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  • Renato Duque
    Renato Duque Minute ago

    They all see themselves as white people?

  • Mia Tuskan
    Mia Tuskan 11 minutes ago


  • Dina Morsy
    Dina Morsy 19 minutes ago


  • Regime
    Regime 25 minutes ago


  • Aceleo Alto 1 good
    Aceleo Alto 1 good 25 minutes ago

    At 2x 1 I made it MORE 2x

  • Walker Broz
    Walker Broz 26 minutes ago

    Behind the scenes of the 1 episode Henry danger

  • Detective Pikachu
    Detective Pikachu 30 minutes ago


  • Jaisha Ibrahim
    Jaisha Ibrahim 35 minutes ago

    I vote fremmer summer is just like me i just hope he likes me just like fredie liked summer😙😘😚😍

  • Backstabbing karma
    Backstabbing karma 46 minutes ago

    I still ship Bade more

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels 53 minutes ago

    Shes the worst singer in the show.

  • Webby Gaming129
    Webby Gaming129 Hour ago


  • I TubeR UK
    I TubeR UK Hour ago

    R.I.P iCarly 2007 - 2012

  • Courtney G
    Courtney G Hour ago

    Why did I just now realize this this is supposed (I think) to be like Baby Got Back by Sir Mix a Lot lololol

  • katrina vlogs
    katrina vlogs Hour ago

    Always Lucy

  • Angel Gangster88

    If y'all watch episode were family went to far they say luan jokes were getting annoying I feel bad for her;!

  • tariq aziz
    tariq aziz Hour ago

    Love this song 😍😍

  • UnitedEarthEmpire

    Another child actor to be ruined by Nickelodeon...

  • CHERYL MAY Aguan

    I like all of there songs

  • CHERYL MAY Aguan

    Ilike is greatest of all time

  • Marie 1324
    Marie 1324 2 hours ago

    I am phoebe I got four A

    XXX_LLJ_XXX X 2 hours ago

    The memories....

  • Yagrammy Lemons
    Yagrammy Lemons 2 hours ago

    lol the video is 4:58 i guess even nickelodeon can click-bait

  • Jaisha Ibrahim
    Jaisha Ibrahim 2 hours ago

    But it has not shown on nickelodeon it will show on nov 29 that is what is on nickelodeon please upload the full episode to youtube please please please please please!!!!!!!!😟😟😟😦😦😦😟😟

  • Ate Isa
    Ate Isa 2 hours ago

    Aauuugghh 2012 TMNT How I miss you. I really wish this was an episode, too. A musical episode would've been awesome!!

  • Azeem Zayed Haq
    Azeem Zayed Haq 2 hours ago

    Me and my brother are lori

  • Jesus
    Jesus 2 hours ago

    Who likes the theme song and sings it at school while their bored

  • Kshot Beats
    Kshot Beats 2 hours ago

    This was 2013 for anyone who's wondering bc Henry danger aired in 2014

  • AngryTrash XD
    AngryTrash XD 2 hours ago

    I remember listening to this. *AND FOR SOME REASON I COULDN’T FIND IT AGAIN*

  • Anime Tea
    Anime Tea 2 hours ago

    I didn't like how the host just drop hayleys outfit for Annie Its like rude the way she just throw it in the ground and hayleys is like "yea. Urm just drop it"

  • Jorge Campa
    Jorge Campa 2 hours ago

    They should put the same actor from spongebob like tom kenny, clancy brown, bill fagerbakke, rodger bumpass' coralyn lawrence and Mr. Lawrence

  • Brent oesterle
    Brent oesterle 2 hours ago

    What pragants he's to get pregant boy

  • Love of dua lipa
    Love of dua lipa 2 hours ago

    I really miss my childhood.

  • Zach Plays
    Zach Plays 2 hours ago

    Please bring it back

  • Anna Esperanza Gomez

    👩soy muy feliz que seas mitad de Perú 💝 💯isabela merced 💞👆💋

  • Zach Plays
    Zach Plays 2 hours ago

    Could you please bring thundermans and jack

  • Supermitsa James
    Supermitsa James 2 hours ago

    0:02 eyes 👁👀👁👁👀👁👀👀👁👀👁👀👁👀👁👀

  • OOF
    OOF 2 hours ago

    Cats vocals made everything better

  • Corinne Bailey
    Corinne Bailey 2 hours ago

    Henry Danger is the best show in the world 🌍

  • Bullet Lagdamen
    Bullet Lagdamen 2 hours ago

    Lucy’s made up story anding is happy

  • Maximo Sanchez
    Maximo Sanchez 3 hours ago

    I like how their pirates

  • Karen Beauliv
    Karen Beauliv 3 hours ago

    What’s the worst sandwich you have ever tryed

  • Karen Beauliv
    Karen Beauliv 3 hours ago

    Maybe try a candy sandwich 🥪

    CICI’S_ LIFE 3 hours ago

    Jade +Cat = da best duo ever = sooo iconic

  • gaming with the gaming squad

    luna and luan

  • risky23
    risky23 3 hours ago

    Sana sa for Sam and na for luna,👌

  • Lo L
    Lo L 3 hours ago

    Sticky Malik

  • Lo L
    Lo L 3 hours ago


  • Lo L
    Lo L 3 hours ago


  • Lo L
    Lo L 3 hours ago

    85 feet

  • Lo L
    Lo L 3 hours ago


  • Lo L
    Lo L 3 hours ago

    Laying eggs

  • Lo L
    Lo L 3 hours ago

    Meet me

  • Lo L
    Lo L 3 hours ago

    4 feet

  • AugustineNAYDiA Munroe

    Annie won

  • Bryan Sutjipto
    Bryan Sutjipto 3 hours ago

    Wow that's alot of games from other companies you provide :/

  • Nathalie Caballes
    Nathalie Caballes 3 hours ago

    TEAM BADE!!!

  • trash _._baku
    trash _._baku 3 hours ago

    i didnt like the show at all

  • Gamer Lily Hybird
    Gamer Lily Hybird 3 hours ago

    Lola and Lori

  • Junkooks Smile
    Junkooks Smile 3 hours ago

    The video didn’t even start and I was already crying. Like 2020 is almost here and this was the only best year we could ever have, with all our childhood shows. I’m going to miss all of these memories

  • HappyFeet80 AJ
    HappyFeet80 AJ 3 hours ago

    Frankini is cat's brother from victorious that she would always talk about and we would never see

  • Jacob Richey
    Jacob Richey 3 hours ago


  • Jacob Richey
    Jacob Richey 3 hours ago


  • Ngoc tran
    Ngoc tran 3 hours ago

    Carlos sound like rocko and lazlo.

  • Meow daily Meow
    Meow daily Meow 3 hours ago

    Season 2 in the US please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

  • Sha Islam
    Sha Islam 3 hours ago

    We Need Zoey 101 On Netflix!!!!

  • Devin Grace
    Devin Grace 3 hours ago

    i would be happier than this if i am still a kid :)

  • Stephan Mckinnie
    Stephan Mckinnie 3 hours ago

    I'm from the future. He made a cartoon called The Jellystones. Right now it's November 21st 2019.

  • Hector Garcia
    Hector Garcia 3 hours ago

    I got all of them right! Yay!!!

  • neoxyphus
    neoxyphus 4 hours ago


  • Norma Velasco
    Norma Velasco 4 hours ago

    No me aparesieron los capitulos en mi tele no la bi compl3ta😭😭😭😭

  • Issa Beauty._
    Issa Beauty._ 4 hours ago

    1:27 my fav part 💗

  • MUSTANG GT fourpointsix2valve

    I never meant to do that change back to normal

  • kurumi Takisaki
    kurumi Takisaki 4 hours ago


  • Matthew Jordan
    Matthew Jordan 4 hours ago

    take a selfie

  • Matthew Jordan
    Matthew Jordan 4 hours ago

    take a selfie

  • Matthew Jordan
    Matthew Jordan 4 hours ago

    take a selfie

  • TheLifeOf Liv
    TheLifeOf Liv 4 hours ago

    Hayley won this one

  • Shaimy Brown
    Shaimy Brown 4 hours ago

    Lynn, try my own icecream!

  • Pastel Chan Gacha
    Pastel Chan Gacha 4 hours ago

    iCarly says goodbye Ariana as Cat: *i dont think so*

  • Blue Chocolate
    Blue Chocolate 4 hours ago

    Make a spongebob episode where they team to defeat planton

  • Luciano S
    Luciano S 4 hours ago

    New avatar serie please¡

  • Джарвик Play
    Джарвик Play 4 hours ago

    Very nise

  • Stella Hutton
    Stella Hutton 4 hours ago


  • Stella Hutton
    Stella Hutton 4 hours ago


  • Spiturs
    Spiturs 4 hours ago

    My poor babys 🥺

  • Citlaly González
    Citlaly González 4 hours ago

    El último

  • XxLovelyLillyCutie Cutie

    Who's,Latina too

  • Bluet Jose
    Bluet Jose 5 hours ago


  • Kathryn A
    Kathryn A 5 hours ago

    I think that see is on the team so see will tell her dad and mom I know it then they will get mad at Henry for not tell them about it and say that y you Been leaveing the houes all ways

  • SugacoatedMochi
    SugacoatedMochi 5 hours ago

    Too why’s becks voice so deep here tho

  • Kathryn A
    Kathryn A 5 hours ago

    Wow I was wow but I was thinking see was going to fine out anyway

  • Lissette Hernandez
    Lissette Hernandez 5 hours ago

    Brb lol

  • Edgar Miguel Nicolás Juárez

    2020 Zoey 101 and gang back!!!! 😍❤️

  • Harley quinn fan
    Harley quinn fan 5 hours ago

    Everyone hating on Tori for kissing cat's bf but I remember Tori dating him first

  • Lissette Hernandez
    Lissette Hernandez 5 hours ago

    I love lann

  • SourMoon Gaming
    SourMoon Gaming 5 hours ago

    Is this a real game?

  • Paulina Arellano
    Paulina Arellano 5 hours ago

    It remaind me to my family

  • Juan Thunderman
    Juan Thunderman 5 hours ago

    Me gusta mucho esta serie es muy divertido

  • Gachapuppy Love
    Gachapuppy Love 5 hours ago

    Henry: Jasper... Jasper:Ya? Henry: Thanks for filling me in 😐 Jasper: Sure!

  • cristel orozco
    cristel orozco 5 hours ago

    💗ciera el puño💗 Dale like 💗 Pide un deseo 💗 Abre el puño 💗 Pon esto en otro video 💗💗