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Louisiana's Mac Phipps case
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Where is Christine Mustafa?
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Florida’s Adam Matos case
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  • Geekboy Zeek
    Geekboy Zeek 3 hours ago

    White people

  • MrAstronomer 22
    MrAstronomer 22 4 hours ago

    After the SUV wrecked into the car... The people got out of the car and the car rolls away!

  • Susan Staffelbach
    Susan Staffelbach 4 hours ago

    That dude is a “Billy Bob Thornton” look alike 😝 just saying 😌

  • Bry Martell
    Bry Martell 4 hours ago

    Why did this guy get a slap on the wrist the first time they caught him. This dude is was such a little weasel hope he burns in hell

  • TahitianTreat BabyBatter

    listen to this crazy mans 1+ hour interrogation. he's just as guilty and stupid as teens who broke into his home. anyone thinking he is 100% correct in his actions must be just as stupid as him.

  • Rama El Dukar
    Rama El Dukar 4 hours ago

    Why the beeps whenever she swears... just mute it instead its so annoying

    JOAT MON 4 hours ago

    If i was her father, id murder that whole god damn family. That kid clearly killed her.

  • Adele Gibson
    Adele Gibson 4 hours ago

    Good ole leftist media/hollywood...we spew it, you better swallow it...Seth was MURDERED by the DNC, and the killary machine...

  • Smara Uhrik
    Smara Uhrik 4 hours ago

    who lies about having cancer like smh

  • D Swinburn
    D Swinburn 4 hours ago

    That obese chipmunk looking mother of theirs deserves a bullet for not protecting them from that nonce!

  • Amber Lyn
    Amber Lyn 4 hours ago

    She's a bona fide psychopath.

  • Anna Garcia
    Anna Garcia 4 hours ago

    For the cops why they keep saying hello hello for instead of hurry up to come save him.

  • The Mourning
    The Mourning 4 hours ago

    Every defendant pleads not guilty immediately. It is not even possible to plead guilty immediately after being charged. If you don't have an attorney the judge will automatically enter a not guilty plea on your behalf

  • Robert story
    Robert story 4 hours ago

    It’s good that this was before the me too movement because now we have to believe everything every woman says

  • Pinkie Unicorn
    Pinkie Unicorn 4 hours ago

    1 like = 1 smack for Mr Schneider 👴🏻 🥼 👖 👞 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Umar’sCookingKariWithMarcus

    Damn dude, gimme dat snapple bro

  • S B
    S B 4 hours ago

    Then they are not cousins ! Stupid

  • sdfsd fsdas
    sdfsd fsdas 4 hours ago

    I fucking hope there comes a verdict where you can go to jail and beat up those counts for atleast 1 day a year. Just fucking 1 day.Or fucking 5 minutes would do once a year.

  • carlos lima
    carlos lima 4 hours ago

    Been watching 6 of these thus far.

  • Samantha Nope
    Samantha Nope 4 hours ago

    This whole case is next level devil shit. Killed a women who was already dying. Had huge flaws in her interviews with police, huge flaws in the investigation, the husband convinced at first for this... Nd all in the name of money. What a wicked evil thing.

  • Kenneth J
    Kenneth J 4 hours ago

    The two hit men were absolute psychopaths! I bet they are serial killers!

  • Clair Walker
    Clair Walker 4 hours ago

    This poor fucking woman deserves so much love and endless apologies. Her career and literal life was ruined because of FALSE FUCKIN ACCUSATIONS. 22 COUNTS OF MOLESTATION? You can literally just hear the pain and confusion in her voice. My heart broke for her. It genuinely makes me so upset. I hope she is doing so much better now. ❤️

  • Chef Anthony
    Chef Anthony 4 hours ago

    Is that a automated voice lol this looks and sounds fake. How convenient were all the cameras. Especially the one in his car. Did anybody else notice how they made the story about businesses selling guns to people but didnt even care about the victims half the time. You don't even see half of this footage about any other horrific event that happens. Can't forget all the evidence he planted before he even did it he went on social media and told everybody what he was going to. I still believe this is fake give me the whole thing about "selling guns" again and

  • earth angel
    earth angel 4 hours ago

    So who is the boy??I wanna see him

  • Piink Yoshii
    Piink Yoshii 4 hours ago

    “We’re starting up again” *SWEATS PROFUSELY*

  • rapinbatches
    rapinbatches 4 hours ago

    Just came here for her name, now off to porn hub!!

  • kevin elliott
    kevin elliott 4 hours ago

    Anyway. That I interviewers face is harsh

  • Brandi McGill
    Brandi McGill 4 hours ago

    he's 5 years old and in girst grade?? he was super smart. he was also beautiful. it's such a shame.

  • Square Webb
    Square Webb 4 hours ago

    My cousin got 5 years for slapping his wife I guess having a vagina while in court goes a long way

  • Thomas Carter
    Thomas Carter 4 hours ago

    Isn’t this not illegal because no acts have been kidding

  • Paul Daone
    Paul Daone 4 hours ago

    It makes you think that women should have a psychiatric evaluation before having children to see if there fit to bring a precious life into this world. This makes me sad thinking about what that poor kid endured at the hands of this child abusing psychopath of a mother. May he RIP ❤🙏❤

  • C K
    C K 4 hours ago

    Had it not been for the Innocence Project, Devonte would be locked up for the rest of his natural life. The police dept couldn't care less. Evil at it's purest

  • Alex James
    Alex James 4 hours ago

    People who accused for lying should go to jail😡😡

  • Thomas Carter
    Thomas Carter 4 hours ago

    Has no one every pulled a gun on Chris Hansen

  • Juan Pablo Garcia Marulanda

    Just ubbelievable: two nice good-looking young girls fighting over this peice of shit??? What the hell is wrong with these young ckicks? There are millions of handsome clean-cut winners out there and you choose and even fight to death over a scumbag tatooed gang-like looser like this? Unbelievable

  • kevin elliott
    kevin elliott 4 hours ago

    Oh boy. Let's make the pig girl seem so so innocent. Please she was a cock whore and laid down with dirt. This is what happens . Sydney so I nocent...NOT

  • Tom Varnado
    Tom Varnado 4 hours ago

    once they cheat they will always cheat .cheating wreaks peoples lives.plain an simple.

  • olives peppers
    olives peppers 4 hours ago

    There is a guy on the Mark Passio yt channel, that claims he grew up in an occult family he said the tows, cities, and States that end in "ton" is where the Satanists do there "rituals", this town Trenton ends in "ton", the Satanist go by a calendar called the "Beltain" calendar - the guy also said there where doctors, nurses, lawyers, cops, teachers, coroners, priests, ministers etc. were part of a Satanic network, Mark Passio has this guy on many of his videos you can look there to check this info.

  • Bob Price
    Bob Price 4 hours ago

    Goddamn 12 shots who's this guy 2pac

  • Elsje Massyn
    Elsje Massyn 4 hours ago

    She is a liar shameful 👀

  • LH Shnailed
    LH Shnailed 4 hours ago

    This poor little boy💙

  • C K
    C K 4 hours ago

    Police were pure lazy!!! And the grandma/mother who signed to let him go get interrogated alone was less than smart. And his mom & family pressuring Davonte to take the plea deal was also stupid.

  • Gabriel Ravi
    Gabriel Ravi 4 hours ago

    That girlfriend is in it together with that Jerrod guy..

  • Carly Boo
    Carly Boo 4 hours ago

    this was doom from the start porn star and mma star realllyyyyyyy

  • Kyler Janovec
    Kyler Janovec 4 hours ago

    She said this particular student, how many other students were their???

  • olives peppers
    olives peppers 4 hours ago

    Questions - 1.) Why was Jeremiah wearing his t-shirt, 2.) Why cap in Jeremiahs residence 3.) Were his shoes ever found, 4..) Were his feet ever found 5.) The tree had a indenture deep enough only to be caused by the rope and body being hoisted up

  • G. Weber
    G. Weber 4 hours ago

    This doesn't suprise me, he let a killer in his house so he got killed.. and worse he was a teacher 🤮🤮🤮

  • Evette Jourdain
    Evette Jourdain 4 hours ago

    15 more minutes and this bi**h a** dispatcher says hell ma' am do you need police? So you heard aaaaalllll that and you still asking you should've sent every damn body! Ooooh lord I cannot!

  • siddy rocking
    siddy rocking 4 hours ago

    Burn it,burry it or throw in the sea-Parents talking about their 5 years old daughters dead body 😑

  • Kylie :D
    Kylie :D 4 hours ago

    Oh my god...that is awful...that’s so sad!

  • Preston Lard
    Preston Lard 4 hours ago

    Her lawyer is an azzhole but that doesn't mean he's wrong!!!

  • FP Wiegmann
    FP Wiegmann 4 hours ago

    Clay did the right thing. If a wife dareth to be as Satan tempteth her to be, such as become insolent with me, of threaten to interfere with the spreading of my seed to my ever growing harem of tinder whores....she of course will receive justice. For insolent speech, a man must accept it's his duty to backhand a woman at a minimum (with a ring on, you can really get it done). Now, the punishment for interference with the flow of my semen info my cute little cum receptacles will be a lot like this man, Clay, who is a hero in my view. He did right. I have only had to physically terminate a jealous cockblocker harlot one time. Believe me, thats not what I wanted.

  • Adra Gonzales
    Adra Gonzales 4 hours ago

    Dontys mom should have been investigated

  • Kristine Villanueva
    Kristine Villanueva 4 hours ago


  • Dalisay Valdez
    Dalisay Valdez 4 hours ago

    Urgh..No both sides..It's obvious the officers were too aggressive with their approached. She resisted but I don't think she's stronger than them so why use taeser?

  • Jessica Mercury
    Jessica Mercury 4 hours ago

    The daughter had been arrested for domestic violence and when her mother told her to leave her house and she had no where to go she and her husband killed pat and kelly

  • Toni Marie
    Toni Marie 4 hours ago

    So what if she says my dad .... I mean no matter what he did he IS her dad!

  • pearl rose
    pearl rose 4 hours ago

    I've never heard so many grammar errors than in this documentary. The so-called reporter makes more than everyone else. She is supposed to be a professional HA! She is an embarrassment to the profession. And, her clothing is cheap and unprofessional, as well as her bad wig.

  • Preston Lard
    Preston Lard 4 hours ago

    This whole case was a shame!!! Just because someone acts weird doesn't mean there guilty!!! I'm a kayakers and there are dozens of times I totally forget to use my plug and I've never ever had a problem.. especially considering the cockpit is 1,000 times the size....idiot cops

  • Tony Watts
    Tony Watts 4 hours ago

    Sexy men killing sexy men is a crime against humanity 😭😭😭

  • Bayu Adam
    Bayu Adam 4 hours ago

    If my country have 911. The first thing i would say if emergency is my location then screaming and other thing.

  • dragonbane44
    dragonbane44 4 hours ago

    May Earl rot in hell and may Earl rest in peace.

  • Cindy Vazquez
    Cindy Vazquez 4 hours ago

    Now why isn't she on mob wives?

    *GOD DOESN'T EXIST* 4 hours ago

    POLAROID? How are they not a suspect for that?

  • Tyler Young
    Tyler Young 4 hours ago

    Damn I’ll hit she look like a freak

  • bscrazy007
    bscrazy007 4 hours ago

    Lol @ women whining in the comment section. "He is not good looking" blah blah. Then why did so many good looking women fall for him? One of them is a good looking teenager too. All these females are only commenting after knowing about him lol. If they didn't know him and some how met him, they would be dropping their trousers for him. He would have pied-pipered them hahahaha.

    DIZZLE VLOGS 4 hours ago

    Her porns are extremely boring

  • Brian Hammond
    Brian Hammond 4 hours ago

    The jury made the right decision. To an officer reaching behind someone’s back can be posed as a threat to the officers

  • Anthony Mayz
    Anthony Mayz 4 hours ago

    What's with the sandwich shop guys (Jarred from Subway) and being a pedo. 😂

  • Chelsea Harris
    Chelsea Harris 4 hours ago

    Omg this just breaks my heart

  • Monique Hicks
    Monique Hicks 4 hours ago

    Stank BITCH

  • Dscribe Me
    Dscribe Me 4 hours ago

    I hope someone puts 2 bullets in his head🤷🏽‍♀️ he won’t stop until he kills another woman. I don’t understand how these abusive men hate women so much??

  • 190819862011
    190819862011 4 hours ago

    In this evil world, you really have to pray for discernment and wisdom. Guidance from the Holy Spirit is the only way to navigate you through the wolves. That’s my prayer - follow my instincts and discern my surroundings

  • Tony Watts
    Tony Watts 4 hours ago

    Ah well. Probably dropped from the guilt of trying to ruin a man's life because her life was a messy mya. 35 now you wanna bring up old shit about struggling with "demons" from having sex with your hot soccer coach back in the day?? And sometimes you instigated it??😐 Girl bye. Y'all could've work this out amongst yourselves. He obviously was willing to sit with you and talk about it but you tried to be slick and now look. All of this for nothing.

  • Marc Bell
    Marc Bell 4 hours ago

    What nutcase would give this woman a baby?

  • Mh R
    Mh R 4 hours ago

    This will probably shock the masses, but my wife and I refuse to open Facebook accounts/ our 3 daughters were not allowed to do the same or any other social media until they moved out of the house. They cannot do what they choose but we still believe it's the downfall of our society. This video just reminds me of why we made that decision years ago. If you problem. We are doing just fine without social media.

  • Shanna Sweger
    Shanna Sweger 4 hours ago

    Her motives were attention and money

  • Tammie Cook
    Tammie Cook 4 hours ago

    This is a HUGE miscarriage of justice. I’ve been the victim of police cover up myself and it’s just another way to victimize people after the fact. Just because they have a badge doesn’t make them exempt from the very laws they are supposed to be accountable too! Good for her for speaking up! Give Griffin PD enough rope and eventually they will hang themselves.

  • pbostler
    pbostler 4 hours ago

    Six years in my state would actually be maybe three years. They usually get out early on "Good behavior " or ratting out another thug.

  • Kristine Villanueva
    Kristine Villanueva 4 hours ago


  • Deborah Adams
    Deborah Adams 4 hours ago

    Was that a so called Black cop doing the interrogation of that 14 year old? Is he still a cop? Did they show him where the bodies were in that house? So some dirty cops set up a mentally challenged 14 year old kid? Yeah, they need to pay by going to jail and paying that now 24 year old a million dollars a year for every year spent in jail. Some one needs to do to them what they did to that young man.

  • Toyah
    Toyah 4 hours ago

    5:41 a few seconds before this was said my mum had returned for her lunch break. Creepy.

  • Cream Barber
    Cream Barber 4 hours ago

    Omg this touched my heart, RIP angel

  • Mo Ree
    Mo Ree 4 hours ago

    That cop should be fucking fired

  • N J
    N J 4 hours ago

    Why was his first crime classified as "accident" if the victim's autopsy confirmed she died before the fire? It makes me wonder what other crimes are classified incorrectly by our cops.

  • Jamaica
    Jamaica 4 hours ago

    I feel like it is Anthony's fault other young boys were molested due to the fact that Anthony didn't cry rape which may have stopped Jerry from molesting the other boys.

  • Bella Katherman
    Bella Katherman 4 hours ago

    Bitch you don’t need no bulletproof vest. Get over yourself.

  • Ayden Sumlin
    Ayden Sumlin 4 hours ago

    Fat Ass

  • Jason Chan
    Jason Chan 4 hours ago

    We don't need this... I mean, Hong Kong can replace it eligible now.

  • L H
    L H 4 hours ago

    Majority of women want a relationship and/or marriage so badly to fill their little girl princess dreams that they let their common sense go right out the window. Her mother told her to get away from him and what did she do...go with him again all while fully aware of his alleged past and possible involvement. The females that need to be the princess with a prince on their arm blinds them even when advised to avoid him and look at what happened to her. Tyler Mook has an arrogance about him when pleading the fifth that screams "I am guilty and I'm too slick for you to catch me". That woman was lucky she wasn't killed and if others weren't with them she'd be the next missing woman story...smh

  • Marguerite Feroli
    Marguerite Feroli 4 hours ago


  • Ron Love
    Ron Love 4 hours ago

    Stupid bitches.

  • pbostler
    pbostler 4 hours ago

    I am always telling young people who are dating or looking for a mate: do a background check., credit check, ask around...act as if you are the employer screening potential employees. Court records, marriage license information is open to the public for starters. You can check for court records and if they say they are single or never married, check it out. But I know he-she will change their wicked ways because they love me and I can change them. And you don't know them like I do. I've been addicted to relationships and evil people.

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 4 hours ago

    To me the sisters seem brainwashed. Of course they can't ever believe a white cop killed their sister. To then itcan only be the black guy. Case closed. They refuse to clearly look at all of the facts

  • Miss Amazon
    Miss Amazon 4 hours ago's absurd to me that it ISN'T against the law to LIE about a military injury to gain a million dollar government contract....but that the guy who missed jury duty & served 10 days in jail or that a guy was arrested for eating a sandwich he bought in the train station, on the train station platform!! 🤔😱🤭

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark 5 hours ago

    Damn dummy, looks like the portrayal was pretty accurate!

  • Anthony Mayz
    Anthony Mayz 5 hours ago

    The universe was telling him the whole time not to go, but his sick ways made him continue.

  • Deelicious Grapes
    Deelicious Grapes 5 hours ago

    He looked exactly like his grandpa

  • Jessica Sunlight
    Jessica Sunlight 5 hours ago

    one thing to think and another to act on such thought. he is guilty of cause on using Police data base search and his Wife should had allowed him to have his personal fantasy life - he is an individual being after all - no one is perfect. Since she discovered of cause it was her choice how to deal with it but she blew it out to FBI and who woudnt after reading all those things? I happy he wasn't a real human killer and he was set free. When you catch people in preparation for the murder - its one thing - when you catch them while they entertain idea = its thought policing and you know where am going with it. Yes democracy is tough and not a black and white easy ride - but line is there.

  • A toda madre
    A toda madre 5 hours ago

    Gotta love parents. They stand by you no matter how incriminating the evidence.