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  • SnowBall
    SnowBall 2 hours ago

    Wtf she looks way different here than now

  • Random Axe
    Random Axe 2 hours ago

    Ok She's Fire!

  • That’s Green
    That’s Green 2 hours ago


  • itz Ramirezzz
    itz Ramirezzz 2 hours ago

    Damn ebro is lame and rosenberg is old and wack 😂

  • Quincy Reese
    Quincy Reese 2 hours ago

    Remember its somebody up workin, while you lay at night.🔥🔥🔥

  • Lady Jay
    Lady Jay 2 hours ago

    I'm still holding onto a grudge for less. Forget about it, until i see your ass. Then , i realize i am still pissed about whatever it was. If you murder my brother or sister, your ass don't have a chance. We don't have to forgive. This dude speaking on some bullshit level. Rest in peace means that i hope that's what happened for you. Forgiveness ain't for the motherfucker that did you wrong, it's for you thinking about killing that douchbag fucker.

  • 1234epps
    1234epps 2 hours ago

    Who names there self after blow jobs and well you get it what a clown

  • Jonathan Knight
    Jonathan Knight 2 hours ago

    I like list that aren’t from NY bc they are soooo biased lol. But being from LA even I agree Juicy Is the best mainstream hip hop song. 10x better than dear momma! STFU! Come to LA and say biggie is more loved then PAC . Not a good top ten btw. BIASED!

  • adam beerich
    adam beerich 2 hours ago

    KD said IDK is Draymond! 🤣😂🤣

  • Derrick Robinson
    Derrick Robinson 2 hours ago

    The Message #1 still relevant to this day

  • gregobviously
    gregobviously 2 hours ago

    Ebro said he doesnt get any music from the internet. now how is his opinion valid on music at all. Rosenburg said he rarely does it. Trash

  • Andre Salazar
    Andre Salazar 2 hours ago

    This is a gimmick though = she can’t rap + artists are riding her like they did 69 = the LABELS/CORPORATIONS make them do it by promising them a BIG-BAG!! Plus MOST of popular top artists music is trash these days!

  • Vasilis Roumeliotis
    Vasilis Roumeliotis 2 hours ago

    the interviewer girl is super dumb but she can get it

  • breonnaa xo
    breonnaa xo 2 hours ago

    I really used to rack my brain tryna figure out how I was gonna work full time, go to college full time, participate in student organizations without falling short somewhere. She really inspires me. If she can do all that she does and still go to school, I can do it as well. Now I go to school, work full time, have a podcast, apart of 3 orgs and a committee at school, and I’m about to start my RUclip channel. Her work ethic is truly inspiring.

  • StraightFadedEnt
    StraightFadedEnt 2 hours ago

    Jim Jones looks different

  • Zech Wilson
    Zech Wilson 2 hours ago

    I get it, 69 goes to jail and there’s been tons of stories about him so his music might be more intriguing (only because people are gonna want to know what he has to say)

  • Divinray
    Divinray 2 hours ago

    Really like he’s going to compromise himself by writing threatening letters.. this man does not want to stay in jail... innocent until proven guilty.

  • anthony dolgoter
    anthony dolgoter 2 hours ago


    CORN MEAL 2 hours ago


  • Tha Taurus
    Tha Taurus 2 hours ago

    The X-Files theme lmao

  • Skeetbone Jones
    Skeetbone Jones 2 hours ago

    Dear Funkmaster Flex, Donate that Mic AND continuous playback of this freestyle to The Smithsonian Museum Of African-American History

  • 905 North
    905 North 2 hours ago

    1 Straight outta Compton NWA 2 If I ruled the world Nas 3 96 Troublesome Pac 4 Triumph Wu Tang 5 Fu Gee La Fugees

  • Figicop FN
    Figicop FN 3 hours ago


  • Noel Lawson
    Noel Lawson 3 hours ago

    God MC

  • Lucival Guedes
    Lucival Guedes 3 hours ago

    Senta na minha pica bem dura nic quero sua bunda gostosa chupo muito esse bucetao

  • Ross
    Ross 3 hours ago

    KD is always welcome back to GSW. Bay Area fans love KD.

  • Emily Read
    Emily Read 3 hours ago

    Every raper is on drugs though

  • Emily Read
    Emily Read 3 hours ago

    love this

  • timandreenewkirk
    timandreenewkirk 3 hours ago

  • Gabriel The Grimey Gremlin Godoy

    he sounds more like SHYNE

  • timandreenewkirk
    timandreenewkirk 3 hours ago

  • timandreenewkirk
    timandreenewkirk 3 hours ago

    Yo Casanova check ya boy out Straight outta N.C

    BRTHRTAYRO 3 hours ago

    angie was always tryna play people that were a lil different

  • timandreenewkirk
    timandreenewkirk 3 hours ago

  • Living Ash Tree
    Living Ash Tree 3 hours ago

    "Brain matter contain too much data, I tell a story like fingerprints and blood splatter..."😳😳😳 This man is a GOD!

  • John Blaze
    John Blaze 3 hours ago

    A Boogie has approximately 96 individual teeth in his mouth ….

  • Snupe Cruz
    Snupe Cruz 3 hours ago

    Angie mulipulated the Tupac interview.aen humans have some thing to long they corrupt it.she did talking to Jay. Puffy yeah

  • Snupe Cruz
    Snupe Cruz 3 hours ago

    The checks u getting for every show .pac was right I make u famous.angie dragging this to the till the end smart Angie.

  • Ryan Lambie
    Ryan Lambie 3 hours ago

    When are Flex's superiors gonna address him on his lack of etiquette and interviewing skills? That dusty nigga talks more than the guest! He's having too much fun with a simple discussion He's like a 50+ year old teenager. St-F(lex)-u!

  • biggmonie
    biggmonie 3 hours ago

    Can Ebro please pronounce Malificent correctly!!!

  • Cassius Play
    Cassius Play 3 hours ago

    What Rap was invented for.... #2Teach #RythmAndPoetry #Rap

  • Henry Flores
    Henry Flores 3 hours ago

    I know this is old. But, King Los is a better lyricist than Kendrick. Still, to this day

    PABLO IW 3 hours ago

    Bruh I love this freestyle 😂🔥💯

  • Alonzo Moses jr
    Alonzo Moses jr 3 hours ago

    DJ just salute music heads peace and love salute

  • Alonzo Moses jr
    Alonzo Moses jr 3 hours ago

    DJ just stylee shouts out two one of the best djs on the map grandmaster flash from the bronxs

  • Pat S
    Pat S 3 hours ago

    Everybody stand-up and Salute 🙏💯🤙🏾

  • Davey J
    Davey J 3 hours ago

    Damn I can't even watch because how lame they was with Kodak

  • Yung Jackpot
    Yung Jackpot 3 hours ago

    Hot 97 will always hate on Pac lol

  • Mark Shelling
    Mark Shelling 3 hours ago

    I love when he stops and thinks for .5 seconds

  • biggmonie
    biggmonie 4 hours ago

    4 Brothers!

  • BCB602
    BCB602 4 hours ago

    This just proves Ebro can’t recognize potential

  • Tago Jones
    Tago Jones 4 hours ago

    Grandmaster Flash "The Message" is "greater" than Juicy. If two guys went up and performed those two records; first Juicy then The Message - The Message BLOWS the concert hall out !!!

  • wael sniper
    wael sniper 4 hours ago

    Hello, fire department?? Yes, It's YOUNG M.A again..

  • Tony Johnson
    Tony Johnson 4 hours ago


  • Tago Jones
    Tago Jones 4 hours ago

    California Love /the original/ is better than Juicy - greater in the aspect of being bigger and grander.

  • Prince Isreal
    Prince Isreal 4 hours ago

    Lets ride

  • Steven  Martinez
    Steven Martinez 4 hours ago

    Embryo is wack af

  • Steven  Martinez
    Steven Martinez 4 hours ago

    10 mil is a steal!!! Hes worth easily a 100 millie

  • 1thug aka Hollywood Coke!!

    Legendary negga!! Respect dis negga grind!! You never gon see another real street negga like dis rappin!!

  • Jacquez Polk
    Jacquez Polk 4 hours ago

    “I’m a GOAT but still I’m hardly mentioned” facts.

  • JaydinationLocs
    JaydinationLocs 4 hours ago

    J.I.D. is an exceptional lyricist of this generation. I imagine him as the product of crossing Kendrick Lamar with Michael Jackson with Smino.

  • station4hiphop
    station4hiphop 4 hours ago

    That "my nigga" term from Ebro would cause him to get pimp slapped fa real.

    KINGxTERRY 4 hours ago

    Shout out to everyone that only comes here when they have an unexpected guess

  • Ismail Farah
    Ismail Farah 4 hours ago

    a Muslim would not hug someone who killed their family or friend.

  • Rolando Forbes
    Rolando Forbes 4 hours ago


  • Coppafill. PHILLY.
    Coppafill. PHILLY. 4 hours ago

    Sounds like da goat up there.

  • Sparklegeist
    Sparklegeist 4 hours ago

    this is a radio station? turn the guests mic up. amateur hour.

  • DevineVisions
    DevineVisions 4 hours ago


  • michael jones
    michael jones 4 hours ago

    Click bait

  • Anthony Russell
    Anthony Russell 4 hours ago

    Most lyrical in wu-tang but least experienced wow!gifts!assasination day masta killa best wu-tang verse ever!

  • Octavia Lache
    Octavia Lache 4 hours ago

    He’s so handsome god bless him🙏🏽

  • Ant Don J
    Ant Don J 4 hours ago

    Black Thought Is A Certified Legend So I Expected Nothing But Absolute Greatness...Very Glad To See That He Did Not Disappoint!

  • Marcus McDuffie
    Marcus McDuffie 4 hours ago

    It's extremely hard to beat Swizz in a battle....idc how legendary you are smh lol......

  • serge ivan magoure
    serge ivan magoure 4 hours ago

    RAP is allways on with you broth..big up.

  • Chane Rd
    Chane Rd 4 hours ago

    I just love this guy 💙

  • SL Smith
    SL Smith 4 hours ago

    The net & drama is a all flex wants & needs foh !!

  • SL Smith
    SL Smith 5 hours ago

    New found inspirational respect to Jim not enough credit for this dope man peace and blessings fam 💯👏💪✊

  • Kc Cockett
    Kc Cockett 5 hours ago

    Thumbnail makes him look like a maniac lmao

  • Itsss Hotpocket
    Itsss Hotpocket 5 hours ago

    Maxo Kream 👏🏿👏🏿🔥🔥🔥

  • KYNG
    KYNG 5 hours ago

    It sounds like he's battle rapping the beat lol

  • Joel Kayeye
    Joel Kayeye 5 hours ago

    Bruh if kids can make it out the hood and get famous their is literally no excuse for anybody 😪

  • Angel Rivera
    Angel Rivera 5 hours ago

    My son wants to make money with 6ix9ine he don't want to beef with him

    BAYKKID 5 hours ago

    Gangsta Gibbs a true one to let the tears go in this interview man. Too many guys acting like they don't cry.

  • Lnemo77
    Lnemo77 5 hours ago

    Once again d ont be surprise when it comes to SNITCHING it's all part of the STREETS ... Sorry Nword I'm Trying Come Home...said best buy the one and ont Pusha T..

  • J D
    J D 5 hours ago

    Big Tymers get your roll on

  • Young Villen
    Young Villen 5 hours ago

  • Hardy Warrior O’Cruadhlaoich

    Young MA is hot !

  • Sam Williams
    Sam Williams 5 hours ago


  • Nathan Diggs
    Nathan Diggs 5 hours ago

    Summertime by will smith

  • Anthony B
    Anthony B 5 hours ago

    Black thought..smh🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ant Don J
    Ant Don J 5 hours ago

    This Is How You Wake All Of The Doubters And Naysayers Up! Major Salute To Royce Da 5’9” For Being A Lyrical Genius!

  • Shanice Sweetsmile
    Shanice Sweetsmile 5 hours ago

    We love Poutine 😭💀

  • R. ES
    R. ES 5 hours ago

    Dope but damn way too many breakaways and what's up with this "big Spanish "... "spanish"?? Naw , man that sh** don't fly. Do the knowledge. At least, at least "Latino" or "latinx" at the minimum. Smh.

  • Jay Polo
    Jay Polo 5 hours ago

    Ebro a dam fed

  • Shanice Sweetsmile
    Shanice Sweetsmile 5 hours ago

    The intelligence of a Apple 😭😭😭

  • JaVern Taylor
    JaVern Taylor 5 hours ago

    Wow they doing it for the clout, not the culture. Play Palmolive punk ass Ebro

  • Shanice Sweetsmile
    Shanice Sweetsmile 5 hours ago

    You forgot or you stupid Lmfaoooo I love my Virgo brother

  • jaida
    jaida 5 hours ago

    best interview with young ma - their chemistry is fire

    • POLO
      POLO 4 hours ago

      jaida Angie Martinez

  • Harley Davidson13
    Harley Davidson13 5 hours ago

    8:03 he sniffin coCaine classic rockstar

  • T-Dogg Wow
    T-Dogg Wow 5 hours ago

    He's a fucking genius!