. Don't listen to the media...the media is bought out by corporate interests who don't care about you or anyone else. Only themsevles. Anyways, some socialist programs we have in the US are...drumroll please...our law enforcement, aka the police, our firefighters, the public school system, and the list goes on. I'm sure you went to school and I'm sure if you get robbed you want to not have to pay the cops to protect you, and I'm sure if your house is on fire you don't want to have to pay the firefighters to put it out. Any program where your taxes go to fund and pay for are socialist programs...Please think and reflect on this. Right now you are paying higher taxes so that companies like Amazon can get away with not paying taxes LOL. So right now they are taking your money. All Bernie is saying is that everyone should pay fairly. Please do your research my friend.

    • Mohammed Ahmed
      Mohammed Ahmed Day ago

      C Loo You will say this until you can’t pay for a doctor lol, it’s all about perspective and right now it seems like you are living in a bubble! You seem to be the kind of person that even if the world is burning, as long as your bubble doesn’t pop, you would be ok with the way things work as long as your not being affected....no matter how many people will die, you won’t care cus it’s not affecting you! Anyone that can say that they don’t care if other people die cus they can’t afford healthcare, is truly selfish...sorry but Bernie is the future, u either hop on the bus or feel dumb when he wins, up to you

  • kingtut777
    kingtut777 2 days ago

    The dumbest woman in history supporting the greatest con-artist in American history. NICE!!

  • chalaco choro
    chalaco choro 2 days ago

    should be a hanging

  • Tim U
    Tim U 2 days ago

    A gathering of low lifes

    CARTOONIVERSE1 2 days ago

    Bernie *The Globalist* is a millionaire & owns 5 houses. How many houses do you own?

  • kcuf uoy
    kcuf uoy 2 days ago

    Tells you a lot about Bernie’s terrible judgement to be associated with an irrational low IQ individual like AOC.

  • Bmw EM
    Bmw EM 2 days ago

    LOL the title of this video should be , Bernie and his Chihuahua holding a communist rally

  • D LG
    D LG 2 days ago

    Since when does PBS allow comments?

  • Matty Cwell
    Matty Cwell 2 days ago

    not one dem could fill an arena like Trump. This bum does not have a chance. get ready to scream at the sky kids

  • jay bebop
    jay bebop 2 days ago

    Gop and theyre same talking points gobbling trumps dick over his few accomplishments that people helped him achieve. People in the gop are soulless disgusting unpatriotic cowards who bark at anybody theyre master tells them to !!

  • elva136
    elva136 2 days ago

    I did a paper presentation back in college on how Google works.. like lady you could have done the same no? Just Google it lol

    RHONDA ROSE 3 days ago


  • RuleofFive
    RuleofFive 3 days ago

    The audio feedback is horrible.

  • Daemon Nine
    Daemon Nine 3 days ago

    Who is the fat girl with the little guitar? HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Daemon Nine
    Daemon Nine 3 days ago

    AOC was surprised to learn that ribbed condoms don't taste like ribs at all.

  • Robert Wilson
    Robert Wilson 3 days ago

    The president was set up. Get over it dems. You failed in your corrupt effort to frame our president.

  • Thenonomousperson
    Thenonomousperson 3 days ago

    Bernie 2020!

    MYRIAM SANDOVAL 3 days ago

    Bernie will never win in 2020. Dam communist!!

  • MrLeooreo
    MrLeooreo 3 days ago

    Bernie for the future of humanity. Vote for your children’s future vote for your grandchildren‘s future. BERNIE Equals Elimination of student debt the green new deal, Going after the fossil Fuel industry, Medicare for all, Prescription drug cost reduction. Corporate CEO pay cuts, overhaul of the unions doubling membership, minimum wage increase, equal pay for equal work, Home health care for senior citizens, And still writing bills this is the man for the future of this country don’t squander your vote. ❤️

  • TheJewThatCuckedYou

    Bernie is too old. Love his policy. Huge respect for what he stood for last few decades in the Senate and before. No 80 year old presidents tho.

    • Mohammed Ahmed
      Mohammed Ahmed Day ago

      You only become old when you give up on your dreams, and Bernie is far from that, therefore he is not old, but younger than most of us 💪🏽

  • Aamir Ali
    Aamir Ali 3 days ago

    I didn't vote for Trump but he is right on US Mexico border actions.