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YUNGBLUD - Die A Little
Views 3.3MMonth ago
YUNGBLUD - Parents (Audio)
Views 3.2M6 months ago
Views 9M11 months ago
YUNGBLUD - California
Views 922KYear ago
YUNGBLUD - King Charles
Views 2.2M2 years ago


  • Lee Jackson
    Lee Jackson 5 minutes ago

    The drums make it sound like ride from Twenty One Pilots

  • Strange Teenage Girl
    Strange Teenage Girl 7 minutes ago

    Recently I’ve been crying watching this music video

  • Rozanne Szalay
    Rozanne Szalay 20 minutes ago

    Great froove great groove man..

  • shy girl
    shy girl 32 minutes ago

    what the hell is this stuff?

  • Matas Gr
    Matas Gr 52 minutes ago

    Ok boomer

  • Krista Servidad
    Krista Servidad 54 minutes ago

    Why does this look like the part 2 of kill somebody...

  • Commando Black
    Commando Black Hour ago


  • Insaf Kirgizbaev
    Insaf Kirgizbaev 3 hours ago


  • Rafael Chung
    Rafael Chung 3 hours ago

    Game For Yungblud And Halsey song: Yungblud Halsey - 11 Minutes

  • Kari Kary
    Kari Kary 3 hours ago

    Youngblood is so Sexy I got too say who agrees?

  • Kari Kary
    Kari Kary 3 hours ago

    I love this song so much I can't stop listening too it #lgbtqLove i have

  • mashiat zabin afra
    mashiat zabin afra 4 hours ago

    Dom has a huge smile😁

  • Marife Moncayo
    Marife Moncayo 5 hours ago

    That awsome 🤩🤩😄😁

  • BrandonAveryLive
    BrandonAveryLive 5 hours ago

    Most people are afraid of being who they are and instead fall for being who people expect them to be, so sad.

  • Xtina Leonova
    Xtina Leonova 6 hours ago

    Кто пришёл от Anny Magic?

  • Daniela A
    Daniela A 6 hours ago

    I feel like this song would have being my anthem back on my high school emo face now I’m in college and I don’t feel like it’s my vibe anymore anyways it’s a pretty dope song hahahaha I’ll probably just start doing a mini concert along in my room feeling like a punk rock star with this song once in a while

  • Daniela A
    Daniela A 6 hours ago

    The song it’s dope but I find it funny that there are actually teen kids this weird

  • Didi Cather
    Didi Cather 6 hours ago

    Maybe i just need casarme contigo

  • Madisons Lyrics
    Madisons Lyrics 6 hours ago


  • Didi Cather
    Didi Cather 6 hours ago

    Tocarte ese pelazo todo espojado si es all i wanna do guapo

  • Angelo Purcell
    Angelo Purcell 7 hours ago


  • Rosie Van Diest
    Rosie Van Diest 7 hours ago

    I literally didn't realize I was singing this aloud while I was with my friends and now they're a bit concerned and I don't care.

  • Dtax2000 .•_•.
    Dtax2000 .•_•. 7 hours ago

    When I was sad or angry, I open “parents” or “medication” or “original” me final sound AND THAT WAS AMAZIIING!!!!🔊🤟🏻😍

  • L Bee
    L Bee 7 hours ago

    Old people: you need to be kind to each other and love each other for people you are Old people seeing pride parades: ew

  • Lena Depp
    Lena Depp 7 hours ago

    Ok but how is he so fooking perfect 🖤🥺

  • Katelynn Daniels
    Katelynn Daniels 8 hours ago

    Okay but does anybody else absolutely lose their shit at how adorable Dom’s little dance move was at 2:04

  • Austin hall
    Austin hall 9 hours ago

    Me at 1:32

  • Travelit
    Travelit 9 hours ago

    Hes just a cute little ball of energy!!

  • Jade S-H
    Jade S-H 9 hours ago

    Idk if people are going to get this by that high pitch Voice sounds like ger from invader zim

  • Jazmin Mcmacken
    Jazmin Mcmacken 9 hours ago

    3:11 lol lmao he says fok

  • Lena Depp
    Lena Depp 10 hours ago

    Black hearts club🖤🖤

  • woon wai kit WOON
    woon wai kit WOON 10 hours ago

    He sing with marsmello so cool

  • Rachel Marie
    Rachel Marie 10 hours ago

    dom? hun? you good???

  • YFW Astro
    YFW Astro 11 hours ago

    Get in my feelings

  • Jordyn Shields
    Jordyn Shields 11 hours ago

    GD this video is sad as fuck.

  • Jeffrey Reader
    Jeffrey Reader 11 hours ago

    High nice to meetcha

  • Johan king
    Johan king 11 hours ago

    Hola YUNGBLUD muchas gracias por recomendar mi video de mi canal JOHAN KING BUSQUENLO y SUSCRIBETE

  • bad and sad
    bad and sad 11 hours ago

    aí aí aí aí aí aí aí

  • Yousef Madi
    Yousef Madi 11 hours ago

    His parents are Harley Quinn and joker

  • harold sevier
    harold sevier 12 hours ago

    this song literally made me cry😭😭

  • austin wright
    austin wright 12 hours ago

    Dear tik tockers pls dont ruin fact you BETTER not ruin it.

  • Anna
    Anna 12 hours ago

    3:20 someone 😍😍

  • Hee Hee
    Hee Hee 12 hours ago

    The songs meaning= OK BOOMER+VIBE CHECK

  • las aventuras de ailin

    Man altos problemitas

  • Avenged
    Avenged 12 hours ago

    I love how brit punk it is

  • Five nights at eamon Aka Eamon Adams

    Dad.go sleep shithead Me ok boomer Dad ok boomer you little shit Me yungblud rock Dad yea that’s a good song Me it’s a singer dumb ass

  • Mara
    Mara 13 hours ago

    Am I the only one that started crying knowing that my parents will hate me when i tell them I'm gay? K

    • Zonnie Lil Bro
      Zonnie Lil Bro 8 hours ago

      Ur parents will never hate you and if they cut you out of their lives because of your sexuality you dont need that negativity in your life as an adult. Everyone needs their parents, but sadly some cant have them in their life.

  • Ruby Fruetel
    Ruby Fruetel 13 hours ago

    Hey yungblud I know you probably will never see this but I just wanted to tell you you make me feel like I can be my truest myself and I thank you for that. My parents make me feel like I can’t be myself. This song is basically how I feel towards my parents. I’m transgender and they say they aren’t transphobic but they act so transphobic towards me. If your reading this thank you for reading it.

  • Sad Vibes
    Sad Vibes 13 hours ago


  • Jenna’s Life
    Jenna’s Life 13 hours ago

    yes dominic 😍🤘🏻

  • Tina Vann
    Tina Vann 13 hours ago

    And yeah y'all haters, im 52 and still rock on........ Hosers aint got shit on me.....u wouldnt be able to keep up

  • Tina Vann
    Tina Vann 13 hours ago

    Bro, u r the shit!!!!! You keep me jumpin all day and watching the clones!!! Rock on sexy! You giving me life frfr!

  • Sharon Joke
    Sharon Joke 13 hours ago

    If you become a serial killer 👉 Anthem

  • Melsandbilsavacados
    Melsandbilsavacados 13 hours ago

    Reminds me of lil peep in the beginning and then Harry styles towards the end

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 14 hours ago

    Wow i ghink i really like his music

  • skyeblxssom
    skyeblxssom 14 hours ago

    Every singer has their type of music. You should stop comparing singers to other singers. :)

  • Julia N
    Julia N 14 hours ago

    Gives me a Rasmus vibe on this video

  • giulia n
    giulia n 14 hours ago

    hello sir I love u

  • giulia n
    giulia n 14 hours ago

    Will this make me cry? Yes! Will I still watch it? Yes!

  • giulia n
    giulia n 14 hours ago

    HES SO G R O O V Y

  • Ruby Owensby
    Ruby Owensby 14 hours ago

    I think its stupid how most of the comments on the video are about mcr when it has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with them. Dom is his own person and has nothing to do with mcr or anyone else. His music is his and his only. It is beautifully unique and he deserves so much more appreciation than people show him. We love you Dom 💜

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  • Sheila Carvalho
    Sheila Carvalho 15 hours ago

    Reminds Melanie Martinez of black eyes😂

  • Amaya Lynn
    Amaya Lynn 15 hours ago

    Umm stranger things vibe anyone😶

  • Equinox Msp
    Equinox Msp 15 hours ago

    Me: listens to one of his songs RUclip recommendations: she must really fucking love this guy

  • Jackzwika
    Jackzwika 15 hours ago

    love it

  • cae pow
    cae pow 15 hours ago

    *_he sung "ok boomer" before it was a thing and god is he talented_*

  • defaultpose
    defaultpose 15 hours ago

    This is basically Yungblud's version of "Welcome To The Black Parade" !!!!!

  • Dayla Kimbrell
    Dayla Kimbrell 16 hours ago

    Love Yungblud!

  • veka tv
    veka tv 16 hours ago


  • DeadPool Fan Channel
    DeadPool Fan Channel 16 hours ago

    First day of year 5 lol

  • Jesus Saldivar
    Jesus Saldivar 16 hours ago

    9 de diciembre y me estaba perdiendo de tesoro

  • slime 26
    slime 26 16 hours ago

    I really what to go to one of your consert

  • Nellydoodlenoodle
    Nellydoodlenoodle 16 hours ago

    Listen here , As a billie eilish fan and a new fan of YUNGBLUD they’re nothing alike! Stop saying he’s the same as her , they have different types of singing, videos and messages altogether

    TEAMRED 16 hours ago

    Who’s here cause of 2k20? 👀

  • Magali Lux
    Magali Lux 17 hours ago


  • Kiara Bianchi
    Kiara Bianchi 17 hours ago

    I remeber when this video had just 1M views. 🥺 So proud of Dom 🖤😓

  • Nuka Maria Binzer
    Nuka Maria Binzer 17 hours ago

    This song sounds like it belongs in the early 2000's and i love it 😂

  • Ana Delia Miranda corona


  • girl bug
    girl bug 17 hours ago

    yungblud compared to eilish billie is scarier than she!

  • Oh, it’s not me
    Oh, it’s not me 17 hours ago

    “Hard to get an erection when you’re so used to rejection”

  • Jaimie Fay
    Jaimie Fay 17 hours ago

    Although Im with a guy now, I once dated a girl, thankfully my family was very supportive but I can imagine how much this Song would mean to people who have very judgmental and unsupportive families 💕😢

  • Alain circ
    Alain circ 17 hours ago


  • Dina.O
    Dina.O 17 hours ago

    for some reason he looks like harry style who had a midlife crisis

  • Triicky Gamer
    Triicky Gamer 17 hours ago

    No idea it was YUNG who sang this song. I like it

  • Brigamergirl Karr
    Brigamergirl Karr 18 hours ago

    0% bad words 0% naked girls 0% alcohol 100% talent 100% adhd

  • DragonChoise _HD
    DragonChoise _HD 18 hours ago

    Irgendwer deutsch? ❤

  • Lara Bajc
    Lara Bajc 18 hours ago

    The lipstik IS not god on xou

  • Lara Bajc
    Lara Bajc 18 hours ago

    Omg you lok like me 🙃🤤

  • brushbear
    brushbear 18 hours ago


  • Mathilde Met
    Mathilde Met 18 hours ago

    Please come to france for your tour 🇫🇷🙏😊

    KING OF INTERNET 18 hours ago

    Is this a boomer disstrack???

  • Lara Bajc
    Lara Bajc 18 hours ago

    Boy you ned to kiis a girl bicause you are beautiful and like me (I Em a girl)

  • Cookie Girl
    Cookie Girl 18 hours ago

    Ok... I don't get a word to my mouth.

  • leave me alone thanks
    leave me alone thanks 18 hours ago

    this is the british pink sock anthemn

  • Dumb_ Loser
    Dumb_ Loser 18 hours ago

    This reminds me of a British cartoon but I can’t remember the name ;-;

  • Noizy *
    Noizy * 18 hours ago

    Bulgaria all the way up! 💯

  • Agustín gimenez
    Agustín gimenez 19 hours ago

    Alguien ? Like si hablas español que temon

  • Pietro Espindola oliveira

    Im so glad to see this BORING teens hating their parents... the only people ho had some care and give them house and food and then hate their parents.

  • Michaela Hallsworth
    Michaela Hallsworth 19 hours ago

    The ‘ahhhh ahhhhhhh’ sounds so familiar but I can’t think of what it is help