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  • Malik Caines
    Malik Caines 4 hours ago

    How it should be!!

  • Marc Oberholster
    Marc Oberholster 4 hours ago

    Oh she is Amazing

  • jerq887
    jerq887 4 hours ago

    wait so, what's going on? what are they protesting for? can anyone fill me in?

  • King songs
    King songs 4 hours ago

    So beautiful

  • Binu Sreedharan
    Binu Sreedharan 4 hours ago

    Conduct a referendum under UN observation they can choose independence or india

  • zafer mesut
    zafer mesut 4 hours ago

    These kurds replaced Arabs in the region! Now these cowards telling Turkey to stop?! Make us stop! Come and fight if you have balls!

  • Eric mahaan
    Eric mahaan 4 hours ago

    Good..please save them.

  • British Bot
    British Bot 4 hours ago

    As if Turkey will care what this silly woman thinks.

  • zafer mesut
    zafer mesut 4 hours ago

    Saddam Huseyin and Gaddafi had more balls than all of you!

  • aggelow aggeloy
    aggelow aggeloy 4 hours ago

    I wonder and love mr. Putin!!!!

  • Peter Peru
    Peter Peru 4 hours ago

    Я абсолютно поддерживаю глобальную политику России, Во главе с Государом Владимиром Владимировичем Путиным! Россия поможет и поддержит Саудовскую Аравию в глобальной стабильности!👏👍✌

  • TechGuyRony
    TechGuyRony 4 hours ago

    Putin is really awesome

  • zafer mesut
    zafer mesut 4 hours ago

    Arkadaslar bunlar iste o bahtsiz bedeviler bunlari colde kutup ayisi sikmis!

  • MasterX MasterX
    MasterX MasterX 4 hours ago


  • Jack B
    Jack B 4 hours ago

    Wow, so much respect for the Russians people, I’m jealous damn 🐻.

  • mukul sharma
    mukul sharma 4 hours ago

    Is sbse kya ho jayega farzi khch bhi krte rhte ho

    DILLIGAF CLUB 4 hours ago

    Why are they still fighting , since the kurds broke a deal with Syria , after being left to 'dry' by US's empty promises ?

  • Patricia Chang
    Patricia Chang 4 hours ago

    Is she a he?

  • J. Rosenblatt

    that is not injured,this is called "old woman" in western world.a 70year old is not a sportsgirl.

    DILLIGAF CLUB 4 hours ago

    And what nationality are the Turkish-backed forces ? Syrians , turks ? This is messy !

  • Hamza Chakah
    Hamza Chakah 4 hours ago

    باغين نشوف مثل هذا المقاتل داخل قفص الحديدي للقتال

  • Levent 9000
    Levent 9000 4 hours ago

    Çok güzel sikişiyor bunlar..

  • helen h
    helen h 4 hours ago

    She needs only mentor and orchestra 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

  • Clare Lau
    Clare Lau 4 hours ago

    Their disband the police..criminal at work here. Actually the darken show at the beginning Is all that happen now..the rest are just for shows. ..only they support themselves and Very small percentage of thugs.

  • Tsevelmaa Chimid
    Tsevelmaa Chimid 4 hours ago

    😭😭👀👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👦👩‍👩‍👦‍👦😷🤐🤮🤮🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕😷😷😷🤐😱😱🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤕🤕🤕😷😷😷😷👀👀👀😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭 !! !!!!!!???!!!!!!, 🙏🙏🙏👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👦👩‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👦👨‍👦👨‍👦👨‍👦🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏

  • cemile koç
    cemile koç 4 hours ago


  • ultra vivid
    ultra vivid 4 hours ago

    They are just terrorists and you know that they aren’t innocent and your manipulations not a worthy.

  • we need to eat the babies

    A golf buggy, how embarrassing.

  • Mr. Senpai_
    Mr. Senpai_ 4 hours ago

    What is this shit with "Black lives matter"???? ALL lives matter....Do not try to be special from all this crap...

  • XRPillionaire
    XRPillionaire 4 hours ago

    0:50 all talking so much and 1000 words and Putin "YOGURT" :D

  • Angelo B Koljenovic
    Angelo B Koljenovic 4 hours ago

    Is this Russian national Antome?

    ADITYA AD 4 hours ago

    I was waiting for Indian Prime Minster MODI

  • Simon Bohol
    Simon Bohol 4 hours ago

    Supposed independentists are ransgressors of the law and uncontrolled bandits. Too much democracy in Catalonia.¿ Who promote this ? The corrupt catalonian politics !! from the prison !!

  • Gustavo Valenca
    Gustavo Valenca 4 hours ago

    This is the F... biggest lie even, this half a dozen of morons are doing that, most of the they are paid to do that or they are part of the corrupted workers party. Don't shame your self and delete this F... Video

  • Cross
    Cross 4 hours ago

    At this point China needs to lock down the border and city of Hong Kong, resident evil racoon one gets in or out and then send in the Chinese military to mop things up...wait til the rioters gather and then pounce at once cutting them off and not letting them scatter and escape

  • Alam Alam
    Alam Alam 4 hours ago

    dasar pencuri tana orang israel you dog

  • kingneddy
    kingneddy 4 hours ago

    Corbyn is a dirty communist dog!

  • Jamie East
    Jamie East 5 hours ago

    The so un supreme court !

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 5 hours ago

    Get your nose out of my face, Shylock

  • Hasnain Shahid
    Hasnain Shahid 5 hours ago

    Modi gando

  • Clare Lau
    Clare Lau 5 hours ago

    March..#$@!!! These thugs need to clean up after themselves..

  • Sinan Turco
    Sinan Turco 5 hours ago

    💙💙💙 Tayyip Erdogan 💙💙💙

  • RescGT777
    RescGT777 5 hours ago

    After years and country destroid turkey enter in Sutiã lol

  • Krezuba Zver
    Krezuba Zver 5 hours ago


  • Ihsan ullah khan
    Ihsan ullah khan 5 hours ago

    Hillary is war criminal

  • Nick Ngan
    Nick Ngan 5 hours ago

    Bless to Catalan from HK

  • Indian by heart
    Indian by heart 5 hours ago

    hopefully Putin puts some sense and vision for these disillusioned monarchs

    • KM
      KM 4 hours ago

      first put some sense in your head

  • Jameson Oof
    Jameson Oof 5 hours ago

    He stands there. His men sees him. They brave together. The country is behind them.

  • Alex Bajan
    Alex Bajan 5 hours ago

    Arabian Horses from the Great line from Poland Bialka and Michalow. The best line in the world. They sell from Poland for over 1 mln USD each. Poland for last 600 years did preserve and advance arabian horses.

  • Ridwan Manurung
    Ridwan Manurung 5 hours ago

    Putin the great leader in the world. Middle east respect him...🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • ао ум
    ао ум 5 hours ago


  • Dub Uzell
    Dub Uzell 5 hours ago

    Can the saudis do anything for them selfs OMG it was terrible.

  • TigerTimon
    TigerTimon 5 hours ago

    Hopefully the Syrian-Russian combined forces will bomb them out! Good thing an attack by Turkey-backed rebels near Manbij has been repelled by the Manbij Military Council.

    • Can Ceylan
      Can Ceylan 5 hours ago

      Never. Because you are friend with baby killer Sdf.

  • Dub Uzell
    Dub Uzell 5 hours ago

    FFS that band can't play MOTHER RUSSIA'S national anthem properly.

  • هاواي وي
    هاواي وي 5 hours ago

    God bless you Putin .

  • Douwe Dabbert
    Douwe Dabbert 5 hours ago

    Ethnic hatred was kicked off by whites, other ethnicities are just responding.

  • victor james
    victor james 5 hours ago

    What do you expect!!! Sex

  • leeroy leeroy
    leeroy leeroy 5 hours ago

    It's all for in the name of Democracy people, u know?!? U just can't touch democracy it's free of sin and guilt !!! It's permitted , it's encouraged it has all the support here in UK.

  • Rusmini Prabowo
    Rusmini Prabowo 5 hours ago

    Wajah yg sejuk.dan mengayomi😍

  • Ter Krakhmalyuk
    Ter Krakhmalyuk 5 hours ago


  • Alex Bajan
    Alex Bajan 5 hours ago

    Putin is the real Global leader. May God bless Putin. Putin is for Global Peace.

  • michael bulley
    michael bulley 5 hours ago

    Oh man if he tried going anywhere near my puppy I would freaking bite him see how he likes is huh?

  • Southern Stars
    Southern Stars 5 hours ago

    Onto the border.. Keep pushing.. Take back as much as you can before the scum overrun it.

  • abdiqani nor
    abdiqani nor 5 hours ago

    Well equiped.

  • Peter Peru
    Peter Peru 5 hours ago

    США нуждаются в вассалах, курды никогда не думали, им это нужно! Курди не нужно сидеть на двух стульях или идти туда, куда США, лучше заплатить!

    THUNDER FALCON 5 hours ago


  • Guy A
    Guy A 5 hours ago

    You are wrong Putin doesn't great Saudi king. Saudi king greats Putin.

  • Gleeming Glow
    Gleeming Glow 5 hours ago

    *Bud'te zdorovy Будьте здоровы President Putin🌹... Thank you for welcoming our Philippine President Duterte with such open arms... Spoken Russian reverberated symphonic sound to my soul 💖 ...*

  • roger5173
    roger5173 5 hours ago

    this is what democrats wish they could do to republicans

  • Bmw fans
    Bmw fans 5 hours ago

    Return of the Ottoman Empire

  • zip zap
    zip zap 5 hours ago

    putanginamo /blyat

  • Nigerian Prince
    Nigerian Prince 6 hours ago

    Do I have the opportunity to immigrate to Austria ? I speak fluent German btw

  • William Limarjo
    William Limarjo 6 hours ago

    What will EU and Spain do if China is funding and supporting Catalan Independent?

    • Simon Bohol
      Simon Bohol 4 hours ago

      It doesnt have relation with china. It is about corrupt catalonian politics moving millions of stupida from the jail of the prison. Electric chair for catalonian politics.

  • Franz IV
    Franz IV 6 hours ago

    Germany "calls" for a lot, it is all our politicians do. "Oh we are shocked" "Oh we can not accept that" "Oh we urge change" "Everybody needs to agree" "We consider" "We need to find a solution all together" "We do not consider" "We want to use all possibilities" "We want to talk" "If we don't succeed we do something else" "We are working on it" "We are talking"

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 6 hours ago

    No matter how hard they try to save this little white punk. It will never work. If he brakes free, all hell will do as well because the whole world hates Patrick cruises. No one wants him alive I promise you.

  • Don Pagani
    Don Pagani 6 hours ago

    Putin clearly knows who is behind the attack. IMO it's probably Israel.

  • B1ACKW0LF •
    B1ACKW0LF • 6 hours ago

    Kurdistan ❤️🕊🌞🕊💚

  • Angel Snowflakes
    Angel Snowflakes 6 hours ago

    ألف ألف ألف مبروك للاشقاء التونسيين والله مبسوطة لكم من منبع قلبي، الله يسعدكم يا رب ♥️

  • Sana Ali Mugheri
    Sana Ali Mugheri 6 hours ago

    So here the new era begin 😍💖 Putin The master of middle East 😏❤

    • peaceful mind
      peaceful mind 4 hours ago

      Master of the middle east? I don't think so lady.

  • Ken North
    Ken North 6 hours ago

    I feel a ( SPEXIT ) coming on once United Kingdom has left EU ,,,,,

  • Nayan jyoti sonowal
    Nayan jyoti sonowal 6 hours ago

    If you all want an Indipendent Kashmir then raise your voice against pakisthan first. And the most important thing, the indian kashmiri are haveing a peacefull life.

  • seabas _22
    seabas _22 6 hours ago


  • Daniel David
    Daniel David 6 hours ago

    Merkel, Sie zionistische Hure!

  • Freebird12
    Freebird12 6 hours ago

    Putin shouldn't have contacts with countries funding terrorism.

    • KM
      KM 4 hours ago

      ok he should cut relations with iran and turkey biggest sponsors of terrorist organizations

    • Wanderer
      Wanderer 6 hours ago

      @mh2865 israel is peaceful

  • Ahmad Wazir
    Ahmad Wazir 6 hours ago

    We know you are releasing your fellow terrorists, don't worry Turks will crush both InshaAllah

  • Reluctant Fundamentalist

    Super-power is going to be change from America to Russia. America is no more a super power.

    • DEploribus Unum
      DEploribus Unum 4 hours ago

      Reluctant Fundamentalist Keep dreaming.

    • Jack B
      Jack B 4 hours ago

      Reluctant Fundamentalist The US was never a super power. They haven’t win a war single handed.

  • Tolga Balkan
    Tolga Balkan 6 hours ago

    Usa building my borders terorist state for big israel project , this will never happen.. Syria should never be divided Sweden 5 IQ peoples , they don't even know what they are protesting

  • Tan Thien
    Tan Thien 6 hours ago

    How Can I contact the seller

  • ka KA
    ka KA 6 hours ago


  • Ichi Droid
    Ichi Droid 6 hours ago

    Whenever there is CCP, there is no real one country two systems.

  • ka KA
    ka KA 6 hours ago

    Her Biji

  • Ay'mann Skalli
    Ay'mann Skalli 6 hours ago

    those brainwashed leftists need to be massacred i want franco back

    • Simon Bohol
      Simon Bohol 4 hours ago

      You are right. Washe brained by corrupt politics from the prison.

    • Mohamed Al Maghrebi
      Mohamed Al Maghrebi 5 hours ago

      More like Far Right Brainwashed

  • Khanh Tranvan
    Khanh Tranvan 6 hours ago

    Look at those Hong Kong protester scums , they always call for freedom of this freedom of that but when a woman had her opinion they beat her up , this traitor of their own country need to go to jail , China government should step in and stop this dump .

  • Rererro Muzzi
    Rererro Muzzi 6 hours ago

    If this is the kind of democracy these rioters want, they are merely destroying the city their parents spent their entire life built.

  • Aman Kumar Thakur
    Aman Kumar Thakur 6 hours ago

    Soviet 🥰

  • David
    David 6 hours ago

    their so-called "peaceful""freedom""democracy"

  • wrenth zenth
    wrenth zenth 6 hours ago

    it's time to clean up the parliament too much violence, these are the people who wants to govern themselves are you kidding me and the parliament needs more women and more young people with knew ideas and knowledge, I only see one women in the parliament and every time I see her she's walking around with a tray serving water to the men oops I should say to the boys because they are behave just like boys, she's not their maid she's a senator, those guys they are nothing but a bunch of male chauvinist pig, for those of you who do not know what a male chauvinist pig is it's a man who believes that men are superior to women, they don't know S****** they don't do S***** all day but but fighting with each other throwing punches at each other, they don't know how to do S******** and they want to overthrow the sitting president to take over, they must be out of their damn mind, the parliament needs more women and more young people with new ideas and knowledge it's time for change and reforms

  • Carlos Mejia
    Carlos Mejia 6 hours ago

    🔊Waoo... this a perfect example of what power can do...the power of money and fame😆😆😆

    SOUMYA SUBRAN 6 hours ago

    China Red Tree Dog...

  • Germany Holland
    Germany Holland 6 hours ago

    U late bastard... U send army to stop ottomen... Dont care...