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  • Elena Bizina
    Elena Bizina 2 месяца назад

    You guys are awesome! My 2 year-old loves you :)

  • Abhijeet Bhagat
    Abhijeet Bhagat 2 месяца назад

    hello, can i get your email id for business discussion

  • Evie Evan
    Evie Evan 2 месяца назад

    I'm a lover of your channel

  • Amylee
    Amylee 2 месяца назад

    hi Dance patrols, my students are really having fun with the songs they do not want any other musics apart from yours. we are in a topic of fruits and some classes are in weathers my class is bored with other kind of music can you please make some? pllllz

  • Daddy SharK For Kids
    Daddy SharK For Kids 3 месяца назад

    don't laugh to me , i make song wiki wiki macha fpr kids

  • Helo Fagner
    Helo Fagner 4 месяца назад

    you could put the lyrics of the song in all your clips would be much better

  • zero one
    zero one 4 месяца назад

    ilike the channel bounce patrol

  • Vannia Verduga
    Vannia Verduga 5 месяцев назад

    Hello bounce patrol i am new here

  • Princess Sonya
    Princess Sonya 5 месяцев назад

    perfecr actors. I like it

  • Аліна Воронюк
    Аліна Воронюк 6 месяцев назад

    ви неймовірні)

  • Gurkan Ozlu
    Gurkan Ozlu 7 месяцев назад

    heyy!! ı am watching to you from turkey .. you has a great energy , congragulation ..

  • Lakshmi Kurup
    Lakshmi Kurup 8 месяцев назад

    I love your channel.....i use it all the time in my classroom and the kids absolutely love it.....Keep up the awesome work!!!!

  • Katrin Kids Show
    Katrin Kids Show 8 месяцев назад

    Hi! my name is Katrin! I love your channel!)))

  • Mihriban Agirbasoglu
    Mihriban Agirbasoglu 8 месяцев назад

    Hello, Bounce Patrol Team I am sending this message from Turkey. I am an English teacher at a kindergarten. Me and my students love to listen to your songs in our classroom. With your song our lessons become entertaining. And also I would like to use your "What color am I wearing" song at our show at the end of the year. But I need this song's karaoke version. If you have it, can you send me please? If you send it, I will be very glad.With my best regards

  • Little Girls tube
    Little Girls tube 9 месяцев назад


  • Charles Smith Jr
    Charles Smith Jr 10 месяцев назад


  • vanessa ramirez
    vanessa ramirez 11 месяцев назад

    Hi do you have any video about the five senses?

  • The Feliciello Family
    The Feliciello Family 11 месяцев назад

    hi my friends im sad because i want to go to Melbourne,Austrailia to See You i wish i could come. Can i Come to Melbourne to Teach you if youre happy and you know it please bounce patrol theres lots of moves like clap for Boys,Twist For Girls,Nod For Boys,Stomp for Girls,Skip for Boys,Tap Your Foot for girls and shout hooray please?

  • Rebecca Rabbit
    Rebecca Rabbit Год назад

    hi i love your videos can i do them ok Jackson,Rachel,Will,Jacinta and Alyssa, i just wanna know when can you start tapdancing

  • EliMendez 19
    EliMendez 19 Год назад

    I love the Videos!! :D

  • Hà Thaí
    Hà Thaí Год назад


  • Hà Thaí
    Hà Thaí Год назад


  • Kristin Iorillo
    Kristin Iorillo Год назад

    Hi, Bounce Patrol! My five-year-old son, Alex, would like to know if you have seen Big Ben. Thank you! We love your videos.

  • Kenny Lee
    Kenny Lee Год назад

    Could you possible combine Letter A to Z video clip in one long format video cos i want to pay this video for my young nephews for learning English and watching without commercial within them when playing differently. Thanks.

  • aya siari
    aya siari Год назад

    thanks from London, you're videos are the best!

  • Maryanne Drew
    Maryanne Drew Год назад

    My kids love your songs so much they ask for them every morning they sing and and dance alone their favourite is the animal sound song and all the finger family's there is never a morning when your channel isnt on thank you for all the songs :-D

  • Nevies Corner
    Nevies Corner Год назад

    Hey! Nice channel! Looking forward to seeing more videos from you :) :) :)

  • Hector muñoz
    Hector muñoz Год назад

    saludos desde madrid.

  • hayaty page
    hayaty page Год назад


  • Baby Rhymes Tv
    Baby Rhymes Tv 2 года назад

    Awesome creation and good content for kids............. a big like for your channel

  • Mags Br1
    Mags Br1 2 года назад

    Guys your page amazing my baby girl love so much, but I NOT FIND FIND LETTERS Y and Z , please let me no you guys go have in future Thanks

  • Deanna Matlock
    Deanna Matlock 2 года назад

    Thank you so much for the 1-10 in different languages!! Would love to see a video for colors soon. My daughter is 3 and can say 1-10 in all four languages by herself thanks to your video!! She knows each video by heart on your channel. She can also do a few basic signs in sign language.

  • Marta Gracia
    Marta Gracia 2 года назад

    Thanks from Spain, your songs make my little boy Mateo HAPPY:-))

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids Год назад

      Hi Mateo! :-D Thanks very much for your kind comment and fan donation Marta. You're helping us make new videos! THANK YOU ❤️️

  • Tawny Leets
    Tawny Leets 2 года назад

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE upload X, Y, and Z very soon. thank you :)

  • Sarah mohamed
    Sarah mohamed 2 года назад

    please where are the letters w, x, y, z?

    • Sarah mohamed
      Sarah mohamed 2 года назад

      I am really waiting for these songs. your work is wonderful and really I like it so much.

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 2 года назад

      We make alphabet videos in between making our main music videos. At the moment, we release about 1 new alphabet video per month. Rest assured, we are working on the next one now.

  • Ray Woodard
    Ray Woodard 2 года назад

    will you be creating the letter songs for w - z?

    • henry617
      henry617 2 года назад

      but when?

    • Sarah Parsons
      Sarah Parsons 2 года назад

      Yes! Thank you! My kids last year were so sad when we got to the end of the alphabet and there were no bounce patrol kids videos for the end of the alphabet!

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 2 года назад

      Yep, we sure will! We plan to do the whole alphabet :)

  • Angela Ahn
    Angela Ahn 2 года назад

    My son loves the finger family songs that you guys put together. Thanks so much. from fans in Canada

  • JosieWose
    JosieWose 2 года назад

    Bounce Patrol Kids!! You guys are amazing. Love the songs and the harmonies are fab! How have I not heard of you guys! I've just started my channel and can't wait to do nursery rhymes and some of my originals. =) xxx

  • Leticia Sousa Santos
    Leticia Sousa Santos 2 года назад

    so do brasil

  • ThatWord Jr
    ThatWord Jr 2 года назад

    Hey again, when will the Letter V song come out? Will you work on it, and who's going to sing it? Is it going to be Rachel? Cause it's been a long while since the last time Rachel gets to sing a letter song, and I really wish she can sing the Letter V song if it's her. Hope you'll reply back!

  • Rebecca Pitman
    Rebecca Pitman 2 года назад

    My Foundation class are going to be so sad... There isn't a song for Y I have 18 little rabbits that LOVE your videos, keep up the amazing work.

  • J R
    J R 2 года назад


    • J R
      J R 2 года назад

      well beware this channel turns normal children into retarded zombies repeating cancerous tunes that mean nothing.

  • alexia de silva
    alexia de silva 2 года назад

    Thank you for your loving videos. My daughter loves you very much.And she learns lot of things from your videos.Thank you again.

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 2 года назад

      Yay so glad to hear we're helping your little one learn new things. Thanks for watching! Tell her we said hello :)

  • Masti Time
    Masti Time 2 года назад

    I had go through your vids you have nice collection

  • Boog 'n Shoog
    Boog 'n Shoog 2 года назад

    Hi Bounce Patrol. We just wanted to stop by and say hi. We love your fun videos. Please stop by and say hi to us too. Boog 'n Shoog

  • Olia Eden
    Olia Eden 2 года назад

    Hi, thank you for your ABC song, but where is the video with letters Uu, Vv, Ww, Xx, Yy, Zz?(((((( Make video with them, pleeease!

  • Patty Shukla Kids TV - Children's songs

    Hello fellow children's music channel! I subscribed to you, will you please subscribe to my channel? Thank you! :)

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 2 года назад

      +pattyshukla Hi Patty. I should appear in your subscriber list already, we've been subscribed to your channel for 3 or 4 years. You and I met at VidCon last year, at the "Think of the Children" panel as I recall. Congrats on your national tour, very exciting!

  • Rhyme Games - Puzzles, Jigsaws, Toys and More

    Hello Friend, Awesome channel!!! Love watching your videos!

  • King Reinhart
    King Reinhart 2 года назад

    Nice Videos, Keep it Up!

  • How To Make Sushi
    How To Make Sushi 2 года назад

    Great channel, I want more :)

  • Joe Delk
    Joe Delk 2 года назад

    Our daughter is sick with a nasty cold right now, but the one thing that brightens her up is Bounce Patrol videos. She even gets excited with the logo. She demands to watch them ad nauseum. And my wife and I even catch ourselves singing the songs to ourselves because we've seen them so many times. Thank you for putting on these great videos. My daughter tonight:видео.html

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 2 года назад

      +Joe Delk Thanks for the video, she is so adorable! I'm very pleased we were able to cheer her up a little bit when she is not feeling well. Hope she feels better soon! :)

  • ERMCrazy
    ERMCrazy 2 года назад

    no t u v w x y z song?

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 2 года назад

      +ERMCrazy There will be! We just haven't made them yet :) We release a new alphabet video about once per month usually, that's how long it takes us to make them :)

  • Zeynalov's Family
    Zeynalov's Family 3 года назад

    Great job guys! Thank you very much! ;)

  • Kourtney Turner
    Kourtney Turner 3 года назад

    Hey bouncepatrolkids. Your videos of the letter sounds have helped my 3 year old with a speech delay get proper m and p sounds in a matter of one week!!!!! I am so pleased with these videos

  • Tina Morton
    Tina Morton 3 года назад

    excellent videos i use for tutoring! however, the short i is mispronounced:(

  • Sisters Viki and  Lizi
    Sisters Viki and Lizi 3 года назад

    Hello your channel is very very interesting and I wish mutual subscription to my channel if you do not mind !?

  • Fran4kids-μουσικοκινητική με τη Φραντζέσκα

    Wonderful channel. I was looking around to find interesting channels for kids and wow I saw yours. Great job and this is why I subbed.

  • Paulina Troncoso
    Paulina Troncoso 3 года назад

    Hi Bounce Patrol Kids!! My two daughters just love your videos, we always sing and dance together, and can't stop laughing out loud when we are watching "five little monkeys" and my 3 year old child tells me "Mom!!! they're not wearing any socks, they're gonna get a cold!!!" Cheers from CHILE!

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 3 года назад

      +Paulina Troncoso Haha that's the cutest story!! That sounds so adorable :) Thanks for the lovely message Paulina! You can tell your daughter that we put our socks back on as soon as we finished filming ;-)

  • Grisell Lugardo
    Grisell Lugardo 3 года назад

    I have been using your songs for my preschool students, are there any plans to make songs for letters Rr thru Zz? Thank you! Students love your songs.

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 3 года назад

      Yes! We have plans to finish all the letters of course! We've been busy making Halloween videos this month, but should get back to making the next alphabet video in November 😊

  • Serena Yen
    Serena Yen 3 года назад

    Hi My daughter likes your alphabet song very much. Thanks for sharing and producing. May I know why there is no other alphabets after P ?

    • Serena Yen
      Serena Yen 3 года назад

      +Bounce Patrol Kids Thanks for your team's efforts !!

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 3 года назад

      Only because we haven't made them yet :) We make about one every month or so

  • Oliver
    Oliver 3 года назад

    Hi there! I am a preschool teacher and I will start using soon some of your songs at the school, I love themmm, so a 100% sure the my children will love them too!! thanks for such a nice job, you are authentic, modern, fun, energetic, you have everything!! I will try to pass your links to the parents so they can enjoy at home as well! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 3 года назад

      Wow! Thanks for your kind words Oliver. So glad you like our videos :) Hopefully your students will like them too! :)

  • Aisha Ashour
    Aisha Ashour 3 года назад

    Hey! you helped me a lot with teaching phonics for early stages specially for english as a foreign language speakers, however, I am in letter S s , desperately waiting for you magic ... thanks a lot can't wait for it :)

  • Vanessa Serrato
    Vanessa Serrato 3 года назад

    Hi I like your channel and videos

  • Megan C
    Megan C 3 года назад

    Your channel is so cute, and has helped my four year old truly learn the letters and sounds! I can't wait to see the rest of them! Thanks for your efforts!!

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 3 года назад

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment Megan! It's great to know we have helped her learn. Thanks for watching :)

  • Monica Forero
    Monica Forero 3 года назад

    hello all, I`m a preschool teacher and love your videos for my phonics classes. but I couldn`t find the letter U song :( please help me

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 3 года назад

      +Monica Forero Glad you like our videos! We haven't made the Letter U song yet - we are up to the letter R. The next one we make will be letter S, because we are making them in the order of the alphabet.

  • MiniToyCollector
    MiniToyCollector 3 года назад

    Super cute channel just subbed =0)

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 3 года назад

      +MiniToyCollector Yay! That's great - thank you! :o)

  • Kokoroko Island
    Kokoroko Island 3 года назад

    Your channel is awesome! Congratulations :-) Subscribed!

  • manupere77
    manupere77 3 года назад

    hola a todos

  • palaneeswar chittoor
    palaneeswar chittoor 3 года назад

    HI Bounce Patrol Team, My 19months old kid loves your songs. You can see her joy in the below linkвидео.html thanks a bunch folks. memories for life.

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 3 года назад

      +palaneeswar chittoor Aww she's so cute!! And your dance moves are pretty cool too, Dad hehe :) Thanks for sharing this video with us, we love it! We added it to our "Cute Bounce Patrol Fans" playlist on our channel :)

  • Evies Toy House
    Evies Toy House 3 года назад

    Great songs and videos! Subscribed :)

  • Ilky Collince
    Ilky Collince 3 года назад

    Hello Guys, l am a Canadian teacher at one of the private college in Tekirdag Turkey.I've been using your alphabet series at my preschool and daycare . l love it as well as children.I found very helpful. l am just wondering when it will come out rest of the letters ( O,P,Q...) thank you again. lots of love from Turkey

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 3 года назад

      +Ilky Collince Hi! So glad you like the videos and find them helpful for your students. We are making each Letter video when we have some spare time, so it will be a few months before we finish them all. But if you subscribe to the channel you will get notified when the new ones come out :)

  • shelle Hall
    shelle Hall 3 года назад

    I run an in-home daycare and as soon as the intro starts the kids will stop playing and run over, they get very excited over your music .We love it! shake the silly's out how we start our circle time everyday.Love the ABC songs we do one all week long,children learn so much from music and we are a fan of yours!! keep it up :)

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 3 года назад

      +shelle Hall Wow, what an awesome message. Thanks so much for getting in touch and letting us know Shelle - it's so lovely to hear that the kids are liking our videos. I can picture them all running over to watch, and it brings a big smile to my face :) Will have to keep making letter videos so you don't run out! Haha :)

  • Toys Clips | Clips for Kids
    Toys Clips | Clips for Kids 3 года назад

    Cool channel and nice videos! I subscribed :)It would be awesome, if you check out my channel and my videos too, maybe you like it and subscribe? Go on with your good videos, wish you the best!

  • Mikey Likes It
    Mikey Likes It 3 года назад

    Great channel!!!! I subscribed, please sub back. Thanks!

  • NEONicandies
    NEONicandies 3 года назад

    Such a creative channel! Great work! Subbed!

  • Kahaniyaan
    Kahaniyaan 3 года назад

    Your sing along songs are so much fun. We love your presentation and style of work

  • Olja.TV
    Olja.TV 4 года назад

    May God bless you and your work this year !!!!

  • Pgozum Gozum
    Pgozum Gozum 4 года назад

    Hi! My 2 year old son is enjoying so much with your songs:) He tries to sing with you and dance as well. He really likes the submarine, the numbers, the animal sound and more:) Very educational and entertaining, we enjoyed it also. Thank you so much, keep up the good work. (Philippines)

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 4 года назад

      Hi +Pgozum Gozum Thanks for the lovely comment. Hello from Australia! It's so great to hear that your son enjoys our songs and dances along with us. We'll keep making more! :)

  • LVN D
    LVN D 4 года назад

    Hi Jacinta, Will, Jackson, Alyssa and Rachel...v absolutely love your songs and in particular the alphabet series a to i...the music is so lively n catchy , the videos colourful and very attractive for lil ones n our lil girl just enjoys watchin ur videos..looking forward to the rest of the alphabets ..thank u so much.its been very helpful.keep up the excellent work.ull r a very talented n energetic group n v can also see ur great love for children.

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 4 года назад

      Thanks for your kind message +LVN D! Glad you hear your little ones enjoy our alphabet videos! We'll be working on some more of those over the next couple of months so stay tuned :)

  • Laura Berg Life
    Laura Berg Life 4 года назад

    I love your channel. Great kids songs :) And I love Australia! I used to live there many many years ago. Keep up the great work!


      +Bounce Patrol Kids a job well done .


      I think it was awesome great ! brilliant a job well done .

    • Laura Berg Life
      Laura Berg Life 4 года назад

      +Bounce Patrol Kids Thanks! I'm glad you like our song :) It was fun making it - and it was my son's first attempt at song writing (with his dad of course). I lived in Sydney. I visited Melbourne briefly. I may be there again one day. My Australian speakers representative is from Melbourne so I'm hoping to get a speaking gig there one day! :)

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 4 года назад

      Thanks very much +My Smart Hands! We love your channel too :) Your "D is for Dad" song is STILL stuck in my head haha! Yeah, we're a bit biased but we think Australia is pretty awesome hehe :) That's so cool that you used to live here! What city were you living in? We're from Melbourne (down South)

  • Regan Baker
    Regan Baker 4 года назад

    Hi! We've been using your alphabet series at our daycare - we focus on a letter a week - and the kiddos love them! We were wondering how often you put out the videos? We're on B now and the whole crew will be sad when we hit the end.

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 4 года назад

      +Regan Baker Hi Regan. That's so great to hear that you enjoy our alphabet series. We have made 9 videos so far, we're up to the Letter i. We try and make a new alphabet video about once a month, in amongst making our other music videos. We won't be doing one in October because we're working on some Halloween songs this month. But we have recorded the song for Letter J, so it should be filmed and ready to upload next month hopefully :)

  • myriah Smith
    myriah Smith 4 года назад

    Hello! I teach English in a Spanish speaking country and I would really, really love to have more of your alphabet videos, particularly one for the letter V. Those videos are WONDERFUL for practicing sounds that can be difficult for Spanish speakers.

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 4 года назад

      Hi +myriah Smith. So glad you find out videos helpful! Thanks for leaving us a comment. We're working on our alphabet videos slowly one by one, will try to have another made in the next fortnight or so - next one is the letter H! We'll have the letter V ready at some stage, but we're going in order through the alphabet so V is a while away. Thanks for watching :)

  • Anumol Gill
    Anumol Gill 4 года назад

    pleae upload a new video my brother who is 2 years old really likes your video

  • Blippi
    Blippi 4 года назад

    Thanks for the sub Bouncers! Keep making your amazing videos!:)

  • Brain Candy TV
    Brain Candy TV 4 года назад

    What a great channel! Lots of fun songs for the kids and I love your attitudes. You seem to be genuinely having a lot of fun without being over-the-top and it really comes across honestly in your singing and dancing (which is really fantastic). I can't imagine any kid would be able to resist the urge to sing and dance along with your infectious energy and excitement! :) I just started my own channel for kids a few months ago - I'd love it if you could take a look some time. Cheers from Canada! Michael at Brain Candy TV

  • Благој Филипов
    Благој Филипов 4 года назад

    Hello i m From Macedonia and my kids love very much ... I work with web page programing... I whant do Donate Web page to Bounce Patrol Kids.... My skype is - bazemix Call me ... Thanks

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 4 года назад

      Hi Baze. Thanks for this very generous offer :) Actually, we already have a website! You can find it at Thank you anyway! I'm so glad you're kids enjoy watching our videos :)

  • Bounce Patrol Kids
    Bounce Patrol Kids 4 года назад

    We took our friend Marty Moose (from the channel Maple Leaf Learning) for a "tour" around Melbourne recently, and put together a new video. Check it out! Bounce Patrol even make an appearance! Thanks Maple Leaf Learning :-)видео.html

  • JingalooMusic
    JingalooMusic 4 года назад

    Hi, love all your videos and songs, they're really catchy and you're all great singers! Looking forward to seeing what's coming next. Also, thanks for having a look at our stuff! :)

  • funlovinkrimenal
    funlovinkrimenal 4 года назад

    Hello, this is a great channel, my kids and I love your music

    • Bounce Patrol Kids
      Bounce Patrol Kids 4 года назад

      Thanks!! We're so glad you like it! Thanks for watching us :)

  • My ChapterZ
    My ChapterZ 5 лет назад

    Stumpoled upon this video and it seems interesting

  • Debbie Doo Kids TV
    Debbie Doo Kids TV 5 лет назад

    Hi bounce patrol, I really, really LIKE your songs and videos! You guys are awesome... Keep up the great work!

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    Thanks for stopping by on our channel and the nice comment on Happy and You Know It :)! We're enjoying your videos too!

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    I love this channel, I can really see bouncepatrol being very big on youtube!

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    Thanks so much for the nice comment!! We love your channel as well!!

  • Tea Time with Tayla - Kid Songs, Nursery Rhymes and Educational Videos for Children

    can't wait for more videos from the BouncePatrol!