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  • Blink eu
    Blink eu 22 seconds ago

    Siyoungggg dang ❣HAHAHA she's perfect representation of fangirls HAHAHA eventhough she's married HAHAHA she's so cute

  • reem elsouki
    reem elsouki 43 seconds ago

    Can't they find her a better hair for God's sake😂😂😂

  • under the sea
    under the sea Minute ago

    Did I hear Kyla?? Anyone?

  • Blink eu
    Blink eu Minute ago

    Juan ia fine asf🖤❣

  • defsaoule
    defsaoule Minute ago

    superrrrr daebakkkk

  • Aqilah Salim
    Aqilah Salim Minute ago

    What the title song at 10:56 ?

  • Craig Winstanley
    Craig Winstanley 2 minutes ago

    Phenonminal group. Dreamcatcher are performing artists of the highest standard. They should be global superstars with this degree of unique talent.

  • Priscilla Mariana
    Priscilla Mariana 2 minutes ago

    DROP THE BAND IN 52:20 NAME!!!!

  • Blink eu
    Blink eu 2 minutes ago

    Love Chelsea Rovers ❣ Juannn🖤🖤

  • Sakinah
    Sakinah 3 minutes ago

    I feel like don't want to believe it :(

  • oreos are life
    oreos are life 3 minutes ago

    literally started singing to snapshoot without even realising it at 27:36 thank you v much seventeen

  • namgey Drema
    namgey Drema 3 minutes ago

    Emily. Don't you even dare think of being Yunsu's mom .I like how gayeong spoke boldly with Emily and jeonghan's Mom. She is another irritating woman after rejecting yunsu ,acting like some great grandma

    ARYAN JHA 3 minutes ago

    01:57 Kim Sungwon has lived in both USA and Mexico. Seo Taehun said that just to be funny.

  • yunchi naja
    yunchi naja 3 minutes ago

    So funny to see the compilations of sm artist hahaha

  • Sopiyan Rahman
    Sopiyan Rahman 4 minutes ago

    Suka banget drama ini

  • Rico Han
    Rico Han 4 minutes ago

    i miss IOI 😩😩

  • Arzeti Sukmahati
    Arzeti Sukmahati 4 minutes ago

    Ohhhhhh maayyyyy😭😭😭😭😭😭..32:26 "i'm fine"❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • theTongueTwister Guy
    theTongueTwister Guy 4 minutes ago

    TWICE must try these dishes too hahahah that would be so lovely hehe <3

  • retno laila arfiani
    retno laila arfiani 4 minutes ago

    If only she lived in my country, there's some actress /singer that got hated for years here, but they seems to ignore it, they still stay happy, beautiful, popular, rich no matter what haters/netizen's said.. in my country mostly moslems there's this belief that we only live once. So if we committed suicide, we will regret it a lot.. Coz we will never have a chance to enter heaven. So suicide isn't even on our list. (sorry no offence, it's my religion's belief).. Sorry for bad english

  • Yenyen Valenzuela
    Yenyen Valenzuela 4 minutes ago

    I'm so impressed on how Mr. Ilkook dressed the triplets on camping 😍 so cute and fashionable

  • erikh8syou
    erikh8syou 5 minutes ago

    See you around Sulli!!!

  • CookyDino
    CookyDino 5 minutes ago

    Lmao “BENTLEY” 🤣

  • Maria Regina Tagalog
    Maria Regina Tagalog 5 minutes ago

    I started watching the show because of the twins. Glad that I could see this little rascals again! 😊

  • UQ Yuqiu
    UQ Yuqiu 6 minutes ago

    Seulgi n moonbyul part is more fade than other..

  • Gauntlet X
    Gauntlet X 6 minutes ago

    Is heechul really a member of suju? I know he is injured but that was a while ago and he could sit on the side like other groups.

  • Blackpink Only Lisa
    Blackpink Only Lisa 6 minutes ago

    Sulli a~, my peach what are you doing now???

  • Thảo Venus
    Thảo Venus 7 minutes ago

    JeonWoo where

  • Jaee Kim
    Jaee Kim 7 minutes ago

    Hearing those high notes! Goosebumps all over. I love it, I keep playing it until now...

  • Fatma Ahmed
    Fatma Ahmed 7 minutes ago

    She was hiding all that pain through those smiles.

  • joakin RO
    joakin RO 8 minutes ago

    I really feel What the first Guy sayd at the begining of the video

  • Dreamies’ Noona
    Dreamies’ Noona 8 minutes ago

    Its so sad that until now i still havent watch her drama ( something about pirates? Cant remember well) and her variety show cause theres no sub. I was even excited for it. 😳

  • T K
    T K 8 minutes ago

    Jimin is so talanted and beautiful! He loves Jungkook and Jungkook loves Jimin! <3

  • Pewe Cantik
    Pewe Cantik 8 minutes ago


  • -Nøvå
    -Nøvå 9 minutes ago

    not relevant but the wife looks like momo

  • T K
    T K 10 minutes ago

    Jimin is his euphoria! :) <3

  • Evelyn Etcoy
    Evelyn Etcoy 11 minutes ago

    Kazahkstan is more on land while tha Philippines is more on water(beaches)

  • Kinah carat
    Kinah carat 11 minutes ago

    son naeun, are you watching this? dfhbvbsdbdf

  • Moan
    Moan 11 minutes ago

    Even Bighit canceled BTS schedule for streaming. They really did paid respect for sulli and they mentioned everyone but not bighit. Even her friends what were they doing when she needed help. After everything ended putting sad faces and trying to act like a good friend

  • I GOT 7 Lai
    I GOT 7 Lai 11 minutes ago

    OMG 🐤💚

  • EpicThe112
    EpicThe112 12 minutes ago

    Love this and I'm surprised why they didn't do it the other way around Dallas-Fort Worth Chungha. NYC episode would need to be Miss A Min or Ladies Code Ashley

  • Shakura Lim
    Shakura Lim 13 minutes ago

    Farewell our beautiful sweet angelic baby Sulli, we will never forget. You will always be in our heart and mind, we will miss you always and we will love you always. 💔😢🖤

  • Callulla Azzahrah
    Callulla Azzahrah 14 minutes ago

    WOW IT'S IS SOO BEATIFUL This is so magic

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 14 minutes ago

    They look tired😩

  • Anujin Altan-ild
    Anujin Altan-ild 15 minutes ago

    I just wanted to ask WHY? Why do people hate other people? Why people write such a disgusting comment?

  • 5EASON gaming
    5EASON gaming 15 minutes ago

    솓 ㅅ쟈ㅜㄴ ㅁㄱㄷ 내 ㅍㄷ교 쳣ㄷ!

  • Iris RatinELF
    Iris RatinELF 15 minutes ago

    Sometimes, a word can be the difference for anyone else...

  • Karry Lee
    Karry Lee 16 minutes ago

    So sad, people needs to be a human that loves another human. Don't get why they are acting like some evil people who makes me not want to give them a category called "HUMAN". They don't deserve to be called HUMAN at all. They CAN'T even be compared to a DOG. Cyberbullying needs to END right now in SOUTH KOREA. REST IN PEACE LOVE 💙❤

  • Ash.03
    Ash.03 16 minutes ago

    bruv Max is acc bare funny lol

  • Naluyiga Lydia
    Naluyiga Lydia 16 minutes ago

    I really wanted eunbi an taegwang to be a couple 💝

  • -Saffie -
    -Saffie - 17 minutes ago

    I still can't believe I won't get to see her smile ever again. She was such an inspiration to me, she made me want to be as strong and as warm as the sun. She taught me that life wouldn't always be fair, even to good people, but we can try to be as fair and as kind, even if the world is unkind. Thank you, Sulli. You made the world beautiful.

  • Hayabusa Hayabotoy
    Hayabusa Hayabotoy 17 minutes ago

    Eunso is beautiful but i dont like hair style

  • Park My Jimin and give me Tae

    Kai and taemin literally praising samuel and smiling at him is soooooooo adorable 😭 It must feel so amazing that idols like like kai and taemin are even praising samuel. Samuel is great dancer as well💜 but Kai's face at 9:13😂😂😂😂😂

  • irene paige
    irene paige 18 minutes ago


  • Edith Yu
    Edith Yu 19 minutes ago

    Sana all makapunta sa boracay.... 😩

  • Stefanie Wirth-Hermanns
    Stefanie Wirth-Hermanns 19 minutes ago

    Cool 🤗

  • Brader jr.
    Brader jr. 20 minutes ago

    Mirip RONALDOWATI anying.... 😂

  • UQ Yuqiu
    UQ Yuqiu 20 minutes ago

    Cute choreo

  • 5150 K-Pop!
    5150 K-Pop! 21 minute ago

    Is There Any Better SNSD Genie Better Than This! I Think Not!

  • Shinn kun
    Shinn kun 21 minute ago

    58:55 yoongi almost slip-

  • Istvan
    Istvan 22 minutes ago

    How o how did they get the permit to make a restaurant there...

  • Its Nicole Ph
    Its Nicole Ph 22 minutes ago

    I wish i have friends like sungyeol and seulbi and and woohyun That will protect me like them

  • widiya anugrah putri
    widiya anugrah putri 22 minutes ago

    Why all of them give him a lot of rude comment ? I just don't understand the commentator of this show. He just caring too much for the child so he gives 100% and so detail about it. It understandable because he is a single man so he still incompetent but i think he does such a good job.

  • Chanlix Forever
    Chanlix Forever 22 minutes ago

    Sulli died on my b-day R.I.P sulli

  • Skippi0093
    Skippi0093 23 minutes ago

    1:17:14 Says Beom soo looks like a house wife shows a little clip picture of Ki Tae-young 😭😭💀💀😂

  • Dirk Baeten
    Dirk Baeten 23 minutes ago

    That messed up ending would be great for a drama. I guess Suya had a lot of trouble deciding and if Kyunsung wouldn't have revealed his choice so early, it could have been a happy ending for everybody??

  • momoring
    momoring 23 minutes ago

    when mr. serious said cute nayeon from twice pic showed up

  • Maria Regina Tagalog
    Maria Regina Tagalog 24 minutes ago

    I was hoping for a video message from exo though. I mean Baekhyun. Chanyeol, chen, xiumin and kai was showed in some of the episodes right.

  • Golda may layug Llaneza
    Golda may layug Llaneza 24 minutes ago

    I hope this never happens again kpop artist and actor actress

  • Wilhelmina Miso
    Wilhelmina Miso 25 minutes ago

    Mia is killing me slowly and softly with those facial expressions STAAHHHP!!! 😭😩

  • nurul nadiah
    nurul nadiah 25 minutes ago

    its been a week now .. and it feels like it happened yesterday 💔😌

  • Dzamayca
    Dzamayca 26 minutes ago

    My beautiful angel, thank you for introducing me to KPop. I love you so much. I am very sorry. Rest well now, our giant baby ❤

  • hansley manriquez
    hansley manriquez 27 minutes ago

    My new favorite baby Jam Jam. Youre so adorable. I want to watch more of your episode 😍😍😍

  • aynat sairf
    aynat sairf 27 minutes ago

    Wow Philippines! ❤

  • Blue Elf
    Blue Elf 27 minutes ago

    why i wish song jihyo appear here? 😁

  • allea liu
    allea liu 28 minutes ago

    Baru ini nonton drakor tema keluarga yg bagusssss banged 😉😉😉

  • bello'wafa
    bello'wafa 29 minutes ago

    is abracadabra everglow new song ??

  • Chi Tz
    Chi Tz 29 minutes ago

    Cyber bullying in Korea is next level. Bullying in general. They'll call you and threaten you. They'll spam your messages with threats to kill you. The beautiful country is being tainted by people who anonymously curse at you behind their screens.

  • kitty kat
    kitty kat 29 minutes ago

    Can that tall uncle hold me up as well? 😂 My 5 feet self is 😅

  • AJ Bear95
    AJ Bear95 30 minutes ago

    oh no! wat a twisted ending! suya didnt go for the man she felt something wif(geunji) instead chose kyunsung.. but kyunsung rejected the her(didnt he confess tat he liked her.. lol) to go for the woman he rejected indirectly(miss korea).. BUT.. i must say.. i loved wat miss korea did... not accepting kyunsung since he been ignoring her from the very beginning.. i hope she find a better one.. fighting!

  • Samantha Ho
    Samantha Ho 30 minutes ago

    That hanging thing is a zip line I did it for my brithday it was scary but fun!

  • L I A N N I E K A T E
    L I A N N I E K A T E 30 minutes ago

    *words are knives and often leave scars*

  • Shinn kun
    Shinn kun 30 minutes ago

    20:28 min yoongi?! ASDHADJKFHDSB

  • Eun Kyung TV!
    Eun Kyung TV! 30 minutes ago

    Bye , I have nothing to do now I will wait for Williams video .

    SHEANEL VLOG 31 minute ago

    I wish Im a superman kid to

  • Rain Yamaguchi
    Rain Yamaguchi 32 minutes ago

    Jia looks looks like Hayoung from Apink 💕

  • Officially HALIM
    Officially HALIM 32 minutes ago

    This is just the beginning for many more to come. At this rate what do u expect, all I see is more hate, more videos up on the internet but I fail to see the what’s deep inside anyone’s heart. I hope y’all stay strong in life. Because kpop is famous. But it isn’t only korea. Its everywhere and every day

  • Wulan Sukmawati
    Wulan Sukmawati 32 minutes ago

    I'm not going to say curse words to all haters that made her ended her life.. but it's way too much.. surely I hope you all experience what she had !! Words cut deeper than any weapons !!

  • xxdramaqueen
    xxdramaqueen 33 minutes ago

    yejun & rawon moments together feels like a kdrama scene asfghnkl 💕😍

  • Devi Kim
    Devi Kim 33 minutes ago

    Best style ever

  • Kpop_ Author
    Kpop_ Author 34 minutes ago

    "I keep thinking it's our fault" Of course every hate comments you say to idols is your fault who else?

  • Hoineichong Th
    Hoineichong Th 35 minutes ago

    I keep thinking about how peaceful she would be now and how that very fact is sad !

  • assyfa s.
    assyfa s. 35 minutes ago

    Damn woojin

  • florabelle operario
    florabelle operario 35 minutes ago

    4 years after gee was released the crowd still sings loudly with them!! SNSD fighting!! Queens!! Nation's girl group 4ever!!

  • Lhangga Jekerane
    Lhangga Jekerane 35 minutes ago

    GINEBRA IS KINGS IN THE PHILIPPINES..i think they didnt play the game well coz its just a friendly game if you watch them in a real court you can see how intense they are..well nice shot😂😂

  • Ellisa fortuna
    Ellisa fortuna 36 minutes ago

    Sehun So CUTE!! 😘😘😘😘😘

  • ريم الريم
    ريم الريم 37 minutes ago

    love u

  • Queenie Stanford
    Queenie Stanford 37 minutes ago


  • Inggita Sk
    Inggita Sk 37 minutes ago

    Kameramennya ganteng masa :")

  • Laila Del Rio
    Laila Del Rio 38 minutes ago

    Grabe!!! Kahit ulit ulitin ko ito, paulit ulit din akong humahalakhak.

  • 옥잉
    옥잉 38 minutes ago

    이무대본지가 진짜 엊그제같은데 벌써 4년전임...? 나인뮤지스 노래 진짜 하나같이 띵곡인데.. 진심 나인뮤지스 보고싶다 ㅠㅠ