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  • Realistkillerz 1
    Realistkillerz 1 3 minutes ago

    Harold’s Harold’s

  • Lay Low
    Lay Low 7 minutes ago

    Producer: how many artists you want in the video Dave; yeah

  • Mojo Jojo
    Mojo Jojo 19 minutes ago


  • Yxng Talvin
    Yxng Talvin Hour ago

    2019 September

  • omar h Hussein
    omar h Hussein Hour ago

    I see you dave

  • Umut Koç
    Umut Koç 2 hours ago

    Modieee ma g

  • AA games
    AA games 3 hours ago


  • Ay Tay
    Ay Tay 4 hours ago

    I dont see Dave all i see is modie

  • Asher
    Asher 4 hours ago

    Blown Away❤️

  • Lee Little
    Lee Little 5 hours ago

    MODIE!! lol

  • Neem RS6
    Neem RS6 5 hours ago

    This is still sounding hard ! Just finished watching top boy and feeling some modie vibes

  • luke rogers
    luke rogers 6 hours ago

    Don’t wanna sound like a dickhead but what is this video supposed to be?

  • Matthew Hod
    Matthew Hod 6 hours ago

    Same tune as Coolios gangstas paradise

  • B W
    B W 7 hours ago

    We are all stupider for having endured this. Genius level lyricism.

  • Erald 1994
    Erald 1994 7 hours ago

    from ALBANIA 🇦🇱 🔥 🇬🇧

  • Ahmed Said
    Ahmed Said 9 hours ago


  • Taha mohamed
    Taha mohamed 9 hours ago

    So true

  • RaynZ
    RaynZ 10 hours ago

    Like Of You Want J Hus Back On The Scene💯‼️

  • DuBBssBiTcH
    DuBBssBiTcH 10 hours ago

    Video giving me Daily Offender , Crazy Eastender vibes fam. Raahhh!!!!!!

  • Ralph 10
    Ralph 10 14 hours ago

    "Your man is a fraud, your boyfriend is living a lie. You're kinda like Rachel zane" Any suits fan? 💥

  • Jack Whitman
    Jack Whitman 15 hours ago

    Different gravy

    B0YWONDER 16 hours ago

    My man Modie

  • Iamcliff Music
    Iamcliff Music 17 hours ago

    this song suppose to be the TOP BOY GENERIC

  • Russell Wilmot
    Russell Wilmot 17 hours ago

    Still bangin

  • Soccerstar851
    Soccerstar851 17 hours ago

    Dave definitely have a thing for brown skin girls......mans refers to them in most of his songs

  • MikeWazowski ForPresident

    My mum told me not to send my location to strangers

  • Steven Bradshaw
    Steven Bradshaw 18 hours ago

    Swear that's in Kentish town 💪🏼

  • Azuer nobody
    Azuer nobody 18 hours ago

    Dont sound the same after all that juju shit

  • sisi m
    sisi m 18 hours ago

    I can't see dave as anyone else but modie I'm sorry like. Everytime I see him I just see modie expect no burns on his face and normal eyes 😂

  • RM DCM
    RM DCM 19 hours ago

    Damn Modie was hard af before he went pen and lost his sanity

  • Reali Music
    Reali Music 19 hours ago

    A buddy of mine from Ireland recommended me to check you out and I really like the vibe you got going. If any artist want to connect, definitely hit me up on my Instagram:

  • Gym Freak
    Gym Freak 19 hours ago


  • xSchmucKxD
    xSchmucKxD 19 hours ago

    just came back to this song after watching TOP BOY, check out 3:07 lol

  • kaymari x
    kaymari x 19 hours ago

    hi modie

  • Riyadh
    Riyadh 19 hours ago

    Top boy Modie

  • Abbe Mahad
    Abbe Mahad 20 hours ago

    modieeee moving maaaad

  • RC speed Chasers
    RC speed Chasers 21 hour ago

    Big up xtra large tune.. Peer Vibes.. Ku pan modie a flex.. Top Boy pan di ends lol

  • BxePlays- RB
    BxePlays- RB 21 hour ago

    Top boy

  • Ray
    Ray 21 hour ago

    Before Moadie there was Dave

  • Unknown Guy
    Unknown Guy 21 hour ago

    Yes Modie

  • jaja
    jaja 21 hour ago


  • Yo Nimzy
    Yo Nimzy 22 hours ago

    1:39 so true

  • MrGrimlocke
    MrGrimlocke 22 hours ago

    I just found out that Modie was a rapper lol

  • Reni Panayiotou-McGihon

    This song will never get old, cant wait for the one year anniversary.Just fire

  • Brit Boss
    Brit Boss 22 hours ago

    The only thing left to say is: fuck the zionist cunts but he'd probably get banned.

  • Payus Essilfie
    Payus Essilfie 22 hours ago

    Mums life all these Americans hating on dis comments are just triggered coz they know deep down Uk rap is better then their rap scene 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Payus Essilfie
    Payus Essilfie 22 hours ago

    Lol fam the way the Americans are hating on the UK rap music is sad🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • Aura
    Aura 22 hours ago

    Aaaa Man like Modie

  • Brxdz Official
    Brxdz Official 23 hours ago

    who just realised he hinted top boy in this music video

  • Viewsonic 24
    Viewsonic 24 Day ago

    Modie dies Dushane dies Jamie locked up

  • Viewsonic 24
    Viewsonic 24 Day ago

    Jamie gets arrested

  • ItzSak
    ItzSak Day ago

    I hate how all of you are saying Alex revived this but how can u revive on of the best tracks out there you have to give Aj and Dave respect for this sick track

  • Zaid Ninja
    Zaid Ninja Day ago

    Top Boy

  • Kal Theo
    Kal Theo Day ago

    3:08 if only you knew where you were going Michael if only you knew.

  • Master Garcia
    Master Garcia Day ago

    TOP BOY ?

  • Sabelo Nyawose


  • tyyran
    tyyran Day ago

    2:59 Jamie and his boy #TopBoyS3

  • Nubian Princess

    This should have no dislikes

    XMV THZ Day ago


    GHXXT Day ago

    3.07 I swear that's the two lads from top boy ain't it?

  • Ikivi
    Ikivi Day ago

    So fucking cold

  • Terrance
    Terrance Day ago

    Gaaaaaay :)

  • Adam Adam
    Adam Adam Day ago

    Can’t look at Dave the same after top boy

  • Pre Got Beats
    Pre Got Beats Day ago

    Top Boy brought me here

  • Tman
    Tman Day ago

    Im from Jamaica, but deep down, im an African Man. I need to find out where in Africa my ancestors come from. I need to go back to the MOTHERLAND🖤.

  • Giddy EA
    Giddy EA Day ago


  • Zakaria Abdi
    Zakaria Abdi Day ago

    what the fuck is moddie doing here bruv?

    WELLUP BOSSS Day ago

  • Entm
    Entm Day ago


  • Héloïse Mbella

    I am in love with u Burna boy 😭😭😭😭

  • Ge Sap
    Ge Sap Day ago

    Ay modie that you bruv?

  • blaqceeza
    blaqceeza Day ago

    I wore this song out when it came out! Still fire tho

  • Robert Kehinde

    Thank you for this song brother, you are the real deal! And yes the blacker the killer the sweeter the news. That's the reality we face today. Godspead brother.

  • 20 75020
    20 75020 Day ago

    2:50 🥰

  • Andrew Morkah
    Andrew Morkah Day ago

    man like modie

  • Terrell Boyes
    Terrell Boyes Day ago

    Too dog boy! I see you actin haha

  • Majin Porterhaus.

    I remember hearing the Drake remix on ovosound radio when it first came out. Havent seen or heard Dave until I saw him in Top Boy. Cheers from Florida U.S.A.

  • adam Abdulkadir

    Dave face is bigger than his body

  • yellow goggles

    Best uk freestyle imo

  • mohammed mashud

    glad that modie finally escaped. smh feds would have shot him

  • MzChevy96
    MzChevy96 Day ago

    This song is so 🔥🔥🔥🔥 been on repeat since! Much ❤ From Va!!

  • Py Drop
    Py Drop Day ago


  • sissoko bak
    sissoko bak Day ago

    2:48 is that Jamie from Top Boy ?

    • Ultra Ki
      Ultra Ki Day ago

      thats what i was thinking

  • Huncho
    Huncho Day ago

    Omfg i just now realized it was dave. 🤯

  • Amir Hali
    Amir Hali Day ago

    Sick actor as well

  • 420stoner
    420stoner Day ago

    Modies life before he went to jail and got fucked up by sully

  • Uncle Bob
    Uncle Bob Day ago

    Who’s listening after Top Boy

  • K
    K Day ago

    3:08 I swear Modie tortured this nigga? How you chilling with him after he shot your bredrin Modie smh

  • K
    K Day ago

    "mummy saying stay away from trouble you're at yard a lot"... facts smh Fuck all these postcode gang wars

  • Ashbasher22 NERD

    As a White Man, this is so bloody powerful. The lyrics are so damn good they legit hooked me so much since This is America. God, this is a bloody brilliant song with such legit honesty and strong visuals to come with it.

  • Dr. Royalty
    Dr. Royalty Day ago

    ngl but modie gives me nightmares.

  • Malcolm Hall
    Malcolm Hall Day ago

    so weird hearing him mad calm after seeing him as modie with no chill lmao

  • Nakadu
    Nakadu Day ago

    Obsessed with color

  • rio switek
    rio switek Day ago

    Paris saint Germain

  • Dj_far123 BoOooO

    This fuckin song is my favourite????!!!!!

  • TTV_Rasta !!!!!

    The 1.4k dislikes are the whole of the democrats party😂😂

  • Adele Wolverson

    I love this long

  • JJ and Dan
    JJ and Dan Day ago

    Dave for pm

  • I control the spice

    2:58 and 3:07 !!! The cast from TopBoy no way

  • Orochi 大蛇丸
    Orochi 大蛇丸 2 days ago

    ah ah shout out to da leakerss .